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S.I.N.G.L.E Sometimes. I'll. Never. Go. Looking. Either.
– NathanRate it:
Sacred cows make the best hamburgers.
– Mark TwainRate it:
Sacrifice is heart of Love.
– Sunil JoyiaRate it:
Sacrifice is meant to be the bedrock of every true love or relationship. I mean, any love or relationship that lacks sacrifice from both parties or partners is not a true love or relationship and will never last perpetually. -Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Sad are only those who understan.
– Arabic ProverbRate it:
SAD are only those who understand.
– ProverbRate it:
Sad is his lot, who, once at least in his life, has not been a poet.
– Alphonse Marie Louis de LamartineRate it:
Sad to be long...thunder & lightning only happens when its raining!!!!
– Mr.DJJR.Rate it:
Sadako would ask us, "What is junior high like?" or "Is English class hard?" Since we knew she would never see the inside of the junior high school, it was painful to answer her. All we could do was try to ease her feelings by saying things like, "Junior high--what a bore," and "Elementary school was better.
– Tomiko KawanoRate it:
Sadako! Listen! Can you hear your friends’ strong voices for peace? As the mother of a child who passed away when she was only twelve and a half years old, I’d like to appeal to mothers not only in Japan but all over the world that I don’t want such a horrible thing to happen again. So many children are looking for peace.
– Fujiko SasakiRate it:
Sadistic excess attempts to reach roughly and by harshness what art reaches by fineness.
– Percy Wynham LewisRate it:
Sadly, I know not clearly of the subject of physics. Instead, I learn of the complex human nature, the epic mind, The Grand Cosmos, and the unknownness beyond the edge of The Cosmos known as The Universe.
– CometanRate it:
Sadness does not inhere in things; it does not reach us from the world and through mere contemplation of the world. It is a product of our own thought. We create it out of whole cloth.
– Émile DurkheimRate it:
Sadness is an opportunity; a good opportunity to learn the real life!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.
– Kahlil GibranRate it:
Sadness is one of the best universities in life! Though bad things take good things from us, they do give us useful things as well!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sadness is pervasive, so focus on joy, focus on happiness.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Safe in thy breast close lock up thy intents, For he that knows thy purpose best prevents.
– RandolphRate it:
Safeguard the health both of body and soul.
– CleobulusRate it:
– Paul ViollisRate it:
Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.
– Kahlil GibranRate it:
Sage knows that the ruling and opposition political party are on the same page , but others presume that there is difference between the two.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Sagittarians are aliens disguised as Humans!
– Ramana PemmarajuRate it:
Said Waldershare, 'Sensible men are all of the same religion.' 'And pray what is that' ... 'Sensible men never tell.'
– Benjamin DisraeliRate it:
Said will be a little ahead, but done should follow at his heel.
– Charles SpurgeonRate it:
Sailing was never my thing,
– Naomi JamesRate it:
Saint. A dead sinner revised and edited.
– Ambrose BierceRate it:
Saintliness is also a temptation.
– Jean AnouilhRate it:
Saints and sages are still alive. Great masters are still operating. It is up to you to find where they are.
– Swami KrishnanandaRate it:
Saints are simply men and women who have fulfilled their natural obligation which is to approach God.
– Evelyn WaughRate it:
Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent.
– George OrwellRate it:
Salaries for nursing faculty are particularly low when compared to those earned by nurses in hospital that's quotes about salary of nursing.
– Chris FowlerRate it:
Salary getting employees are filing the tax return in time to make the top business class people enjoying the flying on time.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Salary sounds like Slavery only no matter how big it is offered.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Saludar a mumbai universidad! Acababa de cumplir 15 años, cuando me uní a la universidad de Mumbai, donde obtuve mis primeros dos grados - B.Sc. (Hons) en la química y la física, y la B.Sc. (Tecnología) en ingeniería química y tecnología de polímeros. I me considero muy afortunado y muy honrado de estudiar en los más prestigiosos institutos de la universidad de Bombay; Universidad Elphinstone, Instituto de la Ciencia, y UDCT. University of Mumbai era conocida entonces como la Universidad de Bombay, desde su creación en 1857 durante el gobierno Británico, para mí, fue realmente una experiencia impresionante, lleno de gracia y elegancia, a caminar a través de los grandes corredores de edificios universitarios bombay, o para entrar esos excelentes bibliotecas de la universidad o instituto Elphinstone de la ciencia (alias ris) o UDCT. Tengo millones de buenos recuerdos y preciosas de mis años de estudiante en la universidad de Mumbai, que involucra muchos momentos mágicos de mis mejores años de la adolescencia. Mi sincero saludo a la universidad de Mumbai, una de las mejores universidades del mundo, y mi alma mater favorito. Seguid así, University of Mumbai. Estamos orgullosos de ustedes - ¡siempre!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Salute for someone has to be voluntarily straight from other person's heart; but if the people are lured with money or forced by diktat to do this for somebody, then it sounds like a stinking fart.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Salute to Mumbai University! I had just turned 15, when I joined University of Mumbai, where I obtained my first two Degrees - B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry & Physics, and B.Sc. (Tech) in Chemical Engineering and Polymer Technology. I consider myself to be very fortunate and highly honored to study at the most prestigious institutes of University of Mumbai; Elphinstone College, Institute of Science, and UDCT. University of Mumbai was then known as Bombay University, since her inception in 1857 during the British rule, For me, it was really an awesome experience, full of grace and elegance, to walk through the great corridors of Bombay University buildings, or to enter those excellent libraries of Elphinstone College or Institute of Science (a.k.a. RIS) or UDCT. I have millions of fond and precious memories of my student years at University of Mumbai, involving many magical moments of my best teen years. My heartfelt salute to University of Mumbai, one of the best Universities in the world, and my favorite alma mater. Keep it up, University of Mumbai. We are proud of you - always!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Salute to someone is not often respect but only responsibility.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Salute with hand palm touching the forehead is not respect for the authority unless and until it is offered from own heart in fact.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
salva kiir is too deform to be reform
– Riek MacharRate it:
Salvation is from our side a choice, from the divine side it is a seizing upon, an apprehending, a conquest by the Most High God. Our accepting and willing are reactions rather than actions. The right of determination must always remain with God.
– A. W. TozerRate it:
Salvation of a soul is the easiest and cheapest thing to acquire. But, guess what? it's the most difficult and most expensive to sustain or maintain. -Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Salvation, enlightenment, transcendence, is not a destination. Nor an event in the future. The answer is within us right now. To be fully spiritually awake while in human form. To live not in, but through this body – mind. To help others do the same. This is salvation. This is Heaven on Earth
– H.W. MannRate it:
Sanctification is conformity to the image and the example of Christ. The more the believer is growing like Jesus, the more he is growing in holiness.
– Octavius Winslow (1808-1878)Rate it:
Sand can resist to water; but it cannot win. Ignorant can resist to knowledge; but it cannot win.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sand needs heat to be transformed into glass. You can't expect change if you aren't willing to spark that flame yourself.
– Terpsichore LindemanRate it:
Sandy Carl I want you to kill all the gophers on the golf course Carl Spackler Correct me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they'll lock me up and throw away the key. Sandy Not golfers, you great fool. Gophers. THE LITTLE BROWN, FURRY RODENTS. Carl Spackler We can do that. We don't even need a reason.
– CaddyShackRate it:
Sane and intelligent human beings are like all other human beings, and carefully and cautiously and diligently conceal their private real opinions from the world and give out fictitious ones in their stead for general consumption.
– Mark TwainRate it:
Sane often feels the pain and stupid usually finds the pleasure in life.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Sanguineness is not a strategy.
– Prof.Salam Al ShereidaRate it:
Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.
– Mark TwainRate it:
Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting.
– John RussellRate it:
Sanity exists only in books, while Insanity rules our lives!
Sanity exists only in books, while Insanity rules our lives!
Sanity is a cozy lie.
– Susan SontagRate it:
Sanity is a madness put to good use.
– George SantayanaRate it:
Sanity is a small price to pay for happiness.
– Marabeth MadsenRate it:
Sanity is the lot of those who are most obtuse, for lucidity destroys one's equilibrium: it is unhealthy to honestly endure the labors of the mind which incessantly contradict what they have just established.
– Georges BatailleRate it:
Santa Claus had the right idea. Visit everyone once a year.
– Victor BorgesRate it:
Santa Claus has the right idea; visit people once a year.
– Victor BorgeRate it:
Sapped of strength, I discover a self that doesn't rely on strength.
– Leslie MiklosyRate it:
Sarcasm I now see to be, in general, the language of the devil; for which reason I have long since as good as renounced it.
– Thomas CarlyleRate it:
Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded.
– Fyodor DostoyevskyRate it:
Satan in his dotage often says publicly or writes on the web page in an era of internet age about the adage and thoughts on the importance of God & Good Character in life only to correct his wrong image to get merely praise and largely project oneself as saint or sage.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Satan plagiarized by dictator, and he does not even have copyright! (Satan plagié par dictateur, - Et il n'a même pas de droits d'auteur!)
– Charles de LEUSSERate it:
Satan plagiarized by dictator, and he doesn’t even have copyright! (Satan plagié par dictateur, - Et il n’a même pas de droits d’auteur!)
– Charles de LEUSSERate it:
Satire is focused bitterness.
– Leo C. RostenRate it:
Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.
– Mohandas Karamchand GandhiRate it:
Save a little money each month and at the end of the year you'll be surprised at how little you have.
– Ernest HaskinsRate it:
Save the world, not your money
– Thad GuidryRate it:
Saw a wedding in the church. It was strange to see what delight we married people have to see these poor fools decoyed into our condition.
– Samuel PepysRate it:
Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them and in the plainest possible words or he will certainly misunderstand them.
– John RuskinRate it:
Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words or he will certainly misunderstand them.
– John RuskinRate it:
Say anything devoid of wisdom and wit on a personal account of social media, many often start putting across points in favour or against it especially when it is from a host having a lot of money; speak something that is really brainy, there is likely to be no support or counteract any mainly when the netizen is simple and ordinary.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Say it all or never say anything at all
– Pius Masai MwachiRate it:
Say No! Accept the burdens of revenge.
– Dejan StojanovicRate it:
Say not that honor is the child of boldness, nor believe thou that the hazard of life alone can pay the price of it: it is not to the action that it is due, but to the manner of performing it.
– AkhenatenRate it:
Say not, 'I have found the truth,' but rather, 'I have found a truth.'
– Kahlil GibranRate it:
Say not, when I have leisure I will study you may not have leisure.
– The MishnahRate it:
Say not, when I have leisure I will study; you may not have leisure.
– The MishnahRate it:
Say nothing good of yourself, you will be distrusted; say nothing bad of yourself, you will be taken at your word.
– Joseph RouxRate it:
Say nothing of my religion. It is known to God and myself alone. Its evidence before the world is to be sought in my life if it has been honest and dutiful to society the religion which has regulated it cannot be a bad one.
– Thomas JeffersonRate it:
Say nothing when you are giving -- only say something when you are receiving.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Say Sorry is not a Shame but a Solution
– Yassine AumerallyRate it:
Say what men may, it is doctrine that moves the world. He who takes no position will not sway the human intellect.
– William Thayer SheddRate it:
Say what you have to say, not what you ought. any truth is better than make-Believe!
– Henry David Thoreau, Simplify SimplifyRate it:
Say what you know, do what you must, come what may.
– Sonia KovevskyRate it:
Say what you want about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins.
– Mae WestRate it:
Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith, I consider a capacity for it terrifying and absolutely vile!
– Kurt Vonnegut Jr.Rate it:
Say what you will about the Ten Commandments, you must always come back to the pleasant fact that there are only ten of them.
– H.L. MenckenRate it:
Saying "no" to yourself can be a way of saying "yes" to yourself.
– Leslie MiklosyRate it:
Saying 'I love you' only takes seconds, but proving it takes a lifetime.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.
– Trey and Matt Stone ParkerRate it:
Saying others the fools does not make one a wise unless and until the same person eschews own words of advice to others and displays the world of action that is nice to enrich only the good character people's lives.”
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Saying we should keep the two-party political system simply because it is working is like saying the Titanic voyage was a success because a few people survived on life rafts.
– Eugene McCarthyRate it:
Saying what we think gives us a wider conversational range than saying what we know.
– Cullen HightowerRate it:
Saying, "I don't hate gay people - just their lifestyle" is the same as saying, "I don't hate black people - it's their skin that pisses me off."
– Woody BatilaranRate it:
Sayonara is meant for deep reflections.
– Prof.Salam Al ShereidaRate it:
Scaling up the mountain requires on part of a person only an unflinching determination to go ahead alone and not look for the people as supporting team.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Scandal is merely the compassionate allowance which the gay make to the humdrum. Think how many blameless lives are brightened by the blazing indiscretions of other people.
– SakiRate it:
Scandisk is now checking your hard disk. You can start praying.
– AnonymousRate it:
Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.
– Henry RollinsRate it:
Scarcely any political question arises in the United States that is not resolved, sooner or later, into a judicial question.
– Alexis de TocquevilleRate it:
Scars are beautiful. They are neither something you should feel embarrassed about, nor something you should try to hide. Scars are beautiful, in my view, because they show what you've been through, and how you've come out of those challenging phases of your life. Never forget that your every scar represents your courage, determination, strength and endurance, and that's what makes the scars so beautiful.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Scars are neither something one should feel embarrassed about, nor something one should try to hide. Scars are beautiful, in my view, because they show what you've been through, and how you've come out of that challenging phase of life. Never forget that your every scar represents your courage, determination strength and endurance, and that's what makes the scars so beautiful.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Scars are neither something one should feel embarrassed about, nor something one should try to hide. Scars are beautiful, in my view, because they show what you've been through, and how you've come out of that challenging phase of life. Your scars represent your courage, determination and endurance, and that's why they are so beautiful.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Scars are not something one should feel embarrassed about, and something one should try to hide. In my view, scars are really beautiful, because they show what you've been through, and how you've come out successfully through that challenging phase of your life. Your scars represent your courage, determination, endurance, and strength. And that's why they are so beautiful.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Scars are not something to hide or to be ashamed of; for each scar has an amazing story to tell - the stories of endurance, struggle and survival. Scars truly make us complete and beautiful, in my view. They also remind us of our triumphs over the adversities, what we stand for, and where we come from.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Scars are the key to power. Scars are the map of beauty... Each of us is the sum of our scars.
