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"Malcom X" ( 1964), The Atobiograghy of Malcom X · Aaron Sagers of Blastr.com · Abbie Hoffman · Abbie Hoffman, In response to the success of his book; Steal this Book · Abbie Hoffman, Steal This Urine Test · Abdoulaye Fofona · Abdul Nasir Yousofi · Abeer Hallak of Mesquite · Abilene Officer Don Allen · Above Znoneofthe · Acting Attorney General John Hoffman · Adam Doerhoff · Adam Miner of Stanford University · Adam Peaty of Great Britain · Adam Schiff of California · Adam Shiroff · Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776 · Administrator Geoff Rowley · Adrienne E. Gusoff · Adrienne Gusoff · Adviser Niv Persaud of Atlanta · Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland · Agusta Drofn Gudmundsdottir · Ahmed Sareer of the Maldives · Ahmed Shadmann of Bangladesh · Air Force chief of staff · Al Di Meglio of Barano · Alan Hoffman · Alan Lepofsky · Alan Moore, The league of extraordinary gentlemen, chapter 5 · Alan of Lille · Alan Patricof · Alaska Department of Fish · Alastair redfern retired bishop of Derby · Albert Einstein, Letter, 24 March 1954. Quoted in "Albert Einstein: The Human Side," edited by Helen Dukas and Banesh Hoffman · Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Therapy · Albertano of Brescia · Alec Burlakoff · Alef Education CEO Geoffrey Alphonso · Alessandro Profumo · Alex Hofford · Alexander Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo · Alexander Fraser Tyler, Cycle of Democracy (1770) · Alexander Hamilton, Loth, Dave, Alexander Hamilton, Portrait of a Prodigy, Rahway, Carrick & Evans, Inc., 1939 · Alexander Hamilton, P. 217 - A History of the American People by P. Johnson · Alexander Hamilton, Speech on 21 June 1788 urging ratification of the Constitution in New York. · Alexander Jablokov "The Place of No Shadows" · Alexander Jablokov, The Place of No Shadows · Alexandra Ellerbeck of the Committee · Alexandra Klingelhofer · Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo · Alexandre Dumas, Translation from "The Count of Monte Cristo" · Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia · Alfonso Daniels of the ODI · Alfred E. Neuman, The Half-Wit and Wisdom of Alfred E. Neuman (MAD magazine) · Alfred North Whitehead, From the viewbook of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University · Alice Clements of Unicef · Alice Hoffman · Alim Seytoff · Allison Caccoma of Caccoma Interiors · Allison Hsiang of Yale University · Allison Keene of Collider.com · Alvin Toffler · Amanda Gintoft · Amarillo PD officials · Ambassador Peter Thomson of Fiji · Ambrose of Milan · Amedeo Markoff · American Federation of State · American Morgan Hoffmann · Amnon Sofrin · Amrita Sen of Energy Aspects · Amy Nofziger · Amy Proffitt · An Afghan government official · An Afghan official · An EgyptAir official · An Egyptian security official · An English Professor, Ohio University · An Environment Ministry official · An EPA official · An EU official · An FAA official · An FBI official · An Indian defence ministry official · An Interior Ministry official · An Iranian official · An Iranian oil official · An Iraqi military official · An Israeli defense official · An Israeli foreign ministry official · An Israeli official · An Israeli security official · An NOC official · An Obama administration official · An Ohio sheriff office · Anais Nin, House of Incest · Analyst David Vos of Barclays · Analyst Van Baker of Gartner · Anastasio Somoza García, Dictator of Nicaragua 1936-1956 · Anatole France, Revolt of the Angels · Anatole France, The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard · Anders Fogh Rasmussen, (Prime Minister of Denmark) Family photo after the European Council meeting in Copenhagen, 13 December 20 · Andreas Schockenhoff · Andreas Wickhoff · Andrew Bischof · Andrew Croft · Andrew Grove, Co-founder and Chairman of Intel Corporation, Only the Paranoid Survive · Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive · Andrew Lapin of NPR · Andrew Logan of Ceres · Andrew Opie of the BRC · Andrew Sheehy of Generator Research · Andrew Soloman, “The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression”, on his belief that grief is profoundly important for the human cond · Andrew Soloman, ”The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression”, comments from his mother shortly before her suicide · Andrew Steenhoff · Angelo Nicolo of Trenton · Angelo Onofri · Anita Hoffer · Anita Lower of the LGA · Anki Chief Executive Boris Sofman · Ann Dee Allen of Wisconsin · Ann Frank, Diary of Ann Frank · Anna Hofstetter · Anne Barrett Doyle of BishopAccountability.org · Anne Frank, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, July 15, 1944 · Anne Frank, from The Diary of a Young Girl, January 5, 1944 · Anne Frank, from the diary of Anne Frank · Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl · Anne Frank, The diary of Anne Frank · Annie Schulhof · Another Iranian official · Another League official · Another State Department official · Another Turkish official · Another Western official · Another Yemeni official · Anthony Rudolf of Journee · Antigonus of Sokho · Anton Hofreiter · Antonio Salieri, title of an opera · Antonis Sofiadelis · Apothegm of Narda · April Coffey -LRB- center -RRB- · Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami · Aristotle, from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers · Arizona Department of Public Safety · Arnulf of Milan · Arshad Mahmood Director of Advocacy · Arthur Barnett of Columbus · Arthur C. Clarke, The Exploration of Space, 1951 · Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman · Arthur S. Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha · Arthur Thomas of New Jersey · Arthur Wellesley, Aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo, 1815. · Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, Attributed; when the courtesan Harriette Wilson threatened to publish her memoirs and his · Ashley Dukes, The Man with a Load of Mischief (1924) · Ashley Joubert-Gaddis of The Center · Associate Professor Allison Kealy · Associate Professor Jochen Brocks · Athena Coffey of Churchill · Attorney Brian Coffman · Attorney General office · Augustine of Hippo · Austin Powers International Man of Mystery · Australian Department of Agriculture · Australian Geoff Ogilvy · Ayn Rand, From the article "Art and Sense of Life" in The Romantic Manifesto · Azam Soofi · Badass Women of WashingtonShe · Barbara Hoffman · Barbara Hopewell of Palm Desert · Baron Manfred von Richthofen ("Red Baron") · Basina of Thuringia · Bate, Mueller & White, 1971, "Fundamentals of Astrodynamics" · Baye Adofo-Wilson · Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies · Ben Cardin of Maryland · Ben Coffey Clark · Ben Rogoff · Benioff Children Hospital · Benito Mussolini, The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism, 1935 · Benjamin Benumof · Benjamin Franklin, In response to the situation of the colonists · Benny Loft · Bernadette Johnson of DrillingInfo · Bernadette Kero of Oregon · Bernard of Chartres, 12th Century · Bernie Fanaroff · Bert Hoffman · Bertolt Brecht, The life of Galileo · Bertrand Russell, Sceptical Essays (1928), "Eastern and Western Ideals of Happiness" · Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness · Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays (1950), "Outline of Intellectual Rubbish" · Beth Sworobuk of Washington · Bill Watterson, "Calvin", Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons · Bill Wilson, Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous · Bishop of New York · Bitta Mostofi · Bob Eatroff · Bob Geldof · Bob Graham of Florida · Bob Ottenhoff · Bob Pottroff · Bobby Jindal of Louisiana · Bobby Scott of Virginia · Bonnie Glaser of the Center · Book of Common Prayer · Book of Consolation · Book of Proverbs · Boston Police Officer Lauren Woods · Brad Wall of Saskatchewan · Bradley Hoffman · Bradley Sutherland of Indiana · Brandi Hoffine · Brandon Minoff · Brandon Wu of ActionAid · Brenda Goff · Brenda Munnerlyn of Greenwood · Brian Apatoff · Brian Coffman · Brian Facquet of Prohibition Distilling · Brian Joffe · Brian Johnson of Barclays · Brian Lainoff · Brian Stekloff · Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald · Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research · Brigadier General Wilson Shoffner · British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft · Britt Elizondo of Compass · Brooke Goff · Brothers Dan Friend of Eagle · Brown University Professor Peter Weber · Bruce Chernof · Bruce Haynes of Purple Strategies · Bruce Hoffman · Bruce Lee, Film: (Dragon The Bruce Lee Story. Quotation posted at end of film just before credits) · Bruce Lee, Quotation from the book: (The Art of Jeet Kune Do) by Bruce Lee · Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do · Bruce Stoff · Bruce Wilkoff · Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina · C. S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man · C. S. Lewis, The Poison of Subjectivism (from Christian Reflections; p. 108) · Cabinet Office · Cabinet Office Minister Matt Hancock · Cal Fire spokeswoman Lynn Tolmachoff · California Civil Code, "Maxims of Jurisprudence" · California Civil Code, "Object of a Contract" · Camilla Fjeldsoe of pollsters · Capel Lofft · Captain Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna · Cardenas Hoffman · Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna · Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston · Carl Estrelle of Cambridge · Carole Scofield · Caroline Cerny of the Obesity · Caroline Vandergriff/KOKH -RRB- Hoffman · Casey Mead of G Adventures · Cassey Ho of Blogilates · Catharine Becker of Fullerton · Catherine Abreu of the Ecology · Cecil John Rhodes (Founder of the Rhodes Scholarships), last words, 1902. · Cecily Kellogg of Philadelphia · Central Command officials · Chai Maofeng · Chairman Inhofe · Chairman John Barrasso of Wyoming · Chamber CEO Natalie Madeira Cofield · Chapel Hill Professor Jodi Magness · Charles Boberg of McGill University · Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man 