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Scars are your greatest medals in life.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
SCCS is the source-code motel -- your code checks in but it never checks out.
– Ken ThompsonRate it:
Scent is the soul of flowers, and sea flowers, as splendid as they may be, have no soul!
– Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Chapter 34Rate it:
Schizophrenia cannot be understood without understanding despair.
– Ronald David LaingRate it:
Scholars of the highest class, when they hear about the Tao...
– LaoziRate it:
Scholarship except by accident is never the measure of a person's power.
– Josiah Gilbert HollandRate it:
School days are the unhappiest in the whole span of human existence. They are full of dull, unintelligible tasks, new and unpleasant ordinances, with brutal violations of common sense and common decency.
– Henry Louis MenckenRate it:
School gives tools; college offers knowledge; experience imparts true education, but understanding oneself only helps a person to gain wisdom which is perhaps never admired by a private organization.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
School is a temple of knowledge, the library is a temple of wisdom, and Church is a temple of God.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
School motto's are not what they exactly produce! Our motto was education is wealth, but look how I am.
– Mr vybs liveRate it:
Schooling gives you knowledge, but education makes you wise.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Schooling will give you knowledge to make your living, but education is for living a life.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Schrodinger's Cat is a classic example of Paradox, in my view. In actuality, it was a Gedankenexperiment or a Thought Experiment, created by Austrian Physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1935. Not many folks are probably aware that Schrodinger himself called that experiment “a ridiculous case.” Here’s the "Schrodinger's Cat" in Schrodinger's own words: “A cat is penned up in a steel chamber, along with the following device (which must be secured against direct interference by the cat): In a Geiger Counter, there is a tiny bit of radioactive substance, so small, that perhaps in the course of the hour one of the atoms decays, but also, with equal probability, perhaps none. If it (i.e. decay) happens, the Geiger Counter discharges and through a relay releases a hammer that shatters a small flask of Hydrogen Cyanide. If one has left this entire system to itself for an hour, one would say that the cat still lives if meanwhile no atom has (undergone) radioactive decay.” So you see, the cat's life or death truly depends on the formation of a subatomic alpha particle that triggers off the avalanche of electrons in the Geiger Counter. There is an equal probability that it may not happen, and hence the cat should remain both alive and dead per Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Philosophically speaking, Human Life is full of paradoxes, and we often find that the uncertainties therein bear a startling resemblance with Schrodinger's Cat experiment. The total randomness of events that shape our human lives, and determinedly control the outcome (i.e. future) can be extremely perplexing and equally thought-provoking as Schrodinger's Cat experiment....a pre-written and pre-destined Reductio ad absurdum perhaps!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Schulz told lies in German, and it's unfortunate someone can speak German in this house, but it is our responsibility to stand up against it - the generation of Schulz's parents and the generation of the Arab MKs' parents collaborated to destroy the Jews. (on European Parliament President Martin Schulz)
– Uri OrbachRate it:
Science ... warns me to be careful how I adopt a view which jumps with my preconceptions, and to require stronger evidence for such belief than for one to which I was previously hostile. My business is to teach my aspirations to conform themselves to fact, not to try and make facts harmonize with my aspirations.
– Thomas HuxleyRate it:
Science advances through tentative answers to a series of more and more subtle questions which reach deeper and deeper into the essence of natural phenomena.
– Louis PasteurRate it:
Science and art is a toy store. Created in order to occupy a person with something.
– Musin Almat ZhumabekovichRate it:
Science and religion no more contradict each other than light and electricity.
– William Hiram FoulkesRate it:
Science and Spirituality have no synergy. But the one thing they agree on is, that we are Energy !
– AiR Atman in RaviRate it:
Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we remain mute.
– J. G. BallardRate it:
Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response. Expelled from individual consciousness by the rush of change, history finds its revenge by stamping the collective unconsciousness with habits, values, expectations, dreams. The dialectic between past and future will continue to form our lives.
– Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.Rate it:
Science at best is not wisdom it is knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge tempered with judgment.
– Lord Ritchie-CalderRate it:
Science can be introduced to children well or poorly. If poorly, children can be turned away from science; they can develop a lifelong antipathy; they will be in a far worse condition than if they had never been introduced to science at all.
– Isaac AsimovRate it:
Science can destroy religion by ignoring it as well as by disproving its tenets. No one ever demonstrated, so far as I am aware, the non-existence of Zeus or Thor, but they have few followers now.
– Arthur C. ClarkeRate it:

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