– Matthew StoverRate it:
Scars are your greatest medals in life.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
SCCS is the source-code motel -- your code checks in but it never checks out.
– Ken ThompsonRate it:
Scent is the soul of flowers, and sea flowers, as splendid as they may be, have no soul!
– Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Chapter 34Rate it:
Schizophrenia cannot be understood without understanding despair.
– Ronald David LaingRate it:
Scholars of the highest class, when they hear about the Tao...
– LaoziRate it:
Scholarship except by accident is never the measure of a person's power.
– Josiah Gilbert HollandRate it:
School days are the unhappiest in the whole span of human existence. They are full of dull, unintelligible tasks, new and unpleasant ordinances, with brutal violations of common sense and common decency.
– Henry Louis MenckenRate it:
School gives tools; college offers knowledge; experience imparts true education, but understanding oneself only helps a person to gain wisdom which is perhaps never admired by a private organization.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
School is a temple of knowledge, the library is a temple of wisdom, and Church is a temple of God.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Schooling gives you knowledge, but education makes you wise.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Schooling will give you knowledge to make your living, but education is for living a life.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Schrodinger's Cat is a classic example of Paradox, in my view. In actuality, it was a Gedankenexperiment or a Thought Experiment, created by Austrian Physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1935. Not many folks are probably aware that Schrodinger himself called that experiment “a ridiculous case.” Here’s the "Schrodinger's Cat" in Schrodinger's own words: “A cat is penned up in a steel chamber, along with the following device (which must be secured against direct interference by the cat): In a Geiger Counter, there is a tiny bit of radioactive substance, so small, that perhaps in the course of the hour one of the atoms decays, but also, with equal probability, perhaps none. If it (i.e. decay) happens, the Geiger Counter discharges and through a relay releases a hammer that shatters a small flask of Hydrogen Cyanide. If one has left this entire system to itself for an hour, one would say that the cat still lives if meanwhile no atom has (undergone) radioactive decay.” So you see, the cat's life or death truly depends on the formation of a subatomic alpha particle that triggers off the avalanche of electrons in the Geiger Counter. There is an equal probability that it may not happen, and hence the cat should remain both alive and dead per Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Philosophically speaking, Human Life is full of paradoxes, and we often find that the uncertainties therein bear a startling resemblance with Schrodinger's Cat experiment. The total randomness of events that shape our human lives, and determinedly control the outcome (i.e. future) can be extremely perplexing and equally thought-provoking as Schrodinger's Cat experiment....a pre-written and pre-destined Reductio ad absurdum perhaps!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Schulz told lies in German, and it's unfortunate someone can speak German in this house, but it is our responsibility to stand up against it - the generation of Schulz's parents and the generation of the Arab MKs' parents collaborated to destroy the Jews. (on European Parliament President Martin Schulz)
– Uri OrbachRate it:
Science ... warns me to be careful how I adopt a view which jumps with my preconceptions, and to require stronger evidence for such belief than for one to which I was previously hostile. My business is to teach my aspirations to conform themselves to fact, not to try and make facts harmonize with my aspirations.
– Thomas HuxleyRate it:
Science advances through tentative answers to a series of more and more subtle questions which reach deeper and deeper into the essence of natural phenomena.
– Louis PasteurRate it:
Science and religion no more contradict each other than light and electricity.
– William Hiram FoulkesRate it:
Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we remain mute.
– J. G. BallardRate it:
Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response. Expelled from individual consciousness by the rush of change, history finds its revenge by stamping the collective unconsciousness with habits, values, expectations, dreams. The dialectic between past and future will continue to form our lives.
– Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.Rate it:
Science at best is not wisdom it is knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge tempered with judgment.
– Lord Ritchie-CalderRate it:
Science can be introduced to children well or poorly. If poorly, children can be turned away from science; they can develop a lifelong antipathy; they will be in a far worse condition than if they had never been introduced to science at all.
– Isaac AsimovRate it:
Science can destroy religion by ignoring it as well as by disproving its tenets. No one ever demonstrated, so far as I am aware, the non-existence of Zeus or Thor - but they have few followers now.
– Arthur C. ClarkeRate it:
Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.
– Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla), James Reston, Galileo, A Life, HarperCollins, NY, 1994, p 461.Rate it:
Science cannot resolve moral conflicts, but it can help to more accurately frame the debates about those conflicts.
– John OwenRate it:
Science cannot stop while ethics catches up -- and nobody should expect scientists to do all the thinking for the country.
– Elvin StackmanRate it:
Science comits suicide when it adopts a creed.
– Thomas H. HuxleyRate it:
Science conducts us, step by step, through the whole range of creation, until we arrive, at length, at God.
– Marguerite de ValoisRate it:
Science does not know its debt to imagination. Goethe did not believe that a great naturalist could exist without this faculty.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not.
– Isaac AsimovRate it:
Science has done more for the development of western civilization in one hundred years than Christianity did in eighteen hundred years.
– John BurroughsRate it:
Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence.
– Edgar Allan PoeRate it:
Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof.
– Ashley MontagueRate it:
Science has sometimes been said to be opposed to faith, and inconsistent with it. But all science, in fact, rests on a basis of faith, for it assumes the permanence and uniformity of natural laws - a thing which can never be demonstrated
– Tyron EdwardsRate it:
Science has sometimes been said to be opposed to faith, and inconsistent with it. But all science, in fact, rests on a basis of faith, for it assumes the permanence and uniformity of natural laws -- a thing which can never be demonstrated.
– Tryon EdwardsRate it:
Science has to be understood in its broadest sense, as a method for comprehending all observable reality, and not merely as an instrument for acquiring specialized knowledge.
– Alexis CarrelRate it:
Science is a cemetery of dead ideas.
– Miguel de UnamunoRate it:
Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition.
– Alan TuringRate it:
Science is a first-rate piece of furniture for a man's upper chamber, if he has common sense on the ground floor.
– Oliver Wendell HolmesRate it:
Science is a mechanism, a way of trying to improve your knowledge of nature. It's a system for testing your thoughts against the universe, and seeing whether they match.
– Isaac AsimovRate it:
Science is a seagull, it knows the sky; it is a squirrel, it knows the forest; it is a mole, it knows the underground; it is a dolphin, it knows the ocean! Science is a multi-talented creature!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Science is but an image of the truth.
– Francis BaconRate it:
Science is but the statement of truth found out.
– ColeyRate it:
Science is Christian, not when it condemns itself to the letter of things, but when, in the infinitely little, it discovers as many mysteries and as much depth and power as in the infinitely great.
– Edgar QuinetRate it:
Science is facts just as houses are made of stones, so is science made of facts but a pile of stones is not a house and a collection of facts is not necessarily science.
– Henri PoincareRate it:
Science is facts; just as houses are made of stones, so is science made of facts; but a pile of stones is not a house and a collection of facts is not necessarily science.
– Henri PoincareRate it:
Science is feasible when the variables are few and can be enumerated; when their combinations are distinct and clear. We are tending toward the condition of science and aspiring to do it. The artist works out his own formulas; the interest of science lies in the art of making science.
– Paul ValéryRate it:
Science is for those who learn, poetry is for those who know.
– Joseph RouxRate it:
Science is going to build a base on the Moon! This is a very necessary and a very possible mission! Start and finish! Thousands of problems will arise in this mission, thousands of solutions will be found! Start and finish! Moon is a good hole to enter the blood vessels of the universe. Start and finish!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Science is life
– Oluwapelumi dadaRate it:
Science is not a sacred cow. Science is a horse. Don't worship it. Feed it.
– Aubrey EbenRate it:
Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.
– Carl SaganRate it:
Science is nothing but developed perception, interpreted intent, common sense rounded out and minutely articulated.
– George SantayanaRate it:
Science is nothing but perception.
– PlatoRate it:
Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense, differing from the latter only as a veteran may differ from a raw recruit and its methods differ from those of common sense only as far as the guardsman's cut and thrust differ from the manner in which a savage wields his club.
– Thomas HuxleyRate it:
Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense.
– Thomas HuxleyRate it:
Science is one thing, wisdom is another. Science is an edged tool, with which men play like children, and cut their own fingers.
– Sir Arthur EddingtonRate it:
Science is organized knowledge.
– Herbert SpencerRate it:
Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.
– Immanuel KantRate it:
Science is our only hope to be the 'Holy Rope' tying man to the existence.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Science is the father of war and Nature is the mother of peace.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.
– Adam SmithRate it:
Science is the knowledge of consequences, and dependence of one fact upon another.
– Thomas HobbesRate it:
Science is the most reliable guide in life.
– M.K. AtaturkRate it:
Science is the Noah’s Ark very itself! Seek no other vessel!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Science is the only true guide in life.
– Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Founder of modern Turkey 22.09.1924Rate it:
Science is the only truth and it is the great lie. It knows nothing, and people think it knows everything. It is misrepresented. People think that science is electricity, automobilism, and dirigible balloons. It is something very different. It is life devouring itself. It is the sensibility transformed into intelligence. It is the need to know stifling the need to live. It is the genius of knowledge vivisecting the vital genius.
– Remy de GourmontRate it:
Science is the record of dead religions.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Science is the refusal to believe on the basis of hope.
– Carrie P. SnowRate it:
Science is the search for truth - it is not a game in which one tries to beat his opponent, to do harm to others. We need to have the spirit of science in international affairs, to make the conduct of international affairs the effort to find t he right solution, the just solution of international problems, not the effort by each nation to get the better of other nations, to do harm to them when it is possible.
– Linus Pauling, No More War!Rate it:
Science is the tongue in the mouth of the Universe; it is destined to know every little corner of the cosmos.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Science is to see what everyone else has seen but think what no one else has thought.
– Albert Szent-GyorgyiRate it:
Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do.
– Donald KnuthRate it:
Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.
– Louis PasteurRate it:
Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.
– Louis PasteurRate it:
Science knows only one commandment -- contribute to science.
– Bertolt BrechtRate it:
Science may have found a cure for most evils but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings.
– Helen KellerRate it:
Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings.
– Helen Keller, My Religion, 1927Rate it:
Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all- the apathy of human beings.
– Helen KellerRate it:
Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.
– Bertrand RussellRate it:
Science of happiness lies in our understanding. The secrets of happiness lie in our capacity to expand our heart.
– Amit RayRate it:
Science rests on reason and experiment, and can meet an opponent with calmness; but a belief is always sensitive.
– James Anthony FroudeRate it:
Science says 'We must live,' and seeks the means of prolonging, increasing, facilitating and amplifying life, of making it tolerable and acceptable, wisdom says 'We must die,' and seeks how to make us die well.
– SocratesRate it:
Science says that there are many more universes apart from ours. In that case, even when we think universally, we still think locally!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and reason.
– Stanislaw I. LeszczynskiRate it:
Science when well-digested is nothing but good sense and reason.
– StanilausRate it:
Science will always give answer to the first question but refuses to the last one.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Science without math is religion
– Eric T. PaulsenRate it:
Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Science would be ruined if (like sports) it were to put competition above everything else, and if it were to clarify the rules of competition by withdrawing entirely into narrowly defined specialties. The rare scholars who are nomads-by-choice are essential to the intellectual welfare of the settled disciplines.
– Benoit MandelbrotRate it:
Science, which cuts its way through the muddy pond of daily life without mingling with it, casts its wealth to right and left, but the puny boatmen do not know how to fish for it.
– Alexander HerzenRate it:
Scientists are peeping toms at the keyhole of eternity.
– Arthur KoestlerRate it:
Scientists are the easiest to fool. They think in straight, predictable, directable, and therefore misdirectable, lines. The only world they know is the one where everything has a logical explanation and things are what they appear to be. Children and conjurors - they terrify me. Scientists are no problem against them I feel quite confident.
– James P. HoganRate it:
Scientists are the easiest to fool. They think in straight, predictable, directable, and therefore misdirectable, lines. The only world they know is the one where everything has a logical explanation and things are what they appear to be. Children and conjurors--they terrify me. Scientists are no problem; against them I feel quite confident.
– Zambendorf, _Code of the Lifemaker_ by James P. HoganRate it:
Scorching my seared heart with a pain, not hell shall make me fear again.
– Edgar Allan Poe, Tamerlane, Part IIRate it:
Scoring high marks in examination is not an indication of having brilliant brain but of mugging up power
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Scott, please take your knee off my neck.
– Jonathan WackrowRate it:
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
– American ProverbRate it:
Scratch yourself with your own nails; always do your own business, and when you intend asking for a service, go to a person who can appreciate your merit.
– Arabic ProverbRate it:
Scratches inside the eye can be covered by a specs but Scratches inside our heart cannot be covered by anything
– Tittu M JohnRate it:
Screenwriters? Schmucks with Underwoods.
– Jack WarnerRate it:
Screw ambiguity. Perversion and corruption masquerade as ambiguity. I don't trust ambiguity.
– John WayneRate it:
Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice shame on me. Screw me three times...can I at least get a reach around?
– Tom SouthworthRate it:
Scrooge's wealth goes to hell.
– Charles DickensRate it:
Sculpture is the best comment that a painter can make on painting.
– Pablo PicassoRate it:
Se encontrará con muchas personas que tratarán de poner abajo, y le dirá que su idea era la cosa más estúpida que había oído en su vida. No hay que desanimarse por su crítica disfuncional. Tienes que creer en ti mismo, y entonces sólo usted puede negar su negatividad. En mi opinión, nada va a cambiar en su vida hasta que usted cree firmemente en ti mismo. Por el contrario, si usted tiene una mala opinión de ti mismo, nadie se va a levantar, y tú vivirás con status quo. Creer en sus sueños, en sus ambiciones, y lo más importante, en ti mismo - no importa lo que otros digan o hagan.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Se você está em pé por uma razão, ficar como uma árvore, forte, poderoso e alto. Se você está caindo, caem como uma semente que germina e cria uma nova árvore neste mundo. Nosso mundo certamente precisa de muitos mais árvores do que o que temos hoje!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Search for contentment in each person you meet."
