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1. Steampunk socialization of personality is a carefully controlled animatronics of logic in the human psyche, in which a cyberpunk of another’s imagination is formed. 2. To understand yourself, you just need to put a small doll in the form of a clown on your hand so as not to go crazy, and on your second hand a toy sock, do not give them alternative personalities, but make them an extension of your soul to see yourself from the outside and listen to yourself. Your alternative personalities will help you understand yourself, but do not allow personalities to multiply by budding. 3. The same life every time in a new birth, the same dream, you either become a philosopher or find yourself insane, maybe we are ghosts locked in their time and everything repeats and we are holograms of memories of us, but in any case, you in a temporary trap where you need to learn one lesson: life without sins. Oblivion here is a dead loop of memory that gives a chance to rethink everything that was in your life, erasing memory as an anesthetic and antidepressant of the psyche, but oblivion prevents you from understanding a cruel joke about yourself. 4. The aphorism of philosophy is one of the many computer codes that turns into the algorithm of power over you in the subconscious. Starting to think in your own way, you disconnect from the network of global thinking and you are considered a defective crazy person whose logic algorithms whose name is deactivated are deactivated. 5. Better than money, only their lifelong dreams govern people. 6. Awareness of the name of his will and the interaction of the race of vision, a sincere world without selfishness. The reality of humanity will finally be included in the network and telephone communications of empathy. 7. The human world is a magnificent shadow theater, which demonstrates a truly brutal show. 8. Self-hypnosis stickers peel off from your brain over time. 9. The philosophy of good and light is an acupuncture of thinking, wellness acupuncture, the direction of the flow of worldview. 10. Silence makes you dumb, vulnerable and so brilliant. 11. Sleepy paralysis of laziness in the psyche of people is parasitized by fear. Whereas dreams are the levitation of the body in reality while the person is sleeping. 12. Life is like a children's dollhouse of a princess, where the whole machine form of zombies of life is visible in the palm of your hand, in this house and home and work, you are not asked for permission, you only have the inevitability and the schedule of the intended, vicious circle of the law of meanness, repeating deja vu dream samsara’s wheels like a hamster’s wheel is like a treadmill in the gym, you run to your goals, but you run on the spot. You hold your figure, that is, your body as a voodoo doll of self-deception. There is also a secret room where disputes with oneself do not cease, there are such rooms as reality, dreams, dreams. All life is a children's toy of higher powers, it is very similar to a hamster cage with pipes of illusions, it is a karmic cage of ironic humor about materialism. All this was created to understand a person, it is impossible to understand that until the end, because it will forever change depending on new and new accidents. 13. Any industry is a gas burner of angry motivation of the authorities. 14. Will is a shotgun as a very fantastic cosmo-blaster made of beautiful carved snow-white bones with an open jaw on the skull at the end. Weapons shooting energy of the spirit. 15. In this great crush of egoism, a lot of people die. 16. Reflective neurons are reflected from the neurons of other people. When approaching danger, it’s like glowing warning road signs of fear, in the pitch darkness of self-deception. All this is an empathy of fear, that very feeling when the feeling of true friendship, love, empathy in the claws of danger intensifies. 17. The pain of awareness, as if shot from a shotgun to the knee, you feel the infernal pain of insight, you feel the bloody taste of truth in your mouth. You can shout out all fear, but you will never be able to sober up from it to the end because fear is like saliva in your mouth. You are surrounded by a sound bomb, a lethal dose of the sound of laughter of the indifference of reality that will blow up the universe of mankind, you will only have a skeleton that will someday turn into a stone of eternal memory, flesh will grow flowers, and your spirit will turn into memoirs of planet earth. 18. The gloom of loneliness will give either holiness or madness. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

https://www.deviantart.com/almat111/art/Steampunk-personality-socialization-826035686 2020

