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Bobbie Lee Hartley: It's gonna be all right. We've just been waiting so long and trying so hard. Oh, it's all right Billy Joe.Billy Joe McAllister: It ain't all right! I ain't all right![long pause as Billy Joe walks a few steps away from Bobbie Lee]Billy Joe McAllister: Bobbie... I have been with a man! Did you hear me? Which is a sin against nature! A sin against God! I don't know how I could have done it, I swear! I don't know how I could be wanting you and do that.Bobbie Lee Hartley: But you were drunk. Maybe you just imagined it.Billy Joe McAllister: I didn't imagine nothing!Bobbie Lee Hartley: But you were drunk. Everyone saw how drunk you were.Billy Joe McAllister: I... I knew. I knew what was happening.Bobbie Lee Hartley: Who was it?Billy Joe McAllister: I ain't gonna say.Bobbie Lee Hartley: Why? I wish I could understand.Billy Joe McAllister: I wish I could.

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    "Adventure is worthwhile in itself"
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