– Steve MaraboliRate it:
Search for the secret stairs of the wise men; when you find them, lose no time to start ascending!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty.
– Anne Louise Germaine de StaëlRate it:
Search not a wound too deep lest thou make a new one.
– Thomas FullerRate it:
Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices.
– Benjamin FranklinRate it:
searching for the guy that can take my breath away looking for the prince that save me, and take me on his horse in search of my romeo that will rather die than live without me triying to find the edward that will die for me finding out that him the guy will never come to me if I keep dreaming like this
– FerRate it:
Searching outside of you is Samsara (the world). Searching within you leads to Nirvana.
– Amit RayRate it:
Second thoughts are ever wiser.
– EuripidesRate it:
Secrecy is for losers. For people who do not know how important the information really is.
– Daniel Patrick MoynihanRate it:
Secret thoughts and open countenance will go safely over the whole world.
– Scipione AlbertiRate it:
Secretly we fear ourselves, not the fear itself.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Secure your property whether a commercial, industrial and residential area with best Fencing Adelaide that looks attractive with selection traditional style of fencing with a different range of material that includes steel and has wide verities of style and colors. For different purpose property, pool, the garden there need to have fenced in Adelaide. Where traditional fencing is not expensive and comes within the budget.
– Fencing Adelaide - Fencing WorldRate it:
Security by design is a mandatory prerequisite to securing the IoT macrocosm, the Dyn attack was just a practice run
– James ScottRate it:
Security is a kind of death.
– Tennessee WilliamsRate it:
Security is an illusion. Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.
– KellerRate it:
Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature.... Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
– Helen KellerRate it:
Security is mostly superstition. It does not exist in nature Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.
– Helen KellerRate it:
Security is when everything is settled, when nothing can happen to you; security is the denial of life.
– Germaine GreerRate it:
Security is when everything is settled. When nothing can happen to you. Security is the denial of life.
– Germaine GreerRate it:
Security-by-design is an indispensable prerequisite to the establishment of vital critical infrastructure resiliency. Each device vulnerable to adversarial compromise, inflates and bolsters the exploitable cyber-attack surface that can be leveraged against targets, and every enslaved device grants adversaries carte blanche access that can be utilized to parasitically entwine malware into organizational networks and IoT microcosms, and that can be leveraged to amplify the impact and harm inflicted on targeted end-users, organizations, and government entities
– James ScottRate it:
Sed cum tempus transierit receptionem veri negationem, non desinit esse quod negant semper maneret. Accipiamus primo vere vita procedit, quia non solum veritas nos liberaret.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Seduction is a magical art form that women use to conquer men.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape. In seduction, the rapist often bothers to buy a bottle of wine.
– Andrea DworkinRate it:
– Ernst DickmannsRate it:
See and be seen. Get out of your office, walk around, make yourself visible and accessible.
– J. Willard MarriottRate it:
See first that the design is wise and just that ascertained, pursue it resolutely do not for one repulse forego the purpose that you resolved to effect.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
See first that the design is wise and just: that ascertained, pursue it resolutely; do not for one repulse forego the purpose that you resolved to effect.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
See first, think later, then test. But always see first. Otherwise you will only see what you were expecting. Most scientists forget that.
– Douglas AdamsRate it:
See life and feel its pulses with the eyes of a compassionate mother.
– Amit RayRate it:
See one promontory, one mountain, one sea, one river and see all.
– SocratesRate it:
See the conquering hero comes Sound the trumpets, beat the drums
– Thomas MorellRate it:
See the light of beauty and love. See the magnificence of life. Enjoy the charm and mystery of creation. Enjoy the little beauties around you. Appreciate every little thing, every little love, and the blue sky above you.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
See the world with the new lens, which are merely inbuilt with the soul's sense ; and certainly never with the ones that are found fitted on the spectacles.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
See things as you would have them be instead of as they are.
– Robert CollierRate it:
See through your heart to see the beauty of love.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
See what will happen if you don't stop biting your fingernails
– Will RogersRate it:
See ya later!
– Nico HulkenbergRate it:
See yourself in the mirror of your mind to find yourself.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way...
– Exodus 2320 BibleRate it:
See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.
– George W. Bush, it:
See, many people can recognize an enchanting world within every raindrop rested atop the petals of a blossoming pink dahlia, but fail to notice how captivating they can still be when sat upon faded glass.
– Photographer Johnny JooRate it:
See, that's all you're thinking about, is winning. You're confirming your sense of self- worth through outward reward instead of through inner appreciation.
– Barbara HallRate it:
See, the night doth enfold us! See, all the world lies sleeping!”
– Giacomo PucciniRate it:
See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.
– Robin WilliamsRate it:
See, this CD is in stores. The only way I could get my last CD into a store was to take one in there and leave it. “Sir, you forgot this!” “No, I did not. That is for ‘sale’. Please alphabetize ‘it’.”
– Mitch HedbergRate it:
Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.
– Susan TaylorRate it:
Seeing a murder on television... can help work off one's antagonisms. And if you haven't any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some.
– Alfred HitchcockRate it:
Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean.
– David SearlsRate it:
Seeing is believing, and if an American success is to count for anything in the world it must be clothed in the raiment of property. As often as not it isn't the money itself that means anything; it is the use of money as the currency of the soul.
– Lewis LaphamRate it:
Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much, are the three pillars of learning.
– Benjamin DisraeliRate it:
Seeing our Father in everything makes life one long thanksgiving and gives rest of the heart.
– Hannah Whitall SmithRate it:
Seeing that others succeeding is not bad for you, there is no need to pull them down. Instead try to reach them.
Seeing the bride and the groom on the wedding stage in an internet age, two common questions silently crop up in many attendees’ mind i.e First, how long this marital relationship will last? & second, how many love affairs each of them would have in the past ?.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Seeing the economic poverty, it feels a pain in the heart; but after watching the monetary mentality of the majority of the poor mass like that of rich class, the whole energy does drain out of the body.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Seeing the person with the folded hands on the poster , it is difficult to understand if that guy is asking for vote or begging apology beforehand for only enjoying the public's currency note on being elected.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Seeing within changes one's outer vision" Does anyone know the book and page that this quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce appears for a reference???
– Joseph Chilton PearceRate it:
Seek first to understand and then to be understood.
– Stephen CoveyRate it:
Seek for illumination of self, and then the world, through the simple, humble, almighty, supreme virtue of love.
– Bryant McGillRate it:
Seek for the endless life in the world, because with death, there remains neither the seeker nor the sought! The other world is altogether an illusion! Stop deceiving yourself; seek for the endless life in the world!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Seek freedom and become captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty.
– Frank Herbert, DuneRate it:
Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.
– Bryant McGillRate it:
Seek happiness and you will find unhappiness. There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path. Happiness is a state of mind. A state of surrender to and acceptance of what is. Reality experienced through presence. We cannot live in the future nor the past, but we can choose to be held prisoner. To be set free we must move into this moment. This moment is all that exists and all that will ever exist. If we choose not to be happy now, Then When?
– H.W. MannRate it:
Seek home for rest, for home is best.
– Thomas TusserRate it:
Seek isolation as much as possible from time to time for it gives fuel for own mind ignition to do the right introspection and, importantly, do the correct identification of others character and intention.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Seek justice from tyrannical governments not with your hat in your hand but a rifle in your fist
– Emiliano ZapataRate it:
Seek knowledge even if it’s in MACS0647-JD.
– Ahmad F. HedayatRate it:
Seek no happiness from other and sorrow will be away from you.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Seek not a lighthouse greater than the human mind! Believe not the existence of an emotion nobler than the compassion!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Seek not a lighthouse greater than the human mind! Think of not an emotion nobler than the compassion!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Seek not for fresher founts afar, Just drop you bucket where you are.
– Sam Walter Foss, Back Country Poems, 1892Rate it:
Seek not happiness too greedily, and be not fearful of happiness.
– Lao TzuRate it:
Seek not that the things which happen should happen as you wish but wish the things which happen to be as they are, and you will have a tranquil flow of life.
– EpictetusRate it:
Seek not the favor of the multitude; it is seldom got by honest and lawful means. But seek the testimony of few; and number not voices, but weigh them.
– Immanuel KantRate it:
Seek not to follow in the footsteps of men of old; seek what they sought.
– Matsuo BashoRate it:
Seek not, my soul, the life of the immortals but enjoy to the full the resources that are within thy reach.
– PindarRate it:
Seek not, my soul, the life of the immortals; but enjoy to the full the resources that are within thy reach.
– Pindar, 518-438 B.C.Rate it:
Seek only light and freedom and do not immerse yourself too deeply in the worldly mire.”
– Vincent Van GoghRate it:
Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, 'This is the real me,' and when you have found that attitude, follow it.
– James Truslow AdamsRate it:
Seek simplicity, and distrust it.
– Alfred North WhiteheadRate it:
Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.
– ThorntonRate it:
Seek the opinion of the children only about a person whom they meet daily or regularly, but never about the people whose name they hear from their parents, radio and TV.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.
– Ron WildRate it:
Seek to be the smartest in a room, not the loudest.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Seek to cultivate a buoyant, joyous sense of the crowded kindnesses of God in your daily life.
– Alexander MacLarenRate it:
Seek truth! Seek truth in the darkness, under the oceans, above the clouds; seek it everywhere and every time! Stop deceiving yourself with the untruth, seek the truth!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Seek wisdom wherever you are, seek wisdom even in your dreams.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Seek ye first the good things of the mind, and the rest will either be supplied or its loss will not be felt.
– Francis BaconRate it:
Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer the secret of redemption lies in remembrance.
– Richard von WeizsckerRate it:
Seest thou good days? Prepare for evil times. No summer but hath its winter. He never reaped comfort in adversity that sowed not in prosperity.
– Francis QuarlesRate it:
Segregation is the adultery of an illicit intercourse between injustice and immorality.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.Rate it:
Sei du selbst! Versuchen Sie nicht, jemanden oder etwas, das Sie nicht sein! Du bist gut, wie Sie sind! Sie werden mehr Respekt dafür, wer Sie in Wirklichkeit sind, und nicht vorgeben, jemand anderes, nicht Sie zu gewinnen. immer stolz auf sich sein, und respektieren Sie sich zuerst vor allen anderen! Zum wohle!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Seize from every moment its unique novelty, and do not prepare your joys.
– Andre GideRate it:
Seize opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind.
– Bulgarian ProverbRate it:
Seize the day !
– Liana BertokRate it:
Seize the day and embrace the new opportunities it brings.
– Aurora BerillRate it:
Seize the day, put no trust in the morrow![Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.]
– Horace, OdesRate it:
Seize the moment of excited curiosity on any subject to solve your doubts for if you let it pass, the desire may never return, and you may remain in ignorance.
– William WirtRate it:
Seize the moment of excited curiosity on any subject to solve your doubts; for if you let it pass, the desire may never return, and you may remain in ignorance.
– William WirtRate it:
Seize today, and put as little trust as you can in tomorrow.
– HoraceRate it:
Seizing the power of now is what will help you propel your life to where you need to be."
– Steve MaraboliRate it:
Selbstachtung ist die beste und gr
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Selbstwertgefühl kommt nicht von außen kommen. Lassen Sie die Meinungen von anderen ausgedrückt Einfluss auf Ihre eigene Meinung über sich selbst. glauben an Ihre Ziele, Träume, Werte und sich selbst; egal was andere sagen oder tun. weiß deine Selbstwert - immer!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Seldom have I found in the ritual music of the Catholic church a quality so convincing that there is no need to mourn the past. Without going into a complicated maze of aesthetics, we can define quality as a certain something which is not inferior to what the external world offers, such as to render every Christian proud of his own music.
– Lorenzo FerreroRate it:
Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken.
– Jane Austen, EmmaRate it:
Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching.
– PhilipRate it:
Self awareness is half the battle." -Noelle Angelique
– Mel Levine, MD, A Mind At A TimeRate it:
Self awareness is NOT just a bunch of amino acids bumping together.
– Robert Anson HeinleinRate it:
Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.
– Samuel JohnsonRate it:
Self control is all about having a firm hand i.e. self control is strict discipline/control of one's emotions and actions. Are you self controlled or not? If NO then, you've got to strictly discipline/control your emotions/actions. For, you ought to do just that.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self discipline is that which, next to virtue, truly and essentially raises one man above another.
– Joseph AddisonRate it:
Self esteem is the dough that makes us rise to the top, or fall to the bottom of the heap ~ Tiffani S. Hall, American Poet & Writer
– George MooreRate it:
Self esteem is the dough that makes us rise to the top, or fall to the bottom of the heap.
– Tiffani S. HallRate it:
Self interest feeds more people than self sacrifice.
– James R. CookRate it:
Self is the only prison that can bind the soul.
– Henry Van DykeRate it:
Self love is number one. As you radiate it to others, it will radiate back to you.
– Renae A. SauterRate it:
Self realization rocks
– Danielle LaPorteRate it:
Self study leads to improvisation and improvisation leads to evolution.
– Oscar Auliq-IceRate it:
Self worship is different from self love.
– Vanna BontaRate it:
Self-acceptance is how to find peace with one's soul.
– Oscar Auliq-IceRate it:
Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.
– Virat KohliRate it:
Self-belief in the stressful life is the sole source of relief to the soul.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
SELF-CARE is to dare to be true to oneself consistently and SELFISH is marked to be a person who has constant wish to love oneself always and often own looks or face solely.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-centered people keep the focus of the camera often centered on own face only while making video and post online to proclaim that it is food, travel or this or that VLOG.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-centeredness is inhumane. Oh! Yes, life isn't meant to be all about you. And so, others ought to be among your priorities.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-centeredness is nothing else but being preoccupied only with oneself or one's own affairs. It is more of being too interested in yourself and not caring about the needs or feelings of other people. And that is inhumane. Oh! yes, life is not meant to be all about you. In fact, meeting someone else's or other people's needs should be one of your priorities in all you do in life (mark you). ~Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-conceit may lead to self-destruction.
