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John Connor: So... what do we know now? Web Smith: Well, we know the disk was doctored here. John Connor: And we know that they know that we know. We're beating the grass to startle the snakes. Web Smith: What? Look, where are you from, sempai? Scotland Yard? John Connor: No. Scotland back yard. So how did you become the special liaison officer for Los Angeles? And uh... who is what's her name? John Connor: What you should be asking is why you and I were put together last night. Web Smith: I was on duty. Nakamoto requested you. John Connor: No, they didn't. Nakamoto is formally protesting the fact that I'm on the case. Web Smith: You're saying someone else called you in. Someone who... John Connor: Has been manipulating things. We're playing that most American of games. Web Smith: Which is what? John Connor: Catch up.

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