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You are not likely to get anywhere in particular if you don't know where you want to go.
– Percy H. JohnsonRate it:
You are not made happy by the true things you believe from your faith, but by the goodness which comes from your faith.
– Emanuel Swedenborg, From the book "Arcana Coelestia" #4984Rate it:
You are not responsible for the reader, you're only responsible for what you are writing.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.
– Chuck PalahniukRate it:
You are not superior just because you see the world in an odious light.
– Vicomte de ChateaubriandRate it:
You are not superior to others and others are not superior to you. You are only different than others and others are only different than you!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
You are not truly rich until you have something that money can't buy.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
You are one of a kind i.e. you're absolutely unique. So, dare to be/remain unique in whatever you are doing presently and whatever you will do subsequently.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.
– Anthon St MaartenRate it:
You are one-off i.e. you are a unique/remarkable person. Yes! that's just who you are. Thus, you've got to think, speak, act and live uniquely/remarkably.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
YOU are only as FREE as you IMAGINE yourself to BE.
– Gordana BiernatRate it:
You are only as old as the woman you feel.
– Groucho MarxRate it:
You are only as wise as others perceive you to be.
– M. Shawn ColeRate it:
You are only greater than what you overcome.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
You are only one biopsy away from bankruptcy
– Otis BrawleyRate it:
You are outside life, you are above life, you have miseries which the ordinary man does not know, you exceed the normal level, and it is for this that men refuse to forgive you, you poison their peace of mind, you undermine their stability. You have irrepressible pains whose essence is to be inadaptable to any known state, indescribable in words. You have repeated and shifting pains, incurable pains, pains beyond imagining, pains which are neither of the body nor of the soul, but which partake of both. And I share your suffering, and I ask you: who dares to ration our relief? We are not going to kill ourselves just yet. In the meantime, leave us the hell alone.
– Antonin ArtaudRate it:
You are perhaps the most accomplished confidence man since Charles Ponzi. I'd say you were a carnival barker, but that wouldn't be fair to carnival barkers. to former Enron CEO Keny Lay
– Peter FitzgeraldRate it:
You are playing with fire. You just don't know that yet. You might burn and there will be no smoke. At all!
– AshimaRate it:
You are poor when you have nothing to show for." "Thus, making you look weak in comparison.
– An9e7 XRate it:
You are providing for your disciples a show of wisdom without the reality. For, acquiring by your means much information unaided by instruction, they will appear to possess much knowledge, while, in fact, they will, for the most part, know nothing at all; and, moreover, be disagreeable people to deal with, as having become wise in their own conceit, instead of truly wise.
– Socrates, Phaedrus, sct. 275Rate it:
You are quaffing drink from a hundred fountains: whenever any of these hundred yields less, your pleasure is diminished. But when the sublime fountain gushes from within you, no longer need you steal from the other fountains.
– Jalal ad-Din Muhammad RumiRate it:
You are reading me; over the boundary of time and distance, I am touching you, not with my hands but with my love.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
You are remembered for the rules you break.
– Douglas MacArthurRate it:
You are right on target when you say that mad scientists have a total disregard for the wellbeing of others. We don't want to spread evil we just see no point in bothering to spread good.
– Richard M. MathewsRate it:

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