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No one is truly literate who cannot read his own heart.
– Eric HofferRate it:
No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.
– Charles DickensRate it:
No one is without Christianity, if we agree on what we mean by that word. It is every individual's individual code of behavior by means of which he makes himself a better human being than his nature wants to be, if he followed his nature only. Whatever its symbol -- cross or crescent or whatever -- that symbol is man's reminder of his duty inside the human race.
– William FaulknerRate it:
No one is without knowledge except him who asks no questions.
– West African SayingRate it:
No one is worthless in actual sense. Yes, the only one who is ever worthless is he/she that refuses to truly love all and sundry.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
No one is your enemy, we all are one. Some understand all about you and some none. Some accept you, some don't, some will like you and some won't. Let's not be divided, be on the same page, let's share love and care, not rage. Alone we may be powerful and together we become a force; let's not forget we are all born out of the same source. Let our egos be neutralized, let's heal together and get MickeyMized.
– Mickey MehtaRate it:
No one knows everything. Oh! yes, you might have seen it all. But, you don't know it all yet and you will never know it all. Thus, keep on learning something new from everyone and from everything you come across. ~Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
No one knows how strong or weak he is or she is, until he or she faces/endures/overcomes tough times.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
No one knows how strong or weak he/she is until he/she faces/endures/overcomes tough times.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
No one knows what he can do till he tries.
– Publilius SyrusRate it:
No one knows what he can do until he tries.
– Publilius SyrusRate it:
No one knows while experiencing their darkest hour that some day they may use that very experience to illuminate the ways for others. Nothing is ever wasted
– Renae A. SauterRate it:
No one lies so boldly as the man who is indignant.
– Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheRate it:
No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.
– Brian TracyRate it:
No one makes a revolution by himself; and there are some revolutions which humanity accomplishes without quite knowing how, because it is everybody who takes them in hand.
– George SandRate it:
No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.
– Henry AdamsRate it:
No one now dies of fatal truths; there are too many antidotes to them.
– Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too HumanRate it:
No one ought to despond in adverse circumstances, for they may turn out to be the cause of good to us.*
– MenanderRate it:
No one owns it. Everyone can use it. Anyone can improve it.
– David "Doc" SearlsRate it:
No one really knows about you better than your own shadow.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you'll see why.
– Mignon McLaughlinRate it:
No one respects a talent that is concealed.
– Desiderius ErasmusRate it:
No one should be astonished if in the following discussion of completely new princedoms and of the prince and of government, I bring up the noblest examples. Because, since men almost always walk in the paths beaten by others and carry on their affairs by imitatingeven though it is not possible to keep wholly in the paths of others or to attain the ability of those you imitatea prudent man will always choose to take paths beaten by great men and to imitate those who have been especially admirable, in order that if his ability does not reach theirs, at least it may offer some suggestion of it; and he will act like prudent archers, who, seeing that the mark they plan to hit is too far away and knowing what space can be covered by the power of their bows, take an aim much higher than their mark, not in order to reach with their arrows so great a height, but to be able, with the aid of so high an aim, to attain their purpose.
– Niccolò MachiavelliRate it:
No one should be judge in his own case.
– Publilius SyrusRate it:
No one should do a job he can do in his sleep.
– Cory Doctorow, Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town, 2005Rate it:

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