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Aphorisms Emptiness cleanses from temptations, we are someone in the void, we are nowhere, dust dissolves into non-existence, in the future we were not at all, in the cold of loneliness all illusions freeze to death, silence heals a storm in the soul, fear freezes in the cold of loneliness, conservatism gives deep vision of the world, lost souls in the depths of stupidity, false desires, in the lost materialistic consciousness, in the fateful consciousness, in the true message of the heart the microphone of higher powers, the sacred sky in consciousness, in epic knowledge, are blurred in the fog the scenery of hypocrisy, temporary affirmation, the mainstream of false greedy self-affirmation those who are visible to all people, friendship with greedy people is like going down a slippery children's slide of ice, a little insanity pepper, gives vivid sensations of insight, a little salt of a life-long transitional age teaches people to grow up and mentally not get sick, Billions of ways of temptations so that a person never wakes up from desires, immersion in childish lies of self-deception, indiscretion trolls fate, ego brain programs create a code of human behavior making life meaningless, robbed by marketing of populism, deceitful altruism, two-faced patriotism, fuck with fear, dust in one fell swoop, a hundred truth is digested for years, after death the recognition that he was right, gangrene of stupidity is corruption and blat, selfishness is a weather thermometer of people's moods, the library of sincerity conceals all the secrets of life, we are nobody in this infinity, endless depths of truth in reality, we are guests in whose worlds we live , we are nomads in dimensions, the prelude of inevitability is what reveals and leads us to fearlessness, life teaches fearlessness and independence, time hides underground, We are in the shelter of eternity, digital amnesia of values, after all the inadequacy of lives, we will all be at the highest level of thinking, a leapfrog of excuses, even if you don’t touch anyone, you are like a statue in the park, doves of fate shit on you, the world is a projection of lust, walls of opinions, open your emptiness in emptiness to feel nonsense, intuition in the labyrinth of deceit, the world dies in indifference, mirroring the stupidity of selfishness, politeness is a cosplay of a selfish person, dead skin from the cold frigidity of the opposite sex, You can not fix the technique and cure a person with excuses, the path of the blind is careless, shopaholics are blind and naive people who are robbed by marketers with low-quality goods, marketing is a whisper of the ego that calls to be poor among the garbage of materialism, stupidity speeds up time, a soldier and a patriot is a drop of blood in the ocean of blood of businessmen, factories of illusions where values are fast food snacks, leapfrog excuses of deceit, The skin of the soul roughens from endless labor, in slippery bad weather, in bitter happiness, you will know the bitter truth of your own insidious passion, insidious people are victims of karmic self-irony of various forms of self-parodies, illuminate with an illusory light of optimism, skyscrapers are factories of ego, turn on half a turn, generators and batteries of ego, power plants of the system of illusions, chaos generates paradoxes and absurdities, inadequacy is when people bathe in their own stupidity, movement inevitably teaches to live, materialists disconnected in the abyss, autonomous consciousness of shopaholics under the hypnosis of marketers, particles of life, gaseous seconds go away in cigarette smoke , Uneducated atheists do not know anything about religion, they run from conscience, from the guilt of their sins, the trap of darkness is ready for them, the fire of the stupidity of selfishness will cleanse the earth, arranged by blasphemy is a poseur without the muscles of knowledge, The family is a common coffin together through difficulties until the very end, when you see stupidity, take popcorn, and watch how stupidity commits suicide, optimism is like an antidepressant anesthetic lie, like cocaine addiction in the illusion of lying to yourself, Poetry The juicy valleys of the beauty of your body amaze the imagination, true happiness is a reflection, for your heart there is a great battle, life without you is a great defeat, you are my only eternal love, life without you is sorrow, only in a dream we will meet again, blood is heated from your beauty, from beauty eyebrow twitches, I love you irresistibly obsessively, I go to you unbearably, I will sink into the lips of your beauty in order to know infinite happiness, my tenderness leads to the greatness of love, tenderness dissolves into molecules, passionate, gentle, great, sublime aesthetics of eroticism, an erection like that of a neurotic, like as if struck with a shocker of passion, the insight of love forced to evolve, the hot tenderness of passion, in the charm of erotic power, nothing can surpass your beauty, Passion knows no bounds, love rises sublimely above all understanding, through a thick layer of materialistic contradiction we know true love in your endless beauty, epic fantasy romance, conquers hearts and is strengthened in the form of a monument to the value of eternal love for you, the endless heat of eroticism, uncontrollable primitive passion , in true form, endless sex of souls, we shower from passion to each other, you are my uncontrollable lust, you are the eternal value of romance, an explosion of sex of lustful passion, your beauty is your gear, my heart is in your power, you are a powerful orgasm of delight explosion of eggs like grenades , penis dynamite, on the sperm of gasoline, it smells like gas of your explosive pheromones with passion, gunpowder of lust, howl of lust, an explosion of passion such that it will explode not only personal belongings, but also fabric in time and space, where we will always love each other out of time and space and forever and endlessly, we love each other carelessly, Love conquers my mind, like the notes of a harp of