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Author and Mind-Body Doctor (DC, C.Ht., CCWLP)

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A woman gets into a relationship hoping to change the man. A man gets into a relationship hoping that the woman doesn't change. Both realize how gravely mistaken they areRate it:
Action is the crux to which all change is possible making any goal achievableRate it:
All people are innately good and forgiving but are situationally evil and relentlessRate it:
And some look through a broken spyglass onto the horizon in search for goldRate it:
At the end of the day everybody is doing what they can to get byRate it:
Beasts aren’t sent with wrath because the time is short but, rather, are shaped over time from the wrath that was wrought forth within them.Rate it:
Desperate times calls for more than simply desperate measures. It calls for putting one's values aside till the desperation subsides" --Mental Hell, Chapter 3Rate it:
Desperate times calls for rambunctious behavior" -Mental HellRate it:
Do unto others much worse than than they'll ever do unto you and you'll never get hurt ever again" -James "Buck" BukowitzRate it:
Everyone has an idea of what you need to do with your life. Only you have the facts of what you really need to do.Rate it:
Faith can't be reasoned with. Otherwise it would've been called Fact.Rate it:
God has to pay a price for the monsters that we create" -Mental HellRate it:
God never abandoned you. He just pushes for you to discover Him.Rate it:
I adore men with values and women who are devoid of them" -James "The Buck" Bukowitz from Mental HellRate it:
I am willing to be persuaded into seeing any other person's perspective as long as they possess, at the very least, two properly functioning brain cells. Unfortunately, this is a rare commodity.Rate it:
I'm under obligation to my demons. To find them where they lie and cast them out accordinglyRate it:
If one is not at peace with nature, then they have ultimately signed a waiver in which they are forced to give up the peace within themselves as well.Rate it:
In order for one to come off as a professional at something is to vehemently disagree with other professionals. People have blind faith in confident foolsRate it:
In order to fulfill on ambition, one must be effective at all dealings' became a maxim Dante got to live by, and now he is paying the price of his effectiveness and that price far beyond what he could handle."--Mental Hell, Ch 3Rate it:
In our dire need to comprehend the divine, we created it, named it, clothed it, inundated it with details so trivial and punished others who disagree with it.Rate it:
In our quest for wisdom, we should care lest we lose our humanity along the way Rate it:
It is not that whichever we believe in is wrong or right. It is the mere fact that we believe in something. That is the crux of sanity.Rate it:
It is our scars that make us so beautiful yet we go well out of our way to hide them. That is our tragedyRate it:
It is simply bestial how people have an incessant need to own anything they can’t have and to destroy anything that they can’t comprehendRate it:
It is such a pity that the only road that never ceases to close out is the that of cowardice" - Mental HellRate it:
It never ceases to baffle me at how one's more willing to accept the unacceptable as long as it can be rationalizedRate it:
I’d like to believe that our very essence is that of love. At times it’s hard to believe when our experiences remind us of the cold, callous, selfish and liars out there who’ve crossed our paths and hurt us. These hurts have led us to protect our selves by hiding out and shunning our light, our love and our essence from the rest of the world. In the name of self-preservation we, in turn, have become cold, callous, selfish and liars, therefore passing down the cycle of pain to the next generation, forcing them to do the same to protect themselves. The cycle breaks once a single person makes the decision to be vulnerable, to be frail to be their essence, knowing that it could very well lead to a world of pain. In the end, it is worth it to one day have the world full of people who are unafraid of their light and are willing to love unconditionally without fear or consequence. This is the world I would like to live in. This is the world we owe to the future generationsRate it:
Just like water in an aquarium, a mind left to stagnate brings forth death to whichever life that dwells within itRate it:
Kick a man who's down and he's bound to kill you if he ever gets back upRate it:
Lord save me from the minds that are plagued by good intentionsRate it:
Lord save me from this abomination that I have to face in the mirror each and everyday Rate it:
Mediocrity is but a by-product of the dispassionateRate it:
Nature's perfectly cruel in the most just waysRate it:
Never hurt a woman unless you absolutely and positively mean it" - James "The Buck" BukowitzRate it:
No vice is more irksome than that of voicing one's virtues Rate it:
Nothing is more relentless or as dispassionate as timeRate it:
Of course God's forgiving and kind. It takes a supernatural being to be capable of such a thing.Rate it:
One can't get upset at the dying fields when he is constantly warring with the rain clouds Rate it:
Only a fool would sit on the sidelines hoping for something worthy of mention to happen to them Rate it:
People aren't predestined with a purpose. Like an elaborate lie, we make it up as we go along Rate it:
