Found 1,526 movies starting with S:


S & M: Metallica with Michael Kamen Con… [1999]S Club Seeing Double [2003]
S*P*Y*S [1974]S.I.N. [2001]
S.O.B. [1981]S.W.A.T. [2003]
S1m0ne [2002]Saathiya [2002]
Sabotage [1936]Saboteur [1942]
Sabretooth [2002]Sabrina [1954]
Sabrina [1995]Sacrifice [2000/I]
Saddest Music in the World [2003]Saddle the Wind [1958]
Saddles and Sagebrush [1943]Saenghwalui balgyeon [2002]
Safe House [1998/I]Safe Men [1998]
Safe Passage [1994]Safety of Objects [2001]
Sagebrush Trail [1933]Sahara [1995]
Sahara [2005]Sahara Hare [1955]
Sailor Beware [1956]Saint [1997]
Saint in London [1939]Saint Joan [1957]
Saint of Fort Washington [1993]Saint Sinner [2002]
Saintly Sinners [1962]Saints and Sinners [1994]
Saiyûki [1994]Saiyu-ki [1960]
Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma [1976]Salem's Lot [1979]
Sally and Angela [2001]Salome [1953]
Salton Sea [2002]Salvador [1986]
Sam and Max Hit the Road [1993]Sam Peckinpah's West: Legacy of a Holly… [2004]
Sam Whiskey [1969]Sam's Song [1969]
Samantha [1992]Samantha Fox: Making Music [1987]
Samantha Mumba and Aaron Carter In Conc… [2001]Same Time, Next Year [1978]
Sammy's Dilemma [2003]Samouraï, Le [1967]
Samson and Delilah [1949]Samson and Delilah [1996]
Samurai X [1999]Samy y yo [2002]
San daikaijû: Chikyu saidai no kessen [1964]San Demetrio, London [1943]
San Francisco [1936]San Francisco Docks [1940]
San Francisco International [1970]San Giovanni - L'apocalisse [2002]
Sanam Bewafa [1991]Sand Country [2003]
Sand Pebbles [1966]Sand Trap [1998]
Sandlot [1993]Sands of Iwo Jima [1949]
Sanhedrin [2004]Sanitarium [1998]
Sans kapiyi kirinca [2005]Sans soleil [1983]
Santa Claus [1959]Santa Claus Conquers the Martians [1964]
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town [1970]Santa Claus: The Movie []
Santa Clause [1994]Santa Clause 2 [2002]
Santa Fe Saddlemates [1945]Santa Fe Trail [1940]
Santa sangre [1989]Santa with Muscles [1996]
Santee [1973]Saphead [1920]
Sapnay [1997]Saps at Sea [1940]
Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End [1999]Saratoga [1937]
Sasquatch Hunters [2005]Satan's Cheerleaders [1977]
Satan's Princess [1990]Satan's Sadists [1969]
Satanic Rites of Dracula [1974]Satisfaction [1988]
Satree lek [2000]Saturday Night and Sunday Morning [1960]
Saturday Night Fever [1977]Saturday Night Live Christmas [1999]
Saturday Night Live: 25th Anniversary [1999]Saturday Night Live: Game Show Parodies [1999]
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam S… [1999]Saturday Night Live: The Best of Cheri … [2004]
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris … [1998]Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris … [1999]
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dana C… [1999]Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie … [1998]
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Mike M… [1998]Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil H… [1998]
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Steve … [1999]Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will F… [2002]
Saturday the 14th [1981]Saturday's Children [1940]
Saturn 3 [1980]Saturnin [1994]
Satyricon [1969]Savage Beach [1989]
Savage Frontier [1953]Savage Garden: Superstars and Cannonbal… [2000]
Savage Honeymoon [2000]Savage Intruder [1969]
Savage Island [2003]Savage Roses [2002]
Savage Sisters [1974]Savage Streets [1984]
Savannah Smiles [1982]Save the Last Dance [2001]
Save the Tiger [1973]Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas [1994]
Saved! [2004]Saving Grace [2000]
Saving Private Ryan [1998]Saving Silverman [2001]
Savior [1998]Saw [2004]
Saw 3D [2010]Saw II [2005]
Saw III [2006]Saw IV [2007]
Saw V [2008]Saw VI [2009]
Say Anything... [1989]Say It Isn't So [2001]
Say One for Me [1959]Saying Goodbye [2004]
Sayonara [1957]Sällskapsresan [1980]
Sånger från andra våningen [2000]Såsom i en spegel [1961]
Sökarna [1993]Scalphunters [1968]
Scam Artist [2004]Scandal [1989]
Scandal at Scourie [1953]Scandal Sheet [1952]
Scandal: The Big Turn On [2000]Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann St… [1998]
Scanners [1981]Scanners II: The New Order [1991]
Scarecrow [1973]Scarecrow [1920]
Scared Stiff [1953]Scared Straight! [1978]
Scared to Death [1947]Scaredy Cat [1948]
Scarface [1932]Scarface [1983]
Scarlet Claw [1944]Scarlet Clue [1945]
Scarlet Diva [2000]Scarlet Empress [1934]
Scarlet Letter [1995]Scarlet Pimpernel [1934]
Scarlet Pimpernel [1982]Scarlet Pimpernel [1987]
Scarlet Pumpernickel [1950]Scarlet Street [1945]
Scars of Dracula [1970]Scary Movie [2000]
Scary Movie 2 [2001]Scary Movie 3 [2003]
Scary Movie 4 [2006]Scary Tales [2001]
Scavenger Hunt [1979]Scene of the Crime [1949]
Scene Smoking: Cigarettes, Cinema & the… [2001]Scener ur ett äktenskap [1973]
