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Charles de LEUSSERate it:

Anonymous British civil servant, "Take Her Deep" by I.J. Galatin, Cdr., US Navy, ret.Rate it:

1. Media trends create the murmur of birds and fish of despair and selfishness, into metaphorical symbols of the pareidolia of the herd instinct's illusions. The two-faced meanings of the anogram of the paradoxes of egoism. 2. My poetic dream, from you a powerful erection of youth sticks out your tongue and drooling, sweet passion caresses the hearing, the sense of smell sharpens, the sight blinds, the gift of speech is lost, the taste satisfies, the sense of touch is stuck in the memory, the intuition does not stop talking about you, all six senses speak of you. All about you and visions and dreams. you are my insatiable passion and pleasure. I am obsessed with you subconsciously and unconsciously. You are the cure for impotence and oblivion, you are my libido and testosterone, you are the poetic orgasm of catharsis. an erotic masterpiece of genetics, and an endless romance of euphoria. The only decoration of life and reality. Delight before a heart attack. I love you all my life to the very depths of my subconscious. My subconscious is calling only you one. 3. How we think at night. Thoughts before going to bed change consciousness. During the day you are an optimist, and in the evening you are a sage and a pessimist. And sometimes it seems that at night the head thinks more rationally. At night we think that we are doing a lot of unnecessary things during the day. We are chasing stupid desires. And at night we conclude what we did in the morning. Whether it was beneficial or not. And finally, in the afternoon, we forget about everything and start doing what we want with optimism in our head. The night is, of course, good to think and understand what we do not understand in the morning. This is when there are many cars during the day and fewer cars at night. And the brain works better. 4. The ecology of body and spirit is destroyed. 5. A woman in a relationship subconsciously continues to play with childish voodoo dolls manipulating with the help of guilt. 6. Memory is an aftertaste. 7. 1. Reincarnation gives chronic fatigue from life, or all of the same. Or it is unbearable to endure new lives. 2. A person is a brilliant actor who has been portraying a person all his life. 1. Violins sound nervously like the buzzing of bees - these are thoughts. 2. Intuition is like the buzzing of bees, the cry of souls. 3. Benefit seduction is when you orally caress the erogenous zones of the ego. 4. Only love adorns the dimension of emptiness. 8. On all television channels, programs about animals. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

Musin Almat ZhumabekovichRate it:

Aphorisms Through cognition, you can be entangled in the life path in an abundance of thoughts, if your thoughts are not good, the brain is a microchip of the universe that is transformed due to life experience, loneliness increases the abundance of various forms and perceptions of life in the laboratory of chaos experiments, reality is a hypocritical fantasy of selfishness, imagination this is also a fictional world, an escape from the selfish reality of the world of people, imagination expands the boundaries of life in denial, imagination is the corners of loneliness in which we can only imagine a better life, the molecular energy of thinking crumbles forms a rethought form of denial and renunciation of the past, a mirror labyrinth in which mirror any vicious behavior is displayed as an excuse and self-consolation and self-management of one's vices, vicious education of socialization, Vision of the world in various video effects, changing according to mood, this is the aimlessness of life, this is carelessness and an endless journey of thought in a romantic eternity, where a person is a thought that grows up and changes, and sometimes pretends to be someone to hide in the crowd, dress code thinking is a seasonal fashion self-deception, your faith still bleeds from disappointment, only after death we will gain freedom from the desires and follies of the ego, freedom from the instincts and lust for sin, the desire to hurt ourselves, in the romance of eternity, we are free from fear, the epic romance of infinity, in carelessness in depths of wisdom, in chastity from temptations, and in purity from mistakes, wisdom is chastity that will save us from meaningless paths, we know ourselves in the sincerity of intuition, careless souls illuminate the night from fears, in the light of values cold souls warm from loneliness and disappointment, The world is immersed in inevitability in carelessness, in excuses of error, and they don’t want responsibility, everything is in a hype of cultural negligence, in deceitful incorrectness, banal nonsense without color, greedy industry, strive for stupidity, assent to stupidity, the building is like rocky mountains, visible in rocky , advanced creatures, victims of pop culture, prone to animal nature, in a pandora's box, slaves of a greedy office, in a recurring clip of reincarnation, in captivity of a greedy nation, they yearn for perfectionists grace for their whims, their proud thoughts turned into sartorial sattire, parodies of ego on their weaknesses, turn them into insignificance their filth, the only joys, energy vampires who do not know the end of their greed, growing cowardice in the seven deadly sins, in different centuries, ignorance