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Are you a quotes master? Dare to take the ultimate quotations challenge? Don't be so shy — Our Fun Quotes Quiz presents questions and answers on old and modern sayings to help test and enrich your knowledge.

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  • Nannylu
    “ The kind of violence we are now experiencing tells us that the mind and heart, the very blood cells of society are sick. The institutions that hold civilisation together are failing.” I'm interested in where this quote came from. 
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  • victorias.97404
    Marvel is incorrect re Voltaire quote: It was written by a woman about Voltaire and later attributed incorrectly to Voltaire himself. See the following: This article is about the British writer. For the American athlete, see Evelyne Hall. For the Australian sportswoman, see Evelyn Halls. Evelyn Beatrice Hall Born28 September 1868 Shooter's Hill, Kent, England Died13 April 1956 (aged 87) Wadhurst, East Sussex, England Pen nameStephen G. Tallentyre OccupationWriter Evelyn Beatrice Hall (28 September 1868 – 13 April 1956),[1][2][3][Note 1] who wrote under the pseudonym S[tephen] G. Tallentyre, was an English writer best known for her biography of Voltaire entitled The Life of Voltaire, first published in 1903. She also wrote The Friends of Voltaire, which she completed in 1906. In The Friends of Voltaire, Hall wrote the phrase: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"[4] as an illustration of Voltaire's beliefs.[5] This quotation – which is sometimes misattributed to Voltaire himself – is often cited to describe the principle of freedom of speech.[6][7] 
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  • UserNameJohn
    I searched and searched trying to find a line from The Whole Wide World . . .No one even got close. I was at fault in part for misquoting it, but you came up with it. Thank you very much!
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  • Hamish
    I had a look at this website, which gave me the idea that I would be interested in it, and I thought I would do the quiz. I find quizzes fun and I think that this is a really cool feature on this website. I think the website is really good as well and it is really awesome that this is part of a community that sounds really fun to be part of so I think I might join it. I would definitely come back again and do some other quizzes, because they are fun, and I haven't found any like these ones on other websites on the internet where there are quizzes put up. 
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  • N,notagain!
    So hard!
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  • yourdad
    this was so easy
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  • marvel_e
    Well, there's an incorrect answer: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." - It was said by Voltaire, and later related by S.G. Tallentyre (who was actually Evelyn Hall's pseudonym). Because Voltaire said in a letter to Helvetius "“I wholly disapprove of what you say and will defend to the death your right to say it.” -Hall/Tallentyre was NOT the origination of the quote. 
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  • verilidaine_s
    Freaking THOMAS SOWELL?? I love you guys!
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  • zaida.24278
    I Did It!
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  • Urrah
    Amazing. I really don't see movie that much
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  • Terifeek85
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  • Alex76
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  • redmatt8
    A sound mixture of different cultural quotes
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  • Kahumkey
    Love it
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  • dawnmarie_f
    This was great Fun.. most them I really didn't know like at least 8 them never heard b4.. oh my Lol
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  • greg_r
    10 for 10 in 30 seconds Beat it!!! gregaring
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  • joeymarie_j
    I guess I knew more than I thought I did. 8/10. Not too shabby.
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  • khiaaa
    10/10 on 1st try . i fw this game .
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  • Multiverse-Goddess
    That was really fun to play, and I got 10/10 first try.
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  • alexandrea_l
    My husband and I had So much fun! Thanks!
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  • TAH0950
    Very fun. Give it a try.
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  • shawty_a_lil_baddie
    wow i am 1 smart cookie
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