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Ilhan Omar (born 1982) is a Somali-American politician from Minnesota. In 2016, she was elected a Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, making her the first Somali-American legislator elected to office in the United States.

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Quotes from the news wire:

His' locker room' talk is now Oval Office talk.

– Ilhan Omar

Found on CNN  4 years ago   

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  • Matt Olsen
    Matt Olsen
    @Bill Reed III So traditional American values are a childish rant? Israel has been doing a lot of bad/wrong crap under Netanyahu. She's not wrong to point it out. We give that country a boatload of money every year and they keep taking Palestinian land. Every time they 'mow the lawn' in one of their concentration camps (West Bank, Gaza), they kill a lot of people. Calling them out on their attrocities isnt wrong - its honest. Try honest some time instead of just jumping on the R bandwagon. 
    LikeReply 24 years ago
  • Judy Kern
    Judy Kern
    Could she please be a little bit grateful that she doesn't live in Somalia?? And her hatred (though couched somewhat in milder terms) of Israel comes from her violent "religion"! All that she and the other squad members believe in will lead down a dark road to anarchy, then the despotic rule of a very few. God forbid! Read RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH, Ms. Omar!! 
    LikeReply4 years ago
  • Spades Flush
    Spades Flush
    Joe (below) sorry but Epstein is your guy and omar is your girl. Hate for other people and espically Americans is deep in you brain. You back a person who desire to attain power in order to transform America into their illusory and ignorant Marxist fantasy of a global socialist utopia. But the Omars of the world have a different dream. Theirs is a sharia-compliant world dominated by Islam in which Israel disappears. Joe (below) your an idiot. 
    LikeReply 14 years ago
  • Joe Campbell
    Joe Campbell
    People who talk sh*t about Ihan Omar, are only doing so.. Because they are TOO STUPID to understand the big words she uses in those quote that started this whole thing. They also seem to have a problem with understanding the situation, the or... the world, society, how to be decent person and how to realize that if you don't understand something... it's best not to be overly outspoken about it, because that is what a douche-bag does.

    Just look at the tools who left comments here.....Here's what i say to you:
    You nazi, right-wing, child molesting, pieces of sh*t...listen up!
    I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MORE DISGRACEFUL DISPLAY OF IDIOCY IN MY LIFE! I would call you fools, who are talking sh*t about Ihan Omar a bunch of hypocrites.... but that would be a compliment to dildo's like you.... You imbeciles, are all of a sudden, SOOOO CONCERNED about politics and how they affect your life eh? SURE YOU ARE!

    The reality is: You finally figured out that politics are one of the few things you can participate in these days that allows you to be your openly racist selves while you vote for policy's that will punish minorities.... especially their children! All in the name of God!

    Well you and your flock of retards are a little late. You joined a club, and entered its reality... where a guy who is honest as Donald Trump, as Holy as Pat Robertson, as cool as Ted Cruz, and as smart as George Bush is considered the very tip-top of what you can possibly hope to ever acheive yourselves....
    And that is why we laugh at you when those scumbags you adore so much (mainly, because they hate the same races you do...), rob you and rape you blind! F*** you over and then some....

    And then they trick you into coming back and asking for some more!


    Remember, you conservative pieces of sh*t: This time, when it;s all over and we have a normal country again, a normal president and you are all embarrassed, and. pretending you never DID like Trump.... etc...