Scenes from a Mall [1991]Scenes from the Class Struggle in Bever… [1989]
Scent of a Woman [1992]Scheibenwischer-Finale [2003]
Schindler's List [1993]Schizopolis [1996]
Schlock [1973]School Daze [1988]
School for Scoundrels or How to Win Wit… [1960]School of Life [2005]
School of Rock [2003]School Ties [1992]
School's Out [1991]Schreckliche Mädchen, Das [1990]
Schtick Happens [2002]Schuh des Manitu, Der [2001]
Schultze Gets the Blues [2003]Scontri stellari oltre la terza dimensi… [1979]
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed [2004]Scooby-Doo [2002]
Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders [2000]Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers [1987]
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island [1998]Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem [2004]
Scorched [2003/I]Score [1973]
Score [2001]Scorn [2000]
Scorned [1994]Scorpio [1973]
Scorpion King [2002]Scotland, Pa. [2001]
Scott Joplin [1977]Scott of the Antarctic [1948]
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [2010]Scottish Tale [1996]
Scoundrel [1935]Scout [1994]
Scram! [1932]Scrap Happy Daffy [1943]
Scream [1996]Scream 2 [1997]
Scream 3 [2000]Scream 4 [2011]
Scream and Scream Again [1969]Scream Blacula Scream [1973]
Scream Bloody Murder [2003]Scream Queen Hot Tub Party [1991]
Scream Team [2002]Screamers [1995]
Screen Door Jesus [2003]Screwed [2000]
Screwy Truant [1945]Scribe [1997]
Scrooge [1951]Scrooge [1970]
Scrooged [1988]Scum [1979]
Se sei vivo spara [1967]Se7en [1995]
Sea Legs [2003]Sea of Grass [1947]
Sea Scouts [1939]Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calc… [1980]
Seabiscuit [2003]SeaQuest DSV [1993]
Search and Destroy [1995]Search for One-eye Jimmy [1994]
Searchers [1956]Searching for Bobby Fischer [1993]
Searching for David's Heart [2004]Searching for Debra Winger [2002]
Season for Miracles, A [1999]Season on the Brink, A [2002]
Second Best [1994]Second Chance [1953]
Second Civil War [1997]Second Coming [2003]
Second Renaissance Part II [2003]Second Sight [1989]
Second Sight [2004]Second Woman [1951]
Secondhand Lions [2003]Seconds [1966]
Secret Admirer [1985]Secret Agent [1936]
Secret Agent [1996]Secret Garden [1987]
Secret Garden [1993]Secret Life of Ian Fleming [1990]
Secret Life of Walter Mitty [1947]Secret Lives of Dentists [2002]
Secret of Monkey Island [1990]Secret of My Succe$s [1987]
Secret of NIMH [1982]Secret of the Andes [1999]
Secret of the Sword [1985]Secret Paths in the Forest [1997]
Secret Policeman's Ball [1981]Secret Policeman's Biggest Ball [1989]
Secret Window [2004]Secretary [2002]
Secreto de Esperanza, Un [2002]Secrets [1992/I]
Secrets & Lies [1996]Sedona: The Spirit of Wonder [1998]
See Arnold Run [2005]See China and Die [1981]
See Jane Date [2003]See No Evil, Hear No Evil [1989]
See Spot Run [2001]Seed of Chucky [2004]
Seein' Red, White 'n' Blue [1943]Seekers of the Statue [2003]
Seizure [1974]Sejer - Djevelen holder lyset [2002]
Selected Exits [1993]Selena [1997]
Self Medicated [2005]Semi-Pro [2008]
Semi-Tough [1977]Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi [2001]
Send Me No Flowers [1964]Sengoku musou [2004]
Senior Trip [1995]Sennen joyu [2001]
Sensation Hunters [1933]Sense and Sensibility [1995]
Sense of Entitlement, A [2000]Senseless [1998]
Separate Peace, A [1972]Separate Tables [1958]
Seppuku [1962]September [1987]
Serendipity [2001]Serenity [2005]
Sergeant Matlovich Vs. the U.S. Air For… [1978]Sergeant York [1941]
Serial [1980]Serial Killer, O [2004]
Serial Killing 4 Dummys [2004]Serial Mom [1994]
Series 7: The Contenders [2001]Serpent and the Rainbow [1988]
Serpent's Kiss [1997]Serpico [1973]
Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Camm… [1995]Serving Sara [2002]
Sesame Street Special [1988]Session 9 [2001]
Set It Off [1996]Set-Up [1949]
Seul contre tous [1998]Sev Trek: Pus in Boots [2002]
Seven [1979]Seven Brides for Seven Brothers [1954]
Seven Chances [1925]Seven Days in May [1964]
Seven Days to Live [2000]Seven Sinners [1940]
Seven Up! [1964]Seven Waves Away [1957]
Seven Ways from Sundown [1960]Seven Year Itch [1955]
Seven Years in Tibet [1997]Seven-Per-Cent Solution [1976]
Seventeen Again [2000]Seventh Coin [1993]
Seventh Sign [1988]Sex 'n' Death [1999]
Sex and the City: The Movie []Sex Drive [2008]
Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched [2000]Sex Is Comedy [2002]
Sex Kittens Go to College [1960]Sex Up - Jungs haben's auch nicht leicht [2003]
Sex, Lies, and Videotape [1989]Sexaholix: A Love Story [2002]
Sexbomb [1989]Sexo, pudor y lágrimas [1999]
Sextette [1978]Sexual Outlaws [1994]
Sexy Beast [2000]SF Shinseiki Lensman [1984]
SF: Episode One [1998]Sfida dei MacKenna, La [1970]
Sgt. Bilko [1996]Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. [1991]
