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Fountains of orgasm from your beauty, excitement leads to a higher dimension of love, beauty that crushes any resentment and guilt, depression and greed, unbearably draws you in reality and in a dream, lovely bodily grandeur, true guise of erotic beauty, indifference to competitors, their impersonality is visible , excites obscenely, seductive difference, your beauty boomgasm (boom orgasm), one look like a policeman's order to stop moving a man's penis, fresh, juicy, sweet, shiny skin, the color of an appetizing sausage in refrigerator, I want to you with all my body and soul, the hot heat of passion devours me, hot to the point of madness, you are my passionate sweetness, erotic joy, shiveringly attracted to your infinite beauty, in careless romance I am devoted to you forever, intoxicating heat of passion, I long to know your depths beauty, in order to know your soul, in the true beauty hidden from the world, the secrets of miracles in your feelings of love, you excite you fall in love with frightening speed , you forever amaze with your beauty, and infect your mind with passion, reflect my sparkling desires, and water endless heights with my heart orgasm, even your ectoplasm is beautiful, feelings for you are beautiful and contagious, and so gratifying, I try to look smart, because being yours is vital, I love you bravely, I'm not at all afraid, The hot abyss of passion, the hot mistress of hearts, the ideal of male passions, I fall in love bottomlessly and am amazed and infected with fanaticism for your beauty, I fall incredibly in love, I am reflected in your beauty because you are an extension of me, kilograms of sperm in the eggs accumulate from your beauty, fall in love with my true reflects desires, without you the heart suffers forever, your beauty works like a vacuum pump, and when we have sex it's like a hydro pump, I stick to your beauty more and more from your infinite beauty it's harder and harder to breathe, the sweetness of skin color delights passion, the world transformed by you, the brutal excites the imagination, it infects, it charges the eggs with sperm like a hundred, so much that it's as if the veins will burst blood, the nerves tremble with beauty, like the vibrations of the message of the hundred that it's time to have sex, Your beauty drains all sources of passion, my inner world is in your power, you just stood nearby, but it seems as if you fucked with high quality, anyone will start smoking from your beauty, drive yourself crazy that you are not mine, an erection explosion will blow up the whole inner world, penis charred from your beauty, you are an aesthetic pleasure, a product of true beauty, endless lust, souls from my affection, souls from my compliments, souls from my lust, and endless attraction, you are an image not only of true beauty, but also of true happiness, you are insane lust , saliva flow, my true path is you, a poem of lyrical tenderness is a bridge leading to you, everything in me sings of you, remembers and intensifies love for you to infinity, in the love of carelessness of romance, my love is indestructible, because I appreciate it to infinity, everything my limbs reach for you, the soul crawls out of the body and wants to enter you, to know depths of beauty, Exactly right, the intuition of an erection does not fail me, it leads to marriage with you, it always turns me on, from your beauty I end for no reason, the spring breeze of tenderness, caresses the romance of your beauty to infinity, in love carelessness, we are immortal because we are together forever, your beauty caresses the spirit jokes You've got a shaped chin, you're carving wood Are you a prostitute? Your ass had a hard day Now it's fashionable to be incomprehensible Your diary is a complete diarrhea of life He thinks that he is the lord, his chick without an Adam's apple, he will not get a stick from her at home, a roar, his huckster is waiting for him on the street When the financial end of the world comes, your big ass is the first thing your close people will eat, big ass in an apple in the anus, with barbecue sauce, they will say yami, it is so big that it won't get into any stove, no, you have more half of the body will remain, this is for the winter Kidnapped by an alien, giggled and that's enough, and change the previous chip in the anus, it itches and squeaks at four thirty in the morning, remove this vibrator, what are these capsules filled with water with aliens, what are these pickled cucumbers, where is the book of complaints, my planet is a skiff, how to get a visa in your planet, can i have a sex visa for starters, don't try to disable me again through the chip in the anus, that remote is floating in the aquarium of those capsules Sex is a joystick of erogenous zones, do an orgasmic combo fatality to your girlfriend Anger is as if the soul powerfully farted in the mouth I slept as if I had dropped fifteen kilograms of poop from my soul, hmm, you lost weight I have a kilogram of burgers, and a salad, I follow the figure Do you remember that girl, she tore his whole penis to shreds with her braces when she did an aggressive blowjob, she couldn't stop, she made a cool carving with her glands I don't want to go into the kitchen? Why? There is your brother. You say that like you saw a spider in the kitchen You draw her boobs in the armpits You are constantly in trouble, you have a visa in the anus of life He went out for a walk with his son, and he was just doing circles in the yard with his son, he was just walking him like a dog Gays everywhere, save asses, hello, I want to insure my ass from attacks and damage, security will walk with you with batons and shockers, guard your ass, the security guard gives an interview well, we guard his ass, turn off the camera, turn off the camera How he gets on my nerves, he's just Mozart He stood up and showed those who were wrong the middle finger, it turned out he imagined, again imagined that you were showing them the middle finger, leave me alone, you are cool only in your imagination and from afar, for creativity you need a place at a safe distance Why did she take a picture so far away, my penis is nearsighted From growth hormones, you will not be mega-giant in size and demolish entire cities with your dick He always goes through a thorough ass check at the airport because he has a suspicious face, they stick a camera with a flashlight up his ass, they look for drugs and a bomb among the poop, and at the end they give a lollipop as an apology You have hairy boobs, look like overgrown male balls Your nose seems to have been polished with a plane, your plastic surgeon is an abstractionist, your nose is a take-off area for skiers, I have a big nose due to a cold, sinusitis potatoes You know how hard I can talk, you will