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Percy: Dad?Carl Casper: Yeah.Percy: You got 1,653 followers since last night.Carl Casper: Oh, is that good?Percy: It's amazing.Carl Casper: Oh, good. What does it mean?Percy: It means that 1,653 people are reading your Twitter feed.Carl Casper: Mmm-hmm. I thought it was like texting.Percy: Did you post anything since last night?Carl Casper: No.Percy: Are you sure?Carl Casper: Yeah, I just sent a private message to somebody.Percy: To who?Carl Casper: To that a-hole food critic.Percy: You can only send private messages to people who are following you. I think you might have posted that publicly.Carl Casper: No, he wrote something nasty about me and then I hit "reply" and it let me send a message to him.Percy: Dad, replies are public. Everybody can read them. And it looks like he re-tweeted it to all his 123,845 followers. And he wrote back.Carl Casper: What did he say?Percy: I don't think I should read it.Carl Casper: Just... can you read it to me, please? Read the... read the reply.Percy: [sighs] "At Chef Carl Casper, I would rather have you sit on my face after a brisk walk on a warm day than suffer through that f***ing lava cake again."Carl Casper: He wrote that to me?Percy: He wrote it to everybody.

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