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1. Powerful vibrations of love I have juicy feelings of sincere love passion, you are my juicy goddess. An endless volcanic eruption of passion and lust. Sensual pleasure for my eyes, my soul groans with pleasure when I see you. Powerful vibrations of love, eternal fire of passion, romantic animal passion piercing eternity. My loins growl, my lips growl and the tongue itself is drawn to you, you are like a continuous eternal orgasm of love and passion, and day and night I burn with sincere passion for you. Aggressively awakens brutal lust in me awakens animal instincts, primal passion so much beauty in you. There is nothing dearer than you, gentle sexuality, bewitching beauty in a whirlpool in a tornado in a storm of feelings of sincere love. Childish joy of love for you. I am overwhelmed with sperm for a second when I see you, such as you, I have been dreaming since childhood, you can dream forever, you are my most devoted dream, you are like a powerful orgasm. 2. 1. Life is a quantum decay of meat, a biological mutation of thinking from selfishness. To cognize immortality in amber, in anabiosis of the mind of holiness, cryogenic freezing of conservatism, to ride out the storm of time and wake up in better times, in the vessel of the body of life, between two worlds, the skin separates from immortality, a millimeter from eternity. Leaving behind a line of nostalgia that sinks into oblivion. 2. Consciousness dissolves into eternity in emptiness. Holy thoughts bloom like flowers. We are like corals that merge with nature. 3. The world is so cold from indifferent selfishness. Embrace billions and warm each other with warmth, love and care. 4. Life dissolves us in eternity in emptiness, we disappear in infinity. Our soul burns out and everything that is connected with us dissolves, we consist of memories. And all illusions melt into eternity, we see the light too late. We go into oblivion. Time erases the memory of us so the fashion has changed. And human memory is as short as seasonal fashion. Fashion teaches us not to value anything. Trends this mood is like spring exacerbation. We leave culture and dissolve into illusions. We are like a candle and dust, like a memory of us, to dissolve into eternity. The soul is like the smoke of a blown out candle. The man leaves and the darkness of mourning sets in. 3. 1. Stubbornness is a quantum dream portal that violates all the laws of physics and chemistry of success and the law of meanness and the law of attraction. 2. Love, goodness, disinterested nobility, forgiveness is the maturity of the soul, mind, heart. The more of these qualities in you, the more mature you become and the more conscious and gifted with the healing insight of the evolution of the heart. Those people in whom there is a lot of evil, those people are very infantile. 3. There should be no enemies in your heart, they are unworthy of it. No one is worthy of your hatred and anger. Cleanse your heart of enemies. No one can ever deserve this, no one deserves such an honor. 4. 1. We are locked in the emptiness of life, we are locked in life in our inevitability, we gaze into the emptiness of illusion, we see the truth, its infinitely deep cosmos. Society is lifeless and selfish. We peer into the inevitability of the future and see the philosophical truth that transforms us into a different personality. And in reincarnation, everything is so arranged that our personality is constantly changing and all lives will change so that we do not value anything for a long time and are forgotten in this eternity. Quantum meditation of truth, a look into the future. We dissolve in this endless emptiness of eternity. 2. We sink into the depths of suffering we sink into the abyss of nothingness and despair away from illusions we sink into the emptiness of the truth of reality. You're running away from hypocrisy. In the abyss of suffering, you are reborn. And nothing can comfort us and we are afraid of the cruel truth. Since they will awaken us from the sweet illusions of happiness. We live in the void of truth where there is nothing but us. Humility changes our personality. We become different. No one will hear the cry of the soul from the abyss of despair in the dark fog of depression. 3. It is surprising where life leads us to inevitable desires and temptations that form a scenario of life full of errors and illusions. Our whole life is a long queue, the hour has not yet come for us and the time has not come when we will be happy and the queue lasts through life, you pass in a queue and there is no happiness and you go through another life and there is no happiness. You have passed a lot of life and your turn has come and will you accept this gift of fate. We are waiting in the wings. And life is in endless anticipation. And happiness seems to be the meaning of life. We have been waiting for these minutes for many lives. 5. 1. The highest euphoric masterpiece of catharsis, which can give nerve endings with subtle notes of insight. Poetic orgasm of delight, philosophical awareness of love, high pulsation of love, multi-orgasmic pleasure for my soul. High vibrations of sincere love. 2. Life is the way to the cosmos of the universe. From illusion to the highest truth. From illusions to more and more realistic and realistic life. Every day is a stage of insight. Towards the highest dimension of the philosophy of light. We move from the depths of life to the higher world. From the depths of thoughts. We are moving to where you understand everything easily and simply. From lower thoughts to higher ones. Steps of awareness as steps of evolution. 3. Anger is emotional vomiting. 4. Thoughts are stages of evolution. The spiral staircase to the top is genetic thinking. 5. Women love only money more than themselves. 6. 