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Job dissatisfaction is the number one factor in whether you survive your first heart attack.

– Anthony RobbinsRate it:

Job interview is basically a process in which if an interviewee gives all answers honestly to the interviewers, then it is highly likely that they will reject him but not before grilling him with all sort of absurd questions; but when he pleases them with the reasons that they deem it right even if not correct, surprisingly they often select him instantly.

– Anuj SomanyRate it:

Job interview is often so structured and conducted that when the interviewers want to select a candidate, they even make a good sense out of his most ridiculous answer; but if they get hell bent to reject the interviewee, then even the smartest reply from him is dubbed by them as nonsense.

– Anuj SomanyRate it:

Job interview is so bogus often in a private organization that it is conducted to merely collect market and competitors’ information with no intention to select the candidate for the vacant position.

– Anuj SomanyRate it:

Job portals often carry bogus vacancies of the companies as these are never filled up by recruiting the candidates.

– ProbaerbRate it:

Job promotion of an employed person is basically a recognition and ratification of his/her slavery or sycophancy nature in the private sector organization.

– Anuj SomanyRate it:

Joe Biden's been pimping out his son for years.

– Sidney PowellRate it:

Joe Masaji Klunder is a mix of a new Calfornia identity: half white, half Asian. More than just biology, Joe Klunder wants to stand for American Caucasian optimism and endeavor, coupled with Asian American sensibility and communalism.

– Joe Masaji KlunderRate it:

Joe wants to buy the business that he has been in for all of these years, worked 10, 12 hours a day. And he wanted to buy the business, but he looked at your tax plan and he saw that he was going to pay much higher taxes

– John McCainRate it:

Joel Ed, are you hallucinating Ed Oh, yeah, but not right now.

– Christian WilliamsRate it:

Joel That's the movies, Ed. Try reality. Ed No thanks.

– Ellen HermanRate it:

Joel: Ed, are you hallucinating? Ed: Oh, yeah, but not right now.

– Sy Rosen and Christian Williams, Northern Exposure, On Your Own, 1992Rate it:

Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and your feet. It's also very good for the ground. If makes it feel needed.

– Charles M. SchulzRate it:

Johannes Meintjes… is one of the more articulate South Africans of his generation. A prolific painter, he is also a fluent author in both English and Afrikaans. With unresting curiosity about South African national and regional history, he seems blessedly free from political or racial bias, and when he writes of nations or persons in conflict is alert to what is good or bad on both sides.

– William PlomerRate it:

Johannes was something of a Renaissance man. First of all, artist. Then author, historian, archivist and even sort-of farmer. Above all, he was a thoughtful, loving and loveable human being who thought very deeply about the human condition

– Tertius MyburghRate it:

John F. Kennedy says: ‘Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.’ I suggest that forgive your enemies and forget their names too! Don’t leave any stone in your head; keep only the flowers, only the names of the good men!

– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:

John Johnson Now this is something the other tour guides won't tell you. In this particular cell-block, Machine Gun Kelly had what we call in the prison system, a bitch. And one night in a jealous rage Kelly took a make-shift knife or shiv, and cut out the bitch's eyes. And as if this wasn't enough retribution for Kelly, the next day he and four other inmates took turns pissing into the bitch's ocular cavities. (short pause) This way to the cafeteria

– So I Married an Axe MurdererRate it:

John Lee Hooker became a friend of mine and I love all of his work. He was truly an icon. He lived the life. I miss him.

– Mick FleetwoodRate it:

John Marshall has made his decision: now let him enforce it!

– Andrew JacksonRate it:

Johnny couldn't read ... for the simple reason that nobody ever showed him how.

– Rudolf Franz FleschRate it:

Johnny Grubb slides into second with a standup double.

– Jerry ColemanRate it:

JOHNNY WAS THE MAN There was a man named Johnny. Who shared with me his true love story. I learned so much from that wise old man. I am out to sing his final glory! Johnny lived to a ripe old age and live by a daily poker winning plan. With an iron fist, his family he did rule! Together they worked hand in hand in that poker playing land. Johnny was the champion, he was the world's best! It was proven day after day, world wide over. Into the eyes of some wicked men he met. His childhood friends and partners for sure on Johnny they would bet. If he ever needed backing. Funds would always be in abundance. For everyone knew. Johnny was always good, loyal, and true. He loved and played poker and was the first in that hall of fame. When he died people forgot about that old man Johnny. But, I will never forget the man who loved and ruled the tables and made Poker the game it is today!

– Hazel ElderRate it:

Johnson himself turned out to be so many different characters he could have populated all of War and Peace and still had a few people left over.

– Herbert MitgangRate it:

Join the company of lions rather than assume the lead among foxes.

– The TalmudRate it:

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