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I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” (about the Great Society plan)

LBJ to two governors on Air Force One

Submitted by Bob Klahn on April 22, 2014

Modified by acronimous on May 29, 2022

Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson (August 27, 1908 - January 22, 1973), often referred to as LBJ, was the thirty-sixth President of the United States (1963-1969) and thirty-seventh Vice President of the United States (1961-1963).

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  • Sorta2022
    This is just one example of a low IQ human. It's amazing how many people we have currently in government and the justice system who say the most ignorant things. They DO the most ignorant things. And currently, we in America, don't really have any way to remove them with everything being controlled by the nefarious UN with Hilary and Obama. We're witnessing the dumbest group of individuals that use all types of condescending remarks for us. It's like watching a bunch of teenage girls with padded bras stab each other in the back. They just look stupid. 
    LikeReplyReport 14 months ago
  • Lonnie Faubion
    LOL Hell I happend to be listening at the time and know damn well he said it
    LikeReplyReport 202 years ago
    • Bob Klahn
      The only witness was a White House worker who made money off saying such things happened. The Governors never spoke of it.
      LikeReplyReport2 months ago
    • Bob Klahn
      When and where were you listening, some 50+ years ago?
      LikeReplyReport 12 months ago
  • Joe Cacamis
    Democrats like to deny he said this and say there is no proof? True, there's no document or tape of him saying it, But. The quote has been confirmed by several members of his own staff and it is well known that he used the "N" word regularly. 
    LikeReplyReport 112 years ago
    • herbertl.28644
      I am 67 years old and I heard it live on TV. Democrats all think the same thing and now they are getting smart and killing the Blacks with vaccines that are a human experiment.
      LikeReplyReport 12 months ago
  • William L Gelotte
    as sad as it is it proven true so far
    LikeReplyReport 42 years ago
  • Tom Braund Alaska
    A few years ago, I watched the video of LBJ saying to Richard Russell, "These negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference." AND "I'll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years." 
    LikeReplyReport 93 years ago
    • Eric Archer
      And i beleive it.
      LikeReplyReport 23 years ago
    • Richard Nelson Helmutt
      Eric Archer I know it's real Ive heard the Audio he had zero clue was on, recording his every word In a closed Meeting of only Democrats holding Congressional Seats, of that time.
      LikeReplyReport 92 years ago
    • Josie Bélanger
      doing research, can you please help provide info on where we can possibly locate audio of this quote? thanks
      LikeReplyReport 22 years ago
    • Tom Braund Alaska
      Josie Bélanger It's been scrubbed from the Internet; I've tried everything I know. Sorry.
      LikeReplyReport 82 years ago
    • Bob Klahn
      Which lead to the passage of the two greatest civil rights laws, and the greatest expansion of civil rights, in this country's history other than the ending of slavery itself.
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  • Barry Hirsh
    He said N*GGER. He SAID it. He was a DEMOCRAT. While it was contemporaneous, it illustrates the contempt Democrats have for blacks. Democrats think they OWE them. It's disgusting.
    LikeReplyReport 83 years ago
    • Eric Archer
      Exactly wolves in sheeps clothing.
      LikeReplyReport 43 years ago
    • Bob Klahn
      You are a fraud. Democrats and Republicans both used the term back then. Southerners, mostly. The division was not so strongly Dem or GOP, but North or South, when it came to racial issues.
      LikeReplyReport2 months ago
  • Brian Mary
    While there are records that he did use the N word, there's no record that LBJ ever said the above thing.
    LikeReplyReport 23 years ago
    • Jerry L. Moody
      I have watched the video on youtube many times I should have saved, it was on there they pulled it
      LikeReplyReport 113 years ago
    • Brian Mary
      Jerry L. Moody They pulled it, because it was a fakey faked fake. Fakers should start their own you tube They could call it "fake tube". With fakery being so popular, and essential, for the conservative movement to win, it should be very popular among them, because when you have to lie to sell what you're selling, then what you're selling, must be garbage. 
      LikeReplyReport 23 years ago
    • Jerry L. Moody
      I have watched it, it wasn’t a fake story. You should follow your own goddamn advice. Fucking chicken shit Democrats have to hide all their sins and hate
      LikeReplyReport 173 years ago
    • Jerry L. Moody
      Snopes says “unproven” that’s how liberals hide their crimes
      LikeReplyReport 123 years ago
    • Brian Mary
      Jerry L. Moody That's how truthfuls say, you can't prove a negative. There's no documentation for this fake quote, other than it being posted on this post anything, check nothing, website.
      LikeReplyReport 13 years ago
    • Jerry L. Moody
      I saw the mother fucker on YouTube it isn’t fake just offensive and against one of the left’s icons
      LikeReplyReport 33 years ago
    • Tom Braund Alaska
      Jerry L. Moody I saw that video as well. He definitely said it.
      LikeReplyReport 63 years ago
    • Tom Braund Alaska
      Jerry L. Moody Semper Fi brother! Happy Birthday (2 days late)
      LikeReplyReport 33 years ago
    • Tom Braund Alaska
      Brian Mary So you don't believe the testimony of multiple witnesses. What you say means nothing except that you're indoctrinated in how to deny truth. It was there; I saw it, many others saw it. The left pulled it because it is evidence against LBJ's evil nature and they don't like evidence stacking up that proves their evil actions. It's like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar denying it only because he doesn't want the heat coming down on him. Pitiful! 
