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You have every right to be an idiot. What you don't have the right to do is you don't have the right to harass shopkeepers, you don't have the right to scare people away from downtown and from those stores at their busiest time of year, and you don't have the right to expose your children to this. This is flagrant behaviour that puts other people at risk … we [city Council] have far better things we should be doing with our time than dealing with these people [CoVID-19 anti-mask protestors].

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There is a clear message that is coming through. This [CoVID-19] is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

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The socon [social conservative] Bible seems to have had the references to forgiveness and gentleness expunged somewhere along the line, and Jesus has become the Lord of Nastiness rather than the Prince of Peace.”

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I can’t believe I’ve ever seen or heard of such a despicable, disgusting sense of entitlement and lack of a moral compass. Referring to a top casino executive and his wife who flew from Vancouver by commercial flight and chartered aircraft 2200 km to Beaver Creek, ignoring mandatory quarantine requirements, to jump the queue for COVID-19 vaccinations. Beaver Creek is a First Nations community of 80, given vaccine priority because of its remoteness near the Alaska border.

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—CLIP— The disease name (which in many cases is different from the virus name) has been designated as COVID-19 by the WHO. The '19' in COVID-19 stands for the year, 2019, that the virus was first seen. The number '19' has nothing whatsoever to do with virus strains, genotypes, or anything else related to the virus' genetics. The virus name was announced by the World Health Organization on February 11, 2020. See the February 11 World Health Organization Situation Report. This clearly states that "WHO has named the disease COVID-19, short for 'coronavirus disease 2019'.” —END CLIP—International Committee on Taxomony of Viruses 

1 month ago

I have no issues with the gist of this entry, but in the first sentence "COVID-19" should not be used in apposition to "the name of the coronavirus", which is SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 is the name of the disease, COrona VIrus Disease 2019. 

5 months ago

To your first question, it is COVID or CoVID because this too is an acronym (

5 months ago


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