of selfishness and fictional reality on their main eyelids, through the blinds of cowardice look at the world, close the edge of the abyss in the world of blind egoists, with a low level of understanding of this world, A liar is a playwright, musical compositions of deceit, the subconscious is a TV that shows video dreams not only of this life, but of previous ones, and the next ones, sketches like degrading reincarnation franchises that give visas for living in this world, life scenarios of fate reaching to shiz, showing who we are, to sneeze at me on the opinion of onlookers, every simpleton will say stupidity, because at heart he is an insecure weakling, he thinks on the joint, if you only say bad things about others, you are a puppet hater, if you only say good things, you are a bought hypocrite, the world or the country is smartphone, we are all parts of a computer, we are slaves of pleasure, children were not advanced before, they were chaste, Highly detailed lies are the perfectionistic cowardice of pathetic selfishness, a city that grew out of childhood traumas of the subconscious, greed is a deadly stupidity that rules the world from which many can die from a funny, troll death, skyscrapers are an erection of ego, some have more, some have less , silent death in a world of indifference, from the soulless suffocation of stupidity, and miserable cowardice, insensitive vileness, the end of the world is silence from stupidity and cowardice, in the harmony of serenity the spirit of loneliness blooms, and there is no need for a prophecy that one will not leave the ship of life until the very end of the philosophical joke of fate , the thorny path of a fool, the arrogant path of a blind man, in ignorance the spirit rots, deaf without advice he will not live until dawn, The world is torn to pieces, in the impersonality of selfishness the world will plunge into the abyss of desperate hype, a fictional financial crisis is a plan to escape to the islands or another planet, the maiden memory of mankind from the very infancy of human history, everything turns into a myth over time, because we do not appreciate anything for a long time, genocide of the stupidity of egoism, ego dreams of denial, cells of temptations deprived of will, everything will be under the hypocritical control of some kind of troll, with a growing howl, fools are ready for slaughter, in a deteriorating ecology they will recognize the power of heat, in ignoring the rot of society, they will forget the lessons of adolescence, their strength logical prophecy, they will see karmic sorrows when their honors run out, their own consciences will not save, the fat layers of madness, The weak-willed will see the depths of nonsense, the egoists are too superficial, therefore they cannot lie, hatred is not sincerity towards themselves, if people do not know how to use freedom, they will drown in the madness of vices, values are like an erection, ejaculation of emotions, evacuation of feelings, excrement of fears, flowers among the ashes of illusions, the collapse of stupidity, philosophy shines with silence with the light of wisdom, everything is seen better in renunciation, the keys of DNA insight in suffering, the secrets of deep knowledge, to feel the truth with six senses of wisdom, eyes of awareness, ears of intuition, language of empathy, speech of wisdom, scent truth, the sixth sense of the harmony of the spirit, you feel not with your skin and money, but with your soul, the nervous system of the soul is in the memory bank, an explosion of awareness is created, spiritual evolution, the keys to the bottom are open to the sages, Innovations of regression, viagra of enthusiasm of trends as if from electric shock, exciting challenges of consciousness, stupidity of knowledge, heart like a donut of a black hole in space that absorbs negativity, silly fairy tales are in power emotional coloring, hints of suffering, we are partly to blame, adaptation of stupidity through advertising, they look like a sexy lady, buying in vain they endure well-deserved karma, developing emotional trauma, exaggerate, massage the drama like a gentle lady, populism is like cosmetics, she embellishes the truth, the judge is a butcher who gives everyone a piece of justice, which is a victim of society, decibels of liberated stupidity drown out the truth, the tailor ego abstractionist just indulges, his troll soul rejoices, the one who turns away from the truth is spinning around himself, Your sins humiliate only you, the ego commands the army of your internal flaws and commanders of flows and complexes, pawns of fear do not know fear, a vibrator of childhood trauma to please its own pity, in a toxic dump of propaganda, radiation ego gmo mutants grow, pop culture mestizos, propaganda is touching, business stupidity, generous deposit stinginess, buying up naivety, karma is the trophies of stupidity, subconscious inevitability, instinctively and fictitious negligence, pitiful needs that deny any responsibility, health is a dish that is eaten either too slowly or too quickly, fear is the motivator of stupidity, arrogant waterfalls of lust for themselves will flood life on earth, cynics are the most naive zombies in the world, they are asymptomatic carriers of cretinism that they saw on TV, A couple of normal activity of stupidity in people, vanity and pride is nudism of an inferiority complex, The wisdom of romance will help to see the depths of life, its refined secret hints, the