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Of ten parts a man enjoys one only, but a woman enjoys the full ten parts in her heart.
– Tiresias, [Apollodorus, Library 3.6.7]Rate it:
Of the delights of this world man cares most for sexual intercourse, yet he has left it out of his heaven.
– Mark TwainRate it:
Of the Seven Deadly Sins, anger is possibly the most fun. To lick your wounds, to smack your lips over grievances long past, to roll over your tongue the prospect of bitter confrontations still to come, to savor to the last toothsome morsel both the pain you are given and the pain you are giving back--in many ways it is a feast fit for a king. The chief drawback is that what you are wolfing down is yourself. The skeleton at the feast is you.
– Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking, 1973Rate it:
Of the two great political parties which have divided the opinions and feelings of our country, the candid and the just will now admit that both have contributed splendid talents, spotless integrity, ardent patriotism, and disinterested sacrifices to the formation and administration of this Government, and that both have required a liberal indulgence for a portion of human infirmity and error.
– John Quincy AdamsRate it:
Of those who say nothing, few are silent.
– Thomas NeillRate it:
Of two evils choose neither.
– Charles Haddon SpurgeonRate it:
Of two evils we must always choose the least.
– Thomas a KempisRate it:
Of what avail is the praise or censure of the vulgar, who make a useless noise like a senseless crow in a forest?
– MahabharataRate it:
Of what shall a man be proud, if he is not proud of his friends
– Robert Louis StephensonRate it:
Of what significance is one's one existence, one is basically unaware. What does a fish know about the water in which he swims all his life The bitter and the sweet come from outside. The hard from within, from one's own efforts. For the most part I do what my own nature drives me to do. It is embarrassing to earn such respect and love for it.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Of what use is your Wealth and Kingdom if you don't have the Liberation and Freedom to Be what you want to Be.
– RVMRate it:
Of what use is your Wealth and Kingdom if you don't have the Liberation and Freedom to Be what you want to Be.
– RVMRate it:
Of what use is your Wealth and Kingdom if you don't have the Liberation and Freedom to Be what you want to Be.-RVM #Inspiration #Stayinspired
– RVMRate it:
Of what use, educationally speaking, is it to be able to see the end in the beginning?
– John DeweyRate it:
Of women I do not wish them to have power over men but over themselves.
– Mary WollstonecraftRate it:
Of writing well the source and fountainhead is wise thinking.
– HoraceRate it:
Offended vanity is the great separator in social life.
– Arthur HelpsRate it:
Offense is in the mind of the offended.
– Michael C. GrahamRate it:
Offensiveness is a necessary consequence of opinions strongly held and openly expressed, and free societies should treasure and protect it. An idea that offends no one is not worth entertaining.
– UnknownRate it:
Office politics thrive on account of employer only, not any employee because the owner uses it as a tactic to pick the piece of hidden information through disgruntled person, but eventually this only led to the fall of the organization.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Office politics thrives at every level in the organization mainly because of those sycophant employees who wish to rise high by spreading lies through always sweet talk to the management and board.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Oft expectation fails, and most oft where most it promises; and oft it hits where hope is coldest; and despair most sits.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Often a certain abdication of prudence and foresight is an element of success.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Often a noble face hides filthy ways.
– EuripidesRate it:

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