– AesopRate it:
Self-CONFIDENCE grows out of self-RESPECT. Make every choice with respect for your BODY, your MIND and your SOUL.
– Gordana BiernatRate it:
Self-confidence is a feeling of trust or confidence in one's own abilities, qualities, skills, intellect, brain, strenght, character and stuffs like that. Now listen up, you should be self-confident. But, never become overconfident i.e. never become excessively confident. For, your ability, quality, skill, intellect, brain, strenght or a stuff like that can fail or disappoint you even when you least expect it or rather when you need it most.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-confidence is either a petty pride in our own narrowness, or the realization of our duty and privilege as God's children.
– Phillips BrooksRate it:
Self-confidence is something caught and not taught. And, risk-running and chance-taking are the only ways to catch it.
– Arnold SchwarzeneggerRate it:
Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.
– Samuel JohnsonRate it:
Self-confidence/assurance is a feeling of trust or confidence in one's abilities, qualities, skills, intellect, brain, strenght, character and stuffs like that. Now listen up, you should be self-confident/assured. But, never be overconfident/assured i.e. never be excessively confident or assured. For, your ability/quality/skill/intellect/brain/strenght or a stuff like that can fail or disappoint you even when you least expect it or rather when you need it most.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-confidence/assurance is simply all about being on a firm ground i.e. self-confidence/assurance is all about being 100% assured/confident of your self/potential/skill/ability/belief. Now that infers, whoever that is not assured/confident of his/her potential/skill/ability/belief is never self-confident/assured. So, dare to be self-assured/confident if you've not been self-confident/assured.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-control is nothing else but saying 'Yes' to some things and saying 'No' to certain things. Oh! Yes, self-control matters a lot. And so, never be jack of all trades and master of none. Come on, you've got to be self-controlled and as well refuse to be tossed around by anybody/anything.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-delusion is one's failure to recognize a reality. Now, permit me to tell you this. Anyone who thinks or says that true Love does not exist is just delusive. Yes! because, true Love exists and it will ever exist. Note: A Cheat always thinks and says that everyone cheats and a Liar often thinks and says that everyone lies (mark you). -Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-denial is indispensable to a strong character, and the highest kind comes from a religious stock.
– Theodore ParkerRate it:
Self-denial is not a virtue it is only the effect of prudence on rascality.
– George Bernard ShawRate it:
Self-denial is, denial of your/one's own interest. Now, in order to be an ideal love/a true love you must have to deny yourself your own interest.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-denial mostly executes a tricky way, for self-presentation, as an authentic personality.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Self-determination has to mean that the leader is your individual gut, and heart, and mind or we're talking about power, again, and its rather well-known impurities. Who is really going to care whether you live or die and who is going to know the most intimate motivation for your laughter and your tears is the only person to be trusted to speak for you and to decide what you will or will not do.
– June JordanRate it:
Self-development is a higher duty than self-sacrifice.
– Elizabeth Cady StantonRate it:
Self-discipline begins and ends with the mastery of your own thoughts. Because, until and unless you control your own thoughts, you cannot control your actions. -Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-discipline is hard, and the more projects you have on your plate, the more your willpower will have to stretch.
– Oscar Auliq-IceRate it:
Self-discipline is just an ability to say NO/YES when you ought to say it and an attitude of setting boundary on what you dislike. Are you self-disciplined or not?
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.
– Isaac AsimovRate it:
Self-esteem doesn't come from outside in. Never let the opinions expressed by others affect your own opinion about yourself. Believe in your ambitions, dreams, values, and yourself; no matter what others say or do. Know thy Self-worth - always!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Self-esteem is something you have to earn! The only way to achieve self-esteem is to work hard. People have an obligation to live up to their potential.
– Bette MidlerRate it:
Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.
– Nathaniel BrandenRate it:
Self-freedom is simply not letting your yesterday or past affect your today and tomorrow. However, avail yourself the freedom from anything that has been holding you back in order to embrace the future ahead of you. Listen up, you are where God wants you to be at this very moment. Besides, every experience of life is part of God's plans for your life. Although some experiences may be unfavorable sometimes, anyway relax and never worry. For, the end justifies the means.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-help must precede help from others. Even for making certain of help from heaven, one has to help oneself.
– Morarji Ranchhodji DesaiRate it:
Self-immolation as a way to protest against the injustices or as a way to fight for freedom cannot be accepted! All the fights must be done in the dimension of existence! Your body is your road to everywhere; if you destroy it, you lose all the roads! Stay firm and fight alive; no cause is more valuable than a man’s life! Keep your body out of the fire! Don’t ever praise the self-immolations; condemn them! Suicide is a defeat! Power is to fight, to fight peacefully, and not to die in agony!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Self-importance is an exaggerated sense of one's own value or importance. Now listen up, you are important. But, you are not too important or all-important. Yes! no human is indispensable. Thus, never feel too important or all-important no matter your family background, political or social status and regardless of your of education/qualification/intelligence/wealth/riches.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-importance is an exaggerated sense of one's own value or importance. Now listen up, you are important. But, you are not too important or all-important. Yes! no human is indispensable. Thus, never feel too important or all-important regardless of your level of education/qualification/intelligence/wealth/riches/family background.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender.
– Henri-Frédéric AmielRate it:
Self-interest usually brings injustice with it.
– Catherine The GreatRate it:
Self-love is not opposed to the love of other people. You cannot really love yourself and do yourself a favor without doing people a favor, and vise versa.
– Dr. Karl A. MenningerRate it:
Self-love is the instrument of our preservation.
– VoltaireRate it:
Self-loving is not so vile a sin, my liege, as self-neglecting.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Self-motivation (ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations) is the best motivation. Oh! yes, people who are self-motivated can and will always find a reason and strength to complete a task. Even when it seems challenging, without giving up or asking someone else to encourage them. Thus, you've got to be self-motivated. -Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-motivation also has its limit and so it needs to be replenished from time to time with an inspiration from a worthy person only.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-motivation without gratitude is impossible. Our energy is "sapped" when our entire focus is on what's wrong instead of what is right with our lives. One of our greatest challenges is to live and love in spite of pain and find gratitude in the midst of it all. -Jayadeva De Silva
– Jayadeva de SilvaRate it:
Self-observation brings man to the realization of the necessity of self-change. And in observing himself a man notices that self-observation itself brings about certain changes in his inner processes. He begins to understand that self-observation is an instrument of self-change, a means of awakening.
– G. I. GurdjieffRate it:
Self-obsessed being a negative person feels suffocation on not getting appreciation on uploaded countenance on social media literally everyday from the networking people.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-obsessed person gets refreshed on seeing own face regularly, looks impressed on being praised by the people for his looks majorly, remains over-dressed usually, enjoys being caressed by liars or cheats mainly and seems being surrounded by many sycophants mostly and in the absence of any or all of these above things , s/he feels stressed, disheartened, demoralized, distressed and depressed,
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-pity comes so naturally to all of us. The most solid happiness can be shaken by the compassion of a fool.
– André MauroisRate it:
Self-pity gets you nowhere. One must have the adventurous daring to accept oneself as a bundle of possibilities and undertake the most interesting game in the world -- making the most of one's best.
– Richard Willard ArmourRate it:
Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.
– John W. GardnerRate it:
Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the nonpharmaceutical narcotics it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.
– John W. GardnerRate it:
Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything good in the world.
– Helen KellerRate it:
Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble
– John MaddenRate it:
Self-realization or self-fulfillment begins and ends only with discovery and fulfillment of your own God-given destiny. -Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-realization/determination is all about realizing that you were born for a purpose. And so, you've got to achieve your purpose of being here (on earth) at all cost.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Self-reliance is its aversion. It loves not realities and creators, but names and customs.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward.
– Patricia SampsonRate it:
Self-respect is inversely proportional to self-interest.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-respect is nothing to hide behind. When you need it most it isn't there.
– May SartonRate it:
Self-respect is the best and greatest gift you'll give to yourself. The self-respect builds the strongest self-control, self-dignity, self-discipline, and highest self-esteem that enables you to never settle for anything less, and importantly, to walk away from anything or anyone that undervalues you, and treats you as a second choice. Never forget that you don't need anyone who doesn’t treat you with dignity and respect. Lead your life the best way, powered with Self-respect; and the world will respect you.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue.
– John HerschelRate it:
Self-respect is the fruit of discipline the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.
– Rabbi Abraham HeschelRate it:
Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.
– Rabbi Abraham HeschelRate it:
Self-respect is the most important aspect of human life, and the cornerstone of all virtues. It is also the starting point of cultivating the beauty in women and the courage in men. Never lose your Self-respect, and never allow anyone to violate its sacredness for any price.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Self-respect is the most important aspect of human life. Never lose it and never allow anyone to violate its sacredness. If anyone treats you as an option, narrow her/his choices by removing yourself out of her/his equation, because being there is simply not worth it.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Self-respect is the solid foundation of your self, your existance, and how you're perceived by the world. How can you expect anyone, let alone the world, respect you if you yourself can't respect yourself? Respect yourself first, and treat your fellow humans and animals with the same respect, and the world will begin to respect you, before you realize it.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Self-respect means not bending your head, and holding it high. Self-respect is the most important virtue. Never lose your self-respect.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Self-respect permeates every aspect of your life.
– Charles Joseph Joe ClarkRate it:
Self-respect: the secure feeling that no one, as yet, is suspicious.
– H. L. MenckenRate it:
Self-restraint, which is a choice, is all that separates armistice and war.
– General Vincent BrooksRate it:
Self-reverence, self knowledge, self-control. These three alone lead life to sovereign power.
– Lord TennysonRate it:
Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing.
– George Bernard ShawRate it:
Self-sacrifice is an obvious proof of true love and true leadership. That is to say, giving up one’s own life, interests or comfort just to help others or to advance a cause. Now, that is exactly what Jesus Christ gave up for us (humans) on the cross of Calvary (over 2,000 years ago). Yes! he (Jesus Christ) gave up his own precious life, well-being, comfort and interest so that humanity can be saved through his one and only sacrifice. Nevertheless, what have you given up for him (Jesus Christ) in return? Anyway, I guess that is worth thinking about (individually), isn't it? ~Emeasoba George
Self-seeker being stupid enjoys own heartful only when his online false friends make him fool by mischievously and regularly commenting on his looks with words like nice, beautiful, awesome, handsome, dashing and cool
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-seeker enjoys the most on getting the support from stupids and sycophants on own social media post bearing her/his own photo uploaded almost daily because s/he foolishly feels that they are raising the toast for her/him while they just mischievously hate or roast her/him via their LIKEs vote.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-seeker has often many supporters on physical ground and on social media, but all just opportunity-seekers so called cheaters wearing the mask of fans,followers, friends and even family relatives and members.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-seeker is mentally sick to be addicted to taking and online posting own pictures with everyone,but belongs to none and not even to own parents even if living with them.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself.
– W. Clement StoneRate it:
Self-trust is the essence of heroism
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Self-trust, we know, is the first secret of success.
– Lady WildeRate it:
Self-worth takes you further than net worth.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Selfie is nothing but a manifestation of selfishness on part of a person.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Selfies are about self-admiration. They provide people of all ages constant opportunities to obsess about their looks and their external presentation
– Paul HokemeyerRate it:
Selfish are so foolish to think that his friends praise his face but the case might be that almost all of them are just making fun of him through their support on his social media networking post.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Selfishness and foolishness always go hand-in-hand as the closest friend.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. It is asking other people to live as one wishes to live.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Selfishness is the biggest form of helplessness as it makes the person blind so much that he fails to search his true self for being always in the lurch.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Selflessness (unselfishness) is defined as being concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own. Moreover, it can be defined as having or showing great concern for other people and little or no concern at all for yourself or oneself. Whereas, selfishness is directly opposite of that (selflessness). Now, are you selfless or are you selfish? Anyway, you should be selfless rather than selfish. Because, true love or true leadership is all about being selfless. Contrariwise, untrue love or untrue leadership has to do with selfishness. Besides, whoever that is selfless is true to form (or type) i.e. he or she is being or behaving as expected. But, anyone who is selfish is factitious (not genuine). Nevertheless, do quote me right or better still you can say I said so. ~Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Selflessness is not just thinking less about yourself. It's more of satisfying someone else's needs at your own expense. Yes! that is it and every true love/leader ought to be selfless. Besides, selflessness is all about self-sacrifice.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.
– Jalal ud-Din RumiRate it:
Semper Eadem
– Queen Elizabeth IRate it:
Sen. John Kennedy (R., La.) said on Wednesday that he trusted Middle Eastern countries as much as gas station sushi, with the exception being Israel.
– Louisiana Sen. John KennedyRate it:
Senator Markey’s Cyber Shield Act can work! Start the conversations with the basics: Use a QR code that attaches to a dynamic database that runs an artificial intelligence algorithm to calculate the score. Let’s not make this more difficult than it is.
– James ScottRate it:
Senator, I am one of them. You do not seem to understand who I am. I am a black woman, the daughter of a dining-car worker ... If my life has any meaning at all, it is that those who start out as outcasts can wind up as being part of the system.
– Patricia Roberts HarrisRate it:
Senator, I started my life in a house without water or electricity. So I don't cede to you the high moral ground of not knowing what life is like in a ditch. to Senator Robert Byrd at a budget hearing
– Paul O'NeillRate it:
Send salt to your enemy.
– Japanese Proverbs: Wit and WisdomRate it:
Senor d'Anconia said that you bore him, Mr. Taggart.
– Ayn RandRate it:
Sense will buy you more than dollars.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Senses empower limitations, senses expand vision within borders, senses promote understanding through pleasure.
– Dejan StojanovicRate it:
Sensible and scholarly figures enjoy and praise literary writings; conversely, others focus on the writer's pics, especially when it is a beauty of the female, which mostly prevails knowledge and ability.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Sensibly, it is better to be an illiterate or less educated and make an earning of an amount X than be highly or moderately academically qualified and yet be paid X or even less or marginally high.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Sentiment is intellectualized emotion; emotion precipitated, as it were, in pretty crystals by the fancy.
– James Russell LowellRate it:
Sentimentality is a superstructure covering brutality.
– C. J. JungRate it:
Sentimentality is the emotional promiscuity of those who have no sentiment.
