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Sup, I'm Joshy Bois long lost son, Lil C boi. I am a strong believer in Joshy boi. He has paved the way for me and my little sis. Clashimo. Bye

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I knew her once

9 months ago

Thanks to @joshyboifan#1 for helping me write this. He is my main man. Love you bro

9 months ago

Joshy’s Little Dog skipped down the road and followed him to school. The children laughed and cried,“Go home, Fuzzball. No sheep wanted here.”           Joshy’s Little Dog blushed bright red.  Fuzzball, indeed. Had a little dog no right to learn, he wondered?  Joshy hugged him. Joshy patted him. “Go home, my Little Cotton Ball. It’s against the rules for a dog to go to school.” But Joshy’s Little Dog wanted to learn. So he straightened his jaunty cap and set out into the world.  “From now on call me Oscar!” he announced. “’m tired of looking like a dog. It’s time for me to have some style!” True story  

9 months ago


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