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Never be entirely idle; but either be reading, or writing, or praying or meditating or endeavoring something for the public good.
– Thomas a KempisRate it:
Never be haughty to the humble never be humble to the haughty.
– Jefferson DavisRate it:
Never be haughty to the humble; never be humble to the haughty.
– Jefferson DavisRate it:
Never be indiferent to injustice.
– Esnesto "Che" GuevaraRate it:
NEVER be surprised by your own success!
– Steve MaraboliRate it:
Never be the enemy; even one has reasons for that, never hate and harm others, one will be glad, safe and satisfied. Each one of us lives, in society and society lives in each one of us. Be as perfume, as a blossom, and be a path of harmony, love, friendship, justice, integration, and tolerance. Just fight own criminal and negative thoughts, one will perceive and feel the world is not less than a paradise.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Never be the only one, except, possibly, in your own home.
– Alice WalkerRate it:
Never bear more than one trouble at a time. Some people bear three kinds - all they have had, all they have now, and all they expect to have.
– Edward Everett HaleRate it:
Never before has a civilization reached such a degree of a contempt for life; never before has a generation, drowned in mortification, felt such a rage to live.
– Raoul VaneigemRate it:
Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much.
– Franklin Delano RooseveltRate it:
Never beg one soul to connect with yours, for if it's meant to connect they find a way to do so.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.
– Claud CockburnRate it:
Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.
– Margaret MeadRate it:
Never blame a legislative body for not doing something. When they do nothing, that don't hurt anybody. When they do something is when they become dangerous.
– Will RogersRate it:
Never break your putter and your driver in the same round or you're dead.
– Tommy BoltRate it:
Never bring the problem solving stage into the decision making stage. Otherwise, you surrender yourself to the problem rather than the solution.
– Robert H. SchullerRate it:
Never brood over the past, for every saint has had a past and every criminal has a future. Encourage transformation and MickeyMize someone's life." Share this as every demon has the potential to become divine.
– Mickey MehtaRate it:
Never build your future around your past.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Never call an accountant a credit to his profession a good accountant is a debit to his profession.
– Charles J. C. LyallRate it:
Never change such thoughts, which fragrance and please the hearts and minds of others, even though that break your beneficial objectives since such character qualifies and wins great humanity into inhuman systems.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Never change yourself just because others don't accept you, the one who's destined for you will accept you the way you're; not that he doesn't find flaws, but it matters no more for he sees only the spark & magic in your eyes, making you feel special for the rest of your life!
– Ramana PemmarajuRate it:
Never chase a lie. Let it alone, and it will run itself to death.
– Lyman BeecherRate it:
Never cling on to something that takes away your inner peace. Build courage and let it go.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Never compare your life with someone else's life. For, you have no idea what he or she does secretly i.e. behind your back. Don't have negative thoughts over things that you can't control. And refuse to bear grudges against anyone right here or out there. In other words, forgive all things and everyone. Never over do anything, have a limit and keep to it. Don't take yourself and life so seriously. For, you ought not to do that. I mean, disregard or overlook some things sometimes. Never waste your precious energy or time on gossip or habits like that. Rather, utilize and maximize your God-given energy and time. Dream big, be a visionary and dare to pursue your dreams and visions unyieldingly until you realize them. Listen up, envy is a waste of time. Yes! you already have all you need presently to survive. Any other thing which you think that you still need to live comfortably will be given to you by God in due course. That is to say, at the right or proper time. Emancipate yourself from the issues of the past. I mean, stop living in your past life and mistakes. For, living in your past is most likely to ruin your present happiness and future success. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. So, don't hate anyone. Do love all and sundry as much as you can. Strive to live in peace with everyone. For, peace is better off than war or conflict. In case you don't know, no one else is responsible for your happiness except your own self. Yes! you heard me right. So, always be happy and never sad. You've got to realize that life is a school and you are meant to learn daily. Moreover, challenges are simply part of life. They do appear just for a while and then fade away like flowers. Thus, never mind your challenges. Always smile, laugh and share all you have with someone else or others. Because, you've got to be doing that. Never forget, givers never lack. Conclusively, dare to believe in God Almighty and do believe he can do all things. Besides that, believe in your own self. In other words, be self-confident. For, it is expected of you. That is just a piece of advice and words of encouragement for you. -Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:

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