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Hark! here the sound of lute so sweet, And there the voice of wailing loud; Here scholars grave in conclave meet, There howls the brawling drunken crowd; Here, charming maidens full of glee, There, tottering, withered dames we see. Such light! Such shade! I cannot tell, If here we live in heaven or hell.
– BhartrihariRate it:
Hark, a knock at the door!
– Edward BlackwellRate it:
Harmonize your lips with the word of God.
– F. F. BosworthRate it:
Harriet Do you actually like haggis Charlie No, I think it's repellent in every way. In fact, I think most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.
– So I Married an Axe MurdererRate it:
Harriet What do you look for in a woman you date Charlie Well, I know everyone always says sense of humor, but I'd really have to go with breast size.
– So I Married an Axe MurdererRate it:
Harrison Ford as the President of the United States in Air Force One is such a perfect piece of casting that it's once a fantasy and a joke The joke is how perfect the fantasy is.
– Owen GleibermanRate it:
harry james like wet men
– falcon lover xxxRate it:
harry likes men
– falcon lover xxxRate it:
Harry Yeah I called her up, she gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something, I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention.
– Dumb & DumberRate it:
Harry, suffering like this proves you are still a man! This pain is part of being human … the fact that you can feel pain like this is your greatest strength.
– J. K. RowlingRate it:
Harry, your just jealous cuz I can get ginger pussy and you cant, so fuck you
– Isaac Hanson, you know the nerd benderRate it:
Harsh necessity, and the newness of my kingdom, force me to do such things and to guard my frontiers everywhere.
– VirgilRate it:
Harsh reproof is like a violent storm, soon washed down the channel; but friendly admonitions, like a small shower, pierce deep, and bring forth better reformation.
– R ChamberlainRate it:
Harsh words are like a boll, it doesn’t stick to the wall, but it will surely leave a mark.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Harvard doesn't consider anyone a loss until he dies without a diploma, because they say he can always come back and finish.
– Manley E. RogersRate it:
Has any historian sought to question why the wagonmaster of America's westward-bound pioneers 'circled' the wagons instead of 'squaring' or 'triangulating' them for a better defense strategy in fighting-off Indian raids on the plains:
– Francis M. Faber Jr.Rate it:
Has anybody ever seen a drama critic in the daytime? Of course not. They come out after dark, up to no good.
– P. G. WodehouseRate it:
Has anyone ever weighed a 'lighthouse' on a scale", Is a 'lighthouse' lighter than 'greenhouse' or a 'smokehouse'?
– Francis M. Faber Jr.Rate it:
Has anyone supposed it lucky to be born? I hasten to inform him or her that it is just as lucky to die, and I know it.
– Walt Whitman, "Leaves of Grass"Rate it:
Has not Nature proved, in giving us the strength necessary to submit them to our desires, that we have the right to do so?
– Marquis de Sade, Aline et ValcourRate it:
Has not peace honours and glories of her own unattended by the dangers of war
– Hermocrates of SyracuseRate it:
Has not peace honours and glories of her own unattended by the dangers of war?
– Hermocrates of SyracuseRate it:
Has the alarming rate of inflation caused the Navy to consider ballooning the rating known as 'Quartermaster'?
– Francis M. Faber Jr.Rate it:
Has there ever been a society which has died of dissent? Several have died of conformity in our lifetime.
– Jacob BronowskiRate it:
Hast thou not perfect excellence, ?tis best To keep thy tongue in silence, for ?tis this Which shames a man; as lightness does attest The nut is empty, nor of value is.
– Saadi ShiraziRate it:

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