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[Walter and Jesse meet Tuco and his men at the junkyard with their new meth]Tuco: What is this shit? This is blue.Walter: We used a different chemical process, but it is every bit as pure.Jesse: It may be blue, but it's the bomb.Tuco: [snorts meth] TIGHT! Tight, tight, YEAH! Oh, blue, yellow, pink. Whatever, man. Just keep bringing me that.No-Doze: [weighing the bag of meth] Four point six.Tuco: Uh! Come on. [Gonzo hands the money to Walter and Jesse] What did I say, man? This guy can cook! You're alright, man. You're alright. We're going to make a lot of money together.No-Doze: Just remember who you're working for.Tuco: What did you say?No-Doze: I'm just saying they got to know that they're working for you.Tuco: Like they don't already know that? Are you saying they're stupid?No-Doze: No, I'm just...I'm just saying.Tuco: Oh yeah, so you're not saying they're stupid. So I don't understand. Are you saying that I'm stupid?No-Doze: No, come on, Tuco. I'm just...I'm just saying.Tuco: No, you're just speaking for me! Like I ain't got the Goddamn sense to speak for myself! Is that it? Is that what you're doing?Walter: Tuco. Tuco, hey, why don't we just all relax, huh?Tuco: [laughs] Heisenberg says "relax". Orale, holmes. I'm relaxed. I'm relaxed. I'm relaxed.[Tuco punches No-Doze in the face. Tuco proceeds to punch him over and over while he is on the ground, leaving him bloody and possibly dead]Tuco: [showing off his bloody knuckles] Damn, man! Look at that! Look! Yeah, that's messed up! Okay, Heisenberg! Next week. [chuckles][Tuco and Gonzo drive off with No-Doze's bloody body. Walter and Jesse look at each other in horror]

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