Sha sha ren, tiao tiao miu [1998]Shack Out on 101 [1955]
Shackleton [2002]Shade [2003]
Shadow [1994]Shadow Builder [1998]
Shadow Conspiracy [1997]Shadow Fury [2001]
Shadow Hours [2000]Shadow Men [1998]
Shadow of a Doubt [1943]Shadow of a Doubt [1991]
Shadow of Chinatown [1936/I]Shadow of Doubt [1998]
Shadow of Fear [2004]Shadow of the Thin Man [1941]
Shadow of the Vampire [2000]Shadow of the Wolf [1992]
Shadow on the Land [1968]Shadow Warrior [1997]
Shadowlands [1993]Shadows and Fog [1992]
Shadows in the Storm [1988]Shadrach [1998]
Shaft [1971]Shaft [2000]
Shaft in Africa [1973]Shaft's Big Score [1972]
Shaft's Big Score! [1972]Shag [1989]
Shahenshah [1988]Shakedown [1988]
Shakes the Clown [1992]Shakespeare in Love [1998]
Shakespeare... In and Out [1999]Shakiest Gun in the West [1968]
Shakma [1990]Shakti [1982]
Shall We Dance [1937]Shall We Dance [2004]
Shall we dansu? [1996]Shallow Grave [1994]
Shallow Hal [2001]Shampoo [1975]
Shane [1953]Shangani Patrol [1970]
Shanghai Express [1932]Shanghai Gesture [1941]
Shanghai Knights [2003]Shanghai Noon [2000]
Shannon's Deal [1989]Shao Lin men [1976]
Shao Lin ta peng hsiao tzu [1980]Shape of Things [2003]
Shark Attack 2 [2001]Shark rosso nell'oceano [1984]
Shark Tale [2004]Sharky's Machine [1981]
Sharpe's Battle [1995]Sharpe's Company [1994]
Sharpe's Eagle [1993]Sharpe's Enemy [1994]
Sharpe's Gold [1995]Sharpe's Honour [1994]
Sharpe's Mission [1996]Sharpe's Revenge [1997]
Sharpe's Rifles [1993]Sharpe's Siege [1996]
Sharpe's Sword [1995]Shatter Dead [1994]
Shattered [1991]Shattered Glass [2003]
Shaun of the Dead [2004]Shaved and Dangerous [1992]
Shawshank Redemption [1994]She [1935]
She [1985]She Done Him Wrong [1933]
She Gets Her Man [1945]She Wore a Yellow Ribbon [1949]
She xing diao shou [1978]She's All That [1999]
She's Gotta Have It [1986]She's Having a Baby [1988]
She's Out of Control [1989]She's Out of My League [2010]
She's So Lovely [1997]She's the Man [2006]
She's the One [1996]She's Too Young [2004]
She's Working Her Way Through College [1952]She-Devil [1989]
Sheepman [1958]Sheer Passion [1998]
Sheik [1921]Shell Game [1975]
Sheltering Sky [1990]Shen mue [1999]
Shen mue II [2001]Shenandoah [1965]
Sheriff of Cimarron [1945]Sheriff of Tombstone [1941]
Sherlock Holmes [2009]Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Sil… [2004]
Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear [1945]Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon [1943]
Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman [1944]Sherlock Holmes Faces Death [1943]
Sherlock Holmes in Washington [1943]Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows [2011]
Sherman's March [1986]Shi mian mai fu [2004]
Shichinin no samurai [1954]Shiloh [1996]
Shin chôjin densetsu Urotsukidôji… [1993]Shin Kyûteî Hanî [1994]
Shin sangoku musou 3 [2003]Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Ai… [1997]
Shine [1996]Shiner [2004]
Shining [1980]Shining Through [1992]
Shining Time Station Christmas: 'Tis a … [1990]Shinpi no sekai Eru Hazâdo [1995]
Shipping News [2001]Shirley Valentine [1989]
Shishkabugs [1962]Shivers [1975]
Shock 'Em Dead [1991]Shock Corridor [1963]
Shock to the System, A [1990]Shock Treatment [1981]
Shocker [1989]Shoes of the Fisherman [1968]
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division [1998]Shogun [1980/I]
Sholay [1975]Shoot 'Em Up [2007]
Shoot to Kill [1947]Shoot to Kill [1988]
Shooter [2001]Shooters [2002]
Shootie Hill [2001]Shooting 'Panic Room' [2004]
Shooting Fish [1997]Shooting of Dan McGoo [1945]
Shooting Party [1985]Shootist [1976]
Shop Around the Corner [1940]Shopping [1994]
Short [1999]Short Circuit [1986]
Short Circuit 2 [1988]Short Cut to Hell [1957]
Short Cuts [1993]Shot in the Dark, A [1964]
Shot in the Pink, A [1995]Shout [1991]
Show [2002/I]Show Biz Bugs [1957]
Show Boat [1936]Show Boat [1951]
Show Business [1944]Show Me Your Tattoo [1999]
Showdown [1942]Showdown [1993/I]
Showdown in Little Tokyo [1991]Showgirls [1995]
Showtime [2002]Shrek [2001]
Shrek 2 [2004]Shrek 4-D [2003]
Shrek Forever After [2010]Shrek the Third [2007]
Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Frid… [2000]Shriek of the Mutilated [1974]
Shrimp on the Barbie [1990]Shrink Is In [2001]
Shrunken Heads [1994]Shu dan long wei [1995]
Si wang ta [1981]Sibling Rivalry [1990]
Sid and Nancy [1986]Sid the Sexist [1992]
Sidekicks [1974]Sidekicks [1992]
Sideline Secrets [2004]Sidewalk Soldiers [2002]
Sidewalks of New York [2001]Sideways [2004]
Siebtelbauern, Die [1998]Siege [1998]
Siege of Firebase Gloria [1989]Sight for Sore Eyes, A [2004]
Sightlines [2002]Sign of Four [1987]
Sign of the Cross [1932]Signs [2002]
Signs of Life [1989]Silence of the Lambs [1991]
Silent Amy [2004]Silent Bomber [1999]
