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Web Smith: He's guilty as hell. John Connor: Well, my dairokkan says he's not. Web Smith: I hope your intuition is right. Look, sempai, my dairokkan tells me your dairokkan wasn't why you let Eddie go. John Connor: In Japan, his father saved my life. Web Smith: And Eddie reminded you of that? John Connor: He would never remind me. It's my responsibility to remember. Web Smith: So what is all this bullshit about his father's keiretsu? John Connor: Bullshit? There's a keiretsu war going on. A Japanese corporation never stands alone. A keiretsu is a united front of hundreds of powerful companies, all acting in partnership to win. Web Smith: To win what? John Connor: Whatever's there. You ever hear "business is war"? The war is never over. Web Smith: Maybe you heard "All's fair in love and war"? John Connor: No. Web Smith: So where does that leave us? John Connor: Us? We're in the war zone.

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