    YOU'RE not getting away with it this time! We are not gonna let this slide....
    LikeReply5 years ago
    • Hank Cross
      Hank Cross
      Big words ? Looks like a grade school childs , "what I did over Summer" report.
      LikeReply 95 years ago
    • Octavio de Armas
      Octavio de Armas
      Why are you so angry, so insulting, ? Don't you know how to explain your point of view without anger and hate. You want me to at least listen to your point of view. But........you must state them with reason, civility, without cursing. We may end up disagreeing but I will listen to you with respect. Then we would go on with our lives. 
      LikeReply 105 years ago
    • Tami Webb-Jajcinovic
      Tami Webb-Jajcinovic
      You have some serious hate issues yourself, Joe Campbell. Maybe you should see a professional for some help.
      LikeReply 105 years ago
    • William Reed III
      William Reed III
      Why such a childish rant? Why not discuss the issues if you purport to be to mature and intellectual? Facts -Omar speaks at Cair an organization that raises money and donates it to groups that support terror! Omar uses every excuse she can to further her agenda to tear down one of our closest and oldest allies= Israel! She is so concerned with Palestine that many of us wonder if the world woud be better served by her going there to represent them rather than posing as a representative of the USA! Your name calling and tone of your writing point toward you being yet another morally outraged leftist- unwilling to engage in a factual discussion of issues- instead resorting to immature comments and rants where you claim to be intellectual but have shown nothing of that intellect in your tact or statements! 
      LikeReply 35 years ago
    • Bryan R. Neeley
      Bryan R. Neeley
      Ya that's it Joe Campell. Gimme a break... Double standard much?
      LikeReply5 years ago
    • Alexander D Wikoff
      Alexander D Wikoff
      youre a fucking dumb ass
      LikeReply5 years ago
    • Jeffrey Jones
      Jeffrey Jones
      You're an angry dude! It's OK to like people in bed with terrorists, and radical Muslims, maybe you can help 'em out by throwing some LGBT people off roofs, or enforcing enslavement of Women.
      LikeReply4 years ago
    • Jodi Koenig
      Jodi Koenig
      Now re-read your post and re-read your comments and then sit back and basque in the ignorant and double sided comments you just made- instead of presenting an intellectual position- you took the low road and while we can certainly disagree on the support for Ilhans actions- I, being the moderate conservative who generally supports our presidents policies and actions without supporting every word he says and the way that he says it- am not the one calling names and being closed to a civil, loving discussion. You sir- should be ashamed! 
      LikeReply4 years ago
    • John Parker
      John Parker
      Your an Idiot.
      LikeReply4 years ago
    • Kathy Wallace
      Kathy Wallace
      Ewwwww, such ugliness. Who's the real creep? You just called yourself out. You own words: "...how to be decent person and how to realize that if you don't understand something... it's best not to be overly outspoken about it, because that is what a douche-bag does." And then you proceed to write paragraphs with insults and other nastiness. Ha ha ha.... 
      LikeReply4 years ago
    • Del Walters
      Del Walters
      Are you really this stupid
      LikeReply4 years ago
  • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz
    Susan Baumgaertner Fentz
    Someone needs to tell this witch, there is no country named "Palestine".
    To say there is doesn't make it so.
    The Palestinians were offered a two-state solution and they turned it down.
    Reason being, the only "solution" they would agree to is wiping all Jews off the face of the earth. Our newly-elected Freshmen in the House deny being deny being anti-Semetic. Based on the beliefs of Palestinians they side with, they could possibly be genocidal. 
    LikeReply 75 years ago
  • Katherine Klass
    Katherine Klass
    Right wingers in Isteal are treating the Palestinians terribly.
    LikeReply5 years ago
  • Gary Craig
    Gary Craig
    Omar is a Jew hater who wants to destroy Israel ... She should be in jail
    LikeReply 55 years ago
    • Matt Olsen
      Matt Olsen
      A. thats not a jailable offense even if it were true B. its not true just because you or Tucker or Rush said it. they lie their asses off C. who made you judge, jury and executioner? Your white pride?
      LikeReply4 years ago
  • Gary Craig
    Gary Craig
    Omar needs her sorry was deported back to Somalia
    LikeReply 25 years ago
    • Gary Craig
      Gary Craig
      Sorry Arse
      LikeReply5 years ago
    • Andy Hart
      Andy Hart
      Gary Craig She's right about Israel. It's ran by a violent military and a right-wing tyrant who makes Palestinian's lives hell. And no, you can't deport me back to California.
      LikeReply 25 years ago
  • Hank Cross
    Hank Cross
    LikeReply 15 years ago

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