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Getting old is not for sissies.
– Bette Davis
Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.
– Groucho Marx
Getting out of bed in the morning is an act of false confidence.
– Jules Feiffer
Getting there isn't half the fun - it's all the fun.
– Robert Townsend
Getting things on credit is like getting them for nothing and paying for them later is like throwing the money away.
– Vikrant Parsai
Getting your head out of your ass once its been firmly planted can be a difficult task. Don't give up though.
– Brandon A. Trean
Gifts are like hooks.
– Marcus Valerius Martialis
Gifts have ribbons, not strings.
– Vanna Bonta
Gifts must affect the receiver to the point of shock.
– Walter Benjamin
Gimme some sugar, baby.
– Bruce Campbell
Ginger He exists in a world beyond your world. What we only fantasize - he does. He lives a life where nothing is beyond. But you know what its all a facade. All his charm and charisma, his wealth, his expensive toys. He is a driven, unflinching, calculating machine. He takes what he wants and then disappears. You don't find him - he finds you.
– Swordfish
Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred Astair did, but she did it backwards and in high heels.
– Faith Whittlesey
Girls are always running through my mind. They don't dare walk.
– Andy Gibb
Girls are so queer you never know what they mean. They say No when they mean Yes, and drive a man out of his wits for the fun of it.
– Louisa May Alcott
Girls just want to have funds.
– Adrienne E. Gusoff
Girls secrets in the hands of boys is like Guns in the hands of gunsels
– The Omani Shed
Girls should be brought up to be comrades and helpers, not to be dolls. They should take a real and not a visionary share in the welfare of the nation.
– Lord Robert Baden-Powell
Girls usually have a paper m‚chÈ face on their wedding day.
– Colette
Girls who chatter don’t much matter.
– Vikrant Parsai
Girls who put out are tramps. Girls who don't are ladies. This is, however, a rather archaic usage of the word. Should one of you boys happen upon a girl who doesn't put out, do not jump to the conclusion that you have found a lady. What you have probably found is a lesbian.
– Fran Lebowitz
Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.
– Marilyn Monroe
Give a man a fire and keep him warm for a day. Light a man on fire and he will be warm for rest of his life.
– Anonymous
Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him of the entire weekend.
– Zenna Schaffer
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to create an artificial shortage of fish and he will eat steak.
– Jay Leno
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.
– Chinese Proverb

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