poetry, dissolves in tenderness, in bliss for love, sweet lust attracts you, you are a sip of hope in an ocean of lies, blossoming tenderness of happiness, I love you uncontrollably, I want you uncontrollably, in your love as in paradise of infinite bliss this is my true paradise, sweet poetic tenderness in your eyes, love you to infinity, the sky is crushed by your infinite true form of beauty, poetic aesthetics in body shapes, love you uncontrollably, and endlessly sink into falling in love with you, I plunge into the depths beautiful soul to see you there, and kiss to plunge into love even deeper, love you insatiably, you are the eternal hunger of lust, your beauty is a complete package of sex control, love you uncontrollably, without you I live in a prison of freedom limply, Your transcendent beauty knows no bounds, pages are enough to describe it for me to send all the compliments in verse, I don’t have enough tits, tremulous expectation of delight, beyond human understanding of the threshold, there is romance of eternity, we are happy in carelessness without time and money, we see happiness in the unity of our souls, juicy lust from your bottomless beauty, infinity of aesthetics, hot lust deprives the mind, growing hunger for love passion, gives rise to dependence on your presence, sweet tenderness of infinity, in poetic, prosaic aesthetics in the features of your face, painting of passionate love, you erotic whim of body and soul desires, unity with your soul is harmony with eternity, I want to bite into your lips like sweet honey and wine, and the smell of roses, and never let you go in a kiss forever, I want my penis to get stuck in your vagina during sex, and you put me in your panties, and would carry with you like kangaroo, love you around the clock in my thoughts, dream this sexual pleasure, be faithful to you in my thoughts, tenderness connects with you, beauty manipulates erection, your beauty is a hard overdose of Viagra, life with you is a fabulous romantic erotic dream where eternity is with you paradise in bliss, moving away from you I move away from life, the meaning of life blooms in unity with you, you are the euphoria of orgasm, the skin oozes with passion for you, tears of lust I sweat from your beauty, Heavenly bliss of tenderness, in skin color, in an ocean of affection, in endless passion, I plunge into endless love for you, amazed, infected by your beauty, epic aesthetics of poetics, greatness grows in delight, I am torn from compliments for you, my love for you this is the eternal onanism of fidelity, the bottomless heat of passion heats up from you, you can dream about you and lust forever, my love fidelity is an eternal erection, inner passion in memory enhances love, you are divine sweetness, romantic joy, your charm is like a tranquilizer, like a children's toy spinning top flirting, jokes Collagen and stem cells for a birthday, well, you shouldn't And blah blah blah, what does it mean, like, and so on, you talk about my future Your stupidity is your eternal erogenous zone of enthusiasm How to meet a muscular girl? Just when you open a protein can, it's both Viagra and drugs for them. You better not make me angry, but don't wake him up as a clown No shemales are not cosplay I don't know who she slept with, what made her bikini gangrene I told her to call her because she is a muscular lady who grabbed you by the throat and took you to the second floor to give you a hickey kiss and you pissed yourself Spermotoxicosis is when you are like this, hot chick, hot chick, hot, he talked faster and faster until the sound of a microwave gin orgasm, cum in his pants Sperm embellishes the truth Have you got a naughty girlfriend? And you about your hand When did he realize he was gay? When he began to drive the poop back and forth, pulling and pulling, cut into slices An old tomograph running on a milk engine One girl says to another, he's a bore, it's like fucking a cactus How dogs get to know each other, sniff each other's anus, how straight people get acquainted in the era of trances, look into each other's panties Why didn't our planet leave the solar system? Fat people, more fat people Do you want to do a cool extreme stunt? You got F's in physics, I don't have money for your funeral, funerals are not packing for the earth What's a crisis? Your wife made fried eggs out of your eggs Death speaks to the living, aloha lohu She squeezes everything out of you all the contents between your legs, like a crazy, running washing machine, in spin mode, her passion is scary During sex, she strangles me to make me cum prematurely, it's like a cock ring for a penis Girls in a sex shop, you can try our new mechanical strap-on, the speed is slightly higher than the speed of light, a couple of people died, no one takes it even with discounts Girls whispering, watch how he looks at you straight drilling a fuck hole Why do you have a dash written over your vagina I wonder what he thinks about, how to get into his head, bring a drill, what, nothing I Menstrual turbulence zone He is so touching, yes he loves to touch women's charms No kissing a girl on the lips doesn't mean a handshake Why do you have motel written over your vagina A dildo is flying out of her vagina like a fake jar from a joke store, from which playful prank snakes fly out I blushed, sunbathed all day, you look like a shrimp, GMO mutant grown on growth hormones in a Chinese restaurant Candy is frozen colored saliva, sewer mucus In a sperm bank. No, we can’t take your sperm, even at a discount, and we don’t need a sale either, your sperm and blood do not suit us according to tests, we found a number of diseases in you Dating a girl in a growing crisis, romantic goon, dates every two months, you need to save up for a date In anal sex, you use the girl's panose as a lubricant Fashion bags and sneakers? You are a drug dealer to them They used to say banzai before they die, now they say parkour A fat man asks a thin man, why are you trembling like a washing machine in the spin mode under electricity, are you like in an electric chair, are you cold? Your teeth are chattering like ice in a glass