– Norman MailerRate it:
Separate from the pleasure of your company, I don't much care if I never see another mountain in my life.
– Charles LambRate it:
Separated lovers cheat absence by a thousand fancies which have their own reality. They are prevented from seeing one another and they cannot write nevertheless they find countless mysterious ways of corresponding, by sending each other the song of birds, the scent of flowers, the laughter of children, the light of the sun, the sighing of the wind, and the gleam of the stars-all the beauties of creation.
– Victor HugoRate it:
Separated lovers cheat absence by a thousand fancies which have their own reality. They are prevented from seeing one another and they cannot write; nevertheless they find countless mysterious ways of corresponding, by sending each other the song of birds, the scent of flowers, the laughter of children, the light of the sun, the sighing of the wind, and the gleam of the stars --all the beauties of creation.
– Victor HugoRate it:
Separation is an illusion, we are all in this together
– H.W. MannRate it:
Separation is not an event but it is a process involves enormous changes and loss
– The Omani ShedRate it:
Separation penetrates the disappearing person like a pigment and steeps him in gentle radiance.
– Walter BenjaminRate it:
Sept "c" s qui constituent votre personnage, à mon humble avis, sont: la confiance, la compassion, le courage, la clarté, le calme, la cohérence et la commitment (l'engagement.) - Deo
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
September tries its best to have us forget summer.
– Bern WilliamsRate it:
Ser amable con la gente, incluso a tus peores enemigos; no importa cómo se comportan. Vera que el buen karma siempre paga mil veces. También, ser amable con la gente es siempre la mejor herencia que uno puede dejar atrás. - Deo
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
ser crítico no es ni bueno ni correcto. cuando juzgamos a los demás sólo de nuestro marco de referencia, que invariablemente no entendemos todos los demás marcos de referencia que puede conducir a totalmente diferentes perspectivas. ser crítico es un signo de arrogancia, falta de respeto y en mi humilde opinión la ignorancia. la historia nos muestra que los que juzgan los demás también conseguir juzgadas por los demás, exactamente de la misma manera y con el criterio de idéntica medida. no ser crítico, y aceptar el mundo tal como es. siempre vivir y dejar vivir todos los que le rodean. aclamaciones!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Ser seguro de sí mismo! creer en ti mismo primero antes que nadie! nadie, absolutamente nadie, en el mundo debería ser capaz de sacudir la confianza en sí mismo sin su consentimiento. ser una autocrítica bien balanceada para mejorar el mismo, en todo momento! usted es un "corte por encima del resto" - y que no se debe olvidar jamás. buena suerte!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sérendipité communique avec les esprits préparés, à mon avis, ce qui conduit souvent à des créations et inventions miraculeuses. Sérendipité va danser avec vous si vous êtes déjà sur la piste de danse. Vous ne devez pas attendre que cela se produise si vous êtes parmi les nombreux spectateurs qui sont simplement en regardant les autres danser. Donc obtenir sur la piste de danse tout de suite, et avoir une bonne danse avec sérendipité lorsque votre moment arrive. - Deo.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Serendipity communicates with prepared minds, in my view, often leading to miraculous creations and inventions. Serendipity will dance with you if you're already on the dance floor. You mustn't expect it to happen if you're among many spectators who are merely watching others dance. So get on the dance floor right away, and have a good dance with Serendipity when your moment arrives.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Serenity of mind brings joy and happiness in life.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Serious affairs and history are carefully laid snares for the uninformed. Serious affairs and history are carefully laid snares for the uninformed.
– Dejan StojanovicRate it:
Serious people have few ideas. People with ideas are never serious.
– Paul ValéryRate it:
Serious Sincere Systematic Service Surely Secures Supreme Success.
– UnknownRate it:
Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Service can move one’s heart and change one’s destiny forever, take a moment and serve somebody.
– sindiswa matyobeniRate it:
Service heals the recipient and the giver.
– Bryant McGillRate it:
Service is about putting the next person first.”
– sindiswa matyobeniRate it:
Service is joy, service is happiness.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Service is joy, Service is the kindness. Service is love, Service is the happiness.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Service is not easy but necessary
– Sindiswa MatyobeniRate it:
Service is not slavery.
– sindiswa matyobeniRate it:
Service is the highest form of worship.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Service to many leads to greatness-great respect, great satisfaction. Success is not having to wait until someone goes to Hong Kong before you get a camera.
– Jim RohnRate it:
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.
– Muhammad AliRate it:
Service to the humanity is the source of joy and happiness. It is the rent you pay for living on this beautiful planet.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Service without selfness, is not service
– Samuel A. LuceroRate it:
Service... Giving what you don't have to give. Giving when you don't need to give. Giving because you want to give.
– Damien HessRate it:
Serving God is doing good to man. But praying is thought an easier service and is therefore more generally chosen.
– Benjamin FranklinRate it:
Serving with love, a kind heart, and without expectations is happiness.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Set a thief to catch a thief.
– French ProverbRate it:
Set about whatever you intend to do; the beginning is half the battle.
– AusoniusRate it:
Set all things in their own peculiar place, and know that order is the greatest grace.
– John DrydenRate it:
Set exorbitant standards, and give your people hell when they don't live up to them. There is nothing so demoralizing as a boss who tolerates second rate work.
– David OgilvyRate it:
Set priorities for your goals. A major part of successful living lies in the ability to put first things first. Indeed, the reason most major goals are not achieved is that we spend our time doing second things first.
– Robert J. McKainRate it:
Set the foot down with distrust on the crust of the world -- it is thin.
– Edna St. Vincent MillayRate it:
Set up as an ideal the facing of reality as honestly and as cheerfully as possible.
– Dr. Karl MenningerRate it:
Set up the listening. Prepare who you are talking to for what you want them to hear. Get people to listen as a possibility rather than a problem.
– Mal PancoastRate it:
Set your affection to infinity and your hate to zero!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Set your expectations high find men and women whose integrity and values you respect get their agreement on a course of action and give them your ultimate trust.
– John Fellows AkersRate it:
Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is to good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way.
– Eileen CaddyRate it:
Set yourself on fire and the world will come to see you burn
– Brandon Garic NotchRate it:
Setback often precedes great comeback. Yes! for instance the biblical Joseph experienced a setback initially. But, eventually he was taken from prison to the king's palace where he was made a prime minister/general overseer i.e. he (Joseph) who was nobody by and by became somebody. Now, may I tell you this, your so seemed setback will sooner or later become a great comeback for you.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.
– Tom LandryRate it:
Setting a goal is the first step, and completing a goal is the commitment.”
– Jamela DunbarRate it:
Setting a good example for children takes all the fun out of middle age.
– William FeatherRate it:
Setting an example for your children takes all the fun out of middle age Conditions are never just right. People who delay action until all factors are favorable do nothing.
– William FaulknerRate it:
Setting loose on the battlefield weapons that are able to learn may be one of the biggest mistakes mankind has ever made. It could also be one of the last.
– Richard Forsyth - Machine Learning for Expert SystemsRate it:
Seulement quand souhaits sont volonté, les moyens commencent à suivre, et vous pouvez faire vos rêves. Tout commence avec votre souhait, et surtout votre volonté, à faire quelque chose arrive.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Seven "C"s that constitute your Character, IMHO, are: Confidence, Compassion, Courage, Clarity, Calmness, Consistency, and Commitment.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Seven days without laughter makes one weak.
– Mort WalkerRate it:
Seven things characterise the wise man, and seven the blockhead. The wise man speaks not before those who are his superiors, either in age or wisdom. He interrupts not others in the midst of their discourse. He replies not hastily. His questions are relevant to the subject, his answers, to the purpose. In delivering his sentiments he taketh the first in order first, the last, last. What he understands not he says, ?I understand not.? He acknowledges his error, and is open to conviction. The reverse of all this characterises the blockhead.
– The TalmudRate it:
Seven to eleven is a huge chunk of life, full of dulling and forgetting. It is fabled that we slowly lose the gift of speech with animals, that birds no longer visit our windowsills to converse. As our eyes grow accustomed to sight they armor themselves against wonder.
– Leonard CohenRate it:
Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.
– Woody AllenRate it:
Sex - Emotion explicitly expressed!
Sex -- the great inequality, the great miscalculator, the great Irritator.
– Enid BagnoldRate it:
Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it.
– Woody AllenRate it:
Sex education classes in our public schools are promoting incest.
– Jimmy SwaggartRate it:
Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes.
– Jackie OnassisRate it:
Sex is a conversation carried out by other means. If you get on well out of bed, half the problems of bed are solved.
– Peter UstinovRate it:
Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.
– Marilyn MonroeRate it:
Sex is about connection and intimacy, but also it's about having fun.
– Oscar Auliq-IceRate it:
Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.
– Marquis de SadeRate it:
Sex is emotion in motion.
– Mae WestRate it:
Sex is hereditary. If your parents never had it, chances are you wont either.
– Joseph FischerRate it:
Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. . .The other eight are unimportant.
– Henry MillerRate it:
Sex is only 10% of a Good Marriage but it's 90% of a Bad One.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Sex is part of nature, I go with nature.
– Marylin MonroeRate it:
Sex is the biggest nothing of all time.
– Andy WarholRate it:
Sex is the last refuge of the miserable.
– Quentin CrispRate it:
Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.
– Malcolm MuggeridgeRate it:
Sex is the tabasco sauce which an adolescent national palate sprinkles on every course in the menu.
– Mary Day WinnRate it:
sex is the thing which give us best pleasure of the world
– aliRate it:
Sex touches and plays the body and love, knocks and fragrances the soul.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Sex. In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact.
– Marlene DietrichRate it:
Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable.
– Lord ChesterfieldRate it:
Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble.
– John BarrymoreRate it:
Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that's a real treat.
– Joanne WoodwardRate it:
Sexism is #bigotryPRIME. All others are born of it.
– Justice Calo ReignRate it:
Sexual enlightenment is justified insofar as girls cannot learn too soon how children do not come into the world.
– Karl KrausRate it:
Sexual pleasure is, I agree, a passion to which all others are subordinate but in which they all unite.
– Marquis de SadeRate it:
Sexually,we are all competing for the same seat on the bus and the thing that holds it together is the tightly held conceit that we are all sexual gods. How can I believe in my own uniqueness when there's a cat out there exactly the same as me
– Jeff MelvoinRate it:
Shadows cannot harm the almighty!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Shah is a kind of magic word with the Persian people.
– Mohammed Reza PahlaviRate it:
Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.
– Thomas JeffersonRate it:
Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.
– Thomas JeffersonRate it:
Shake the hands of those you hate, and you will thank me.
– CometanRate it:
Shakespeare said all the world is a stage... I think its a gym.
– Grant RobertsRate it:
Shakespeare said “all the world is a stage” if it is then I suggest you to perform better than anyone else.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Shaking hands with love, and passion, aspires perfumed feeling; however, shaking hands with expectations, distresses by the failure of that.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Shall He to thee His aid refuse Who clothes the swan in dazzling white, Who robes in green the parrot bright, The peacocks decks in rainbow hues?*
– The HitopadesaRate it:
Shall I crack any of those old jokes, master, At which the audience never fail to laugh
– AristophanesRate it:
Shall I crack any of those old jokes, master,At which the audience never fail to laugh?
– Aristophanes, Frogs, 405 B.C.Rate it:
Shall I give you my recipe for happiness? I find everything useful and nothing indispensable. I find everything wonderful and nothing miraculous. I reverence the body. I avoid first causes like the plague.
– Norman DouglasRate it:
Shall ignorance of good and ill Dare to direct the eternal will? Seek virtue, and of that possest, To Providence resign the rest.
– GayRate it:
Shall not one line lament our forest race, Struck out for you from wild creation's face Freedom-the selfsame freedom you adore-Bade us defend our violated shore.
– Simon PokagonRate it:
Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight always try to be a little kinder than is necessary.
– James BarrieRate it:
Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Shallow understanding accompanies poor compassion, great understanding goes with great compassion.
– Tich Nhat Han, The sun my heartRate it:
Sham Harga had run a succesful eatery for many years by always smiling, never extending credit, and realizing that most of his customers wanted meals properly balanced between the four food groups: sugar, starch, grease and burnt crunchy bits.
– Terry Pratchett, Men at ArmsRate it:
Shamal is a Kurdish name
– HivaRate it:
Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.
– Brené BrownRate it:
Shame is that intrinsic meter of our own heart to tell us that we have failed to follow our own moral compass.
– LaDawnna Burnett, (1975-), Letters on EthicsRate it:
Shame is that intrinstic meter of our own heart to tell us that we have failed to follow our own moral compass.
– LaDawnna Burnett (1975 - ), Letters on EthicsRate it:
Share a post on social media with an utmost selfish intention, whoever supports it is surely a negative person.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Share everything. Don't take things that aren't yours. Put things back where you found them.
– RobertRate it:
Share own photo regularly on social networking site for mere publicity and see those who support it the very first often . They are most likely to be most untrustworthy lot.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Share your happiness, share your love; you will always be happy and beloved.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Share Your Knowledge
– Alex BertoliniRate it:
Share your love, share your happiness, care for others; your wealth will be endless.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Share your love, share your happiness; you will be rich and a great success.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Share your M&Ms. There are bags and bags of them all over the place. If you give them one of yours, even one of the green ones, you will not be lacking. Honust Injun. Now apply this to Time, Concern, Touch, Interest and Being Vulnerable.
– Hugh ElliottRate it:
Share your wisdom with everyone! -Aaron Jhinkoo
– Aaron JhinkooRate it:
Shared joy is double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow.
– Swedish ProverbRate it:
Shared joys make a friend, not shared sufferings.
– Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheRate it:
Sharing a strange experience from my student years at Manchester, England, during late 1970's. I had just arrived in England from India, and was searching for an accommodation, basically a room to rent. I always used to call the English landlords by phnoe first, to ensure that a room was available, and then visit those addresses, located miles away, by taking the bus or a train. Upon my arrival, I was always told that either there was no room at all or that the room was just rented. After a dozen or so such frustrating experiences, it became clear to me that the room was always available - but those English landlords and landladies were reluctant to rent it to someone like me, an Indian or a non-white person. Interestingly, the room was always available to my voice on the phone, because my voice could not reveal either my skin color, or my race, or my national origin. The mystery was thus dispelled, and yet that realization was surely a rude awakening to the true color of English society. It was my first encounter with prejudice and discrimination, and the most shocking moment that shatters one's innocence completely - especially after coming from a noble culture and the best upbringing that takes pride in Equality. I shall always remain thankful to England for the best education that I received during my M.S. and Ph.D., as much as for such exposure to the dark side of the real world. Years later, after coming to America, I realized that America is a whole new wonderful world that welcomes all, and treats everyone with respect and dignity they deserve. God Bless America!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.
– M. F. K. FisherRate it:
Sharing is caring. In other words, anyone who shares whatever he or she has or knows with you, really cares for you. For, it takes a caring heart to share-out. ~Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Sharks are as tough as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent.
– Dave BarryRate it:
Shatter the limits in your mind and you shatter the limits in your life.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
shawn is a bitch
– redpandaguyRate it:
She (India) has left indelible imprints on one fourth of the human race in the course of a long succession of centuries. She has the right to reclaim... her place amongst the great nations summarizing and symbolizing the spirit of humanity. From Persia to the Chinese sea, from the icy regions of Siberia to Islands of Java and Borneo, India has propagated her beliefs, her tales, and her civilization.
– Sylvia LeviRate it:
She awakened your soul, but the soft whispers of wisdom led elsewhere. The perfect love, a true connection at a time not willing to wait.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
She became interested in performing when she was six and won a scholarship to the school. If she hadn't, she couldn't have gone.
– Shelley WilliamsRate it:
She calls, unanswered. He texts: "Are you ok?" . She: "I am ok, I just wanted to feel your presence.." . He: "Yeah, I'm here..I'm still here..".
– The wise Pharoah MoeRate it:
She carried a thousand lights inside her heart, and a thousand lights carried her.
– Vatsal SurtiRate it:
She cried, and the judge wiped her tears with my checkbook.
– Tommy ManvilleRate it:
She did not talk to people as if they were strange hard shells she had to crack open to get inside. She talked as if she were already in the shell. In their very shell.
– Marita BonnerRate it:
She discovered with great delight that one does not love one's children just because they are one's children but because of the friendship formed while raising them.
– Gabriel García MárquezRate it:
She does not get upset by anything. She takes things very calmly and she has been that way her whole life.
– Irma CapovillaRate it:
She drove me away like a dog ! Poor Nicky ! Poor Russia !
– Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of RussiaRate it:
She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket.
– Raymond ChandlerRate it:
She gave me more than just a sweater vest that night. She gave me all this. Nothing. She gave me nothing. That's what I need. No phone book, no Game Boy, no pasta maker, TV Guide. Nowhere to go, nothing to do.
– Andrew SchneiderRate it:
She gave up beauty in her tender youth, gave all her hope and joy and pleasant ways; she covered up her eyes lest they should gaze on vanity, and chose the bitter truth.
– Christina RossettiRate it:
She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon.
– Groucho MarxRate it:
She had a pretty gift for quotation, which is a serviceable substitute for wit.
– W. Somerset MaughamRate it:
She had an unequalled gift... of squeezing big mistakes into small opportunities.
– Henry JamesRate it:
She had fortunately always her appetite for news. The pure flame of the disinterested burned in her cave of treasures as a lamp in a Byzantine vault.
– Henry James, "The Ambassadors", Book Ninth, Chapter 2Rate it:
She had learned the self-deprecating ways of the woman who does not want to be thought hard and grasping, but her artifices could not always cover the nakedness of her need to excel.
– Faith SullivanRate it:
She had wit, she had grace, she had beauty; But above all, she had truth.
– Leo Tolstoy, Anna KareninaRate it:
She has a Billy goat brain and a mockingbird mouth!
– Louisiana Sen. John KennedyRate it:
She has admitted she was not hostile to the Nazis before 1940. She says she was anti-Nazi after 1940, but has produced no evidence that she criticized the Nazis then. She wrote anti-Semitic words in 1938–41, and there is no evidence she was compelled to write them. Queried on her anti-Semitic writings, she told me: "I have never written anything in my life that I did not believe to be true.
– John MearsheimerRate it:
She is a friend of my mind... The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order.
– Toni MorrisonRate it:
She is a peacock in everything but beauty.
– Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian GrayRate it:
She is a wife who is notable in her house; she is a wife who beareth children; she is a wife whose husband is as her life; she is a wife who is obedient to her lord. The wife is half the man; a wife is man?s dearest friend; a wife is the source of his religion, his worldly profit, and his love. He who hath a wife maketh offerings in his house. Those who have wives are blest with good fortune. Wives are friends, who, by their kind and gentle speech, soothe you in your retirement. In your distresses they are as mothers, and they are refreshment to those who are travellers in the rugged paths of life.
– MahabharataRate it:
She is not fair to outward view As many maidens be Her loveliness I never knew Until she smiled on me Oh then I saw her eye was bright, A well of love, a spring of light.
– Hartley ColeridgeRate it:
She is not fair to outward view As many maidens be; Her loveliness I never knew Until she smiled on me; Oh! then I saw her eye was bright, A well of love, a spring of light.
– Hartley ColeridgeRate it:
She is not perfect. You are not perfect. The question is whether or not you are perfect for each other.
– Robin Williams, Good Will HuntingRate it:
She just feels so ingenuine in everything, every toast she gives is like, take your lips off his a—.
– Caroline LunnyRate it:
She knew we were poor though she didn’t say anything. She used to say, “Mom, I’m not a good daughter because you have to spend so much money for my sickness…” I’m sure sure she had many things she wanted to buy as a teenager such as new clothes, but she didn’t say anything to me and kept it to herself because she knew we were poor.
– Fujiko SasakiRate it:
She knows there's no success like failure And that failure's no success at all.
– Paul AubuchonRate it:
She knows what is the best purpose of education not to be frightened by the best but to treat it as part of daily life.
– John Mason BrownRate it:
She knows what is the best purpose of education: not to be frightened by the best but to treat it as part of daily life.
– John Mason BrownRate it:
She loves merely three things in every relationship for herself i.e. I, MYSELF & ME and that's the reason a woman is often seen addicted to selfie.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
She opened up a book of poems and handed it to me written by an Italian poet from the 13th century and every one of them words rang true and glowed like burning coal pouring off of every page like it was written in my soul from me to you.
– Bob DylanRate it:
She reads Proust and he watches the Kardashians. Or worse, he wanted Clinton to win and she crows about Trump’s victory. Yes, the second will be much harder to overcome than the first, but relational happiness can prevail
– Paul HokemeyerRate it:
She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasnt boring.
– Zelda FitzgeraldRate it:
She represents the un-vowed aspiration of the male human being, his potential infidelity -- and infidelity of a very special kind, which would lead him to the opposite of his wife, to the woman of wax whom he could model at will, make and unmake in any way he wished, even unto death.
– Marguerite DurasRate it:
She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.
– Dorothy ParkerRate it:
She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short.
– Brian AndreasRate it:
She say, Celie, tell the truth, have you ever found God in church? I never did. I just found a bunch of folks hoping for him to show. Any God I ever felt in church I brought in with me. And I think all the other folks did too. They come to church to share God, not find God.
– Alice WalkerRate it:
She seemed a thing that could not feel the touch of earthly years.
– William WordsworthRate it:
She sent the kids again its just like the divorce
– Roman TorchwickRate it:
She taught me that without trust, love could never exist.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
She tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake.
– Margot AsquithRate it:
She thoroughly understands what no other Church has ever understood, how to deal with enthusiasts.
– Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron MacaulayRate it:
She told me she would make it to 115. And she kept her word.
– Paul CooperRate it:
She used to drag her mattress besider her low window and lie awake for a long while, vibrating with excitement, as a machine vibrates from speed. Life rushed in upon her through that window - or so it seemed. In reality, of course, life rushes from within, not from without. There is no work of art so big or so beautiful that is was not once all contained in some youthful body, like this one which lay on the floor in the moonlight, pulsing with ardor and anticipation.
– Willa CatherRate it:
She wanted something to happen - something, anything she did not know what.
– Kate ChopinRate it:
She wanted something to happen - something, anything: she did not know what.
– Kate ChopinRate it:
She was a phantom of delight When first she gleam'd upon my sight A lovely apparition, sent To be a moment's ornament.
– William WordsworthRate it:
She was a thinking bosom and one who overpowered her young lovers, all Sybil — a Romantic.
– V. S. PritchettRate it:
She was a woman who, between courses, could be graceful with her elbows on the table.
– Henry JamesRate it:
She was conscious that the things she did were the things she had always wanted to do.
– Zelda FitzgeraldRate it:
She was daydreaming out the kitchen window into the backyard. And wondered what it would feel like being naked on the swing. That night, with everyone in bed, she removed her nightgown and walked across the backyard to the swing. She felt exhilaration because she wasn’t supposed to be there.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
She was never your's, it was just your turn.
– Jalal ad-Din Muhammad RumiRate it:
She was one of those people who said I don't know anything about music, but I know what I like.
– Max BeerbohmRate it:
She was short on intellect, but long on shape.
– George AdeRate it:
She went through things with the Frank family as if it was her own family. Not that she talked a lot about it, she actually never did, but the fact that she named her daughter after Anne Frank shows that Bep reserved a special place in her heart for Anne.
– Willy van der Vennen-VoskuijlRate it:
She who loves roses must be patient and not cry out when she is pierced by thorns.
– Olga BroumanRate it:
She would rather light candles than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed the world.
– Adlai StevensonRate it:
She's so bossy that we call her "the Governess.
– Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of RussiaRate it:
She's the kind of person who either dies tragically at twenty-seven, like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, or else grows up to win, like, the first-ever Nobel Prize for Awesome.
– John GreenRate it:
Sheep are under the bed, but the wolf is on the bed.
– Charles de LEUSSERate it:
Sheep are under the bed, but the wolf is on the bed. (Les moutons sont sous le lit. Mais le loup est sur le lit)
– Charles de LEUSSERate it:
Shell to DOS... Come in DOS, do you copy Shell to DOS...
– AnonymousRate it:
Shenanigans even starts with the word 'She'.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Shepherds know many mysterious languages; they speak the language of sheep and dogs, language of stars and skies, flowers and herbs.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Shield your heart from being stabbed, by giving it to no one.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Shine like stars
– LinsonRate it:
Shipbuilders in their time period referred to certain parts of a ship as the 'forepeak'. Were there any viable restrictions which prevented a sailing vessel from possessing more than 'fore'; mayhaps five or ten of such peaks?
– Francis M. Faber Jr.Rate it:
Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board. For some they come in with the tide. For others they sail forever on the horizon, never out of sight, never landing until the Watcher turns his eyes away in resignation, his dreams mocked to death by Time. That is the life of men.
– Zora Neale HurstonRate it:
Shit Does'nt Happen, It's Cause and Effects! " You Cause It, & You Endure the Effects! Correct???
– Lloyd Douglas FowlerRate it:
Shit happens! Doesn't mean you have to step in it. But if you do, I would buy a new pair of shoes.
– Kilburn HallRate it:
Shocking writing is like murder: the questions the jury must decide are the questions of motive and intent.
– E. B. WhiteRate it:
Shoe strangles the foot. But it advances. (La chaussure étrangle le pied. Mais elle fait avancer)
– Charles de LEUSSERate it:
Shook ek badi cheech h shook vahi karta h jo shokin hota h shook karne ka ....
– Rox's KhanRate it:
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.
– Les BrownRate it:
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.
– Les BrownRate it:
Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.
– Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Shortly before being shot.Rate it:
Shopping, true feminine felicity !
– Letitia Elizabeth LandonRate it:
Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings.
– EuripidesRate it:
Short prayers with long legs travel far.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Short sentences drawn from long experiences.
– CervantesRate it:
Shortchange your education now and you may be short of change the rest of your life.
– Author UnknownRate it:
Shortly and briefly; however, significantly, the definition of discrimination is, Mine is Best; I am Best.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Shouda, coulda, and woulda won't get it done.
– Pat RileyRate it:
Should a fence 'post a note' or 'hang a sign' to warn possible trespassers?
– Francis M. Faber Jr.Rate it:
Should I marry W. Not if she won't tell me the other letters in her name.
– Woody AllenRate it:
Should one see a wise man who, like a revealer of treasures, points out faults and reproves, let one associate with such a wise person for the benefits he shall receive.
– UnknownRate it:
Should we continue to look upwards Is the light we can see in the sky one of those which will presently be extinguished The ideal is terrifying to behold, lost as it is in the depths, small, isolated, a pin-point, brilliant but threatened on all sides by the dark forces that surround it nevertheless, no more in danger than a star in the jaws of the clouds. (Les Miserables)
– Victor HugoRate it:
Should we feel at times disheartened and discouraged, a confiding thought, a simple movement of heart towards God will renew our powers. Whatever He may demand of us, He will give us at the moment the strength and the courage that we need.
– Franois de Salignac de la Mothe FenelonRate it:
Should we stop celebrating the Columbus day - the day when the first illegal immigrants entered America?
– Evgeni KostitsynRate it:
Shoulders can carry great weights; minds, even much greater!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Shouldn't someone tag Mr Kennedy's bold new imaginative program with its proper age Under the tousled boyish haircut is still old Karl Marx-first launched a century ago. There is nothing new in the idea of a government being Big Brother.
– Ronald ReaganRate it:
Show a leg or shake a leg.
– UnknownRate it:
Show a person especially man who has good words in favor of women and actually turns out to be a good, reliable one, none can.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Show an online or offline place where one says and others do not take away the same to show as their own.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Show business is the best possible therapy for remorse.
– Anita LoosRate it:
Show just a single example of a person who does not love oneself, and soon upon failing to do so it will be automatically seen to him/her as how millions of people are just confined within their own skeleton only as an isolated island to care never about others.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Show kindness to your near and dear ones, first. Help them. Ensure their happiness. Only then set out to wipe the tears from the eyes of others.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Show me a clever nation; then I will show you a clever government!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Show me a friend in need and I'll show you a pest.