Submitted by Almat on February 08, 2020

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    1.蒸汽朋克人格社会化是人类心理中经过精心控制的逻辑电子动画,其中形成了另一个具有想象力的电子朋克。 2.要了解自己,您只需要在手上放一个小丑形式的小玩偶,以免发疯,在第二只手上放一只玩具袜子,不要给他们另类的个性,而要使他们成为扩展自己的灵魂,从外部看到自己并倾听自己。您的替代个性将帮助您了解自己,但不允许个性因萌芽而繁衍。 3.每次出生时都有同样的生活,有一个梦想,您要么成为哲学家,要么发现自己疯了,也许我们被幽灵锁在了他们的时间里,一切都在重复,我们是对我们记忆的全息图,但无论如何,您处于一个暂时的陷阱中,需要在其中学习一个教训:没有罪的生活。遗忘是记忆的死循环,它使您有机会重新思考生活中的所有事物,将记忆作为精神的麻醉剂和抗抑郁剂进行擦除,但是遗忘使您无法理解自己的残酷笑话。 4.哲学的格言是潜意识中转化为对你的力量计算法则的众多计算机代码之一。开始以自己的方式思考时,您便脱离了全局思考的网络,被认为是一个有缺陷的疯狂人士,其名称被停用的逻辑算法被停用。 5.胜过金钱,只有他们一生的梦想才能统治人民。 6.意识到他的意志的名字和视觉种族的相互作用,一个没有自私的真诚世界。人类的现实最终将包含在同理的网络和电话通讯中。 7.人类世界是一座宏伟的皮影剧院,展现了一场真正的残酷表演。 8.随着时间的流逝,自我催眠贴纸会从您的大脑上脱落。 9.善与轻的哲学是针灸的思想,是健康针灸,世界观流动的方向。 10.沉默会让你愚蠢,脆弱,如此聪明。 11.人们心理上懒惰的困倦瘫痪被恐惧所寄生。而梦是人在睡觉时现实中对身体的悬浮。 12.生活就像公主的儿童玩具屋,在你的手掌中可见整个生命形态的僵尸,在这所房子,家中和工作中,你不需要许可,只有必然性以及卑鄙定律恶性循环的时间表,重复deja vu dream samsara的轮子,就像仓鼠的轮子,就像健身房中的跑步机一样,虽然可以达到目标,但是却可以当场运行。您拥有自己的身材,也就是说,您的身体就像一个自欺欺人的伏都教娃娃。还有一个秘密房间,与自己的争执不会停止,那里有现实,梦想,梦想之类的房间。所有生命都是具有较高能力的儿童玩具,它非常类似于带有幻象的仓鼠笼,它是关于唯物主义的讽刺幽默的业力笼。所有这一切都是为了了解一个人而创建的,直到最后都无法理解,因为它将根据新的和新的事故而永远改变。 13.任何行业都是当局生气的动力。 14. Will是一把a弹枪,它是一种非常梦幻的宇宙爆破药,由美丽的雕刻雪白骨头制成,末尾的颅骨张开。武器射击精神的能量。 15.在这种对自我主义的极大迷恋中,很多人死亡。 16.反射性神经元是别人的神经元反射出来的。当接近危险时,就像在自欺欺人的黑暗中发出发光的警告道路标志。所有这一切都是对恐惧的同情,当真正的友谊,爱情,对危险的爪子的同理心的感觉加深时,这种感觉就更加强烈。 17.意识的痛苦,就像从a弹枪射向膝盖一样,您会感觉到地狱的洞察力之痛,您会感觉到嘴里流血的真相。您可以大声疾呼所有恐惧,但您永远无法从恐惧中醒悟,因为恐惧就像您口中的唾液一样。您被一枚响亮的炸弹包围,致命的现实漠不关心的笑声将炸毁人类宇宙,您将只有一个骨架,总有一天会变成永恒的记忆石,肉将成长花朵,你的精神就会变成地球的回忆录。 18.孤独的忧郁会带来圣洁或疯狂。作者:Musin Almat ZHumabekovich

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