Spumrotoxicosis? Shoot in such only with a native long tube with a tranquilizer Peacock style, not a traditional martial art orientation, and what is the point of showing the tail, front or back hairy Dildo vape tube? You smoke with your mouth and ass, the smoke is like gaseous semen Air freshener conceived for rooms, but used for cigarettes and poop She sat on you and can't get up, bring the jack He is a pickup artist his penis is a predator, his penis is his second personality, sometimes he controls himself sometimes his penis, they alternately control the body My dick don't need a valet, I'll get to know her myself Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Aphorisms In different dimensions of philosophy, its own air, discharged by the paradoxes of the time of the chaos of the subconscious, exotic illusions as the basis for the transformation of the dimension, the mystery of the world in the sensitivity of empathy of intuition, from the lower reality of materialism to the higher reality of spiritual love, the stages of insight lead to unknown paths of insight, spatial temporal perception of the philosophical worldview depends on how they see the world, people are shameless because they see the world one-sidedly, if they saw the world from different video cameras, they would see them, but they are hindered by the glaucoma of selfishness, values erased in time that degenerate into parodies of temptations, and formalities, in self-deception, people parody themselves in the contradictions of their consciousnesses compressing in the web of endless ways of future development, In the voids of inevitability, we expect the end of the joke of life, in the valleys of inevitability, we learn the secrets of philosophical lessons, the gap of multibillion-dollar variations in the formation of personality, all the false paths of the ego, like toys of the subconscious, which are childhood traumas and complexes, in infantile degradation, a distortion of the worldview is formed, a karmic time loop, on which the last hope was hung, the city as a cluster of stars in a constellation, various designs of paradoxes of illusions, as dogmas of self-deception, dead twins of personality in the soul, as a reminder of past lives, and the soul as a graveyard of personalities, unfinished dreams of egoism, Poetry You are like a treasure chest of my love, passionate values, at the sight of you, the tongue automatically licks the lips, an orgasmic massage of delight all over the body, all over the nervous system that deposits in memory and subconsciousness only you alone as the most valuable eternally beautiful pleasure lasting in my memory for auto-repeat for all eternity, time strengthens my love for you, the blooming sweetness of the moments spent with you light up the stars in my soul, these are memories, you are like a tropical fever of passion, always hot and humid, perfect to the smallest detail, where absolutely all whims are taken into account, perfectionist a masterpiece of utopia of passion, sweet to my lips, tongue, eyes, hands to lawlessness, lustful gluttony with passion for you, You are my pornographic paradise, juicy sweetness, erection joy, your beauty is an arsonist of penises, like lighters and weaving at a rock concert, orgasmic aria of delight, I sing opera like love exploding your throat, your beauty hard excites, the brain liquefies, inspires the soul, helps to live , sadistic teases and excites, with such beauty you can torture a dick with the fact that you will never get such a beauty, I want you even in a state of sleepwalking, in any state of the brain, not a single hypnosis can make my subconscious love you, it is physically impossible, and morally wrong stop loving you, your beauty is the highest stage of orgasm of bliss of delight, an incredibly higher state of love, How I love your resort intimate places your body is like a vacation in Hawaii, my passion melts steel, love cannot be hotter, endless waterfalls of lust compliments in which you shower every day in the waters of my passion in the hot springs of lust as jacuzzis bubble from falling in love, I dissolve in the depths of love, to the state of supreme bliss, I feel only you, your body and soul, I will always feel and search for you subconsciously all my lives, you are an eternal sediment of love, with weather precipitation of passion, an eternal storm of crazy passionate love, jokes You listen to your wife's whining like a vaginal tampon absorbs everything. Got herself a gigolo, a hot, passionate freeloader, whom she adopted You smell like five hundred lumberjacks I don’t know what you ate, but those guys in chemical protection still don’t calm down, they still don’t give us a house, they found what kind of life, your sub-atomic ass produces radiation Love is like waiting in line for the toilet Is it pimples or caviar It's crawling with vestigial twins like pimples How to turn everyone into vegetarians? I don't know ask zoophiles from farmers Conception is not a shooting gallery You are so pleased to give money, because of your beauty you don’t even understand what happened, like a casino machine that pleasantly cleans hope for the future Look, all credit ATMs were given pistols, yes, waste all the money, turn out your pockets, quickly, conveniently, legally, shamelessly, and most importantly, a legal way to rob, behind his wife she also has a gun, waiting for his salary, stupidity is now expensive, oh my God , she shoots at an ATM, ATM kids ran out, the children of officials will receive a little less than a billion tenge a month, oh my God, a shootout between relatives of an ATM, one ATM was transformed into a pimp robot, and the relatives of a man who was milked by an ATM and his wife, a sperm bank milking machine, ignore , otherwise they will ask for alimony, or they will take them to the gigolo farm and then they will milk our penises using special machines without porn Her silicone lips are like a hemorrhoid tumor Her silicone lips are like a pink frosted donut She dominates the relationship, uses your anus as an ashtray Your drunken husband seems to walk on glasses like shoes You