– Joe E. LewisRate it:
Show me a frigid women and, nine times out of ten, I'll show you a little man.
– Julie BurchillRate it:
Show me a genuine case of platonic friendship, and I shall show you two old or homely faces.
– Austin O'MalleyRate it:
Show me a great actor and I'll show you a lousy husband. Show me a great actress, and you've seen the devil.
– W. C. FieldsRate it:
Show me a guy who's afraid to look bad, and I'll show you a guy you can beat every time.
– Lou BrockRate it:
Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.
– F. Scott FitzgeraldRate it:
Show me a man with a million dollars, and I'll show you a million guys trying to take it away from him.
– Mickey RooneyRate it:
Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.
– Carl Gustav JungRate it:
Show me a sane man, and I will cure him for you.
– Carl JungRate it:
Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.
– Thomas Alva EdisonRate it:
Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure.
– Thomas EdisonRate it:
Show me an objective worthy of war and I will go along with you.
– Otto Von BismarckRate it:
Show me the man who keeps his house in hand, He's fit for public authority.
– SophoclesRate it:
Show me your friends and I will show you your future
– GBCBMERate it:
Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.
– Dr. Laura SchlessingerRate it:
Show me your friends and I will tell you your future
– Pauline MusaririRate it:
Show me your talents and I'll show you your net worth.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Show me your value or I show you the door.
– Coach Mac - Xaverian, Westwood, MARate it:
SHOW ME;~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SHOW me a man whom KNOWS NOT, that he KNOWS NOT; He is a novitiate, Inspire him: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SHOW me a man whom KNOWS . . . . that he KNOWS NOT; He is a student, Teach him. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SHOW me a man whom KNOWS that he KNOWS, and KNOWS that he KNOWS that he KNOWS; He is a MASTER, FOLLOW Him! f.m.Faber Jr
– Francis M. Faber Jr.Rate it:
Show my head to the people, it is worth seeing.
– Georges Jacques Danton, to his executionerRate it:
Show us a man who never makes a mistake and we will show you a man who never makes anything. The capacity for occasional blundering is inseparable from the capacity to bring things to pass. The only men who are past the danger of making mistakes are the men who sleep at Greenwood.
– H. L. WaylandRate it:
Showbiz celebrity couple throws party at their every wedding anniversary for mainly two reasons; First, for publicity and second,just to prove to the people that the compatibility still exists between them.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Shower your unconditional love even if it might be a stranger
– SivajiRate it:
Shri Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha since 2000, adored by millions, for his ... Each bone of my body is secular. ...
– Naveen PatnaikRate it:
Shuffling people with their position in the corridors of power is much like just juggling bottles but keeping the content same and entertaining the audience as something new is happening for them.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Shun no toil to make yourself remarkable by some talent or other yet do not devote yourself to one branch exclusively. Strive to get clear notions about all. Give up no science entirely for science is but one.
– Lucius Annaeus SenecaRate it:
Shun praise. Praise leads to self-delusion. Thy body is not Self, thyself is in itself without a body, and either praise or blame affects it not.
– H Hahn BlavatskyRate it:
Shut out all of your past except that which will help you weather your tomorrows.
– William OslerRate it:
– TSM_SweetPotato6Rate it:
Shut up he explained.
– Ring Lardner, The Young Immigrants, 1920Rate it:
Shut up! Sit Down!
– Ben SternRate it:
Shy bairnes get nay toffee
– Jade ThirlwallRate it:
Shyness blocks and breaks routes toward the fraternizing with others and success of career and life.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look, how we perform, is truly important to other people.
– Andr DubusRate it:
Shyness is a disability.
– Malath AdamRate it:
si alguien ha robado su idea o tomado crédito indebida por su trabajo, no dejes que te molesta. aprender de esa experiencia y seguir adelante tan rápido como puedas. la vida es demasiado corta como para vivir en el pasado, y caer en la trampa de la autocompasión y la miseria. en mi experiencia, los que roban el crédito y las ideas de los demás sin vergüenza, a menudo no se dan cuenta que en realidad están aumentando su mal "karma" por sus malas acciones, y que mal karma atrapa rápidamente al día con ellos en ningún momento. estar seguro! el tiempo se encarga de maneras dulces y misteriosos - siempre! Nunca olvides que nadie será capaz de robar o quitarle su creatividad, el ingenio y mente inventiva, a pesar de que pueden haber robado su idea en una sola vez. su chispa divina de inteligencia seguirá iluminar el mundo, incluso después de perder que una idea - porque seguramente hay mucho más de donde vino eso!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Si Dieu me prête vie, je ferai qu'il n'y aura point de laboureur en mon royaume qui n'ait les moyens d'avoir le dimanche une poule dans son pot.
– King Henry IV of FranceRate it:
Si la désorganisation garantit l'échec, l'organisation ne garantit pas la réussite.
– Abderrahman HassiRate it:
Si noe som er innlysende,si det for første gang, og du blir udødelig (Norwegian)
– Marie von Ebner-EschenbachRate it:
Si quieres ser un termómetro o un termostato es realmente depende de ti. Que se ve, un termómetro refleja simplemente la temperatura de su entorno, siempre ajustando rápidamente a la situación; mientras que un termostato va un paso más allá para hacer un cambio influjo positivo en la temperatura de su entorno. Siempre se puede optar por "seguir la corriente" a seguir lo que otros y las normas de la sociedad dictan a usted, o usted puede mantenerse firme con sus valores para lograr un cambio diferencial en el mundo que lo convierten en un lugar mejor que nunca. Ser el embajador de cambio, y esto es importante, ser el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo. En mi opinión, uno debe esforzarse por convertirse en un termostato en lugar de un termómetro, porque el mundo necesita más termostatos.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Si sigues mirando en una oscuridad insondable vacío, hay una buena probabilidad de que la oscuridad será mirar hacia usted en algún momento. Así, mantenerse alejado de esa terrible oscuridad, y siempre tomar un camino alto en el camino iluminado que conduce a la luz brillante y la iluminación.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Si sólo el patito feo se había conocido su differentness sería un activo impresionante algún día, su vida anterior habría sido mucho más suave y agradable. Debemos ser felices si somos diferentes, porque es nuestras diferencias diferenciador que hará una gran diferencia en el mundo y avanzar en la humanidad. Es posible que un patito feo hoy ante los ojos de la sociedad, pero usted es el hermoso cisne blanco de la mañana. Usted es la estrella que hoy será mañana supernova, iluminando y deslumbrante universo como nunca antes. Disfrutar y celebrar su differentness hoy, y pensar acerca positvely -siempre mañana!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Si su novio piensa que Coca-Cola Light o pepsi de dieta es la dieta equilibrada para su desayuno, estás saliendo con un hijo varón.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
si tu vas aller comme ça aujourd'hui mais je ne vois pas qu'est-ce que tu aime Tu est ma beauté ma souvenir ma lumière et l'histoire que nous avons ne sera jamais allé
– Wendo MusalyRate it:
Si usted está parado por una razón, de pie como un árbol, fuerte, poderoso y alto. Si se está cayendo, caen como una semilla que germina y crea un nuevo árbol en este mundo. Nuestro mundo sin duda necesita muchos más árboles de lo que tenemos hoy!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Si usted se esfuerza para convertirse en un buen líder, entonces usted debe saber estos diez diferancias entre "jefe" y "líder": 1. El jefe conduce la gente (frutos secos); mientras que el equipo los entrenadores líder. 2. El jefe depende y sobrevive en la autoridad; el líder de la buena voluntad. 3. El jefe inspira temor; el líder inspira entusiasmo. 4 El jefe siempre dice 'i'; el líder dice "nosotros". 5. El jefe dice a sus subordinados "llegar a tiempo"; el líder llega allí antes de tiempo. 6. El jefe arregla la culpa de la ruptura; el líder fija el desglose. 7. El jefe sabe cómo se hace; el líder muestra cómo se puede hacer de una manera mejor. 8. El jefe hace trabajar un trabajo pesado; el líder hace del trabajo un juego agradable. 9. El jefe dice 'ir'; el líder dice "vamos a ir." 10. El jefe justifica o pone la culpa - el líder toma responsabilid y rendición de cuentas.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Si vous êtes debout pour une raison, se dressent comme un arbre, forte, puissante et de grande taille. Si vous tombez, vous tomberez comme une graine qui germe et crée un nouvel arbre dans ce monde. Notre monde doit certainement beaucoup plus d'arbres que ce que nous avons aujourd'hui!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siblings are branches of a tree some stay close some go in different directions they fruit, grow bigger till they die and fall
– The Omani ShedRate it:
Sick I am of idle words, past all reconciling, Words that weary and perplex and pander and conceal, Wake the sounds that cannot lie, for all their sweet beguiling The language one need fathom not, but only hear and feel.
– George Du MaurierRate it:
Sick I am of idle words, past all reconciling, Words that weary and perplex and pander and conceal, Wake the sounds that cannot lie, for all their sweet beguiling; The language one need fathom not, but only hear and feel.
– George Du MaurierRate it:
Sick minds like to prohibit; healthy minds like to free!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sie haben nicht wirklich gelebt Ihrem Leben, sei es gestern noch heute oder in dieser Minute, wenn man nicht alles für alle, die nie zurückzahlen k
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sie kann nicht gehen in der Zeit zurück und machen einen guten Start; aber man kann immer aus, wo Sie sich gerade befinden beginnen und machen einen fantastischen Finish. Veränderungen im Leben in der ein Wimpernschlag; noch für ein Optimist, bietet das Leben auch Millionen von M
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sie sehen immer die Welt, wie Sie sind. Wenn Sie etwas nicht gefällt, ist es wahrscheinlich, weil es den Teil von dir, dass Ihnen am wenigsten repräsentiert. Das ist genau das, warum die Welt zu verstehen, müssen Sie zuerst von ihr weg, und dann suchen Sie tiefer in, tief in sich selbst.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siempre eres conocido por la compañía que buscas. "- enseñado mis padres en mi infancia. Como yo crecí, me di cuenta que estar en compañía de buena gente es como estar en un centro comercial fragancia. Si usted compra cualquier fragancia o no, que siempre va a salir renovados y con olor absolutamente fabuloso. Así que mis padres tenían razón;. que siempre es agradable estar con gente agradable.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siempre eres conocido por la compañía que buscas. "-. enseñado mis padres en mi infancia......como yo crecí, me di cuenta de que estar en compañía de gente agradable es como estar en un centro comercial fragancia si usted compra cualquier fragancia o no, que siempre va a salir renovado y con olor absolutamente fabuloso así que mis padres tenían razón; que siempre es agradable estar con gente agradable.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siempre estás en el asiento del conductor, si te das cuenta o no. Nada va a celebrar de nuevo, excepto sus propias ambiciones. Nada va a establecer las limitaciones sobre usted, excepto sus propias vacilaciones. Nada le controlar excepto sus propias convicciones. Asi, libérate, soñar en grande, y el paso fuera de los límites de la zona de confort. Eres y siempre serás el control total de tu destino. Entonces, Qué esperas? - Deo
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siempre estás en el asiento del conductor, si te das cuenta o no. Nada va a celebrar de nuevo, excepto sus propias ambiciones. Nada va a establecer las limitaciones sobre usted, excepto sus propias vacilaciones. Nada le controlar excepto sus propias convicciones. así, libérate, soñar en grande, y el paso fuera de los límites de la zona de confort. Eres y siempre serás el control total de tu destino. entonces, Qué esperas?
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siempre prestar mucha atención a cómo una persona habla acerca de otras personas a usted, porque eso es exactamente lo que él / ella va a hablar acerca de usted a otras personas. Es axiomático que quien cotillea a usted siempre chismes acerca de usted. mantenerse alejado de chismosos!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siempre se puede diferenciar restaurantes baratos de restaurantes de clase alta al ver los menús que ofrecen. Restaurantes de clase barata y baja siempre hablan de "usted", como "todo lo que puedas comer", "su elección", etc de alta clase y restaurantes caros, por otro lado, siempre ofrecen sus propios términos, tales como "la elección del chef", "comida gourmet", etc, cuando usted es el mejor y corte por encima del resto, que no es necesario para atraer de incitar y el lenguaje seductor para atraer. Su calidad por excelencia y un alto nivel harán lo que trabajo muy bien. Esforzarse por ser extraordinaria, y el mundo te seguirá.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siempre se puede reinventar a ti mismo, y hacerte una mejor persona - no importa quién eres, y no importa en qué lugar del mundo te vienen. Reinventar, siempre!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Siempre ser amable con la gente, especialmente a aquellos que están en extrema necesidad de ayuda. Cuando se convierte en éxito en caminar por el pasillo del éxito algún día, no cerrar la puerta a otros caminando detrás de ti. En cambio, mantenerla abierta muy bien para que ellos también reciben la misma oportunidad de entrar en el pasillo de éxito. Esto es exactamente cómo el éxito llama al éxito, en mi opinión.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sight seen that's been being is meaning .
– Johnathan KavanaughRate it:
Sight seen that's been being is meaning.
– SnowConeRate it:
Sigmund Freud often remarked that great revolutions in the history of science have but one common, and ironic, feature: they knock human arrogance off one pedestal after another of our previous conviction about our own self-importance.
– Stephen Jay GouldRate it:
Sigmund Freud once said, "What do women want?" The only thing I have learned in fifty-two years is that women want men to stop asking dumb questions like that.
– Bill CosbyRate it:
Sigmund Freud was a half baked Viennese quack. Our literature, culture, and the the films of Woody Allen would be better today if Freud had never written a word.
– Ian ShoalesRate it:
Signature-based malware detection is dead. Machine learning based Artificial Intelligence is the most potent defense the next gen adversary and the mutating hash.
– James ScottRate it:
sii te stesso! il coraggio di rispettare se stessi prima di chiunque altro! rispetto di sé è il precursore di coraggio. la maggior parte delle persone si rendono conto ben presto che uno dei maggiori rimpianti della vita sta cedendo ai desideri degli altri, invece di fare quello che il loro cuore desidera di più, e non essere se stessi. così essere se stessi, e non sarai mai rimpianto.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Silence and creativity are very close friends!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.
