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A Warm Welcome To Year 2018. Every New Year Brings Along Brand New Opportunities And Possibilities For Us To Utilize And Maximize. Thus, Receive God's Uncommon Grace To Achieve All That You Could Not Achieve Last Year In This New Year. Listen Up, You've Got To Keep Your Fingers Crossed (Be Hopeful). For, This New Year Is Going To Be Better Off Than Last Year (all-round). Only Believe Undoubtedly. Because, It Will Be Unto You Just According To Your Own Faith (Matthew 9:29) Mark You. Happy New Year Ahead Anyway. -Emeasoba George

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Jesus Christ is the reason for this season. Thus, as we commemorate his birth. May we spread the peace, hope and true love that his birth brought to humanity. Merry Christmas. -Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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The END of anything or any human counts more than the beginning. Yes of course, it's only he or she that endures to the end or rather holds firm to his or her faith that will be saved at last. Moreover, it's the end of a vision, aspiration or dream that proves whether it's ordinary or extraordinary, true or false. Also, it's he or she that perseveres or persists to the end that can and will leap or reap the reward for hard work i.e. genuine success. Likewise, it's he or she that eventually reaches or crosses the finish line that emerges a winner in a race. Besides, it's your last thoughts, words and actions that will determine your salvation or damnation on the day of reckoning. As a matter of fact, it's better for you to begin badly in anything and afterwards end up well. Than for you to begin well in something and afterwards end up badly. For, that will entail nothing else but only a tragedy. Anyway, all of the above illustrations evidently signifies that, the END of anything or any human truly counts more than the beginning. Therefore, I urge you to be more concerned with what your end would be rather than your beginning. For surely, the END is ever the BOTTOM LINE. ~Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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Why God blesses us is for us to be a blessing to someone else or others. No one is made for himself or herself. Yes! besides that, if your life does not enrich other lives, then you are not actually living. I mean, you are just existing. In other words, you are expected to be a channel of blessing to someone else or others as long as you live here (on earth). Season's Greetings anyway. ~Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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Whenever you need money, God will give you an opportunity to give. When you need forgiveness, God will give an opportunity to forgive. When you need a miracle, God will give you an opportunity to believe. When you need help, God will give you an opportunity to help someone else. So, be conscious of what you are not giving or doing to others rather than what God is not giving or doing to you. -Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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