Silent Hill [1999]Silent Hill 2 [2001]
Silent Hill 3 [2003]Silent Hill 4: The Room [2004]
Silent Hunter [1995]Silent Movie [1976]
Silent Night [2002]Silent Night, Deadly Night [1984]
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 [1987]Silent Rage [1982]
Silent Running [1972]Silent Tongue [1994]
Silent Trigger [1996]Silenzio dei prosciutti, Il [1994]
Silk Stockings [1957]Silkwood [1983]
Silo Killer [2002]Silver Bullet [1985]
Silver Chair [1990]Silver Chalice [1954]
Silver Horde [1930]Silver Linings Playbook [2012]
Silver Star [1955]Silver Strand [1995]
Silver Streak [1976]Silverado [1985]
Simón del desierto [1965]Simisola [1996]
Simon and Garfunkel: The Concert in Cen… [1982]Simon and Laura [1955]
Simon Birch [1998]Simon Magus [1999/I]
Simon Sez [1999]Simon the Sorcerer [1993]
Simple Men [1992]Simple Plan, A [1998]
Simple Twist of Fate, A [1994]Simple Wish, A [1997]
Simply Irresistible [1999]Simpsons Christmas Special [1989]
Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants [1991]Simpsons: Hit & Run [2003]
Simpsons: Road Rage [2001]Sin [2003/I]
Sin City [2005]Sin noticias de Dios [2001]
Sinatra [1992]Sinbad of the Seven Seas [1989]
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas [2003]Since You've Been Gone [1998]
Sing Me a Love Song [1937]Sing Your Way Home [1945]
Sing yuet tung wa [1999]Sing, Cowboy, Sing [1937]
Singapore [1947]Singin' in the Rain [1952]
Singing Detective [2003]Single Girls [1974]
Single White Female [1992]Singles [1992]
Singles Ward [2002]Sinistar [1982]
Sinister Urge [1961]Sink the Bismarck! [1960]
Sinners in Paradise [1938]Sins of the Night [1993]
Sir Henry at Rawlinson End [1980]Sirène du Mississipi, La [1969]
Sirens [1994]Sis Hopkins [1941]
Sista paret ut [1956]Sista yankeen, Den [1997]
Sister Act [1992]Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit [1993]
Sisters [1973]Sisters of Death [1977]
Siu lam juk kau [2001]Six Black Horses [1962]
Six Bridges to Cross [1955]Six Days Seven Nights [1998]
Six Degrees of Separation [1993]Six-String Samurai [1998]
Sixteen Candles [1984]Sixth Man [1997]
Sixth Scent [1999]Sixth Sense [1999]
Size of Watermelons [1996]Sjunde inseglet, Det [1957]
Skarby ukryte z cyklu 'Opowiesci weeken… [2000]Skegs & Skangers [2002]
Skeletons [1996]Sketch Artist II: Hands That See [1995]
Ski Patrol [1990]Ski School [1991]
Ski School 2 [1995]Skin Deep [1989]
Skins [2002]Skipped Parts [2000]
Skulhedface [1994]Skullduggery [1970]
Skullmonkeys [1997]Skulls [2000]
Skulls II [2002]Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow [2004]
Sky High [2003/II]Skydivers [1963]
Skyscraper [1997]Skyscraper Souls [1932]
Skyward [1980]Slaba wiara z cyklu 'Opowiesci weekendo… [1996]
Slacker [1991]Slackers [2002]
Slam [1998]Slam Dance [1987]
Slap Her She's French []Slap Shot [1977]
Slapstick [Of Another Kind]Slaughter of the Innocents [1994]
Slaughter Trail [1951]Slaughter's Big Rip-Off [1973]
sLaughterhouse II [1988]Slaughterhouse-Five [1972]
Slaves of Hollywood [1999]Slay It with Flowers [1943]
Slayers: The Motion Picture [1995]Slayground [1983]
SLC Punk! [1999]Sleep Police [2005]
Sleep with Me [1994]Sleepaway Camp [1983]
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers [1988]Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland [1989]
Sleeper [1973]Sleepers [1996]
Sleeping Beauty [1959]Sleeping Beauty [1987]
Sleeping Murder [1987]Sleeping Tiger [1954]
Sleeping with the Enemy [1991]Sleepless in Seattle [1993]
Sleepstalker [1995]Sleepwalkers [1992]
Sleepy Hollow [1999]Sleepy Hollow High [2000]
Sleepyhead [2000]Sleuth [1972]
Slick Hare [1947]Sliders [1995]
Sliding Doors [1998]Slight Case of Murder, A [1938]
Slight Case of Murder, A [1999]Slim [1937]
Sling Blade [1996]Slingshot [2005]
Slipper and the Rose [1976]Slipping-Down Life, A [1999]
Slipstream [1989]Slipstream [2005]
Slugger's Wife [1985]Slugs, muerte viscosa [1988]
Slumber Party Massacre [1982]Slumber Party Massacre II [1987]
Slumdog Millionaire [2008]Slums of Beverly Hills [1998]
Sluzhebnyy roman [1977]Sluzhili dva tovarishcha [1968]
Sly 2: Band of Thieves [2004]Smala Sussie [2003]
Small Back Room [1949]Small Faces [1996]
Small Soldiers [1998]Small Time Crooks [2000]
Small Town Girl [1936]Smart House [1999]
Smartest Girl in Town [1936]Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman [1947]
Smashing the Rackets [1938]Smashing Time [1967]
Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine, A [1966]Smile [1975]
Smile Like Yours, A [1997]Smilin' Through [1941]
Smiling Lieutenant [1931]Smilla's Sense of Snow [1997]
Smithy [1924]Smoke [1995]
Smoke Signals [1998]Smokers [2000]
Smokey and the Bandit [1977]Smokey and the Bandit II [1980]
Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 [1983]Smokin' Aces [2006]
Smoky Canyon [1952]Smultronstället [1957]