1. Golden autumn, the onset of a cold winter, the gold of autumn is covered with a white blanket of cold silence. The gold of the philosophical autumn. Plunges into the void of white haze. Autumn is like a dying insight and a philosophical conclusion of nature about life. 2. Infinity of life is the path of the chrono path of the chronic path of the subconscious. Movement in abundance into emptiness. 7. In infantile oblivion, HYIP is despair. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich 8. 1. An abundance of worlds and a philosophy that brings us closer to one of these worlds, we choose reality and life for ourselves and the infinity of dimensions and universes. All this is in our world a huge number of portals to an infinite number of worlds. And death is also a portal. We are looking for happiness in an illusory world. But they stopped noticing the endless beauty of nature. This is the universe of nature which is in full view with its endless abundance of prosaic philosophical mood. Philosophical dimensions in which people strive to know happiness. And they know themselves through these worlds. 2. We are strangers in this world, nobody needs us, we wander in emptiness. But we are alive, we are thinking and through reality we cognize life. We are alone and our thinking is not of the world of everything, we are in the cosmos of nature. And people form a new nature filled with radiation of illusions that form mutants with a giant ego. We are attached to warmth and food. We have become too fragile children. We do not grow up, but become embryos. We are drawn to a caricature of ourselves. In the mirror of life, we try to see ourselves, but we see only a caricature of the irony of life, in the crooked mirror of sarcasm. 3. Illusions are like drugs, people want to see hallucinations of desires and temptations. They see beauty in lies. They form virtual lies. Consciousness deeper and deeper illusions enter it and form the illusory reality of the ego. We are who we want to see ourselves, we form a portrait of our ego. We are trying to make ourselves more beautiful than we really are. Since the true self seems so uninteresting. We paint a portrait of who we are not. 4. We are spinning in the wheel of samsara, in the karmic circles of inevitability in the great confusion we plunge into nothingness we do not know ourselves, we are trying to plunge into the depths of emptiness, people are trying to forget and plunge into the depths of materialistic amnesia. Farther and farther, people run from their true self. Into the unknown that becomes their new and new life. In a circle of reincarnation in a time loop. Desires and goals become the meaning of life and the marriage ring of samsara. We are running in place. We're running nowhere. We are running from the truth. Into the depths of self-deception We are hypocritical towards ourselves. Eternity in the void of illusion. 5. Our head is filled with rubbish, this is the excrement of the ego. Every day you are offered what you do not need. This shows a large number of tiny worlds of selfishness. The intelligence of society and the worlds of people is like cells that die off and new cells are formed. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Aphorisms The knowledge of infinity in one's own self, the great library of the wisdom of intuition, in every book of the century of our self, forgotten values ​​​​like a chest of children's toys, deadly humor kills the former self, thinking is an unstable abstraction of chaos, despair is the eloquent colors of sincerity, through the portals of our self, we in the depths of self-knowledge, not feeling the world, we feel ourselves, an abstract confusion of chaos, makes life aimless, the city is a masterpiece of despair in the pursuit of money, fear makes humanity develop, we are in the memory of the archives of the cemetery, dna is a library of life experience, the secrets of life in dna, insight, intuition, awareness are the secrets of the universe, people are robotic undead, with selfish logic, Many-sided personalities, like a broken mirror of the psyche, each facet has a separate world, and dogma is like a mental trauma, a powerful explosion of laughter of awareness, there is no progress, only populism marketing, lifeless hypocrisy , from the duality of the world doubles in the eyes, the pus of despair and suffering comes out of the channel indifference, rejected by the emptiness of non-existence, will leave this world on their knees, slavery in false hope, among the skyscrapers of cynicism, from birth to death, a complex schedule of greedy despair, vicious values ​​as hallucinations, flight of inevitability leads to the essence, erotic profit as a mastrubator of the ego, in populism marketing lies like a lubricant, high technology self-interest, it hurts to wake up in a world where no one loves you, Thoughts hidden in the night, temptations illuminated by neon light, the smoke of despair from the soul, the muscle fibers of the memory tunnels of time, the mechanism for measuring energy frequencies that affect the consciousness of the living, highly detailed vices, the technocracy of whims, the depths of denial in the ocean of paradoxes, insensitivity gives a feeling of immortality, at the bottom consciousness, fear feeds materialism, everything will turn into a parody, nostalgia into hypocrisy, in the depths of a dream of denial of reality, narcotic illusions of optimism, a brain sarcophagus of personality, a freezing look of hope, a flaying of false reality, a fabric of gaslighting, a juicy fat of hypocrisy, stuffed with the soft walls of a madhouse that colitis tranquilizers of humility, you are just a particle of a global joke, diplomatic gaslighting of hypocrisy is a very gentle death from liars, Thoughts hidden in the night, temptations illuminated by neon light, the smoke of despair from the soul, the muscle fibers of the memory tunnels of time, the mechanism for measuring energy frequencies that affect the consciousness of the living, highly detailed vices, the technocracy of whims, the depths of denial in the ocean