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Harper Pitt: I wish I could go traveling. Things aren't right with me.[ Harper opens cabinet door in bathroom to remove pill container. She closes the door which reveals Mr. Lie's reflection in the mirror. She gasps. ]Mr. Lies: Cash, check, or credit card?Harper Pitt: You startled me.Mr. Lies: Cash, check, or...Harper Pitt: I remember you. You're from Salt Lake. You sold us the plane tickets when we flew here. What are you doing in Brooklyn?Mr. Lies: You said you wanted to travel.Harper Pitt: How thoughtful!Mr. Lies: Mr. Lies of the International Order of Travel Agents. We mobilize the globe. We set people adrift. We are adepts of motion, acolytes of the flocks. Cash, check, or credit card, name your destination.Harper Pitt: Antartica, maybe? I want to see the hole in the ozone. I heard on the radio...Mr. Lies: We'll arrange a guided tour. Now?Harper Pitt: Soon, maybe soon. I'm not safe here, you see. Weird stuff happens.Mr. Lies: Like?Harper Pitt: Like you, for instance. Just appearing. Or last week. Well, nevermind. People are like planets, you need a thick skin. Joe stays away and now, well look, my dreams are talking back to me.Mr. Lies: The price of rootlessness, motion sickness. Only cure, keep moving.Harper Pitt: I'm undecided. I feel that something's going to give. It's 1985... fifteen years to the third millennium. Maybe Christ will come again or maybe the troubles will and the end will come. And the sky will collapse and there'll be terrible rain and showers of poison light. Or maybe my life is really fine... maybe Joe loves me and I'm only crazy thinking otherwise. Or maybe not. Maybe it's even worse than I know. Maybe I want to know, maybe I don't. The suspense, Mr. Lies, it's killing me.Mr. Lies: I suggest a vacation.

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