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Self-centeredness is nothing else but being preoccupied only with oneself or one's own affairs and that is inhumane. Oh! yes, life is not meant to be all about you. In fact, meeting someone else's or others needs should be one of your priorities in all you do in life (mark you). ~Emeasoba George

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Potenial winners and winners never see failure as failure. Rather, they always perceive failure as a game which they must play and win even against all odds. Now that is to say, you should endeavour to make everything work positively in order to become a success eventually. No matter how many times you have failed already. Yes! your aim should be success at last. Emeasoba George

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To say that one loves someone else is so easy to say. In fact, that is why it is now a formality. But, to prove it (Love) is not often so easy. Oh! yes, that is just a reality. ~Emeasoba George

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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. That is to say, whenever you are challenged. You are expected to press on and never to give up. For, there is an uncommon reward for perseverance. And which is reserved to be reaped only by the indomitables. Guess what? the uncommon reward is nothing else but genuine success. Lest you forget, the patient dog always eats the fattest bone (mark you). -Emeasoba George

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Impact making is better off than money making. Yes! you should be more concerned with making global and long-lasting impact rather than just making money. In other words, impact making ought to be your utmost priority in all you do in life. -Emeasoba George

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