Smurfs and the Magic Flute [1983]Snake Eater [1989]
Snake Eyes [1998]Snake Tales [2000]
Snakeskin [2001]Snapper [1993]
Snapshot [2004/I]Snatch []
Snatch. [2000]Snatcher CD-ROMantic [1992]
Sneakers [1992]Sniper [1993]
Sniper 2 [2002]Sniper 3 [2004]
Sniper's Ridge [1961]Snoopy Come Home [1972]
Snoopy, Come Home []Snow Day [2000]
Snow Dogs [2002]Snow Falling on Cedars [1999]
Snow Queen [2002]Snow White [1988]
Snow White [2001]Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [1937]
Snow White: A Tale of Terror [1997]Snowbeast [1977]
Snowed Under [1936]Snowriders [1996]
Snuff [1976]So Dark the Night [1946]
So Evil My Love [1948]So Fine [1981]
So Happy Together [2003]So I Married an Axe Murderer [1993]
So Proudly We Hail! [1943]So This Is Africa [1933]
So This Is Paris [1926/II]So, What's In Jericho? [1999]
Soak the Rich [1936]Soapdish [1991]
Society Doctor [1935]Sock-a-Bye Baby [1942]
Soeurs fâchées, Les [2004]Soft Beds, Hard Battles [1974]
Sol Goode [2001]Solaris [2002]
Soldaat van Oranje [1977]Soldati, I [2002]
Soldier [1998]Soldier [2003]
Soldier in the Rain [1963]Soldier's Girl [2003]
Soldier's Story, A [1984]Sole Survivor [1983]
Solid Gold Cadillac [1956]Soliloquy [2003]
Solitaire [1996]Solitude [2001/I]
Solo [1996]Solomon and Gaenor [1999]
Solomon and Sheba [1959]Solyaris [1972]
Some Came Running [1958]Some Girl [1998]
Some Girls [1988]Some Kind of Wonderful [1987]
Some Like It Hot [1959]Some More of Samoa [1941]
Some Mother's Son [1996]Some Voices [2000]
Somebody Killed Her Husband [1978]Someone Else's America [1995]
Someone Like You... [2001]Someone to Die For [1995]
Something Big [1971]Something Evil [1972]
Something for the Boys [1944]Something the Lord Made [2004]
Something to Talk About [1995]Something Wicked This Way Comes [1983]
Something Wild [1961]Something Wild [1986]
Something's Gotta Give [2003]Sometimes in April [2005]
Sometimes They Come Back [1991]Sometimes They Come Back... Again [1996]
Somewhere in Time [1980]Sommarnattens leende [1955]
Sommersturm [2004]Son in Law [1993]
Son of Flubber [1963]Son of Frankenstein [1939]
Son of Kong [1933]Son of Monte Cristo [1940]
Son of the Border [1933]Son of the Mask [2005]
Sonatine [1993]Song of Bernadette [1943]
Song of Songs [1933]Song of the Gringo [1936]
Song of the Islands [1942]Song of the Range [1944]
Song of the South [1946]Song to Remember, A [1945]
Songcatcher [2000]Sonic Adventure [1998]
Sonic Adventure 2 [2001]Sonic CD [1993]
Sonic Heroes [2003]Sonic Shuffle [2000]
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie [1999]Sono otoko, kyobo ni tsuki [1989]
Sons of Katie Elder [1965]Sons of the Desert [1933]
Sons of the Pioneers [1942]Sooner or Later [1979]
Sophie's Choice [1982]Sorcerer [1977]
Sorceress [1995]Sordid Lives [2000]
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-… [1988]Sorority Boys [2002]
Sorority House Massacre II [1990]Sorrowful Jones [1949]
Sorry, Wrong Number [1948]Soul Calibur II [2003]
Soul Food [1997]Soul Man [1986]
Soul Mates [2004]Soul Plane [2004]
Soul Survivors [2001]Soultaker [1990]
Sound and the Fury [1959]Sound of Music [1965]
Sound Test for Blackmail [1929]Soup or Sonic [1980]
Sour Grapes [1998]Sous le sable [2000]
South Central [1992]South Pacific [1958]
South Park [1998]South Park Rally [1999]
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut [1999]South Sea Sinner [1950]
South Sea Woman [1953]Southern Comfort [1981]
Southern Comfort [2001]Southern Redemption Part 1: From Midnig… [2004]
Southland Tales [2006]Soylent Green [1973]
Space Banda [2001]Space Chimps [2008]
Space Cowboys [2000]Space Freaks from Planet Mutoid [1998]
Space Is the Place [1974]Space Jam [1996]
Space Mutiny [1988]Space Raiders [1983]
Space Truckers [1996]Spaceballs [1987]
SpaceCamp [1986]Spaced Invaders [1990]
Spaced Out Bunny [1980]Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidde… [1983]
Spaceman and King Arthur [1979]Spalding Gray: Terrors of Pleasure [1988]
Spanglish [2004]Spanish Judges [1999]
Spanish Main [1945]Spanish Prisoner [1997]
Spank [2003]Sparkler [1997]
Sparky [2003]Spartacus [1960]
Spartacus [2004]Spartan [2004]
Spawn [1997]Spawn of the North [1938]
Speakeasy [2002]Speaking of Sex [2001]
Special Bulletin [1983]Special Effects [1984]
Specialist [1994]Specials [2000]
Species [1995]Species II [1998]
Species III [2004]Specter of the Rose [1946]
Spectre [1977]Speechless [1994]
Speed [1994]Speed 2: Cruise Control [1997]
Speed Zone! [1989]Speedway Junky [1999]
Spellbound [1945]Spellbound [2002/II]
Spencer's Mountain [1963]Spend Spend Spend [1977]
Spenser: A Savage Place [1995]Spenser: Ceremony [1993]
Spenser: Pale Kings and Princes [1994]Spenser: Small Vices [1999]
Sphere [1998]Spice World [1997]
Spider [2002]Spider Baby, or The Maddest Story Ever … [1968]
Spider-Man [2000]Spider-Man [2002]
