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Professor Fate: What is the word for "friends"?Maggie DuBois: Professor...Professor Fate: Shut up!Max: I don't know the language.Professor Fate: Well, get the dictionary!Max: Dictionary. Right.[Max flips through the pages]Max: I got it, I got it.Professor Fate: What is it, what is it?Max: [frowns] I can't pronounce it.[Fate grabs the dictionary]Professor Fate: Very simple. Dru... Druz...Maggie DuBois: Druzya.Professor Fate: Druzya...[Fate and Max stare at Maggie]Maggie DuBois: I speak, read, and write French... Russian... and Arabic.

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    Who said: " Sometimes we need to let go of our pride, and just do what others ask of us."
    • A. Anakin Skywalker
    • B. Spider-man
    • C. Shmi Skywalker
    • D. Padme Amidala