grace of metaphors, the aesthetics of irony, in the paradise of lies one will see the depths of nonsense, and carelessness in illusions, the corrosion of meaning forms the grace of truth, the impersonality of lies, commercialism is a program of submission, lies of composition, in masterpieces of self-deception, a future without a plan, broken by desires, and foolishness of lust, for meaningless self-affirmations, stupidity of confirmation, a challenge of selfishness of infection, stupidity of reflection, meaningless accomplishment, puppets of cynicism are created for arrogant contempt, without insight, madness of flowering, ego of command, command, technocracy of selfishness, indifference , deceitful, greedy altruism, biotronics of the fear of mechanical egoism, Inflation is the deadly stupidity of greed, there is no female affection in the greedy world, only a warm blanket warms at night, where tears are not visible, and the pillow remembers all the cries of revelations, slept after a hard day, this is when I let it down fifteen kilos of depression poop from my soul, Poetry Your beauty excites me aggressively, infinity, eggs overflow in a split second with sperm, so much that it’s hard to walk, I have a sword sticking out on you all day, I’m overloaded with passion, I always see my happiness in you, frighteningly exciting growl of penis lust when I I see you, I dissolve in love for you, I feel you with all my heart, my penis poetizes you in the highest grandeur, glorifies you, I love you irresistibly, obsessively, incomprehensibly how beautiful you are every day, suck on your mouth like a super powerful vacuum cleaner, in eternal kiss with you, I want time to stop, a part of me is in you, we feel the meaning of life in a friend, the juicy magnetism of your beauty fascinates and pulls to the bottom of passion, the depths of love, where any uncertainties are not terrible, only love is important, You are an erotic masterpiece, a hot goddess, from you I have a brutal boner in my heart, therefore I am powerfully in love with you, my attraction to you reveals in me a true understanding of love, all the values ​​of eternity in your eyes, only your presence makes life sweet, seven senses in my body suggest that it has always been you and will always be only in my heart, these are your photos and videos in my heart, my museum of love of the true graceful values ​​of eternity, and there are not enough stars and seconds to say all the compliments to you, hot sky temptations, precipitation of passion is expected, will leave love precipitation in the soul, straighten the posture of faith in love, and the posture of the penis from excitement, unbearably and irresistibly reach out to you to drink with all my soul, the accumulated energy of love over years of loneliness into your lips, so that a particle of my love goes into yours consciousness and turned the universe upside down, in your eyes my self-knowledge through love is an endless path of the true path only with you my love is invulnerable, I reach out to you through time, nothing is like that it is important how you are my love poem of the life script filled with romance, the dilemma is destroyed, you are the queen of my sincere dreams, precipitation of tears of happiness is expected, we will go through time and through all misfortunes together, only the connection and memory between us is important, everything between us will be preserved, Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Bill GassettRate it:

Disconnection from the whole dimension, confusion in life, from an overabundance of information, overeating and gluttony by the media industry, reveals other paths into the depths of nonsense, endless enjoyment of confectionery illusions, everything is populism and lies marketing, everything is self-interest, disconnection from false reality, you cease to exist in this lie, materialism makes life meaningless because you please the aging body, we are the ghostly glitches of the matrix, the truth disconnects from this world, profit marketing is a legal robbery, endless strategies of lies to lead further away from the truth, self-interest makes you poor inside, great disconnection from the power supply of the system of lies of materialism, infantile inadequacy as the basis of a new culture of youth In the voids of detachment, landscapes of illusions, endless variations of the false logic of self-interest, disconnection from the system of false reality, lies are a design, from a portal to another portal of a truer reality, disconnection from a world in which there is only temptation and the illusion of fast food hopes, profit control radiation, people's willpower is weakening before an increase in the abundance of illusions, rejected by the void, the matrix disconnected from a strange nightmare, the consciousness program will create any reality, at the bottom of self-deception it is more and more difficult to breathe, because you forget who you are, holograms of illusions are a digital masterpiece of temptations, a paradise of weaknesses of people who call them values, until death will be in the womb of self-deception, consciousness reaches to amorphous autism disconnected from reality, machines will replace us as they are a continuation of our weaknesses, We create ourselves from scratch, modernization moves away from the true self, imagination is a continuation of humanity, high detail of depravity, detachment from reality, we strive to stop being people, and