Spider-Man [2002/II]Spider-Man 2 [2004]
Spider-Man 2 [2004/II]Spider-Man 3 [2007]
Spiders [2000]Spies [1943]
Spies Like Us [1985]Spikes Gang [1974]
Spin [1995]Spin Jam [2000]
Spin the Bottle [2000]Spina dorsale del diavolo, La [1971]
Spinning Gasing [2000]Spinout [1966]
Spiral Staircase [1946]Spirit of '43 [1943]
Spirit of '76 [1917]Spirit of '76 [1990]
Spirit of Christmas [1992]Spirit of Christmas [1995]
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron [2002]Spitfire [1934]
Spitfire Grill [1996]Spivs [2004]
Splash [1984]Splinter Cell [2002]
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory [2005]Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow [2004]
Split [1989]Split [1968]
Split Infinity [1992]Split Second [1953]
Split Second [1992]Splitting Heirs [1993]
Spoilers [1942]Spoilers of the Plains [1951]
SpongeBob SquarePants Movie [2004]SpongeBob Squarepants Movie [2004/II]
Spook Louder [1943]Spook Who Sat by the Door [1973]
Spookies [1987]Spooks [1931]
Spooky House [2000]Spooky House [2003]
Spotless [2005]Spotswood [1992]
Spring Break [1983]Springtime in the Rockies [1937]
Sprung [1997]Spun [2002]
Spy Game [2001]Spy Groove [2000]
Spy Hard [1996]Spy in Black [1939]
Spy Kids [2001]Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams [2002]
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over [2003]Spy Who Came In from the Cold [1965]
Spy Who Loved Me [1977]Spycraft: The Great Game [1996]
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! [1999]Spyro the Dragon [1998]
Spyro: Year of the Dragon [2000]Square Dance Jubilee [1949]
Squartatore di New York, Lo [1982]Squaw Man [1914]
Squeeze [1977]Squirm [1976]
St. Elmo's Fire [1985]St. Francisville Experiment [2000]
St. Helens [1981]St. Ives [1999]
St. Louis Blues [1958]St. Valentine's Day Massacre [1967]
Stag [2001]Stage Beauty [2004]
Stage Door [1937]Stage Fright [1950]
Stagecoach [1939]Stagecoach to Denver [1946]
Staggered [1994]Stakeout [1987]
Stalag 17 [1953]Stalin [1992]
Stalingrad [1993]Stalking of Laurie Show [2000]
Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters, and Marve… [2002]Stand and Deliver [1988]
Stand at Apache River [1953]Stand by Me [1986]
Stand Up, Nigel Barton [1965]Stand-In [1937]
Stander [2003]Stanley & Iris [1990]
Stanley and Livingstone [1939]Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures [2001]
Star [1982]Star [1952]
Star 80 [1983]Star Chamber [1983]
Star Force: Fugitive Alien II [1986]Star Fox 64 [1997]
Star Fox Adventures [2002]Star Fox Assault [2005]
Star in the Dust [1956]Star Is Bored, A [1956]
Star Is Born, A [1937]Star of Christmas [2002]
Star Packer [1934]Star Spangled Girl [1971]
Star Spangled Rhythm [1942]Star Struck [1994/I]
Star Tours [1987]Star Trek [2009]
Star Trek Generations []Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [1982]
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock [1984]Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home [1986]
Star Trek Nemesis []Star Trek V: The Final Frontier [1989]
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country [1991]Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force [2000]
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Enhanced [1992]Star Trek: A Captain's Log [1994]
Star Trek: Borg [1996/I]Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Emissary [1993]
Star Trek: First Contact [1996]Star Trek: Generations [1994]
Star Trek: Insurrection [1998]Star Trek: Judgment Rites [1994]
Star Trek: Nemesis [2002]Star Trek: The Cage [1966]
Star Trek: The Motion Picture [1979]Star Trek: The Next Generation - All Go… [1994]
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encoun… [1987]Star Trek: The Next Generation: Interac… [1995]
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan [1982]Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before [1966]
Star Wars [1977]Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace []
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clo… []Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the S… []
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope []Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes… []
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi []Star Wars Holiday Special [1978]
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter [2002]Star Wars: Demolition [2000]
Star Wars: Episode I - Racer [1999]Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Mena… [1999]
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Mena… [1999/II]Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the C… [2002]
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the… [2005]Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strik… [1980]
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the J… [1983]Star Wars: Force Commander [2000]