1871 · Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species 1859 · Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle · Charles Dickens, A Tale Of Two Cities · Charles Foundyller of Daratech, from 8/14/92 Wall St Journal · Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899 (attributed) · Charles Handy - The Age of Unreason · Charles Harmansky-Johnson of Turtle Ridge · Charles Schumer of New York · Charley Hoffman · Chase Hoffberger · Chase Lueckenhoff · Chef Josiah Citrin of Melisse · Chekov of Tolstoy · Chemical Engineering Professor Mitch Anthamatten · Cheryl Scherr of Pella · Chief Administration Officer Simon McNamara · Chief Commercial Officer Remo Gerber · Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos · Chief Customer Officer Jill Easterbrook · Chief Data Officer Kanishka Agarwal · Chief Development Officer Thomas Weber · Chief Digital Officer Bill Ruh · Chief Executive Eric Lefkofsky · Chief Executive Geoff Drabble · Chief Executive Greg Goff · Chief Executive Guido Kerkhoff · Chief Executive Marc Benioff · Chief Executive Norbert Reithofer · Chief Executive Ofer Druker · Chief Executive Ofer Elyakim · Chief Executive Officer Adam Brandon · Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce · Chief Executive Officer Aldemir Bendine · Chief Executive Officer Alex Gorsky · Chief Executive Officer Alex Molinaroli · Chief Executive Officer Alexandre Abreu · Chief Executive Officer Almir Bendine · Chief Executive Officer Alonso Quintana · Chief Executive Officer Amjad Bseisu · Chief Executive Officer Antonio Horta-Osório · Chief Executive Officer Apoorva Mehta · Chief Executive Officer Bill Cobb · Chief Executive Officer Bill Downe · Chief Executive Officer Bjoern Kjos · Chief Executive Officer Bob Dudley · Chief Executive Officer Brian Benari · Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan · Chief Executive Officer Brian Niccol · Chief Executive Officer Brian Roberts · Chief Executive Officer Carlo Bozotti · Chief Executive Officer Carlos Zenteno · Chief Executive Officer Charif Souki · Chief Executive Officer Chet Kanojia · Chief Executive Officer Christopher Killoy · Chief Executive Officer Claude Mongeau · Chief Executive Officer Darren Huston · Chief Executive Officer Dave McKay · Chief Executive Officer Dave Roberts · Chief Executive Officer David Roberts · Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg · Chief Executive Officer Doug Cifu · Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon · Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker · Chief Executive Officer Doug Smith · Chief Executive Officer Doug Suttles · Chief Executive Officer Edemir Pinto · Chief Executive Officer Eduardo Chedid · Chief Executive Officer Eileen Drake · Chief Executive Officer Elliot Weissbluth · Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk · Chief Executive Officer Feroz Ashraf · Chief Executive Officer Frederic Gagey · Chief Executive Officer Frederic Laluyaux · Chief Executive Officer Gary Kelly · Chief Executive Officer Glenn Chisholm · Chief Executive Officer Gregg Saretsky · Chief Executive Officer Hunter Harrison · Chief Executive Officer Igor Sechin · Chief Executive Officer Ivan Glasenberg · Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey · Chief Executive Officer James Gorman · Chief Executive Officer James Murdoch · Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon · Chief Executive Officer Jean-Paul Clozel · Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bewkes · Chief Executive Officer Jeff Fettig · Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt · Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Sprecher · Chief Executive Officer Jesús Zabalza · Chief Executive Officer João Miranda · Chief Executive Officer Jochen Tilk · Chief Executive Officer Joe Gorder · Chief Executive Officer John Chen · Chief Executive Officer John Hess · Chief Executive Officer John Kerin · Chief Executive Officer Juan Luciano · Chief Executive Officer Keith Sherin · Chief Executive Officer Ken Powell · Chief Executive Officer Klaus Kleinfeld · Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Culp · Chief Executive Officer Lowell McAdam · Chief Executive Officer Lukas Braunschweiler · Chief Executive Officer Marcelo Castelli · Chief Executive Officer Marcelo Labuto · Chief Executive Officer Marco Gadola · Chief Executive Officer Marillyn Hewson · Chief Executive Officer Mark Bertolini · Chief Executive Officer Mark Cutifani · Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd · Chief Executive Officer Mark Thompson · Chief Executive Officer Mark Wiseman · Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn · Chief Executive Officer Mauro Moretti · Chief Executive Officer Michael O'Leary · Chief Executive Officer Michael Pearson · Chief Executive Officer Michel Guillemot · Chief Executive Officer Mike Anderson · Chief Executive Officer Mike Jackson · Chief Executive Officer Mike Manley · Chief Executive Officer Mike Pearson · Chief Executive Officer Murilo Ferreira · Chief Executive Officer Patrick Pouyanne · Chief Executive Officer