the person himself is something subjective for all people, moving away from the truth into a misunderstanding of himself, flowering madness, the desire for immortal bliss, but not for love and friendship, but for the stimulation of false feelings that become the basis of the meaning of life, we create deep suffering for ourselves and look at them as a pleasure, to be alive and wise or immortal and insensitive, like a cold machine that thinks only in programs in the brain, an industry of false personality, Social blindness, ignoring social problems, in self-isolation in our egocentrism, egoism, we do not see reality although we constantly talk about it, we do not see the meaning in reality itself, and other people will invent the meaning of life for us, we do not see and do not feel each other , many die in incomprehension and indifference, swimming in pools of hatred people in the comments column, frolicking in the mud of anger, screens instill hatred and anger and indifference in us, we become insensitive, heartless smiles of shamelessness, only the cane of intuition leads us to what we should come in reality, social death in a utopia of indifference, vices like exposed nerves and wires that can kill with their contagious temptations, Life blooms on the steps of memories, an explosion of feelings, as if the opening of a new stage of insight, as if the past of nostalgia melts, pierces the darkness of the voids of meaningless torment with light, as if memories are a support for the future, the contribution of the wisdom of the experienced illuminates the path, memories warm with nostalgia in a lonely moonlit night like a candle they burn in memory, illuminating the darkness of despair, the golden energy of values as the wisdom of the past, in the past we were blind and see the past in the present, we are blind in the present, and decompose from this in the future, to be resurrected by others, the past as a reminder for the future, memories illuminate our soul like a candle burning until dawn, The sweet kiss of pleasure, the interconnection of everything and everything, the superconsciousness of its nature, the energy web of the unity of all energies, as elements of all natural creations created by chaos, randomness and meaninglessness creates an abundance of knowledge, knowledge of ourselves in others, we all understand that we are one, that we are all from one energy, we share on the verges that create personal dimensions, the dance of chaos, the waltz of colors that are looking for the ideal in chaos, the throwing of the spirit in the endless search for ourselves, we are looking for ourselves in others and in atmospheres that seem familiar to us, wandering in infinity gives rise to masterpieces of insight and sincere awareness, sensory knowledge of the truth through intuition, we reveal the inner worlds in each other, we have distortions of consciousness as an alterego that creates a philosophical and symbolic copy of our consciousness, we feel it unconsciously, that these are our desires to reflect who we want to be, but we cannot, it can also indicate that we feel fears that mirror what we are afraid of , we lose our minds in the duality of consciousness, we confuse what is real and what is fiction, in the mirror we see only what we are, but like vampires we do not see ourselves in the mirror, the subconscious either embellishes the reflection or honesty crushes the ego, the book as a mediator between consciousnesses, we desire because we are afraid, the ego also consists of fear, the mirror parodies our ego, it's funny that life reveals various forms of colors of emotions, an unstable perception of the world, the situation forms temporary alternative views of the world, eternal values ​​such as love and friendship are covered with selfishness turning into a hypocritical parody, a society that has lost its roots, taking off above the earth, into another world where no one will not interfere with their moral decay, all living things strive for death, the pixel world is becoming sexier, for self-interest, vision lenses blurred with tears, disconnect people from the world, outcast by emptiness, sighted outcasts see blind people who stroke themselves, please themselves when they praise themselves and when they feel sorry for themselves, all kinds of pleasure in the world, including also trolling and hating, all forms of hatred are endless forms of masturbation, The human mind cognizes this world through its own benefit, understanding only a micro part of this world, then the rest is not interested in it, analytics, calculations, conclusions, results, like a robot computer that issues conclusions based on personal self-interest, a consuming machine, geolocation of non-existence, machine logic of self-interest, strategic analysis of deceit, obsessed with the mechanisms of instincts, malfunctions of the mind with an inferiority complex, personal sociology of the worldview of a predatory mind based on personal statistics of ups and downs in a world of chaos, where they seek to identify patterns of paradoxes, a micro-scheme of a selfish mind that lives for stupidity we strive to recognize our reflection in the pictures of various thoughts, painting as a romantic empathy of the colors of emotions, philosophical transitions from one color of mood to another, we are lifeless without other people's feelings, culture for some is like a looking glass of exoticism, the reality that they do not understand, the mind