      LikeReplyReport 62 years ago
    • Jerry L. Moody
      Thanks Tom Braund! And Semper Fi
      LikeReplyReport2 years ago
    • Richard Nelson Helmutt
      Jerry L. Moody Democrats Lie cheat and Steal and Murder is never off the Table of them holding Power, Now Soros Owns that Party a Hitler Child Convert Nazi,! And they Bankrolled His education and His startup money in America 1965. 
      LikeReplyReport 32 years ago
    • Bob Klahn
      There was no video. The politicians were too smart to say it in front of cameras.
      LikeReplyReport2 months ago
  • Robbin Smith
    And he actually said this, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1rIDmDWSms
    LikeReplyReport 104 years ago
    • Bob Klahn
      Are you sure that was his voice? It's pretty damn sure it was not on camera. I am not saying he didn't say it, I will say he manipulated Southern politicians like that all the time, all the while getting things done they did not want to do. 
      LikeReplyReport2 months ago
  • Ricky A Mackinnon
    Yes he really said it
    LikeReplyReport 84 years ago
  • James Langford
    Did he actually make this statement? It sounds lie something he might say. But what it really exposes is his "Great Society" agenda, which appears to have fulfilled the statement.
    LikeReplyReport 34 years ago
  • Wayne D. Wasion
    Whether or not he said these exact words, they are consistent with LBJ's racism and other things he said. http://www.snopes.com/lbj-voting-democratic/
    LikeReplyReport 75 years ago
  • Tom Adams
    LikeReplyReport 25 years ago
  • Bob Klahn
    I always heard that claimed to be about the voting rights act, or the civil rights act. What I have never seen is one single source given for it.
    LikeReplyReport5 years ago
  • Bob Klahn
    Just give a reference, not Kessler's book, but someone who actually heard it and said so.
    LikeReplyReport 15 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Said to two governors regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to then-Air Force One steward Robert MacMillan. As quoted in Inside the White House (1996), by Ronald Kessler, New York: Simon and Schuster, p. 33. 
      LikeReplyReport 25 years ago
    • Bob Klahn
      STANDS4 Nice...but... You have one source, Kessler's book. I asked for someone who actually heard it. Yes, HE attributed it to Robert MacMillan. Yet all we have is Kessler's claim that MacMillan told it to him. I googled Macmillan and got nothing about him other than quotes about LBJ he supposedly repeated. I don't even know if he is alive. Nothing else. 
      LikeReplyReport5 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Bob Klahn Yep, maybe that's not enough to be considered a definite fact...
      LikeReplyReport 15 years ago
    • C Portal Kim
      Bob Klahn fact is that it was no secret in Texas that LBJ was a racist.
      LikeReplyReport 44 years ago
    • Michael Dely
      Kim Luikart His voting statement of those niggers for the next 200 yrs. is factual. The audio has been cut right at the point you hear the present time audio end. As near as within one year, it has been on Facebook in full audio 
      LikeReplyReport 34 years ago
    • Bob Klahn
      Kim Luikart What he was in Texas is irrelevant to the actual point in question. It is provable that LBJ worked to bring equal rights to black people. tinyurl.com/lbjvra1965 Some people are capable of growing up. 
      LikeReplyReport3 years ago
    • Bob Klahn
      Michael Dely If it's true, show it. Why is there no report of the two governors he supposedly said it to attributing it to him?
      LikeReplyReport3 years ago
    • OBloodyhell
      The important thing is that no governors have denied he made the statement, even well after he passed away. 1 -- I'm pretty sure they've narrowed down the "two governors" to a few options, due to the need to be alone with two dem governors, during the general time when this was being pushed. 2 -- Those possible governors both passed away never having DENIED he said it in their presence, either. Given that one would think this the best thing to do if it were true -- while confirming it would be "speaking ill of the dead" -- it is particularly odd that they did not deny it, if he didn't say it. The implication is clear: He said it, no question or doubt. 
      LikeReplyReport3 months ago
    • OBloodyhell
      ASK THE OTHER WAY: Why would two democratic governors say he never said any such thing? Perhaps they were not seeking to speak ill of the dead by confirming it, but too honest to lie and say he never said it when he did. 
      LikeReplyReport3 months ago
    • Bob Klahn
      One White House worker who knew LBJ was pushing the civil rights agenda full force. What did he profit?
      LikeReplyReport2 months ago
    • Bob Klahn
      They would not know that he NEVER said any such thing. All they had to say was they did not hear him say it. LBJ was noted for spinning the Southern politicians to promote the civil rights agenda.
      LikeReplyReport2 months ago
    • Bob Klahn
      He said himself he was, until he became a teacher, teaching minority children. People who got self righteous did not accomplish much. Using the prejudice against them was a tactic. Truman grew up in a former slave state, not long after the civil war. One of the most bigoted places in the world. After WWI and WWII he had seen the heroism of black soldiers, and the violence against them when they came home. which was part of the reason he integrated the military. 
      LikeReplyReport2 months ago


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Ich werde diese Nigger für die nächsten 200 Jahre demokratisch wählen lassen. “Lyndon Baines Johnson über den großartigen Gesellschaftsplan. ungekauftes Zitat, das seit Jahren im Internet schwebt.

Tendré a esos negros votando democráticamente durante los próximos 200 años ". Lyndon baines johnson sobre el plan de la gran sociedad. Cita sin fuente flotando en internet durante años.


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