Paul Pittman · Chief Executive Officer Paul Reilly · Chief Executive Officer Pedro Faria · Chief Executive Officer Phebe Novakovic · Chief Executive Officer Phil Martens · Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson · Chief Executive Officer Rich Kruger · Chief Executive Officer Richard Edelman · Chief Executive Officer Richard Plepler · Chief Executive Officer Robert Finizio · Chief Executive Officer Roberto Setubal · Chief Executive Officer Rodrigo Abreu · Chief Executive Officer Rodrigo Galindo · Chief Executive Officer Ron Shaich · Chief Executive Officer Rupert Pearce · Chief Executive Officer Scott Sheffield · Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne · Chief Executive Officer Soren Schroder · Chief Executive Officer Stephane Richard · Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook · Chief Executive Officer Sunny Verghese · Chief Executive Officer Takahiro Hachigo · Chief Executive Officer Tewolde Gebremariam · Chief Executive Officer Thomas Werner · Chief Executive Officer Tidjane Thiam · Chief Executive Officer Tim Sloan · Chief Executive Officer Todd Boehly · Chief Executive Officer Todd Stevens · Chief Executive Officer Tom Leighton · Chief Executive Officer Tom Linebarger · Chief Executive Officer Tom Rutledge · Chief Executive Officer Trent Yanko · Chief Executive Officer Vishal Sikka · Chief Executive Officer Wesley Batista · Chief Executive Officer Wesley Bush · Chief Executive Officer William Rogers · Chief Executive Olof Faxander · Chief Executive Ulrich Spiesshofer · Chief Executive Uwe Roehrhoff · Chief Finance Officer Chris Kennedy · Chief Financial Officer Adezio Lima · Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez · Chief Financial Officer Alan Dean · Chief Financial Officer Anders Boyer · Chief Financial Officer Anthony DiSilvestro · Chief Financial Officer Anthony Noto · Chief Financial Officer Benny Loft · Chief Financial Officer Bill Zerella · Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen · Chief Financial Officer Brad Halverson · Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky · Chief Financial Officer Bruce Tanner · Chief Financial Officer Charlie Bracken · Chief Financial Officer Chris Kennedy · Chief Financial Officer Christophe Cros · Chief Financial Officer Christophe Hidalgo · Chief Financial Officer Chuck Stevens · Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress · Chief Financial Officer Corey Bieber · Chief Financial Officer Dan Shumacher · Chief Financial Officer Daniel Gonzalez · Chief Financial Officer Daniel Sonder · Chief Financial Officer Darryl Button · Chief Financial Officer David Chang · Chief Financial Officer David Smith · Chief Financial Officer Dennis Durkin · Chief Financial Officer Don Kim · Chief Financial Officer Donato Spota · Chief Financial Officer Edmar Lopes · Chief Financial Officer Eduardo Vassimon · Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo · Chief Financial Officer Frank Witter · Chief Financial Officer Goran Jansson · Chief Financial Officer Greg Smith · Chief Financial Officer Guido Kerkhoff · Chief Financial Officer Harvey Schwartz · Chief Financial Officer Issac George · Chief Financial Officer Ivan Monteiro · Chief Financial Officer Jack Hartung · Chief Financial Officer Jan Frykhammar · Chief Financial Officer Janice Fukakusa · Chief Financial Officer Jeff Bornstein · Chief Financial Officer Jeff Buchanan · Chief Financial Officer Jeff Sheets · Chief Financial Officer Joe Martinetto · Chief Financial Officer John Duffy · Chief Financial Officer John Gerspach · Chief Financial Officer John Mulligan · Chief Financial Officer John Olin · Chief Financial Officer John Rainey · Chief Financial Officer John Shrewsberry · Chief Financial Officer John Stephens · Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller · Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Pruzan · Chief Financial Officer Julie Brown · Chief Financial Officer Karen Hoguet · Chief Financial Officer Kathleen Quirk · Chief Financial Officer Kelly Kramer · Chief Financial Officer Krishnan Akhileswaran · Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn · Chief Financial Officer Larry Rosen · Chief Financial Officer Laura Thompson · Chief Financial Officer Lior Shemesh · Chief Financial Officer Lora Ho · Chief Financial Officer Lorival Luz · Chief Financial Officer Luc Jobin · Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri · Chief Financial Officer Luciano Siani · Chief Financial Officer Luigi Ferraris · Chief Financial Officer Luka Mucic · Chief Financial Officer Marcel Smits · Chief Financial Officer Marcio Percival · Chief Financial Officer Mark Garrett · Chief Financial Officer Mark Okerstrom · Chief Financial Officer Martin Hipp · Chief Financial Officer Martin Novak · Chief Financial Officer Matias Gaivironsky · Chief Financial Officer Mike Wroe · Chief Financial Officer Neil Sorahan · Chief Financial Officer Pat Grismer · Chief Financial Officer Paul Venables · Chief Financial Officer Peter Hunt · Chief Financial Officer Rene Medori · Chief Financial Officer Renier Vree · Chief