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Death swallows death.
– Dejan StojanovicRate it:
Death tugs at my ear and says: "Live, I am coming."
– Oliver Wendell HolmesRate it:
Death … It's the only thing we haven't succeeded in completely vulgarizing.
– Aldous Huxley, Eyeless in Gaza (1936)Rate it:
Death's brother, sleep.
– VirgilRate it:
Death, like birth, is a secret of Nature.
– Marcus AureliusRate it:
Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep, And yet a third of life is passed in sleep.
– George Gordon ByronRate it:
Death: To stop sinning suddenly.
– Elbert HubbardRate it:
Deathlessness should be arrived at in a... haphazard fashion. Loving fame as much as any man, we shall carve our initials in the shell of a tortoise and turn him loose in a peat bog.
– E. B. WhiteRate it:
Debating or discussing vociferously on any matter should not be confused with working out solution to any issue, it could be just whiling away time with sweet talks or diverting public attention from the main concern.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Debe tener la capacidad y la voluntad de perdonar a los demás. si usted no tiene estas capacidades, sin embargo, usted debe desarrollar ellos .... antes lo haga, mejor será para usted. Que no te olvides, el perdón es el atributo de los fuertes la gente importada y espiritualmente avanzados. También, sin fotgiveness, no se puede seguir adelante en la vida a un ritmo adecuado. ¿Cómo se puede con tanto equipaje innecesario de rencores que se sienta en la espalda? Con su poder de perdonar, su corriente de vida empezará a fluir una vez más, en sintonía con el futuro presente y abrazar. Dejar que el equipaje de inmediato, romper con los recuerdos y las situaciones desagradables, pedir un deseo, tener una oportunidad, y pasar hacia arriba y adelante. Dejar que el flujo de la vida, y el viaje continúa, una vez más, sin problemas......
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Debemos usar nuestras palabras con cuidado, porque se convierten en nuestras acciones; entonces nuestras acciones se convierten en nuestros hábitos; y nuestros hábitos se convierten en nuestro carácter; y en última instancia, nuestro personaje se convierte en nuestro destino. Por tanto, el creador de las palabras de uno es siempre el amo del destino de uno.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Debt is born when you want to spend money before you have earned it.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Debt is the slavery of the free.
– Publilius SyrusRate it:
Debts are the modern day chains that keep us enslaved.
– William LanderRate it:
Debugging is anticipated with distaste, performed with reluctance, and bragged about forever.
– AnonymousRate it:
Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.
– Brian KernighanRate it:
Decadence is a difficult word to use since it has become little more than a term of abuse applied by critics to anything they do not yet understand or which seems to differ from their moral concepts.
– Ernest HemingwayRate it:
Deceive the rich and powerful if you will, but don't insult them.
– Japanese ProverbRate it:
Deceivers are the most dangerous members of society. They trifle with the best affections of our nature, and violate the most sacred obligations.
– George CrabbeRate it:
Decency...must be an even more exhausting state to maintain than its opposite. Those who succeed seem to need a stupefying amount of sleep.
– Quentin CrispRate it:
Deception from woman to a man has the strongest power to make his mind open to let him think often or always of own brain.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Deception is just a feeling that hold u down... pick up the peaces and move on... just like in the puzzle game....perseverence and practice are the source of experience.
– Ngomu FrankyRate it:
Decide never to give up on your dream/destiny/vision. Rather, hold on to your God-given dream/destiny/vision and dare to realize/fulfill it outrightly. Knowing/believing that it's never late or too late to discover/realize/fulfill your God-given dream/destiny/vision. Oh! Yes, as long as you are still alive it's never late or too late to do just that, unless you do think otherwise.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
decide on goals. Ask yourself if the acceptance of the idea is more important than getting credit for it.
– Prof.Salam Al ShereidaRate it:

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