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Disconnection from the whole dimension, confusion in life, from an overabundance of information, overeating and gluttony by the media industry, reveals other paths into the depths of nonsense, endless enjoyment of confectionery illusions, everything is populism and lies marketing, everything is self-interest, disconnection from false reality, you cease to exist in this lie, materialism makes life meaningless because you please the aging body, we are the ghostly glitches of the matrix, the truth disconnects from this world, profit marketing is a legal robbery, endless strategies of lies to lead further away from the truth, self-interest makes you poor inside, great disconnection from the power supply of the system of lies of materialism, infantile inadequacy as the basis of a new culture of youth In the voids of detachment, landscapes of illusions, endless variations of the false logic of self-interest, disconnection from the system of false reality, lies are a design, from a portal to another portal of a truer reality, disconnection from a world in which there is only temptation and the illusion of fast food hopes, profit control radiation, people's willpower is weakening before an increase in the abundance of illusions, rejected by the void, the matrix disconnected from a strange nightmare, the consciousness program will create any reality, at the bottom of self-deception it is more and more difficult to breathe, because you forget who you are, holograms of illusions are a digital masterpiece of temptations, a paradise of weaknesses of people who call them values, until death will be in the womb of self-deception, consciousness reaches to amorphous autism disconnected from reality, machines will replace us as they are a continuation of our weaknesses, We create ourselves from scratch, modernization moves away from the true self, imagination is a continuation of humanity, high detail of depravity, detachment from reality, we strive to stop being people, and the person himself is something subjective for all people, moving away from the truth into a misunderstanding of himself, flowering madness, the desire for immortal bliss, but not for love and friendship, but for the stimulation of false feelings that become the basis of the meaning of life, we create deep suffering for ourselves and look at them as a pleasure, to be alive and wise or immortal and insensitive, like a cold machine that thinks only in programs in the brain, an industry of false personality, Social blindness, ignoring social problems, in self-isolation in our egocentrism, egoism, we do not see reality although we constantly talk about it, we do not see the meaning in reality itself, and other people will invent the meaning of life for us, we do not see and do not feel each other , many die in incomprehension and indifference, swimming in pools of hatred people in the comments column, frolicking in the mud of anger, screens instill hatred and anger and indifference in us, we become insensitive, heartless smiles of shamelessness, only the cane of intuition leads us to what we should come in reality, social death in a utopia of indifference, vices like exposed nerves and wires that can kill with their contagious temptations, Life blooms on the steps of memories, an explosion of feelings, as if the opening of a new stage of insight, as if the past of nostalgia melts, pierces the darkness of the voids of meaningless torment with light, as if memories are a support for the future, the contribution of the wisdom of the experienced illuminates the path, memories warm with nostalgia in a lonely moonlit night like a candle they burn in memory, illuminating the darkness of despair, the golden energy of values as the wisdom of the past, in the past we were blind and see the past in the present, we are blind in the present, and decompose from this in the future, to be resurrected by others, the past as a reminder for the future, memories illuminate our soul like a candle burning until dawn, The sweet kiss of pleasure, the interconnection of everything and everything, the superconsciousness of its nature, the energy web of the unity of all energies, as elements of all natural creations created by chaos, randomness and meaninglessness creates an abundance of knowledge, knowledge of ourselves in others, we all understand that we are one, that we are all from one energy, we share on the verges that create personal dimensions, the dance of chaos, the waltz of colors that are looking for the ideal in chaos, the throwing of the spirit in the endless search for ourselves, we are looking for ourselves in others and in atmospheres that seem familiar to us, wandering in infinity gives rise to masterpieces of insight and sincere awareness, sensory knowledge of the truth through intuition, we reveal the inner worlds in each other, we have distortions of consciousness as an alterego that creates a philosophical and symbolic copy of our consciousness, we feel it unconsciously, that these are our desires to reflect who we want to be, but we cannot, it can also indicate that we feel fears that mirror what we are afraid of , we lose our minds in the duality of consciousness, we confuse what is real and what is fiction, in the mirror we see only what we are, but like vampires we do not see ourselves in the mirror, the subconscious either embellishes the reflection or honesty crushes the ego, the book as a mediator between consciousnesses, we desire because we are afraid, the ego also consists of fear, the mirror parodies our ego, it's funny that life reveals various forms of colors of emotions, an unstable perception of the world, the situation forms temporary alternative views of the world, eternal values ​​such as love and friendship are covered with selfishness turning into a hypocritical parody, a society that has lost its roots, taking off above the earth, into another world where no one will not interfere with their moral decay, all living things strive for death, the pixel world is becoming sexier, for self-interest, vision lenses blurred with tears, disconnect people from the world, outcast by emptiness, sighted outcasts see blind people who stroke themselves, please themselves when they praise themselves and when they feel sorry for themselves, all kinds of pleasure in the world, including also trolling and hating, all forms of hatred are endless forms of masturbation, The human mind cognizes this world through its own benefit, understanding only a micro part of this world, then