Financial Officer Ron Millos · Chief Financial Officer Ronald Seckelmann · Chief Financial Officer Scott Wagner · Chief Financial Officer Shane Kovacs · Chief Financial Officer Sharon McCollam · Chief Financial Officer Shuma Uchino · Chief Financial Officer Simon Henry · Chief Financial Officer Simone Menne · Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith · Chief Financial Officer Steve Hare · Chief Financial Officer Thomas Reynaud · Chief Financial Officer Thomas Siefert · Chief Financial Officer Tim Score · Chief Financial Officer Tim Weller · Chief Financial Officer Timo Ihamuotila · Chief Financial Officer Toby O'Brien · Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak · Chief Financial Officer Tom Szlosek · Chief Financial Officer Tony Tripeny · Chief Financial Officer Uday Baldota · Chief Financial Officer Vasant Prabhu · Chief Financial Officer Willy Jordan · Chief Information Officer Linda Jojo · Chief Investment Officer Brian Weinstein · Chief Investment Officer Eric Kuby · Chief Investment Officer Jonathan Litt · Chief Investment Officer Rick Rieder · Chief Investment Officer Scott Minerd · Chief Marketing Officer Marc Oshima · Chief Medical Officer · Chief Medical Officer Troyen Brennan · Chief Operating Officer Abhijit Mukherjee · Chief Operating Officer Buton Jablin · Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey · Chief Operating Officer Greg Hill · Chief Operating Officer Jean-Marc Chery · Chief Operating Officer Jim Barber · Chief Operating Officer Keith Creel · Chief Operating Officer Ken Lowe · Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner · Chief Operating Officer Otto Schwarz · Chief Operating Officer Rainer Martens · Chief Operating Officer Stelleo Tolda · Chief Operating Officer Tom Staggs · Chief Operating Officer Tom Williams · Chief Operating Officer Tony James · Chief Operating Officer Umang Vohra · Chief Operations Officer Jan Brockmann · Chief Operations Officer Tom Williams · Chief Petty Officer Bobby Nash · Chief Petty Officer Sara Mooers · Chief Research Officer Jon Miller · Chief Revenue Officer Mick Griffin · Chief Risk Officer Laura Dottori-Attanasio · Chief Risk Officer Wilfried Nagel · Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan · Chief Strategy Officer John Donovan · Chief Technology Officer Ashish Khandpur · Chief Technology Officer Stephen Bye · Chief Technology Officer Wang Jian · Chief Warrant Officer 3 · Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant · Chinese Proverb, The Graduates Book of Wisdom · Chris Florance of the Texas · Chris Kofinis · Chris Pfieffer of Pfieffer Wines · Christin Kristoffersen · Christof Bentele · Christof Bigler · Christof Heyns · Christof Spieler · Christofer Fjellner · Christofer Nardelli · Christoffer Rahm · Christopher Grundler of the EPA · Christopher Paolini, Author of Eragon and Eldest. Quote from Eragon · Christopher Paolini, Author of Eragon and Eldest. Quote from Eragon. · Christopher Paolini, Author of Eragon and Eldest. Quotes came from Eragon. · Chuck Michel of Long Beach · Chuck Schumer of New York · Chuo University Professor Toshihiko Miura · Cindy Kirchhofer · Civil Aviation official · Clarita Brinkerhoff · Clement of Rome · Clint Eastwood, Movie: "A Fistful of Dollars," 1964 · Clive Schofield · Coast Guard officials · Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer · Cody Coffman · Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves · Cofounder Micah Tapman · Col. Jack Ripper, commander of Burpleson AFB to Group Capt. Mandrake (Peter Sellers) in Dr. Strangelove · Colin Gillis of BGC Partners · Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman · Columbia University professor Gerry Curtis · Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs · Columbus Division of Police · Commander Geoff Huff · Communist Party official newspaper · Competition Commission spokesman Itumeleng Lesofe · Confucius, Roots of Wisdom 4th edition · Congressional Budget Office · Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia · Congressman Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania · Cornell Lab of Ornithology · Cory Booker of New Jersey · Council of Europe · Country Music Hall of Fame · County Sheriff Office · Courtney Benhoff · Covington Police officer Lance Benjamin · Craig Huntly of Inglewood · Craig Klugman of DePaul University · Craig Moffett · Croesus of Lydia · Cumberland County Sheriff Office · Curt Levey of the Committee · Customs Enforcement official Matthew Albence · Cyril Connolly, Enemies of Promise (1938) · Dag Hammarskjold, newpaper quote of the day · Dag Hammarskjold, newspaper quote of the day · Dan Gable, University of Iowa wrestling coach · Dan Hoffman · Dan Mogulof · Dana Kofsky · Dana Litt of the Center · Daniel Borochoff · Daniel Hoffman · Daniel Riesel of Sive · Daniel Webster of Florida · Danny Davis of Illinois · Danny Ozark, manager of the Phillies · Danyel Joffe · Darell Krasnoff · Daren Kagasoff · Darren Caperna of the Dallas-based · Dave Levinthal of the Center · Daveed Gartenstein-Ross of the Foundation · David Benioff · David