People aren't predestined with a purpose. Like an elaborate lie, we make it up as we go alongRate it:
People aren’t helpless because they want to be helpless. People are helpless because it’s all they know. Rate it:
People aren’t stupid. They’re ignorant.Rate it:
People have a hard time ignoring a person who speaks their mind let alone forgive them for doing something they could never doRate it:
People have blind faith in confident foolsRate it:
People tend to deny their personal truths because it makes them feel ugly. People will do anything to feel beautiful, even if it means having to lie to themselves Rate it:
People who don’t have a certain thing will tend to see it in one of two ways: as something that they absolutely must have or something that no one should ever haveRate it:
So many ways to hell and only one leading to heaven. It truly takes a Divine force to keep an imbalanced universe such as this one from collapsing in on itselfRate it:
Sometimes one has to go against what is proper in order to do what is rightRate it:
Start cutting corners on whatever it is you do and those corners will seek to get even with you sooner or laterRate it:
The germ of genius with a definite purpose is contagious. Otherwise, it's pathogenic.Rate it:
The irony of life is that no one gets out of it alive Rate it:
The lord taketh and the lord taketh away. That is all" --Buck from Mental HellRate it:
The mind holds a specific image of who we currently are, not who we are yet to become. Subconscious fears change since it can't fathom life as the new-self. In that, it will fight, create stories, excuses and limiting theories on why one should remain where they are. Why would it do such a thing? Because it's what it knows. It knows it exists in the current reality and has no guarantees that it will exist in the new one. It also knows you (its host) is alive with the current reality and has no guarantees if you will be alive if you make the transition to the new one. Just trust in that you're enabling in the divine will of the universe to unfold in order to move the world forward. Yes, your work will elevate the level of human consciousness. That is how important you are!Rate it:
The mind is, by far, the most complex tool ever created. The day we’ll discover every minutia of its inner workings is the day we’ll know everything there is to know about this universe.Rate it:
The mind, unlike a box, cannot simply filled whatever that you wish and then remove it once you decide it’s a hazard leaving it unscathed. Rather, it’s like a living being and what you put inside it gets ingested and assimilated. It becomes a part of it and to remove it takes a tremendous amount of consistent work and dedication only to realize that it was best not to have taken whatever it is in to begin with.Rate it:
The more resistant we are to the oncoming chaos, the more we will be stuck in a constant struggle and are unable to move forward. One must embrace the chaos in open arms and once the self-destruction ensues, then self-development can follow. One can't get upset at the dying fields when he is constantly warring with the rain cloudsRate it:
The object of the poet is not to accurately describe an emotion brought about from an experience, but rather, the poem is an acknowledgement that words have rendered themselves useless and the attempt to write is merely an acknowledgement of that momentRate it:
The only accidents I know of are incidents that have been subjected to a serious case of mislabelingRate it:
The path less taken disinterests me while the path frequently taken appalls me. I'd rather find a path never taken beforeRate it:
The secret of life isn't an attempt to explain everything but, rather, to understand that certain things can't be explained. Demanding that everything is to be dissected neath a microscope is madness. Hence the attempt to explain everything is madness.Rate it:
The unintelligent have no rights to own anything let alone their own thoughts which they have no choice but to hand over to anyone. Chaos almost certainly ensues in such a caseRate it:
There are no perfect people, just perfect expectations of people Rate it:
To deny expression is a form of lying and a mode of suicide.Rate it:
To share wisdom with the immature is like giving goldbricks to a child.Rate it:
True lust knows no bounds. Marriage or otherwise" - Buck, Mental HellRate it:
Voicing one's virtues is the deadliest of vicesRate it:
We cannot simply allow the treacherous few determine the fates of themany. At such times, the virtuous should be held to equalaccountability of the vile for their inactionsRate it:
We suffer not because suffering is inevitable. Suffering is inevitable when you keep trying to suppress those feelings you're afraid of. Feelings you labelled as 'bad' and believe you should have never had them in the first place. You'll never get out of this rut lest you learn to sit with the feeling no matter how horrible it feels. Give it (the feeling) the acceptance it deserves and illusion of suffering is reveledRate it:
Whether you say you can or you can't is absolutely fine as long as it's not someone other than yourself who's saying it to youRate it:
Who I am and what I am are two entirely different and distinct entities. One I happen to know quite well, the other, I fear, I know nothing about and the space between the two is that which even infinity cannot occupy Rate it:
You can kill the poet but never his rhymeRate it:

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