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[last lines]Jesse Walsh: [Jesse sits on the bus with Lisa and Kerry, as the bus hits a bump] What is this? Am I going crazy, or is this bus going too fast?Lisa: It's going fine.Kerry: No problem.Jesse Walsh: [the bus begins to pick up speed] No - This bus is going too fast. Lisa, it's starting to speed up.Lisa: It's fine.Jesse Walsh: [Jesse yells out to the bus driver] Driver - Driver, stop!Jesse Walsh: [the bus slows down, as Jesse see's another kid get on] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.Lisa: It's okay - It's all right.Kerry: Jesse, it's okay. It's all over.[as Freddy's hand rips through the front shirt of Kerry, the bus is shown driving out in the deserted field, hearing the screams of the kids on the bus and Freddy's laughter]

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    • A. Ocean's Eleven
    • B. Rush Hour
    • C. The Godfather
    • D. Blade