Chesnoof · David Darlington, from his novel Angels Visits: An Inquiry into the Mystery of Zinfandel · David Fishof · David Garofalo · David Goffin · David Harding of Winton Capital · David Hoffman · David Koch.When Benioff · David Kofi Aza · David Krakoff · David Loftis · David Maxwell of the Foundation · David Opoti Inzofu a pastor · David Sarnoff · David Snitkof · David Starr Jordan, The Philosophy of Despair · David Sugerman of Portland · David West in the off-season · Dawn Ostroff · DEAFPROOFBEATS · Dean Krakel, Director of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame · Deborah Hall of Montgomery · Deborah Hoffman · Deborah Risner of Tiffin · Debra Coffey from Fort Worth · Deepak Chopra, The Return of Merlin · Demelza Bischoff · Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland · Democrat Jared Polis of Colorado · Democratic Socialists of America · Dennis Hof · Dennis Meyhoff Brink · Department of Public Safety · Department of Transportation · Deputy Darren H. Goforth · Detroit Federation of Teachers · Diana, Princess of Wales · Diane Coffey · Diane Hoffman · Diane Murray of Wood-Ridge · Dick DeGuerin of Houston · Diogenes the Cynic, from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers · District Police Officer Rai Babar · District Police Officer Sohail Chatha · Dixon Police Officer P.J. Ginn · Dom Perignon, at the moment of his discovery of champagne · Don Eslinger, The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1993 · Don Juan Matus, The Second Ring Of Power by Carlos Castaneda · Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha · Donald Dziva of Hwedza · Donald N. Smith, president of Burger King · Donna Hoffman · Donna Lisenby of Waterkeeper Alliance · Donna Sadof · doofus · Dorothy Sarnoff · Doug Casey, Investment guru; author of "Crisis Investing" · Doug Ellenoff · Doug Hoffer · Doug Hoffman · Doug Offerman · Douglas Adams, Salmon of Doubt, 2002 · Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe · Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt · Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt, p. 205 · Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt, p. 215 · Douglas Ellenoff · Douglas Emhoff · Douglas Offerman · Douglasville Police Officer Candace Tongate · Dov Litvinoff · Drexel University Professor · Dudley Danoff · Duke of Cambridge · Duke of Wellington · Dustin Hoffman · Dutch Migration Minister Klaas Dijkhoff · Dwayne Perry of Cartersville · Dwight D. Eisenhower, From a speech before the American Society of Newspaper Editors, April 16, 1963 · Dwyane Francis of Bushkill · Dylann Roof · e. e. cummings, on the death of Warren G. Harding, 1923 · Earl of Chesterfield · Earl of Kent, _The_Tragedy_of_King_Lear_ · Earl of Roscommon · Earl Ofari Hutchinson · Economist Tim Condon of ING · Edith Frank, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl · Edmund Burke, A Philosophical Inquiry Into The Origins Of The Sublime And Beatiful. · Edmund Burke, Speech to the electors of Bristol. 3 Nov. 1774 · Edward de Bono, Textbook of Wisdom · Edward Santiago of aid group · Edward Young, Love of Fame (satire I, l. 89) · Efraim Zuroff · Egan Brockhoff · Egyptian Book of the Dead · Egyptian Inscription Recorded at the Time of the Invention of Writing · Elabed Lofti · Elder Paul Sinclair of Zionsville · Eleanor Anna Roosevelt, Remarks at presentation of booklet on human rights · Election Officials Dean Logan · Elie Wiesel, The Perils of Indifference · Elisabeth Hoff · Elizabeth Goergl of Austria · Elizabeth Hoff · Ellen Freese of Maine · Ellen Stofan · Elsie Shemin-Roth of Webster Groves · Emergencies Office · Emergency Committee of 11 experts · Emily Petroff · Emma Crofts-Wilson · Endau Analytics ' Yusof · Environment Ministry official Guy Samet · Environmental Engineering Professor Treavor Boyer · Environmental Protection official Tian Weiyong · Epistle of Paul · Erez Ofer · Eric Bettinger of Stanford University · Eric Hoffer · Eric Hoffer, True Believer or Theory of leisure class · Eric Meyers of the association · Eric Moffett · Eric Olthof · Erik Bitmanis of Iversoft Solutions · Erik Johnson of Lindenhurst · Erikka Loftfield · Ernst Jünger, In Stahlgewittern (The Storm of Steel) · Eros Sana of 350 · Erving Goffman · European Commission officials · European Space Agency officials · Executive Chef of Masak · Executive Officer James Hogan · Executive Officer Stephane Richard · Executive Officer Takayoshi Nakano · F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Love of the Last Tycoon · Fabian Gomez of Argentina · Fabrice Goffin · Farhang Jahanpour of Oxford University · Father Frank Pavone of Priests · Federal Court of Justice · Ferdinand Dudenhöffer · Ferguson Officer Darren WIison · Ferial Mostofi · Ferréol of Uzès · Ferris Bueller's Day Off · Filemon Vela of Texas · Financial Officer Alain Martinez · Fode Oussou Fofana · Fofi Gennimata · Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama · Forest University professor · Former CIA officer Henderson Cooper · Former CIA official · Founder of Dark Brotherhood · Francis Malofiy · Francis