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Le Corbusier was the sort of relentlessly rational intellectual that only France loves wholeheartedly, the logician who flies higher and higher in ever-decreasing circles until, with one last, utterly inevitable induction, he disappears up his own fundamental aperture and emerges in the fourth dimension as a needle-thin umber bird.
– Thomas Wolfe
Le sens commun n'est pas si commun (Common sense is not so common)
– Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire
Le silence, c'est la meilleure production qu'on puisse faire, parce qu'il se propage : on ne le signe pas et tout le monde en profite.
– Marcel Duchamp
Le smile of a child expands the universe. (D'un enfant le sourire agrandit l'univers)
– Charles de LEUSSE
Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself.
– Rita Mae Brown
Lead the life that will make you kindly and friendly to everyone about you, and you will be surprised what a happy life you will lead.
– Charles M. Schwab
Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is we'll find it.
– Sam Levenson
Leaders and managers please bake your content cake with context chocolate – it looks better & goes down easier...
– Chase LeBlanc
Leaders are the ones who keep faith with the past, keep step with the present and keep the promise to posterity.
– Harold J. Seymore
Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.
– Robert Jarvik
Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.
– Vince Lombardi
Leaders come in many forms, with many styles and diverse qualities. There are quiet leaders and leaders one can hear in the next county. Some find strength in eloquence, some in judgment, some in courage.
– John W. Gardner
Leaders create more leaders only through the way they lead with the seed of their deed to breed energy, feed enthusiasm and heed the team's need infact and indeed.
– Anuj Somany
Leaders get out in front and stay there by raising the standards by which they judge themselves - and by which they are willing to be judged.
– Frederick Smith
Leaders keep their eyes on the horizon, not just on the bottom line.
– Warren Bennis
Leaders must encourage their organizations to dance to forms of music yet to be heard.
– Warren Bennis
Leaders must invoke an alchemy of great vision.
– Henry Kissinger
Leaders who win the respect of others are the ones who deliver more than they promise, not the ones who promise more than they can deliver.
– Mark A. Clement
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
– John F. Kennedy
Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other.
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Leadership excellence requires a balanced mix of paradoxes. Leaders need to be visionary yet practical, teachers yet learners, and believers yet open-minded.
– Med Jones
Leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together.
– Jesse Louis Jackson
Leadership is a call to serve the populace/groups of people and not at all a call for the populace/groups of people to serve you. Secondly, leadership is a call to enrich the lives of the populace/groups of people via your policies, programs & projects. It is never a call to enrich your own self. Conclusively, leadership is a privilege to positively impact the lives of the populace/groups of people. It is as well an opportunity to leave landmarks for posterity, that will equally outlive you/speak for you, years after your demise. Now, that is just a food for thought for present leaders/potential leaders.
– Emeasoba George
Leadership is a combination of strategy and character. If you must be without one, be without the strategy.
– Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf
Leadership is action, not position.
– Don McGannon

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