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Raoul Silva: [Silva unbuttons Bond's shirt and peels back the shirt to expose the scar tissue where Bond removed the bullet] Ooh! See what she's done to you.James Bond: [suspicious] Well, she never tied me to a chair.Raoul Silva: Her loss. [Silva begins caressing Bond's neck]James Bond: Are you sure this is about M?Raoul Silva: It's about her... and you, and me. You see, we are the last two rats. We can either eat each other... mmm... or eat everyone else. [Silva strokes Bond's neck] How you're trying to remember your training now. [Silva smiles] What's the regulation to cope with this? [Silva strokes both of Bond's upper legs] Well, first time for everything. [Bond smiles] Yes?James Bond: Hm. What makes you think this is my first time?Raoul Silva: [sits back] Oh, Mr Bond.

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