of paradoxes, insensitivity gives a feeling of immortality, at the bottom consciousness, fear feeds materialism, everything will turn into a parody, nostalgia into hypocrisy, in the depths of a dream of denial of reality, narcotic illusions of optimism, a brain sarcophagus of personality, a freezing look of hope, a flaying of false reality, a fabric of gaslighting, a juicy fat of hypocrisy, stuffed with the soft walls of a madhouse that colitis tranquilizers of humility, The brain is the coffin of consciousness, life stinks of absurdities, Poetry Your beauty is the most ingenious thing in this eternity, the heat of love pierces the depths of the soul, in the eternal memory of nostalgia in love, the omnipotent power of love for you takes you into the depths of a romantic soul, an endless number of orgasms of falling in love, feelings are sweeter than sugar, the taste of happiness, so much excites that micro tears of the penis from a powerful erection, you are an endless pleasure of aesthetics, your beauty touches the thinnest sensitive and forgotten strings of feelings of love passion, lustful passion in love plays the melody of romance, music gives rise to feelings that I did not suspect, and my heart idolizes the memory of you, my the mind sings of seconds with you, levitation of consciousness from love, you are an erotic high, Hot goddess of endless passion, a masterpiece of my sincere desires of love, your beauty seems to aggressively seduce it as if you aggressively masturbate my temptations to me, endless tenderness in my feelings, your beauty with just one phrase nowhere is sweeter, nowhere is hotter, You are my hot paradise, know my bottomless love, the depths of happiness of falling in love, spiritual inspiration, bright colors of passion in skin color, painting of temptations, catharsis of orgasm, extraterrestrial euphoria of romance, only your eyes evoke the most beautiful feelings in this eternity, infinity of love in romantic thought about you, a vivid imagination of endless passion from incredible beauty, your beauty raises blood pressure in the penis and heart, so much beauty in one body, dark eyes, hard to breathe, the taste of happiness in your lips, erotic joy in the soul, hormones of happiness in pants, in my head the fog of your pheromones, it's getting harder to break away, our souls have grown together with the tissues of love lust, the common skin of memories, like Siamese twins, without you I'm dead, To know the depths of lust in your arms, You are so sexy that even smoke detectors work, you are the endless bliss of aesthetics, a masterpiece of erotic temptations, you are the erotic heat of voluptuousness that pierces the memory through the soul, leaving in the endless lyrics of romance, unattainably beautiful, deep passion passes through the penis, through the whole body, into the depths of the heart , and a powerful energy of healing love comes out of the body, and an obsession with your beauty, beauty that paralyzes the will, terrible burns from excitement, tearing of meat from excitement, a hematoma of passion, jokes Last time the dentist could not pull out a tooth, but when he came again he was training with dumbbells at that time, on the wall is my photo, into which he threw darts, and spitting sluggish spirit, as if the penis is depressed Why is happiness written over your vagina Damn, my ex, and you're talking about the courier's bag, this is cosplay, I dressed up as a courier, such a role-playing game for sex in porn, I'm a porn actor, who am I kidding Builders from Central Asia were building a house, the floor collapsed, I fell out from the stream to the lower floor fell out of the right wall to the left fell out of the ceiling, the whole house fell apart, I'm still on the ninth floor in the air Milk flows out of the pear as if her boobs are crying in pain He's pimply like bubble wrap He did not calm down until the calluses played with my anti-stress toys and broke everything Pads are not surfboards Decided to understand women, decided to sacrifice my brain for science Even her farts are pheromones The forklift brought your drunk husband, he sang instead of the radio all the way You are a urologist, and a plumber Siamese twins who is your tailor No ghost is not a condom You are a psychologist or a lawyer or a referee, you are a psychologist, you must remain neutral, and throw firewood into women's solidarity Auto-stop sex, where they ride on the levers of the speed of sex, beeping orgasms, girls are moving towards wealth, on the gasoline of their boyfriends' sperm How could I get turned on during sex if I imitated a wild monkey it was the sound of the king of the jungle I have an excellent ear for music. You opened the alarm three times, you thought it was a bomb. But there was something ticking in the melody. You are so old that you seem to be wrapping yourself with wrinkles from problems with depression like a blanket, this is just after lepasuction Some girls like to drink from two or three pipes, he is about an orgy, from three holes, she is constantly dry It's no more useful than Chinese lightsaber sticks, chop, chop, chop Asian romance is like watching Pakistani porn, boring and sad, dates and money and gifts are stripping bonuses, I see her naked truth, yes she has another The bus driver braked sharply, I accidentally fell on girls and women and old women, right on their lips and boobs, that's where the bruises come from, but granny takes a hit, one girl broke her arm about me, once fell on her fist, and the penis on her knee, and then they all stretched out their fists it was horror he speaks with pauses, as if I'm watching a video with bad internet, the video freezes all the time, with breaks for ads, he always offers to buy something She's flowing so much it's a water slide Is it worth it to strain your boobs so much, it's not worth it Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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