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Affairs are easier of entrance than of exit and it is but common prudence to see our way out before we venture in.
– AesopRate it:
Affairs succeed by patience, and he that is hasty falleth headlong.
– Saadi ShiraziRate it:
Affectation is a very good word when someone does not wish to confess to what he would none the less like to believe of himself.
– G. C. LichtenbergRate it:
Affection cannot be manufactored or regulated by law. If one has no affection for a person or a system, one should be free to give the fullest expression to his disaffection, so long as he does not contemplate, promote, or incite to violence.
– Mahatma Gandhi, 1922 Circuit House speech (court) charged with "attempting to disaffect towrds his majestys government"Rate it:
Affection, like melancholy, magnifies trifles; but the magnifying of the one is like looking through a telescope at heavenly objects; that of the other, like enlarging monsters with a microscope.
– James Henry Leigh HuntRate it:
Affirmations are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself you want to change.
– Jerry FrankhauserRate it:
Afflicted by love's madness all are blind.
– Sextus PropertiusRate it:
Affliction hardens and discourages us because, like a red hot iron, it stamps the soul to its very depths with the scorn, the disgust, and even the self-hatred and sense of guilt that crime logically should produce but actually does not.”
– Simone WeilRate it:
Affliction is a treasure, and scarce any man hath enough of it.
– John DonneRate it:
Affliction is not sent in vain, young man, from that good God, who chastens whom he loves.
– Robert SoutheyRate it:
Affluence brings a great influence on the person itself as well as on the onlookers. However, when it is in limit, it is boon for you as well as for others. But, when exceeded beyond limits; it becomes curse for both the parties. At the times of prosperity, we often start misusing the things. This gives rise to our inner devil. However, the worst part is that we didn't even realize what suffering we are afflicting on others. Always remember, luxury attained by causing trouble or distress to others, can't be cherished for a longer period of time.
– Prashant AgarwalRate it:
Afford every soul you encounter the wide and free passage they need to give birth to the dear expressions they feel are important.
– Bryant McGillRate it:
Afghanistan and such targeted countries are a context of the USA's awkward policies, legal hegemony, and legitimate victimization and destruction of other nations for its interests, in the mirror of so-called civilization and global peace.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Afghanistan is the Graveyard of Empires. Afghanistan is a swamp, the more you move, the more you bog down.
– Suhail ShaheenRate it:
Africa is not a dirty continent, it is just filled with disorganized government figures.
– Mwanandeke KindemboRate it:
After 'the war to end war' they seem to have been pretty successful in Paris at making a "Peace to end Peace.
– Archibald WavellRate it:
After 20 years on the bench I have concluded that federal drug laws are a disaster. It is time to get the government out of drug enforcement.
– Whitman KnappRate it:
After 3, a body has a mind of its own.
– H Hahn BlavatskyRate it:
After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest sceintists are always artists as well.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
After a heated argument on some trivial matter Nancy Astor . shouted, If I were your wife I would put poison in your coffee Whereupon Winston Churchill answered, And if I were your husband I would drink it.
– John Fellows AkersRate it:
After a long time of hot and dry weather, the first rain of the season creates an exquisite fragrance in the air - an earthy scent that permeates around us, refreshing our minds and uplifting our spirits. I love that amazingly wonderful sweet scent. Did you know that this elegant fragrance has an interesting name too? It's called "Petrichor"; a word derived from Greek language, i.e. "Petra" meaning ‘stone’, while "Ichor" is the fluid that flows in the veins of the Gods - per Greek mythology. Petrichor is surely a divine perfume that must be a gift from Supreme Power. If my life were a fragrance, I would like her to smell like Petrichor.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
After a person makes his mark in the world, a lot of people will come around with erasers.
– Joe MooreRate it:
After all has been said and done, a lot more will have been said than done.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
After all is said and done and institutions fail, people still have some ability to care for each other.
– Ry CooderRate it:

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