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Moana: Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea. I am Moana of– Maui: Hero of men. Moana: [confused] W-what? Maui: It's actually "Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea, hero of men". I interrupted. From the top. "Hero of men." Go. Moana: [pause] I am Moana of– Maui: Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. "And women." "Men and women." Both. All. Not a "guy/girl" thing. You know, Maui is a hero to all. You're doing great. Moana: [pointing at Maui with her oar] What? No! I'm here to– Maui: Oh! Of course! Of course! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Maui always has time for his fans. [Maui takes Moana's oar, and pulls Heihei out of the sand. He uses Heihei's beak to sign the oar] When you use a bird to write with, it's called tweeting. [throws Heihei over his shoulder and hands the oar back to Moana] Huh? I know. Not every day you get a chance to meet your hero. [Moana, after looking at her oar, uses it to hit Maui in the gut. Maui bends over, and Moana grabs him by the ear.] Moana: You are not my hero, and I'm not here so you can sign my oar! I'm here because you stole the heart of Te Fetí... and you will board my boat and sail across the sea and put it back!

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