the rest is not interested in it, analytics, calculations, conclusions, results, like a robot computer that issues conclusions based on personal self-interest, a consuming machine, geolocation of non-existence, machine logic of self-interest, strategic analysis of deceit, obsessed with the mechanisms of instincts, malfunctions of the mind with an inferiority complex, personal sociology of the worldview of a predatory mind based on personal statistics of ups and downs in a world of chaos, where they seek to identify patterns of paradoxes, a micro-scheme of a selfish mind that lives for stupidity we strive to recognize our reflection in the pictures of various thoughts, painting as a romantic empathy of the colors of emotions, philosophical transitions from one color of mood to another, we are lifeless without other people's feelings, culture for some is like a looking glass of exoticism, the reality that they do not understand, the mind rejects someone else's reality, because it contradicts their ego realm, everyone in the world does not understand each other because of the ignorance of the ego, people only pretend to know each other, the tongue of a gourmet does not feel the taste of life because he has tried everything in the world, and the sweetest becomes cloying from pampered , insensitive indifference, in misunderstanding they still want to feel alive in the new color of life, we speak without understanding each other, as if we are striving to switch to telepathy, to read each other's thoughts without understanding the meaning, but feeling each other as animals feel, we are trying to recognize ourselves in each other, completely different characters as different types of personalities that are arranged in in our worldview, anatomically different types of understanding of the world, chaos divides, but teaches us to teach other people what we ourselves have experienced, empathy of telepathy, in silence we learn much more than during conversations, bridges between the inner worlds are still being built for the benefit of a single consciousness, but at the same time predatory consciousness has no friends, in silence everyone hears the same thought, internally we understand each other, fragments of memory are like blinds, fragments taken out of context, so they remember only insults, dissatisfaction with the ego clouds the mind, like a broken mirror of consciousness, shows only fragments that are beneficial to remember, delighting ourselves with self-consolation, we do not remember ourselves, we are in flight or fall, disorientation of consciousness throws out of time, the chaotic pleasures of the ego, call for indifference and bad taste, fragments of memory lose their colors, and everything becomes white in the emptiness of truth, in the swamps of delusions time, fame and popularity mummifies us mummification, the nervous system of hope is not active and lifeless, not cold and not painful, so you feel immortal, dead in the void without the most important fear in life is hope, Difficult days form a reassessment of values, a path that is paved with obstacles and emotional disasters, the elements of emotions in a waltz of sincerity chaos, disconnected from consciousness to know the melodies of the thin strings of intuition, in an endless journey of self-knowledge, in the voids of inevitability, birds soaring in the fog do not see the foundation of the world, strings intuitions like a harp of time, billions of strings of life lines, like scenarios along which people walk like a tightrope, each one sounds in its own way, the taste of life of various worlds of philosophies, exotic worldviews that have a common basis that lies in the depths, time will show the way, a calendar in the subconscious as inevitable path of man Lonely in the void of inevitability, illuminated the way by the blind who built the road of life, only tactile feelings showed us the way in the void, we made values out of smoke, darkness illuminated by the dusty fog of oblivion, we wander in the dark in search of light, but we plunge into insensibility of indifference, empty from within creation, increase the emptiness of selfishness, an alternative philosophical life scenario will reveal the truth about us, we do not see ourselves as who we are, from different points of view, from different gameplay cameras, one-sided view of selfishness, multifaceted contradictions leading to an abundance of inevitability, insensible immortality, supporting the life of the body in order to see as many comic paradoxes as possible in people, love for mercantile people as necrophilia, for an inanimate person, a spiritually dead person who is only interested in money, Shrouded in darkness and emptiness, lost souls in darkness, feeling matter, but not soul, a market for sensations and feelings for the nervous system for the undead that only craves to consume, the immortality of reincarnation in the void, comical, paradoxical jokes of fate, poisonous sensations that help us forget everything in the world , we are trying to erase the memory in order to feel alive, the meaning of reincarnation is that everything in the world is nonsense, temporary pleasures of the body, purity in insensitivity to the false world, only cynical people feel hostility towards you, materialism teaches not to appreciate anything, the soul blooms in the flowering of infinity wisdom, detachment from the lies of materialism, Disconnected from life, in a space of illusory pleasures, sweet hopes that cannot be touched, there is no taste of life in pleasures, there is no truth in speeches, there is no sense in the deeds of liars, you do not feel the point of living among liars, egoists, empty vessels from the inside that are used to litter brands , the soul is used as a garbage chute of brands, lost consciousness in inevitability, disconnection from the emptiness of measurement, temptations change consciousness beyond recognition, and this affects the evolution of consciousness, towards materialistic values, progressive death in the values of the soul, no feelings and emotions for fashionable madness, lifeless peace in harmony with eternity, a whisper of truth is heard lasting in infinity, in endless futures, like hair that is connected with the mind of an unstable dimension, with endless facets of colors of worldview philosophy, Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Life in detachment from carnal desires, purity of spirit in eternal values as treasures of the heart, as worlds that are forgotten, civilizations of past inner worlds and epochs