of Assisi · Francisco Resnicoff · Francois Conradie of South · Frank Herbert, Dune (First Law of Mentat) · Frank Peirce of Nashville · Fred Hof · Fred Kwofie · Frederic Dabi of Ifop · Frederic Hof · Frederic Neumann of HSBC · Frederick II of Prussia · Freek Roelofs · Frida Bengtsson of Greenpeace · Fridjof Nansen · Friederich Nietzsche, quoted in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (movie) · Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, What I owe to the Ancients · Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols-- "Maxims and Arrows" · Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols---"Maxims and Arrows" · Friedrich von Schiller, Cohen & Cohen 1960, The Penguin dictionary of quotations · Fritjof Capra · Fritjof Capra, physicist · from an official Japanese guide for English-speaking drivers, 1936 · from the Dictionary of Samuel Johnson · From The Last Goon Show of All · from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Translation by Edward Fitzgerald) · G. H. Lewes, Physiology of Common Life · G. K. Chesterton, The Tremendous Adventures of Major Brown · Gabriel Garcia Marquez, from "Love in the Time of Cholera" · Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona · Gael Sliman of pollster · Gael Sliman of pollsters · Game of Thrones, Season 6 · Gary Dunnett of the NPWS · Gary Hussar of the museum · Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera · Gavin Bradley of Active · Gene Hoffman · General Douglas MacArthur, His final address to the joint session of the congress · Geof Greenleaf · Geof Peabody · Geoff Arbuthnot · Geoff Askin · Geoff Ballard · Geoff Ballotti · Geoff Barratt · Geoff Blaber · Geoff Bunn · Geoff Burgan · Geoff Culbert · Geoff Davis · Geoff Dean · Geoff Diehl · Geoff Emerick · Geoff Garin · Geoff Haxton · Geoff Hellman · Geoff Henley · Geoff Hill · Geoff Kelly · Geoff LeBaron · Geoff Maslen · Geoff Meggs · Geoff Mertens · Geoff Morrell · Geoff Ogilvy · Geoff Pinnock · Geoff Porter · Geoff Pyle · Geoff Ramsey · Geoff Rasmussen · Geoff Revell · Geoff Sanzenbacher · Geoff Shapiro · Geoff Shester · Geoff Taylor · Geoff Thale · Geoff Thomas · Geoff Tracy · Geoff Whitmore · Geoff Wilson · Geoffery Yoder · Geoffrey Adams · Geoffrey Alpert · Geoffrey Berman · Geoffrey Betts · Geoffrey Carter · Geoffrey Chaucer · Geoffrey Corn · Geoffrey Cottrell · Geoffrey Crothall · Geoffrey Dancey · Geoffrey Driscoll · Geoffrey Duke · Geoffrey Durso · Geoffrey F. Albert · Geoffrey Gertz · Geoffrey Goodfellow · Geoffrey Gorer · Geoffrey Harrison · Geoffrey Holder · Geoffrey Joyce · Geoffrey Kabat · Geoffrey Kent · Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor · Geoffrey Latham · Geoffrey Ma · Geoffrey Marcy · Geoffrey Miller · Geoffrey Neighor · Geoffrey Nunberg · Geoffrey Odundo · Geoffrey Owens · Geoffrey P. Johnston · Geoffrey Parsons · Geoffrey Pazzanese · Geoffrey Seidel of Scituate · Geoffrey Smith · Geoffrey Thomas · Geoffrey Thomas from AirlineRatings.com · Geoffrey Yu · Geoffrey Zakarian · Geoffroy Coomans De Brachene · Geoffroy Wallier · George Bancroft · George Bernard Shaw, "Metamagical Themas" by Douglas Hofstadter · George Bush, The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1993 · George Eliot, Scenes of Clerical Life - Amos Barton · George Ghali of Lebanese rights · George Lucas, Senator Amidala in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005) · George Mardigian of Reserve bookings · George Orwell, Essay: "The Prevention of Literature" (1946) · George Ramsay, 9th Earl of Dalhousie · George Sabra of the HNC · George Santayana, Life of Reason (1905) vol. 1, ch. 10 · George Santayana, Life of Reason (1905) vol. 4, ch. 4 · George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905 · George Shaw of the GLA · George W. Bush, Gov. of Texas, state leading in executions · George W. Bush, Klein, J. (2004). The perils of a righteous president. Time, May 17: 25. · George W. Bush, State of the Union address, January 20, 2004 · Gerald Weinberg, "The Psychology of Computer Programming" · Geraldine Dawson of Duke University · German Association of Savings Banks · Gernot Kalkoffen · Gertrude Stein, The Geographical History of America (1936) · Gerzof Richard · Gettysburg College Prof. Kathleen Iannello · Gil Hoffman · Gil Luria of Wedbush Securities · Gil Yeong-hwa of Kyochon Chicken · Gina Bravo of the University · Ginton Mwachofi · Giovanni Boccaccio, Leitch, Vincent B. ed. The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. 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Department of Social Services, The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1993 · Greg Abbott of Texas · Greg Lukianoff · Gregory Sancoff · Guenther Ofner · Guido Kerkhoff · Gustavo Silva-Chávez of Forest Trends · Guy Verhofstadt · H. P. Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu", first line · H.P. 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L. Mackay), 1977 · Sir Arthur Eddington, The Philosophy of Physical Science · Sir Francis Bacon, "Of Death" · Sir Francis Bacon, Essays: Of Building, 1623 · Sir Francis Bacon, Of Adversity · Sir Francis Bacon, Of Empire · Sir Francis Bacon, Of Seditions and Troubles · Sir J.C. 