shudder in your sleep, said the man who cannot bring home a hundred thousand tenge, you just watery eyes, you just ran away and cries like a baby When you sit your big ass in the seat, you turn on the emergency lights, because someone might die. Vagina in a tube, it's like a butter churn in our village You are more careful with this fat man, he has been learning to eat more since childhood. Cops in the sauna investigating a murder how could he stab him with his dick it's a powerful viagra he threatened him with a gun it stabbed that dick then he choked his ass with a fart you say he came up with a new kind of martial arts savvy As soon as he borrows a lot of money from you, he disappears. Borrow a million dollars bank for a stupid scientific project, they answer the brother tomorrow I will give it back, he runs to the helicopter with money in a suitcase, which is going to the island I can't stand it anymore, but what about the extra bonus of patience, patience on credit, this is already overtime of my patience Beautiful huh? you have mouth evacuation I almost died my whole life flashed before my eyes, the trailer was so-so, as deceitful as all the trailers, they didn’t even indicate me in the credits Motivation is like a tooth decay alarm, you only brush your teeth when your tooth hurts. Even sperm cells have a visa There are smoking booths, his fart booth business never took off. Why does a man have a beard? To pretend to be an adult Fear is like a prostate, you pee with blood from it Skinny people sex, stick rubbing His speech is mind blowing, viral stupidity He has a high acidity in his mouth, his saliva is used to make sprays of sulfuric acid for construction materials and emetic sprays for self-defense. My bladder is broken, as if a powerful jock, clenching the urinary canal with all his might In fights without rules, he drinks a lot of water so that when he is kicked in the area of ​​the bladder, he pisses himself off and they stop beating him if he loses, because they thought that he was afraid She pees, she cries Tranquilizers of laziness to make people too lazy to do stupid things So you're saying transvitivism is cosplay. Why do I need a thermos with a fingerprint function so that they can’t spit in it, you sometimes ask such stupid questions Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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He sniffs his middle finger like a Cuban cigar When your body was created, done, done, and too lazy to finish Look what the woodpecker is doing with the hollow, this is your sex, with your frigid woman who does not want you, you mean she is not sexually active, you are smarter than the hollow Girls discussing their boyfriends, what do you call his device, slacker So many feathers and sequins, he is so gay that other gay men are scared to death of him Optimism is a simulated orgasm Do you see in this picture where the man is sucking his dick on a sperm centrifuge? I would say vicious eternity carousel, but I like your answer better. No matter what is shown in this exhibition, everything is perceived as the norm. You are not so far away sir. I'm from the future, I was whipped with a penis for an hour for not doing my homework You don't brush your teeth, you wait for them to fall like stalactites in a cave, one guy meditated in a cave, his corpse is still there, the police are too lazy to remove it, what happened, the scorpion stung You were drunk, you thought that we were threatening you with uzi guns, and it was an ordinary perforator, others had a hair dryer, and a children's bubble gun And how she kissed you, pressed your carotid artery If you can’t take off your clothes for an hour to go to bed, then you are a jock. She is a rich woman, and what do you have, are your testicles your dowry? She found out everything about you and did not tell anything about herself, you underwent a rectal analysis and she did not find worms Who again changes your intuition Wealth is a sex visa, VIP pass to all pussies Why coffee, I have nightmares at seven in the morning A guy stares at a poster of a jock from the 90s for five minutes, the guy comes up and says I bless your marriage, I am inspired by an example to become like him, and not excited, you want to be like these pixelated, tanned sausage, he looks like a varicose penis Why are we all genetically short, it's all because of low ceilings, we save on building materials, you see that tall guy, he will become humpbacked, and his children will be short like us You're impotent? He is unarmed Champagne, confetti, clown, hey you're celebrating my uncle's funeral like that, your uncle had a hilarious death You're talking about my teenage son, about this petty pornographer Her ass is like a crumpled sofa Protein to turn pitching, you can’t get off the jerk, you will look like a junkie, and in old age like a morel Dried goats, icicles, they are like fangs of a nose, that's how he got out from under the rubble of an avalanche Today is a full moon mainstream mainstream about what a bad husband I am These guys are like giggling girls, laughing at stupid things, as if they were tickled by worms in the anus. And how long is the contract? Until you turn into these bones, these are the people who worked before you. The girl says I heard that his penis is like a flash drive with infections. Alimony is when you flew, not her Relatives are like kidney stones How beautiful you are, I want to get tangled in the hair of your nose Do you remember a fat man sitting on your bald head, we were afraid that he would hatch your testicle (head) and something terrible would be born there When you lie like hair on your tongue What does it mean I'm a fast-paced scorcher, I know the way to orgasm, I have a driver's license in sex You made cunnilingulis on your joystick to keep your game console working. Do I smile a lot? From cold, shock and fear How do you look after plastic surgery? Your doctor likes to mix drugs and cartoons with alcohol, you look like a toon from a drug addict's nightmare who woke up in a sweat with a boner, your doctor trolled you Motivation is yelling at your poop to make it come out faster. Children's toys and playgrounds are like entertainment for hamsters I have a lot of calcium, the coccyx comes out of the anus He has sperm toxicosis, we keep him in a cage, is that foam from his mouth? No, that's cum too. If you grew up in a scandalous family? That nervous tic will eventually make you dance the robot dance The only superpower a man needs is an eternal erection. Did you say alimony? Put the penis on the safety, let me put on the car handbrake. Damn, I'm done, turn on the emergency gang, I like the way your nipples and clitoris flash. It means you are excited. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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