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Batman: I should have been there.Robin: You can't be everywhere.Batman: I let him down.Robin: You're being too hard on yourself.Batman: He's a friend. More than a friend. Jim Gordon is the same age my father would have been if he hadn't... Now he's hanging by a thread. If I had gotten there five minutes sooner...Robin: You're only human, you do all one man can do, more than any man is expected to do.Batman: I chose this life. I use the night, I became the night, sooner or later I'll go down. It might be the Joker, or Two-Face, or just some punk who gets lucky. My decision. No regrets. But I can't let anyone else pay for my mistakes.Robin: Jim Gordon's a cop, Bruce. He knows the risks.Batman: How long before I let someone else I care about down? Leslie, Alfred, you? When all is said and done, how much good have I accomplished? They sell t-shirts of me! I've become a cliche! More good for the tourist trade than the streets.Robin: This city would fall apart without you.Batman: Maybe. Maybe not. When you look too long into the abyss, the abyss looks back through you. Maybe it's time for Batman to return to the night that spawned him before anyone else gets hurt!

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