are an attention donor He has a testosterone brutal voice, like a monster from a horror movie, he has three male balls, the third in his throat And then the honeymoon, he sticks a bee sting, and then he's just sorry Oh my God! So naked guys caged by a female gorilla and caged by a female panda, oh no, those are our bestiality pickups, you see human animal porn there, there's porn on TV all day, that's how we taught endangered animals to breed, we doubled the panda population , gently brought back romance and sexual relations with males of their species, the same method is planned to be used on endangered species of nations and races, we need more pickups How were you started? Let's listen to the porn dubbing of your parents' sex using this toy as an example. The cow says mu, the dog says gaff, the goat says bae, the pig says oink oink Chaste no leading to poverty or venereal yes leading to an abundance of problems, the deadly stupidity of chaos Tranquilizers of laziness helped to save Your wife found your stash of self-respect Why does it say sausage grill above your vagina A girl tells a guy: why is it written pub over your penis Always dreamed of being the icing on the cake, put another actor on, hey hey, I thought I was the icing on the cake said the guy in the cherry suit and angel wings, he was denied he runs and cries on the freeway everyone crashes cars looking at the guy in the cherry suit, friend he asks what you put on yourself, he said that it suits me, who said, languidly neighing janitor, I don’t understand the style of clothes We are already changing the fifth apartment, trollers are poltergeists Honey, we have been figuring out who is right for the fifth hour, maybe it's enough to find out who farted first and have sex You were robbed, all your money and sperm were taken from you, and these were girls, the laughing policeman laughs and says I want to take a picture with him, and why they took the sperm, no one wanted to marry one fat woman You seem to work in a women's team, so why don't you meet them? The man in the trauma center is crippled, the doctor says it means she has not had sex for a long time, this is an overabundance of her passion She demands too much sex, my balls turned into guacamole, which is basically like wasabi and pistachio ice cream, she has an insatiable taco written over her vagina, like a ride warning about throwing up and dizziness about if you constantly ride No matter how much he pays, I will pay less. You're so empty that the gym uses you as a hula hoop. Hawaiian Limbo inflation, pubic hair tug-of-war, but participants can't talk because it won't be funny, pinching a local man's coconut (penis) between boobs, but can't tell her husband because it won't be funny, aqua aerobics all the girls doing exercises in in the pool they secretly slept with a muscular tanned instructor, everyone has AIDS and all pregnant women, other venereal diseases in the pool, but you can’t talk to them because it won’t be funny, throw the ring (vagina) on a coconut stick (instructor’s penis), husbands can’t say it not funny, surfers on the wave see dolphins and sharks swimming with them, pretending to be dolphins, but you can’t talk to surfers’ husbands because the local guys won’t fall, it won’t be funny, hard Via gra in all cocktails, what’s the difference we are in Hawaii, a huge orgy about which they will tell in the news, at night drunk go swimming sharks should have three meals a day, during the day children do not swim be selfish, karaoke in a bar when everyone is drunk everyone is talented, a soundtrack is better, an orgy is shown through a helicopter, thirty minutes of video, that's how long an orgy, they don't distinguish who is what gender, they don't give a damn, they're all drunk, honey, I'm drunk, I don't understand what your mouth has been busy all day, why does your throat hurt, why is it so wide, you have a sore throat, you drank a lot of whipped cream, it is so cold, why can't you sit, these chairs are so hard, the wife says and so hard Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Aphorisms Through cognition, you can be entangled in the life path in an abundance of thoughts, if your thoughts are not good, the brain is a microchip of the universe that is transformed due to life experience, loneliness increases the abundance of various forms and perceptions of life in the laboratory of chaos experiments, reality is a hypocritical fantasy of selfishness, imagination this is also a fictional world, an escape from the selfish reality of the world of people, imagination expands the boundaries of life in denial, imagination is the corners of loneliness in which we can only imagine a better life, the molecular energy of thinking crumbles forms a rethought form of denial and renunciation of the past, a mirror labyrinth in which mirror any vicious behavior is displayed as an excuse and self-consolation and self-management of one's vices, vicious education of socialization, Vision of the world in various video effects, changing according to mood, this is the aimlessness of life, this is carelessness and an endless journey of thought in a romantic eternity, where a person is a thought that grows up and changes, and sometimes pretends to be someone to hide in the crowd, dress code thinking is a seasonal fashion self-deception, your faith still bleeds from disappointment, only after death we will gain freedom from the desires and follies of the ego, freedom from the instincts and lust for sin, the desire to hurt ourselves, in the romance of eternity, we are free from fear, the epic romance of infinity, in carelessness in depths of wisdom, in chastity from temptations, and in purity from mistakes, wisdom is chastity that will save us from meaningless paths, we know ourselves in the sincerity of intuition, careless souls illuminate the night from fears, in the light of values cold souls warm from loneliness and disappointment, The world is immersed in inevitability in carelessness, in excuses of error, and they don’t want responsibility, everything is in a hype of cultural negligence, in deceitful incorrectness, banal nonsense