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Look wise, say nothing, and grunt. Speech was given to conceal thought.
– William OslerRate it:
Look with favour upon a bold beginning.
– VirgilRate it:
Look, we play the Star Spangled Banner before every game. You want us to pay income taxes, too?
– Bill Veeck, Chicago White SoxRate it:
Look, we're all the same; a man is a fourteen-room house --in the bedroom he's asleep with his intelligent wife, in the living-room he's rolling around with some bareass girl, in the library he's paying his taxes, in the yard he's raising tomatoes, and in the cellar he's making a bomb to blow it all up.
– Arthur MillerRate it:
Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.
– Amit RayRate it:
Looking at him was like looking at the face of God, his face was so innocent and just so pure, it was really so precious and magical, after that I felt the Holy Spirit within me
– Julia Bruzzese Precious , indeedRate it:
Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished.
– ConfuciusRate it:
Looking at someone in a negative way is like looking through a mirror
– DejahBabyRate it:
Looking at the folded cranes which Sadako made innocently on her bed, I almost cried my heart out thinking of Sadako’s feelings.
– Fujiko SasakiRate it:
Looking at the proliferation of personal web pages on the net, it looks like very soon everyone on earth will have 15 Megabytes of fame.
– MG SiriamRate it:
Looking at the waves, cresting then hitting the shore, only to retreat ignominiously back to sea, it reminded me that people are like waves. Their moods shift and turn, then crest before hitting the shore, and only some of the lucky few can ride that wave standing up, smoothly carving an intricate pattern as he or she rides towards a sun blanched shore. At times like this, I always like to quote from Macbeth’s soliloquy in act 5, scene 5 of William Shakespeare's Macbeth, when Macbeth heard of his wife’s death.
– Drew Allan CicconiRate it:
Looking back in retrospect and regretting your past, you miss the opportunities in front of you.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Looking back on my life, I wish I'd stepped forward and made a fool of myself more often when I was younger -- because when you do, you find out you can do it.
– William SessionsRate it:
Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so.
– David GraysonRate it:
Looking for a gem, we are sometimes dumb enough to try to hold on to a lump of coal, convinced that it will turn into a diamond in our lifetime... but all it does it get sh*t all over you until you burn it and use the energy for something else.
– Ingrid WeirRate it:
Looking for a saviour in the sky? Be serious! Know you still not that there ain’t any saviour but science! Get rid of your cultural craps and your religious illusions! Be realist! In this universe, only the realists have the chance to save themselves!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Looking forward to a world of opportunity is great. Looking back on missed opportunity is not. Grab it now!
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Looking up and out, how can we not respect this ever-vigilant cognizance that distinguishes us: the capability to envision, to dream, and to invent? the ability to ponder ourselves? and be aware of our existence on the outer arm of a spiral galaxy in an immeasurable ocean of stars? Cognizance is our crest.
– Vanna BontaRate it:
Looks Like Tacoma Down There
– D. B. CooperRate it:
Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
– Saint Francis of AssisiRate it:
Lord grant that I might always desire more than I can accomplish.
– Michelangelo BuonarrotiRate it:
Lord i have problem... It is me.
– problemRate it:
Lord Ronald said nothing he flung himself from the room, flung himself upon his horse and rode madly off in all directions.
– Stephen LeacockRate it:
Lord Ronald said nothing; he flung himself from the room, flung himself upon his horse and rode madly off in all directions.
– Stephen Leacock, "Nonsense Novels",1911Rate it:
Lord save me from the minds that are plagued by good intentions
– Ahmed KorayemRate it:

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