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White, The Making of the President, 1960 · Theresa Brinkerhoff · Thietmar of Merseburg · Third Officer · Thomas Carlyle, Proflies in Courage by: John F. 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S. Government Study On The Labeling Of Children · Udi Ofer · Ulrich Spiesshofer · United Mine Workers of America · Unknown, Army Magazine of Preventive Maintenance · Unknown, Epitaph on headstone of actor John Wayne (author unknown) · Unknown, Often attributed to Abraham Lincoln · Urban Janlert of Umea University · US Declaration of Independence · Utah Board of Pardons · Vanessa Ruiz of 12 · Verisk Maplecroft · Vickie Henry of Maggie · Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Chapter 13 · Victoria Hoffman · Vijay Kumar of Evercore ISI · Virginia English professor Susan Fraiman · Visions of Gregorian Chants · Vito Mocella of the Institute · Vom Hofe · W. S. Maugham, Of Human Bondage · W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage · Walt Disney, Inauguration day of Disney World · Walt Disney, On the inside wall of the American Adventure in Epcot Center · Walt Whitman, "Leaves of Grass" · Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself" · Walt Whitman, Preface to Leaves of Grass, 1855 · Walt Whitman, Song of the Open Road · Walter V. Kaulfers, The Forbes Book of Business Quotations · Walter Wangerin, Jr., Book of the Dun Cow · Wan Yusof · Wanda Anderson of Fort McMurray · Warrant Officer 1st · Washington County officials · Wayne Hoffman · Wayne Koff · Wayne Sachs of Philadelphia · Wellness Officer Maha Tahiri · Werner Heisenberg, Philosophical Problems of Nuclear Science, New York: Fawcett 1966, p.13 · Wheaton College professor Larry Eskridge · White House officials · Whitney Houston, The Greatest Love Of All · Wildan Mustofa · Will Danoff · William Blake, "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell", 1790 · William Blake, Marriage of Heaven and Hell · William Daroff · William F. Buckley Jr., "The Wit and Wisdom of Vlad the Impaler" · William Golding, Lord of The Flies · William Hazlitt, on the Pleasure of Hating · William Langland, The Vision of Piers Plowman · William of Baskerville · William Of Orange · William of Wykeham · William Shakespeare, "The Merchant of Venice", Act 1 scene 2 · William Shakespeare, "The Merchant of Venice", Act 1 scene 3 · William Shakespeare, "The Merchant of Venice", Act 2 scene 2 · William Shakespeare, "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Act 1 scene 1 · William Shakespeare, "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Act 1 scene 3 · William Shakespeare, "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Act 1 scene 4 · William Shakespeare, "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Act 2 scene 2 · William Shakespeare, "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Act 2 scene 3 · William Shakespeare, "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Act 3 scene 2 · William Shakespeare, "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Act 4 scene 1 · William Shakespeare, "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Act 5 scene 1 · William Shakespeare, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", Act 1 scene 1 · William Shakespeare, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", Act 1 scene 3 · William Shakespeare, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", Act 3 scene 1 · William Shakespeare, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", Act 5 scene 4 · William Shakespeare, "Timon of Athens", Act 3 scene 1 · William Shakespeare, "Timon of Athens", Act 4 scene 2 · William Shakespeare, A Comedy of Errors · William Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew · William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, Act II Scene 6 · William Shakespeare, The Rape of Lucrece Ver. 124 · William Shatner as Kirk, in "Dagger of the Mind" · William Sloane Coffin · William Strunk Jr., Elements of Style · Willie Richards of Brooklyn · Wilma Rudolph, "Wilma: The Story of Wilma Rudolph" · Wilson Shoffner · Winston Churchill, Speaking of the Japanese invasion of British colonies in SE Asia · Winston Churchill, The Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy · Wojtek Sabaranski of analysts · World Bank official Michael Jarvis · Writers Guild of America East · Wyandotte County Sheriff Office · Xia Boyu of China · Xiaofeng Wang · Yakov Smirnoff · Yale University Professor Carlos Eire · Yaneisi Hernandez of Havana · Yann Martel, Life of Pi · Yevgeny Yerofeyev · Yoann Offredo · Yoda, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi · Yoni Freedhoff · Yuka Sasaki of Brown University · Zac Moffat · Zac Moffatt · Zaki Yamani, (chief architect of OPEC) · Zambendorf, _Code of the Lifemaker_ by James P. Hogan · Zhang Hao of Tianjin University · Zoe Chan of Hotels.com · Zoe Lofgren · Zully Broussard of Sacramento

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