without color, greedy industry, strive for stupidity, assent to stupidity, the building is like rocky mountains, visible in rocky , advanced creatures, victims of pop culture, prone to animal nature, in a pandora's box, slaves of a greedy office, in a recurring clip of reincarnation, in captivity of a greedy nation, they yearn for perfectionists grace for their whims, their proud thoughts turned into sartorial sattire, parodies of ego on their weaknesses, turn them into insignificance their filth, the only joys, energy vampires who do not know the end of their greed, growing cowardice in the seven deadly sins, in different centuries, ignorance of selfishness and fictional reality on their main eyelids, through the blinds of cowardice look at the world, close the edge of the abyss in the world of blind egoists, with a low level of understanding of this world, A liar is a playwright, musical compositions of deceit, the subconscious is a TV that shows video dreams not only of this life, but of previous ones, and the next ones, sketches like degrading reincarnation franchises that give visas for living in this world, life scenarios of fate reaching to shiz, showing who we are, to sneeze at me on the opinion of onlookers, every simpleton will say stupidity, because at heart he is an insecure weakling, he thinks on the joint, if you only say bad things about others, you are a puppet hater, if you only say good things, you are a bought hypocrite, the world or the country is smartphone, we are all parts of a computer, we are slaves of pleasure, children were not advanced before, they were chaste, Highly detailed lies are the perfectionistic cowardice of pathetic selfishness, a city that grew out of childhood traumas of the subconscious, greed is a deadly stupidity that rules the world from which many can die from a funny, troll death, skyscrapers are an erection of ego, some have more, some have less , silent death in a world of indifference, from the soulless suffocation of stupidity, and miserable cowardice, insensitive vileness, the end of the world is silence from stupidity and cowardice, in the harmony of serenity the spirit of loneliness blooms, and there is no need for a prophecy that one will not leave the ship of life until the very end of the philosophical joke of fate , the thorny path of a fool, the arrogant path of a blind man, in ignorance the spirit rots, deaf without advice he will not live until dawn, The world is torn to pieces, in the impersonality of selfishness the world will plunge into the abyss of desperate hype, a fictional financial crisis is a plan to escape to the islands or another planet, the maiden memory of mankind from the very infancy of human history, everything turns into a myth over time, because we do not appreciate anything for a long time, genocide of the stupidity of egoism, ego dreams of denial, cells of temptations deprived of will, everything will be under the hypocritical control of some kind of troll, with a growing howl, fools are ready for slaughter, in a deteriorating ecology they will recognize the power of heat, in ignoring the rot of society, they will forget the lessons of adolescence, their strength logical prophecy, they will see karmic sorrows when their honors run out, their own consciences will not save, the fat layers of madness, The weak-willed will see the depths of nonsense, the egoists are too superficial, therefore they cannot lie, hatred is not sincerity towards themselves, if people do not know how to use freedom, they will drown in the madness of vices, values are like an erection, ejaculation of emotions, evacuation of feelings, excrement of fears, flowers among the ashes of illusions, the collapse of stupidity, philosophy shines with silence with the light of wisdom, everything is seen better in renunciation, the keys of DNA insight in suffering, the secrets of deep knowledge, to feel the truth with six senses of wisdom, eyes of awareness, ears of intuition, language of empathy, speech of wisdom, scent truth, the sixth sense of the harmony of the spirit, you feel not with your skin and money, but with your soul, the nervous system of the soul is in the memory bank, an explosion of awareness is created, spiritual evolution, the keys to the bottom are open to the sages, Innovations of regression, viagra of enthusiasm of trends as if from electric shock, exciting challenges of consciousness, stupidity of knowledge, heart like a donut of a black hole in space that absorbs negativity, silly fairy tales are in power emotional coloring, hints of suffering, we are partly to blame, adaptation of stupidity through advertising, they look like a sexy lady, buying in vain they endure well-deserved karma, developing emotional trauma, exaggerate, massage the drama like a gentle lady, populism is like cosmetics, she embellishes the truth, the judge is a butcher who gives everyone a piece of justice, which is a victim of society, decibels of liberated stupidity drown out the truth, the tailor ego abstractionist just indulges, his troll soul rejoices, the one who turns away from the truth is spinning around himself, Your sins humiliate only you, the ego commands the army of your internal flaws and commanders of flows and complexes, pawns of fear do not know fear, a vibrator of childhood trauma to please its own pity, in a toxic dump of propaganda, radiation ego gmo mutants grow, pop culture mestizos, propaganda is touching, business stupidity, generous deposit stinginess, buying up naivety, karma is the trophies of stupidity, subconscious inevitability, instinctively and fictitious negligence, pitiful needs that deny any responsibility, health is a dish that is eaten either too slowly or too quickly, fear is the motivator of stupidity, arrogant waterfalls of lust for themselves will flood life on earth, cynics are the most naive zombies in the world, they are asymptomatic carriers of cretinism that they saw on TV, A couple of normal activity of stupidity in people, vanity and pride is nudism of an inferiority complex, The wisdom of romance will help to see the depths of life, its refined secret hints, the