of values, as layers of time, inner evolution of the personality in the heart, to clearly see the world in the light of awareness, spiritual purity is true happiness, it is in the depths of the soul, a bottomless ocean of emotions and feelings that conceal forgotten truths, temptations plunge you into amnesia of unconsciousness, time plunges you into fearlessness, and acceptance of the truth that gives healing wisdom, the foundations of the world in the sincerity of the heart, the purity of light in your mind we will know the depths of truth, the stars of truth burn in the ocean of silence, Running from the desires that hold you in this dimension, in search of new inevitability, for those who are looking for new options for the ways of death, moral decay, rich abundance in the cemetery of pleasures, decay of the spirit, the basis of the worldview is forgotten in pleasures, bulimia of feelings and emotions, cleanses the spirit and helps to remember what is the basis of personality, true values ​​in the depths of the soul, like treasures that are waiting for their hour of sincere insight, a ray of awareness, in the depths of oblivion, purity of spirit in sincerity, rain of sadness will wash away illusions, sincerity is felt in the cold of rain, evolution of personality in chaos, removes old layers of the personality of her theory and hypothesis, the values of past lives in the crypts of nostalgia, the rebirth of new values with the foundations of the old ones, the maturation of the personality in reincarnation, Searching for ourselves in the void, in the depths of the mystery of the soul, traveling in self-knowledge, we discover the secrets of life, a lifeless wasteland in the valley of false desires, we are looking for help in the truth that will open a new layer of personality, closed by locks of grievances, or to come up with a new layer of personality that will try forget the basis of personality, fear grows in the abyss, and with it curiosity, which leads to amazing discoveries, that the outside world helps us forget who we are, in the depths there lives a network of intuition of telepathy that connects all of humanity, captivated by false meanings, a benefit that will satisfy just for a second, shadows of forgotten love and friendship in the subconscious, Anabiosis of consciousness in an alternative reality of the ego of imagination in the lascivious path of endless emptiness, illusory designs of the universe in the distorted evolution of biological transformation, in renunciation of the truth, in the depths of inevitability we become different, in shackles for the formation of humility, internal transformation of the evolution of personality in the reincarnations of various philosophical plots of life, a cameo in various other people's dreams of life, as a seed of a flowering tree of consciousness, we become part of the fickle nature of the chaos of madness, in bright narcotic ego colors of psychedelics of egoism, in a capsule programmed by profit, puppets of our own subconscious, leading to genetic anomalies of denial of truth, confrontation of chaos, in the painting of chaos of sincerity, in contradictions, secrets of which no one suspects are revealed, and new seeds of perception of the world are ripening, in the abstraction of chaos, we feel a break with the past, as we are drawn to the future, which is fraught with only oblivion, the colors of chaos do not stable like the mood of people, we are part of nature that we cannot control, archaic dying tissues of the past in our body as bridges that connect with the world that left a secret that we renounced at the genetic level, the biological development of philosophy in the evolution of awareness, the opposition of various forms of egoism that can to be echoes from past lives, a race is formed inside that creates peoples who are fighting for power, and the body is used as a planet, transparency of sincerity, its faceless dissolution in infinity, we see the soul when we do not see a face, we see actions and energy, we feel with all our heart, appreciate the beauty of a person without a face, we are only temporary sculptures of time, portraits of fictitious personalities created from the colors of fears of self-doubt, only the zombie ego is able to see the aesthetics in a lie, the false taste of life that the ego gives us, the true personality lurks in the heart like in a cage, it languishes in anticipation of when the sincerity of the world will be revealed and everyone will see the true appearance, in the midst of the destroyed theater of the parody of truth, feel alive in sincere feelings, we are only a form that does not have a complete meaning of evolution, we lead our anatomy of philosophy to the truth that will be revealed to us in the future when we are fully ready to realize that cowardly people are afraid of the truth, and will remain in the sinful past of history books, evolution is like a diary teenager who is looking for the main key to true insight to self-knowledge, which will reveal the DNA the truth before him the disappearing veil of consciousness, life is seen more and more brightly, only the light of truth is visible without the colors of the ego of consciousness, the path in the void cleanses the soul, fills the light with the meaning of eternity, plunging into the depths of light, we will know the depths of the truth of eternity, and not a short paradoxical comedy with hackneyed jokes of banality, everything becomes more and more clear and pure, like the light of the sun, illuminating the darkness in the soul, as if gravity is losing power over us, we leave the shifting sands of nonsense, the calming purity of the light of consciousness, when all earthly nonsense loses all meaning, the warmth of tenderness pacifies in humility, The neuro program of empathy is the unity of the elements of the engineering structure of the energy of the unity of consciousness, the city that has a relationship of common destiny, is unique with the rest of humanity, the program of humanity that prolongs the life and performance of the entire system of the body, the main mechanism of which is humanity, people as impulses in the microchip program, interacting electrodes into development systems moving along a certain path of fate, but at the same time being part of a common system, a city that cannot afford selfishness, which will lead to the destruction of the overall integrity of the destinies development system, Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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