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II [1997]Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy [2003]
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of t… [1998]Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast [2002]
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [2003]Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic … [2004]
Star Wars: Republic Commando [2005]Star Wars: Starfighter [2001]
Star Wars: The Clone Wars [2008]Star Wars: Tie Fighter Collector's CD-R… [1995]
StarCraft [1998]StarCraft Expansion Set: Brood War [1998]
Stardust [1974]Stardust Memories [1980]
Stargate [1994]Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods [1997]
Stark [1993]Stark Raving Mad [2002]
Starman [1984]Stars Look Down [1940]
Starship Titanic [1998]Starship Troopers [1997]
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federa… [2004]Starsky & Hutch [2004]
Starsky and Hutch []Starstruck [1982]
Start the Revolution Without Me [1970]Starving Artists [1997]
State and Main [2000]State buoni... se potete [1983]
State Fair [1945]State of Emergency [1994]
State of Grace [1990]State of Nature [1998]
State of the Union [1948]State Property [2002]
Stateside [2004]Station Agent [2003]
Station Jim [2001]Statsministerens nytårstale [2000]
Stay Alive [2006]Stay Away, Joe [1968]
Stay Tuned [1992]Staying Alive [1983]
Stöned Age [1994]Største helte, De [1996]
Steaks [2000]Steal Big Steal Little [1995]
Stealaway [2005]Stealing Beauty [1996]
Stealing Harvard [2002]Stealing Home [1988]
Stealth Fighter [1999]Steel [1980]
Steel [1997]Steel and Lace [1991]
Steel Helmet [1951]Steel Magnolias [1989]
Stella Maris [1918]Stella Shorts 1998-2002 [2002]
Step Brothers [2008]Step Up [2006]
Stepfather [1987]Stepford Wives [1975]
Stepford Wives [2004]Stephen King []
Stepmom [1998]Steve Martin: A Wild and Crazy Guy [1978]
Steve Martin: Comedy Is Not Pretty [1980]Steven Spielberg's Movie [2001]
Stickmen [2001]Sticky Fingers [1988]
Sticky Fingers of Time [1997]Stiff Upper Lips [1998]
Stigmata [1999]Still Breathing [1997]
Still Crazy [1998]Still Not Quite Human [1992]
Still of the Night [1982]Still Smokin [1983]
Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Mo… [2004]Sting [1973]
Stir Crazy [1980]Stir of Echoes [1999]
Stitch in Time, A [1963]Stitch! The Movie [2003]
Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator [2002]Stolen Babies [1993]
Stolen Harmony [1935]Stolen Hearts [1997]
Stolen Summer [2002]Stomp! Shout! Scream! [2005]
Stone [1974]Stone Cold [1991/I]
Stone Cold [2005]Stone Tape [1972]
Stonewall [1995]Stop Making Sense [1984]
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot [1992]Stormswept [1995]
Story [2003]Story of Alexander Graham Bell [1939]
Story of David [1976]Story of David, A [1960]
Story of G.I. Joe [1945]Story of Mankind [1957]
Story of Temple Drake [1933]Story of Us [1999]
Story to Frighten the Children, A [1976]Story, A [1987]
Storytelling [2001]Storyville [1992]
Strada principale [2001]Strada, La [1954]
Straight Out of Brooklyn [1991]Straight Story [1999]
Straight Talk [1992]Stranded [1987]
Stranded [2002]Strange Brew []
Strange Cargo [1940]Strange Case of the End of Civilization… [1977]
Strange Days [1995]Strange Frequency [2001]
Strange Love of Martha Ivers [1946]Strange Things Happen at Sundown [2003]
Strange World of Planet X [1957]Stranger [1946]
Stranger [1995]Stranger Among Us, A [1992]
Stranger at My Door [1956]Stranger in My Arms, A [1959]
Stranger on Horseback [1955]Stranger on the Third Floor [1940]
Stranger Than Fiction [1999]Stranger Than Paradise [1983]
Stranger Wore a Gun [1953]Strangers May Kiss [1931]
Strangers on a Train [1951]Strangled Eggs [1961]
Strapless [1989]Strapped [1993]
Strategic Air Command [1955]Straw Dogs [1971]
Strawberry Blonde [1941]Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City [1981]
Street Angels [1993]Street Asylum [1990]
Street Crimes [1992]Street Fighter [1994]
Street Fighter EX3 [2000]Street Fighter II Movie [1994]
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior [1991]Street Fighter III: New Generation [1997]
Street Fighter Zero [1995]Street of a Thousand Pleasures [1970]
Street Trash [1987]Streetcar Named Desire, A [1951]
Streetcar Named Desire, A [1995]Streets [1990]
Streets of Fire [1984]Streets of Laredo [1949]
Strictly Ballroom [1992]Strictly Dynamite [1934]
Strike Commando [1987]Strike Up the Band [1940]
Strike Zone [2003]Strike! [1998]
Striking Distance [1993]Strip Search [1997]
Stripes [1981]Stripper [1963]
Striptease [1996]Stripteaser [1995]
Stroker Ace [1983]Strongbad_email.exe [2004]
Strul [1988]Stryker's War [1985]
Stuart Bliss [1998]Stuart Little [1999]
Stuart Little 2 [2002]Stuart Saves His Family [1995]