grace of metaphors, the aesthetics of irony, in the paradise of lies one will see the depths of nonsense, and carelessness in illusions, the corrosion of meaning forms the grace of truth, the impersonality of lies, commercialism is a program of submission, lies of composition, in masterpieces of self-deception, a future without a plan, broken by desires, and foolishness of lust, for meaningless self-affirmations, stupidity of confirmation, a challenge of selfishness of infection, stupidity of reflection, meaningless accomplishment, puppets of cynicism are created for arrogant contempt, without insight, madness of flowering, ego of command, command, technocracy of selfishness, indifference , deceitful, greedy altruism, biotronics of the fear of mechanical egoism, Inflation is the deadly stupidity of greed, there is no female affection in the greedy world, only a warm blanket warms at night, where tears are not visible, and the pillow remembers all the cries of revelations, slept after a hard day, this is when I let it down fifteen kilos of depression poop from my soul, Poetry Your beauty excites me aggressively, infinity, eggs overflow in a split second with sperm, so much that it’s hard to walk, I have a sword sticking out on you all day, I’m overloaded with passion, I always see my happiness in you, frighteningly exciting growl of penis lust when I I see you, I dissolve in love for you, I feel you with all my heart, my penis poetizes you in the highest grandeur, glorifies you, I love you irresistibly, obsessively, incomprehensibly how beautiful you are every day, suck on your mouth like a super powerful vacuum cleaner, in eternal kiss with you, I want time to stop, a part of me is in you, we feel the meaning of life in a friend, the juicy magnetism of your beauty fascinates and pulls to the bottom of passion, the depths of love, where any uncertainties are not terrible, only love is important, You are an erotic masterpiece, a hot goddess, from you I have a brutal boner in my heart, therefore I am powerfully in love with you, my attraction to you reveals in me a true understanding of love, all the values ​​of eternity in your eyes, only your presence makes life sweet, seven senses in my body suggest that it has always been you and will always be only in my heart, these are your photos and videos in my heart, my museum of love of the true graceful values ​​of eternity, and there are not enough stars and seconds to say all the compliments to you, hot sky temptations, precipitation of passion is expected, will leave love precipitation in the soul, straighten the posture of faith in love, and the posture of the penis from excitement, unbearably and irresistibly reach out to you to drink with all my soul, the accumulated energy of love over years of loneliness into your lips, so that a particle of my love goes into yours consciousness and turned the universe upside down, in your eyes my self-knowledge through love is an endless path of the true path only with you my love is invulnerable, I reach out to you through time, nothing is like that it is important how you are my love poem of the life script filled with romance, the dilemma is destroyed, you are the queen of my sincere dreams, precipitation of tears of happiness is expected, we will go through time and through all misfortunes together, only the connection and memory between us is important, everything between us will be preserved, Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Aphorisms We are wanderers in time, a dream like an unrested soul, in a chemical laboratory of metaphors, DJ mix of truth, abstraction of pleasures, secrets of the universe in the DNA code, full activation of awareness, lost in infinity, devastated purity of consciousness, in the depths of the ocean of life, drowning in infinity , to be different, to be new, blurs into infinity like dust, we return to nature in the form of a spirit, the cold of emptiness blurs lies, humility is the deep wisdom of healing, chaos leads to endless forms of evolutionary awareness, sincerity of intuition, to amazing insights into the spiritual paths of DNA, dissolving in silence, we feel harmony with eternity, we feel an immortal state of mind, the soul moves into the depths of infinity, Philosophy flowing in the veins of memories, in the streams of time, plantations of egoism, everything that exists has turned into a commodity, marriage is the paid services of love, the second half is with you for a fee, utopia of madness, a world of paradoxical illusions that is called a paradise for selfish atheists, childish naive skepticism that denies mysticism, in the agony of vices, people see pleasure that leads to insensitivity from constant physical satisfaction from all vices, in hedonism they feel the body, but not life, high-tech, highly detailed perfectionistic laziness of egoism, narcotic pleasures from all kinds of attractions, manias, fetishes, zombied by their own egoism, correcting or ego caricaturing your personality like in photoshop, in reality, life is too painful for weak people who are becoming more and more addicts of their own illusions, personality is a system error, illusory caricatures of material values, Poems Your skin seems to exude hot juices of passion, inevitable immersion in the depths of falling in love, my hot love, immortal amorous attraction, hot sweetness of passion, I love you to infinity, hot, juicy goddess, your beauty is like pyrokinesis of passion, like cha cha cha, deep immersion in the intercourse of tango passion, sweet erotic passion of lust in love, the fetters of your charms are indestructible, so poetic is the sparkle of trembling passion in your eyes, the hot sun of love, how sweet is the moment spent with you, there is nothing sweeter than you, an immortal monument of love in the heart, in the soul I have a heart that keeps the memory of you, libraries of love poems about you, museums that show you in all forms of art, my scientifically proven love in universities about your soul and heart, the flame of passionate love that cannot be extinguished in my heart because you are priceless, I love you stubbornly, I