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He who every morning plans the transaction of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the maze of the most busy life. But where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to the chance of incidence, chaos will soon reign.
– Victor HugoRate it:
He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it.
– ConfuciusRate it:
He who explains things to an intelligent person need not tire himself out talking.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
He who fails to question is asking for trouble.
– Paul AubuchonRate it:
He who falls in love with himself will have no rivals Himself.
– Ben FranklinRate it:
He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.
– NapoleonRate it:
He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because of his fear.
– Michel Eyquem de MontaigneRate it:
He who fears something gives it power over him.
– Moorish ProverbRate it:
He who fears the Lord, has nothing to fear.
– Jacqueline JobRate it:
He who feels no compassion will become insane.
– Hasidic SayingRate it:
He who fights monsters should look into it that he himself does not become a monster. When you gaze long into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you.
– Friedrich NeitzscheRate it:
He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.
– Friedrich NietzscheRate it:
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
– Friedrich NietzscheRate it:
He who finds Fortune on his side should go briskly ahead, for she is wont to favor the bold.
– Baltasar GracianRate it:
He who flees will fight again...
– TertullianRate it:
He who formerly was reckless and afterwards became sober brightens up this world like the moon when freed from clouds.
– The DhammapadaRate it:
He who frees a bird from its cage is surely a holy person!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
He who gives what he would as readily throw away, gives without generosity; for the essence of generosity is in self sacrifice.
– Henry TaylorRate it:
He who goes unenvied shall not be admired.
– AeschylusRate it:
He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.
– Ali ibn-Abi-TalibRate it:
He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare,And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.
– Ali ibn-Abi-Talib, A Hundred SayingsRate it:
He who has a thousand friendsHas not a friend to spare,While he who has one enemyShall meet him everywhere.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
He who has achieved success has worked well, laughed often and loved much.
– Elbert HubbardRate it:
He who has an opinion of his own, but depends on the opinion and tastes of others is a slave.
– KlopstockRate it:
He who has been bitten by a snake fears a piece of string.
– Persian ProverbRate it:

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