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From my grandfather, Walter Amos, I received a wandering spirit. His favorite trek was along the Blue Ridge in Port Royal Virginia. There he found The Skyline Caverns. That is where Paul found me. Forth years ago he planted the seeds of thought that even today flow through the pen I hold. I live aboard "Hestia" which keeps afloat tubs and boxes of journals and stories and wordings that fill the quarter berth. It is desired by this soul that you take possession. It is truly believed that you can also sow these seeds. Know Yer Loved, CWD

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Just A Thought Thinking in the present requires choice to do so. To be here now is more than a momentary's a way of life. It is true that the choices we make determine our lives. Regardless of what others think, do, say, we have the ability to handle our reaction to that which occurs about us. It's one of our abilities that when exercised will aid efforts to live a more enhanced life. We all have an inherent aspect that when realized enables us to live as chosen. Potential is like fuel in da' tank...we all have a "tank of potential" that awaits a turning of key. KnowyerLoved, CWD

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Truth of Existence I'm getting pretty tired of you humans pissing around wit' da bickering t'ween ya's. I have given all of ya what c'ha need to fulfill yer purpose. Think this is a game? It ain't! Don't you humans have any idea? What I see is the masses have for eons let themselves be lead about hither and yon by a minority gang that is totally self serving! I'm not gonna wait much longer for ya'll to get yer s..t together. You won't like how I'll bring ya's up to grade. KnowyerLoved, CWD

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In Da' Beginning To most of us...Infinity is a thing ahead of us. In reality it's both ahead and behind us. Some suggest that "in the beginning there was God". Others tell us a "big Bang" occurred. Some say an understanding of a beginning is not possible. Our calendar started on A.D. and we mark time bother before and after that day. Beginnings have endings. Could be there's no beginnings or endings. One of the aspects of existence is that of "continuance". Motive determines whether what we begin with be beneficial or not. Could be best to think a bit before we......begin. KnowyerLoved, CWD

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Questions With our first breath we begin to wonder. It could be that our first wonderment was..."Where's Mama's tit?" What our last wondering thought instant of our last answered within. For some of us our questions ask why we are the way we are. Our uniqueness prohibits answer to be other than our own. We may act similar in similar situations but why we do so is different. Any answer we get from outside ourselves comes from what others think. Some of our questions have answers we are not ready to understand. KnowyerLoved, CWD

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Look We only "see" that which reflects light. How much more is there? There are those among us that when sitting in a dark room think that nothing exists that is not seen. Our ability to see is much more than what's shone through our eyes. I "see" that Judy Jones is pissed at me even though her outward appearance remains lovely. About all of us there exist more effecting us that is unseen than is seen. What we "see" in our dreams is seen through our "inner" eyes. It might be beneficial to look more carefully upon our inner sphere of being. Know Yer Loved, CWD

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