love you alone endlessly, Lilac tenderness warms our souls, the wisdom of love touches the nerves that touch the secrets of our souls, you are like a hot sex of passion, your charms are like hot humid tropics of wild irrepressible passionate poetry of love an erotic fantasy poem, the heart, brain and penis growl from the brutal level of passion, your beauty is full sex control over my heart you have a remote control me, a full package of sex services, graceful aesthetics of seduction, when I see you I growl for no reason, orgasmic full body massage, jokes Your girlfriend never shaves, you probably comb her whole body You can't forget that guy's belly dance, you can't think of a scarier horror movie Thirty year old girl and first sex on honeymoon, you saw a shepherd dog trying to gnaw off a penis Yeah, and your wife is so fat, I'm claustrophobic. In the morning, the laziness of gravity is very heavy, the alarm clock does not help, but just infuriates On your new adult bike, a girl's bell for small children, you will not be heard when a trucker rides on you The word Muse is written on your gun We already lost one star like that, crazy fans ate it right on stage, couldn't escape After Asian cuisine, you went to the toilet well, your butt was sewn up, they wrote about you in the newspapers What did she make of your yo yo balls or wear it like earrings or throw it like a ball to her dog Eccentrics are sitting in a cafe, one says I was in a psychiatric hospital twice, the other says I was five times, the third I am ten times, the guys moved the chairs a step away from him They bought it for him, he talked all day like a cartoon who inhaled helium, there were visible eggs pulsing from terrible pain I support you in your time of need as a cup holder and using your girlfriend's vagina as a cup holder is impolite, ok I won't use a tranquilizer on her anymore, and don't use her as a chair or a footstool, a tranquilizer is bad in high doses The wife has sex with her husband too often and for a long time, she goes too far A wife is like a casino machine, this is a bank credit ATM, you deposit money, and they spend it on stupid things, you will never win anything Girl on a date: I'm a little cute panda, I'm a fat girl, boy: yes, but pandas don't like sex, fu pervert. Girl: I'm a vegetarian. The guy says to the waiter: like all meat, pick herbs and leaves in the garden, and cook Kiss this frog, suddenly turn into a princess, kissed the frog, she didn’t turn, started kissing her passionately, two weeks later she cries, she slept with another, I found them in my bed, I brought flowers, champagne, and this frog with another man I'm not good enough for her Her eyes off the safety of the gun, you better listen to her Women do everything in the dressing room toilet, this is their main abode and office, they put on makeup, talk on the phone, get sad and cry, do dubious things that they don’t talk about, the office they live in, so say goodbye to your bladder and erection Greco-Roman wrestling, seems to be how the cavemen had sex Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Fountains of orgasm from your beauty, excitement leads to a higher dimension of love, beauty that crushes any resentment and guilt, depression and greed, unbearably draws you in reality and in a dream, lovely bodily grandeur, true guise of erotic beauty, indifference to competitors, their impersonality is visible , excites obscenely, seductive difference, your beauty boomgasm (boom orgasm), one look like a policeman's order to stop moving a man's penis, fresh, juicy, sweet, shiny skin, the color of an appetizing sausage in refrigerator, I want to you with all my body and soul, the hot heat of passion devours me, hot to the point of madness, you are my passionate sweetness, erotic joy, shiveringly attracted to your infinite beauty, in careless romance I am devoted to you forever, intoxicating heat of passion, I long to know your depths beauty, in order to know your soul, in the true beauty hidden from the world, the secrets of miracles in your feelings of love, you excite you fall in love with frightening speed , you forever amaze with your beauty, and infect your mind with passion, reflect my sparkling desires, and water endless heights with my heart orgasm, even your ectoplasm is beautiful, feelings for you are beautiful and contagious, and so gratifying, I try to look smart, because being yours is vital, I love you bravely, I'm not at all afraid, The hot abyss of passion, the hot mistress of hearts, the ideal of male passions, I fall in love bottomlessly and am amazed and infected with fanaticism for your beauty, I fall incredibly in love, I am reflected in your beauty because you are an extension of me, kilograms of sperm in the eggs accumulate from your beauty, fall in love with my true reflects desires, without you the heart suffers forever, your beauty works like a vacuum pump, and when we have sex it's like a hydro pump, I stick to your beauty more and more from your infinite beauty it's harder and harder to breathe, the sweetness of skin color delights passion, the world transformed by you, the brutal excites the imagination, it infects, it charges the eggs with sperm like a hundred, so much that it's as if the veins will burst blood, the nerves tremble with beauty, like the vibrations of the message of the hundred that it's time to have sex, Your beauty drains all sources of passion, my inner world is in your power, you just stood nearby, but it seems as if you fucked with high quality, anyone will start smoking from your beauty, drive yourself crazy that you are not mine, an erection explosion will blow up the whole inner world, penis charred from your beauty, you are an aesthetic pleasure, a product of true beauty, endless lust, souls from my affection, souls from my compliments, souls from my lust, and endless attraction, you are an image not only of true beauty, but also of true happiness, you are insane lust , saliva flow, my true path is you, a poem of lyrical tenderness is a bridge leading to you, everything in me sings of you, remembers and intensifies love for you to