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The wise man in the storm prays God, not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
The wise man is he who is not surprised when he finds stale tea in a beautiful teapot!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
The wise man is he who knows the relative value of things.
– William Ralph IngeRate it:
The wise man speaks of what he sees, the idiot of what he hears.
– Arabic ProverbRate it:
The wise man stops being wise when he gets angry.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
The wise man thinks about his troubles only when there is some purpose in doing so; at other times he thinks about others things.
– Bertrand RussellRate it:
The wise man will love all others will desire.
– AfraniusRate it:
The wise man will love; all others will desire.
– AfraniusRate it:
The wise man will say I don't know and the unknowing fool will answer.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
The wise man, knowing how to enjoy achieved results without having constantly to replace them with others, finds in them an attachment to life in the hour of difficulty. But the man who has always pinned all his hopes on the future and lived with his eyes fixed upon it, has nothing in the past as a comfort against the present's afflictions, for the past was nothing to him but a series of hastily experienced stages. What blinded him to himself was his expectation always to find further on the happiness he had so far missed. Now he is stopped in his tracks; from now on nothing remains behind or ahead of him to fix his gaze upon.
– Émile DurkheimRate it:
The wise only possess ideas the greater part of mankind are possessed by them.
– Samuel Taylor ColeridgeRate it:
The wise respond. The foolish react. The wise think & then act. The foolish act and then regret.
– RVMRate it:
The wise should surrender speech in mind, mind in the knowing self, the knowing self in the Spirit of the universe, and the Spirit of the universe in the Spirit of peace.
– Maitri UpanishadsRate it:
The wise through excess of wisdom is made a fool.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
The wise understand without judging. The ignorant judge without understanding.
– Gordana BiernatRate it:
The wisest keeps something of the vision of a child. Though he may understand a thousand things that a child could not understand, he is always a beginner, close to the original meaning of life.
– John MacyRate it:
The wisest men follow their own direction.
– EuripidesRate it:
The wisest mind has something yet to learn.
– George SantayanaRate it:
The wisest minds are those who refuse all the negative inevitabilities!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
The wisest of the wise may err.
– AeschylusRate it:
The wisest person is not the one who has the fewest failures but the one who turns failures to best account.
– Richard R. GrantRate it:
The wisest prophets make sure of the event first.
– Horace WalpoleRate it:
The wish to acquire more is admittedly a very natural and common thing; and when men succeed in this they are always praised rather than condemned. But when they lack the ability to do so and yet want to acquire more at all costs, they deserve condemnation for their mistakes.
– Niccolò MachiavelliRate it:
The wish to pray is a prayer in itself. God can ask no more than that of us.
– Georges BernanosRate it:
The wit makes fun of other persons the satirist makes fun of the world the humorist makes fun of himself, but in so doing, he identifies himself with people--that is, people everywhere, not for the purpose of taking them apart, but simply revealing their true nature.
– James ThurberRate it:

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