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Bernard Woolley: [Discussing possible reasons for the Prime Minister's early retirement] Minister, I've heard something quite different.James Hacker: What?Bernard Woolley: That there is ?1 million worth of diamonds from South Africa in a Downing Street safe, but of course it's only a rumour.James Hacker: Is that true?Bernard Woolley: Oh, yes.James Hacker: So, there ARE all those diamonds in Downing Street!Bernard Woolley: Are there?James Hacker: You just said there were.Bernard Woolley: No, I didn't.James Hacker: Yes, you did! You said you'd heard this rumour, I said is it true, you said yes!Bernard Woolley: I said yes, it was true that it was a rumour.James Hacker: You said you heard it was true!Bernard Woolley: No, I said it was true that I heard it!Annie Hacker: I'm sorry to cut into this important discussion, but do you believe it?James Hacker: I believe I heard it. Oh, about the diamonds. No.Annie Hacker: Is it impossible?James Hacker: No, but it's never been officially denied. First rule in politics: never believe anything until it's officially denied.

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