infinity, in the love of carelessness of romance, my love is indestructible, because I appreciate it to infinity, everything my limbs reach for you, the soul crawls out of the body and wants to enter you, to know depths of beauty, Exactly right, the intuition of an erection does not fail me, it leads to marriage with you, it always turns me on, from your beauty I end for no reason, the spring breeze of tenderness, caresses the romance of your beauty to infinity, in love carelessness, we are immortal because we are together forever, your beauty caresses the spirit jokes You've got a shaped chin, you're carving wood Are you a prostitute? Your ass had a hard day Now it's fashionable to be incomprehensible Your diary is a complete diarrhea of life He thinks that he is the lord, his chick without an Adam's apple, he will not get a stick from her at home, a roar, his huckster is waiting for him on the street When the financial end of the world comes, your big ass is the first thing your close people will eat, big ass in an apple in the anus, with barbecue sauce, they will say yami, it is so big that it won't get into any stove, no, you have more half of the body will remain, this is for the winter Kidnapped by an alien, giggled and that's enough, and change the previous chip in the anus, it itches and squeaks at four thirty in the morning, remove this vibrator, what are these capsules filled with water with aliens, what are these pickled cucumbers, where is the book of complaints, my planet is a skiff, how to get a visa in your planet, can i have a sex visa for starters, don't try to disable me again through the chip in the anus, that remote is floating in the aquarium of those capsules Sex is a joystick of erogenous zones, do an orgasmic combo fatality to your girlfriend Anger is as if the soul powerfully farted in the mouth I slept as if I had dropped fifteen kilograms of poop from my soul, hmm, you lost weight I have a kilogram of burgers, and a salad, I follow the figure Do you remember that girl, she tore his whole penis to shreds with her braces when she did an aggressive blowjob, she couldn't stop, she made a cool carving with her glands I don't want to go into the kitchen? Why? There is your brother. You say that like you saw a spider in the kitchen You draw her boobs in the armpits You are constantly in trouble, you have a visa in the anus of life He went out for a walk with his son, and he was just doing circles in the yard with his son, he was just walking him like a dog Gays everywhere, save asses, hello, I want to insure my ass from attacks and damage, security will walk with you with batons and shockers, guard your ass, the security guard gives an interview well, we guard his ass, turn off the camera, turn off the camera How he gets on my nerves, he's just Mozart He stood up and showed those who were wrong the middle finger, it turned out he imagined, again imagined that you were showing them the middle finger, leave me alone, you are cool only in your imagination and from afar, for creativity you need a place at a safe distance Why did she take a picture so far away, my penis is nearsighted From growth hormones, you will not be mega-giant in size and demolish entire cities with your dick He always goes through a thorough ass check at the airport because he has a suspicious face, they stick a camera with a flashlight up his ass, they look for drugs and a bomb among the poop, and at the end they give a lollipop as an apology You have hairy boobs, look like overgrown male balls Your nose seems to have been polished with a plane, your plastic surgeon is an abstractionist, your nose is a take-off area for skiers, I have a big nose due to a cold, sinusitis potatoes You know how hard I can talk, you will shudder in your sleep, said the man who cannot bring home a hundred thousand tenge, you just watery eyes, you just ran away and cries like a baby When you sit your big ass in the seat, you turn on the emergency lights, because someone might die. Vagina in a tube, it's like a butter churn in our village You are more careful with this fat man, he has been learning to eat more since childhood. Cops in the sauna investigating a murder how could he stab him with his dick it's a powerful viagra he threatened him with a gun it stabbed that dick then he choked his ass with a fart you say he came up with a new kind of martial arts savvy As soon as he borrows a lot of money from you, he disappears. Borrow a million dollars bank for a stupid scientific project, they answer the brother tomorrow I will give it back, he runs to the helicopter with money in a suitcase, which is going to the island I can't stand it anymore, but what about the extra bonus of patience, patience on credit, this is already overtime of my patience Beautiful huh? you have mouth evacuation I almost died my whole life flashed before my eyes, the trailer was so-so, as deceitful as all the trailers, they didn’t even indicate me in the credits Motivation is like a tooth decay alarm, you only brush your teeth when your tooth hurts. Even sperm cells have a visa There are smoking booths, his fart booth business never took off. Why does a man have a beard? To pretend to be an adult Fear is like a prostate, you pee with blood from it Skinny people sex, stick rubbing His speech is mind blowing, viral stupidity He has a high acidity in his mouth, his saliva is used to make sprays of sulfuric acid for construction materials and emetic sprays for self-defense. My bladder is broken, as if a powerful jock, clenching the urinary canal with all his might In fights without rules, he drinks a lot of water so that when he is kicked in the area of ​​the bladder, he pisses himself off and they stop beating him if he loses, because they thought that he was afraid She pees, she cries Tranquilizers of laziness to make people too lazy to do stupid things So you're saying transvitivism is cosplay. Why do I need a thermos with a fingerprint function so that they can’t spit in it, you sometimes ask such stupid questions Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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