rejects someone else's reality, because it contradicts their ego realm, everyone in the world does not understand each other because of the ignorance of the ego, people only pretend to know each other, the tongue of a gourmet does not feel the taste of life because he has tried everything in the world, and the sweetest becomes cloying from pampered , insensitive indifference, in misunderstanding they still want to feel alive in the new color of life, we speak without understanding each other, as if we are striving to switch to telepathy, to read each other's thoughts without understanding the meaning, but feeling each other as animals feel, we are trying to recognize ourselves in each other, completely different characters as different types of personalities that are arranged in in our worldview, anatomically different types of understanding of the world, chaos divides, but teaches us to teach other people what we ourselves have experienced, empathy of telepathy, in silence we learn much more than during conversations, bridges between the inner worlds are still being built for the benefit of a single consciousness, but at the same time predatory consciousness has no friends, in silence everyone hears the same thought, internally we understand each other, fragments of memory are like blinds, fragments taken out of context, so they remember only insults, dissatisfaction with the ego clouds the mind, like a broken mirror of consciousness, shows only fragments that are beneficial to remember, delighting ourselves with self-consolation, we do not remember ourselves, we are in flight or fall, disorientation of consciousness throws out of time, the chaotic pleasures of the ego, call for indifference and bad taste, fragments of memory lose their colors, and everything becomes white in the emptiness of truth, in the swamps of delusions time, fame and popularity mummifies us mummification, the nervous system of hope is not active and lifeless, not cold and not painful, so you feel immortal, dead in the void without the most important fear in life is hope, Difficult days form a reassessment of values, a path that is paved with obstacles and emotional disasters, the elements of emotions in a waltz of sincerity chaos, disconnected from consciousness to know the melodies of the thin strings of intuition, in an endless journey of self-knowledge, in the voids of inevitability, birds soaring in the fog do not see the foundation of the world, strings intuitions like a harp of time, billions of strings of life lines, like scenarios along which people walk like a tightrope, each one sounds in its own way, the taste of life of various worlds of philosophies, exotic worldviews that have a common basis that lies in the depths, time will show the way, a calendar in the subconscious as inevitable path of man Lonely in the void of inevitability, illuminated the way by the blind who built the road of life, only tactile feelings showed us the way in the void, we made values out of smoke, darkness illuminated by the dusty fog of oblivion, we wander in the dark in search of light, but we plunge into insensibility of indifference, empty from within creation, increase the emptiness of selfishness, an alternative philosophical life scenario will reveal the truth about us, we do not see ourselves as who we are, from different points of view, from different gameplay cameras, one-sided view of selfishness, multifaceted contradictions leading to an abundance of inevitability, insensible immortality, supporting the life of the body in order to see as many comic paradoxes as possible in people, love for mercantile people as necrophilia, for an inanimate person, a spiritually dead person who is only interested in money, Shrouded in darkness and emptiness, lost souls in darkness, feeling matter, but not soul, a market for sensations and feelings for the nervous system for the undead that only craves to consume, the immortality of reincarnation in the void, comical, paradoxical jokes of fate, poisonous sensations that help us forget everything in the world , we are trying to erase the memory in order to feel alive, the meaning of reincarnation is that everything in the world is nonsense, temporary pleasures of the body, purity in insensitivity to the false world, only cynical people feel hostility towards you, materialism teaches not to appreciate anything, the soul blooms in the flowering of infinity wisdom, detachment from the lies of materialism, Disconnected from life, in a space of illusory pleasures, sweet hopes that cannot be touched, there is no taste of life in pleasures, there is no truth in speeches, there is no sense in the deeds of liars, you do not feel the point of living among liars, egoists, empty vessels from the inside that are used to litter brands , the soul is used as a garbage chute of brands, lost consciousness in inevitability, disconnection from the emptiness of measurement, temptations change consciousness beyond recognition, and this affects the evolution of consciousness, towards materialistic values, progressive death in the values of the soul, no feelings and emotions for fashionable madness, lifeless peace in harmony with eternity, a whisper of truth is heard lasting in infinity, in endless futures, like hair that is connected with the mind of an unstable dimension, with endless facets of colors of worldview philosophy, Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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