Stuck On You [2003/I]Student Bodies [1981]
Student Exchange [1987]Studio 666 [2005]
Studio Stoops [1950]Study in Scarlet, A [1933]
Study in Terror, A [1965]Stuff [1985]
Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator [1989]Stunt Man [1980]
Stunts [1977]Stupid Invaders [2001]
Stupids [1996]Sub Down [1997]
Subject Was Roses [1968]Submerged [2005]
Substance of Fire [1996]Substitute [1996]
Substitute 3: Winner Takes All [1999]Suburban Commando [1991]
Suburbanators [1995]Suburbans [1999]
Suburbia [1984]SubUrbia [1996]
Subway Monkey Hour [2002]Such Good Friends [1971]
Sucker Punch [2011]Suckers [1999/I]
Sudan [1945]Sudbina mi nije dala da odem [2002]
Sudden Death [1995]Sudden Fear [1952]
Sudden Impact [1983]Sudden Manhattan [1997]
Suddenly, Last Summer [1959]Suez [1938]
Suffering [2004]Sugar & Spice [2001]
Sugarfoot [1951]Sugarland Express [1974]
Sui woo juen ji ying hung boon sik [1992]Suicide Kings [1997]
Suikoden [1996]Suikoden II [1999]
Suikoden III [2002]Sukeban Deka [1995]
Sullivan's Travels [1941]Sum of All Fears [2002]
Sum of Us [1994]Summer Catch [2001]
Summer Heat [1987]Summer Holiday [1948]
Summer Job [1989]Summer Lovers [1982]
Summer Magic [1963]Summer of '42 [1971]
Summer of Sam [1999]Summer Place, A [1959]
Summer Rental [1985]Summer School [1987]
Summer's Gone [1999]Summerslam [1999]
Summertime Switch [1994]Sun Also Rises [1957]
Suna no onna [1964]Sunchaser [1996]
Sunday [1997]Sunday Bloody Sunday [1971]
Sunday in New York [1963]Sunday in the Park with George [1986]
Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat [1991]Sundowners [1950]
Sunes sommar [1993]Sunny Side Up [1929]
Sunset [1988]Sunset Blvd. [1950]
Sunset Grill [1993]Sunset Park [1996]
Sunset Serenade [1942]Sunset Strip [1992]
Sunshine [1999]Sunshine Boys [1975]
Sunshine Hotel [2001]Sunshine State [2002]
Supêsutoraberâzu [2000]Super [1991]
Super Ducktales [1989]Super Hero Dads [2004]
Super Mario 64 [1996]Super Mario Bros. [1985]
Super Mario Bros. [1993]Super Mario Bros. 3 [1988]
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven St… [1996]Super Mario Sunshine [2002]
Super Puzzle Fighter II X [1996]Super Size Me [2004]
Super Sucker [2002]Super Troopers [2001]
Super-Rabbit [1943]Superbad [2007]
Superfights [1995]Superfly [1972]
Supergirl [1984]Supergirl: The Making of the Movie [1984]
Supergrass [1985]Superhero Movie [2008]
Superintelligence [1997]Superman [1941]
Superman [1978]Superman II [1980]
Superman III [1983]Superman IV: The Quest for Peace [1987]
Superman Returns [2006]Superman: The Last Son of Krypton [1996]
Supernova [2000/I]Supersonic Man [1979]
Superstar [1999]Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy W… [1990]
Supervixens [1975]Support Your Local Gunfighter [1971]
Support Your Local Sheriff! [1969]Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? [1970]
Sur la plage de Belfast [2000]Sure Thing [1985]
Surf II [1984]Surf Nazis Must Die [1987]
Surf Ninjas [1993]Surf's Up [2007]
Surface to Air [1997]Surrender [1987]
Surrogates [2009]Survival Quest [1989]
Survive This [2005]Surviving Christmas [2004]
Surviving Picasso [1996]Surviving the Game [1994]
Survivors [1983]Susan and God [1940]
Susan's Plan [1998]Suspect [1987]
Suspended Alibi [1956]Suspension of Disbelief [2002]
Suspicion [1941]Suspiria [1977]
Suzie Superstar [1982]Svart fredag [1997]
Swamp Thing [1982]Swamp Women [1955]
Swan [1956]Swan Princess [1994]
Swan Princess II [1997]Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Encha… [1998]
Swarm [1978]Swarm of the Snakehead [2004]
Swashbuckler [1976]Sweeney 2 [1978]
Sweeney Todd [1982]Sweeney! [1977]
Sweet and Lowdown [1999]Sweet Angel Mine [1996]
Sweet Bird of Youth [1962]Sweet Charity [1969]
Sweet Dreams [1985]Sweet Hereafter [1997]
Sweet Home Alabama [2002]Sweet Liberty [1986]
Sweet November [2001]Sweet Smell of Success [1957]
Sweetest Thing [2002]Swept Away [2002]
Swimfan [2002]Swimmer [1968]
Swimming Pool [2003]Swimming Pool - Der Tod feiert mit [2001]
Swimming to Cambodia [1987]Swimming with Sharks [1994]
Swimsuit [1989]Swing Girls [2004]
Swing Kids [1993]Swing Shift Cinderella [1945]
Swing Time [1936]Swing Your Lady [1938]
Swinger [1966]Swingers [1996]
Swiss Family Robinson [1960]Swiss Miss [1938]
Switch [1991]Switchback [1997]
Switchblade Sisters [1975]Switching Channels [1988]
Sword and the Sorcerer [1982]Sword in the Desert [1949]
Sword in the Stone [1963]Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir… [1984]
Swordfish [2001]Sybil [1976]
Sydney [1996]Sydney White [2007]
Sylver Linings [2000]Sylvia [2003]
Sylvia Scarlett [1935]Symbiosis [1982]
Syngenor [1990]Synthetic Pleasures [1995]
Syphon Filter [1999]Syphon Filter 2 [2000]
Syphon Filter 3 [2001]Syskonsalt [2000]
System Shock [1994]System Shock 2 [1999]

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