– PlutarchRate it:
Silence encourages the tormentors not the tormented
– anonRate it:
Silence is a beautiful fresh water tank to raise the trout of thought.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Silence is a friend who will never betray.
– ConfuciusRate it:
Silence is a giver; it gives some things to you! Noise is a taker; it takes some things from you! Seek for the silence!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Silence is a power only in the hands of enlightened minds, but weakness in the mind of helpless hands.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Silence is a text easy to misread.
– A. A. AttanasioRate it:
Silence is a way of saying: we do not have to entertain each other; we are okay as we are.
– Martha Grimes, from Hotel Paradise, a novelRate it:
Silence is an ornament which is visible from the inside. (Le silence est une parure Qui se voit de l'intérieur)
– Charles de LEUSSERate it:
Silence is argument carried out by other means.
– Ernesto Che GuevaraRate it:
Silence is as full of potential wisdom and wit as the unhewn marble of a great sculpture.
– Aldous HuxleyRate it:
Silence is deep as Eternity; Speech is shallow as Time.
– Thomas CarlyleRate it:
Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer.
– Muhammad AliRate it:
Silence is love's own peculiar eloquence of bliss.
– Letitia Elizabeth LandonRate it:
Silence is more musical than any song.
– Christina G. RossettiRate it:
Silence is not always a sign of strength, but sometimes only a weakness on the whole; Smile does not spread always positivity, but often a vile person adorns it on face to hide own negativity.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Silence is often the ultimate and most evident lie.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
Silence is one great art of conversation.
– AnonymousRate it:
Silence is one of the great arts of conversation, as allowed by Cicero himself, who says, "there is not only an art, but an eloquence in it." A well bred woman may easily and effectually promote the most useful and elegant conversation without speaking a word. The modes of speech are scarcely more variable than the modes of silence.
– Tom BlairRate it:
Silence is one of the great arts of conversation, as allowed by Cicero himself, who says, 'there is not only an art, but an eloquence in it.' A well bred woman may easily and effectually promote the most useful and elegant conversation without speaking a word. The modes of speech are scarcely more variable than the modes of silence.
– Tom BlairRate it:
Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.
– CiceroRate it:
Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.
– Josh BillingsRate it:
Silence is the garden of thought.
– Ali ibn-Abi-TalibRate it:
Silence is the great teacher, and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it. There is no substitute for the creative inspiration, knowledge, and stability that come from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence. The great Sufi poet Rumi wrote, Only let the moving waters calm down, and the sun and moon will be reflected on the surface of your being.
– Deepak ChopraRate it:
Silence is the language of Om. We need silence to be able to reach our Self. Both internal and external silence is very important to feel the presence of that supreme Love.
– Amit RayRate it:
Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.
– George Bernard ShawRate it:
Silence is the perfectest herald of joy I were but little happy, if I could say how much.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Silence is the perfectest herald of joy: I were but little happy, if I could say how much.
– William Shakespeare, "Much Ado about Nothing", Act 2 scene 1Rate it:
Silence is the true friend that never betrays.
– ConfuciusRate it:
Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.
– Charles De GaulleRate it:
Silence is the virtue of fools.
– Francis BaconRate it:
Silence makes the real conversation between friends. Not the saying, but the never needing to say is what counts.
– Margaret Lee RunbeckRate it:
Silence may be golden, but can you think of a better way to entertain someone than to listen to him?
– Brigham YoungRate it:
Silence propagates itself, and the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find anything to say.
– Samuel JohnsonRate it:
Silence will not betray your thoughts but the expression on your face will. Humor has a hundred faces tragedy only a few.
– H. G. MendelsonRate it:
Silence your dog, captain!
– Maurice HurleyRate it:
Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.
– Gladys Bronwyn SternRate it:
Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone.
– Gertrude SteinRate it:
Silent moments are valuable! They give you a good opportunity to design new paths in your life!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Silent streets have many things to say.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Silently one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.
– Henry Wadsworth LongfellowRate it:
Silly old bear. I wouldn’t ever forget about you, Pooh I promise. Not even when I’m hundred.
– Young Christopher Robin.Rate it:
Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way.
– Jane AustenRate it:
Silver and gold are not the only coin virtue too passes current all over the world.
– EuripidesRate it:
Similarity in character not personality means only compatibility between two individuals.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Simple and plain to say ‘NO BRAIN, NO PAIN’
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Simple and to the point is always the best way to get your point across.
– Guy KawasakiRate it:
Simple femininity is the most important thing about a woman, and it is a quality a great many women are in jeopardy of losing. Women are being emancipated out of their femininity in this modern age.
– Yul BrynnerRate it:
Simple ideas lie within the reach only of complex minds.
– Remy de GourmontRate it:
Simple life and peaceful mind are very close friends!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Simple living high thinking..!!
– PoojaRate it:
Simple pleasures are the last refuge of the complex.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Simple things have greater power than the complicated things!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Simple things make us Happy but we pursue the complicated. We get caught in a maze and Happiness remains a Distant Dream.
– RVMRate it:
Simplicity and humility, not power or status, will bring you joy and happiness.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Simplicity is eloquence
– Bryane MichaelRate it:
Simplicity is not about eating by sitting on the floor but leading truly a simple life to the heart core.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Simplicity is the best strategy. Reciprocity is the best policy.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Simplicity is the peak of civilization.
– Jessie SampterRate it:
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo DaVinci
– Alex BertoliniRate it:
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
– Leonardo DaVinciRate it:
Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought.
– HazlittRate it:
Simplicity, not cleverness, can be the source of happiness.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Simplify your life. You don't grow spiritual, you shrink spiritual."
– Steve MaraboliRate it:
Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.
– Harper Lee, spoken by character Atticus Finch, To Kill A MockingbirdRate it:
Simply pushing harder within the old boundaries will not do.
– Karl WeickRate it:
Simply the thing I am shall make me live.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Simply the thing that I am shall make me live.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Simply TRUST this adage. Less the good; lesser the better; and least the very BEST as when it comes to having the number of people in a person’s circle.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Simply, what it really means to do one's best is just to do one's utmost. That is to say, to make the greatest possible effort that you can make in anything. And once you've done your best in anything. Just relax and dare to count on God to do the rest for you. For, he can and he will surely do the rest for you. ~Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Simply, what it really means to do one's best is, just to do one's utmost i.e. to make the greatest possible effort that you can make in anything. And once you've done your best in anything. Just relax and dare to count on God to do the rest for you. For, he can and he will surely do the rest just for you. Anyway, have you been doing your best at all?
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Sin and the child of God are incompatible. They may occasionally meet, but they cannot live together in harmony .
– Oprah WinfreyRate it:
Sin bravely...We will never have all the facts to make a perfect judgement, but with the aid of basic experience we must leap bravely into the future.
– Russell R. McIntyreRate it:
Sin brought death, and death will disappear with the disappearance of sin.
– Mary Baker EddyRate it:
Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all. (The autocrat of the breakfast-table)
– Oliver Wendell HolmesRate it:
Sin in this country has been always said to be rather calculating than impulsive.
– Frank Moore ColbyRate it:
Sin is behovely, but all shall be well...
– Julian of NorwichRate it:
Sin is geographical.
– Bertrand RussellRate it:
Sin is not hurtful because it is forbidden, but it is forbidden because it's hurtful.
– Benjamin FranklinRate it:
Sin is the only real colour element left in modern life.
– Oscar Wilde, The picture of Dorian GrayRate it:
Sin is the strength of death and the death of strength.
– Thomas AdamsRate it:
Sin with the multitude, and your responsibility and guilt are as great and as truly personal, as if you alone had done the wrong.
– Tyron EdwardsRate it:
Sin, guilt, neurosis --they are one and the same, the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
– Henry MillerRate it:
Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.
– Charles De GaulleRate it:
Since a politician never believes what he says, he is surprised when others believe him.
– Charles De GaulleRate it:
Since all men are created equal, I have to thank God I was born a woman.
– Ingrid WeirRate it:
Since Cleopatra died, I have liv'd in such dishonour that the gods Detest my baseness.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Since consumption is seen as a promising way to fulfillment and happiness, it has become an essential manner to impress the world around. Thus, financial status and outward appearance have become a required proof of self accomplishment and success. Sorry, insufficient funds, goodbye!
– Erik PevernagieRate it:
Since eternity, mankind has denied what was to be deeply understood and transformed, all the emotions that were primal in one's progress in higher consciousness, was subjugated, condemned so deeply that we are still struck with basic human body, making it impossible to transcend towards self-realization. All forms of art are just devices to go within, from outer to inner journey.”
– Ramana PemmarajuRate it:
Since every effort in our educational life seems to be directed toward making of the child a being foreign to itself, it must of necessity produce individuals foreign to one another, and in everlasting antagonism with each other.
– Emma GoldmanRate it:
Since I am a fake one; despite that, I want Twitter should verify the Fakeness with a blue tick, as a genuine fake. Can I qualify if I also create my fake website to prove precisely that?
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Since I am a man, my heart is three or four times less sensitive, because I have three or four times as much power of reason and experience of the world -- a thing which you women call hard-heartedness. As a man, I can take refuge in having mistresses. The more of them I have, and the greater the scandal, the more I acquire reputation and brilliance in society.
– StendhalRate it:
Since I do not foresee that atomic energy is to be a great boon for a long time, I have to say that for the present it is a menace. Perhaps it is well that it should be. It may intimidate the human race into bringing order into its international affairs, which, without the pressure of fear, it would not do.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Since I stand as a fake one; despite that, I want Twitter should verify the Fakeness with a blue tick, as a genuine fake. Can I qualify if I also create a fake website to prove precisely that?
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Since I've been in the education business - often the only way to relate to teachers, parents & children - are with words of wisdom. If I could know all the wise books by heart - I would stand a chance at being a better Headmaster. Also for when it comes to my family & friends - that knowledge would always be there to give inspiration & encouragement & tell me who can't use that with their relatives!
– Paul. F. MeekinRate it:
Since it architecture is music in space, as it were a frozen music.
– Friedrich von SchellingRate it:
Since it is seldom clear whether intellectual activity denotes a superior mode of being or a vital deficiency, opinion swings between considering intellect a privilege and seeing it as a handicap.
– Jacques Martin BarzunRate it:
Since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved.
– Niccolo MachiavelliRate it:
Since mankind's dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We've seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.”
– Alan MooreRate it:
Since many things we see were once an idea, let us create good ideas today because they will be the realities of tomorrow! When you create an idea, do not forget that you shape the future! Idea is your God side! With ideas, you can change the universe, but only with very great ideas!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Since music is a language with some meaning at least for the immense majority of mankind, although only a tiny minority of people are capable of formulating a meaning in it, and since it is the only language with the contradictory attributes of being at once intelligible and untranslatable, the musical creator is a being comparable to the gods, and music itself the supreme mystery of the science of man, a mystery that all the various disciplines come up against and which holds the key to their progress.
– Claude Lévi-StraussRate it:
Since no man has a predetermined destiny, every day all man can create a new destiny for himself!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Since no one is perfect, it follows that all great deeds have been accomplished out of imperfection. Yet they were accomplished, somehow, all the same.
– Lois McMaster Bujold, Mirror Dance, 1994, p. 287Rate it:
Since nothing but God is eternal, nothing but God is worth the loving.”
– Stephen Charnock (1628-1680)Rate it:
Since nothing is absolute, there is no absolute silence, only an appearance of temporary peace.
– Dejan StojanovicRate it:
Since that deluge of newspaper articles I have been so flooded with questions, invitations, suggestions, that I keep dreaming I am roasting in Hell, and the mailman is the devil eternally yelling at me, showering me with more bundles of letters at my head because I have not answered the old ones.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Since the beginning of business history, managers have come to realize their competitiveness depends on being able to find, develop and retain top talent
– Med JonesRate it:
Since the beginning of time man has done three things when he communicates both in speaking and in the written form. He will Generalize, Omit & Exaggerate.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Since the dawn of time there have been those among us who have been willing to go to extraordinary lengths to gain access to that domain normally reserved for birds, angels, and madmen.
– Steven B. Beach, Paraglider magazine, Vol. 1 No. 2Rate it:
Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking toward me, without hurrying.
– Jean CocteauRate it:
Since the death instinct exists in the heart of everything that lives, since we suffer from trying to repress it, since everything that lives longs for rest, let us unfasten the ties that bind us to life, let us cultivate our death wish, let us develop it, water it like a plant, let it grow unhindered. Suffering and fear are born from the repression of the death wish.
– Eugène IonescoRate it:
Since the Exodus, freedom has always spoken with a Hebrew accent.
– Heinrich HeineRate it:
Since the first sighting, this has consumed us. We have dedicated our time and our dreams to protecting and conserving this area. These woods are my church. There is no bird like this in the world.
– John W. FitzpatrickRate it:
Since the future is unknown, in every step forward we walk to the unknown!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Since the people can’t understand the Mother Nature’s language, that’s why it picks up a person often of its choice to communicate its message to them through his/her nature (Character).
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Since the printing press came into being, poetry has ceased to be the delight of the whole community of man; it has become the amusement and delight of the few.
– John MasefieldRate it:
Since the whole affair had become one of religion, the vanquished were of course exterminated.
– VoltaireRate it:
Since the world has existed, there has been injustice. But it is one world, the more so as it becomes smaller, more accessible. There is just no question that there is more obligation that those who have should give to those who have nothing.
– Audrey HepburnRate it:
Since there are thousands of reasons to be happy, let us smile so many thousands times!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Since there is no real silence, silence will contain all the sounds, all the words, all the languages, all knowledge, all memory.
– Dejan StojanovicRate it:
Since there is no way to Live after you die, why not Live Now!
– RVMRate it:
Since there is no way to Live after you die, why not Live Now!
– RVMRate it:
Since there is no way to Live after you die, why not Live Now!
– RVMRate it:
Since there is no way to Live after you die, why not Live Now! -RVM
– RVMRate it:
Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defence of peace must be constructed.
– UnknownRate it:
Since we cannot get what we like, let us like what we can get.
– Danish proverbRate it:
Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to know a little about everything.
– Blaise PascalRate it:
Since we cannot match it let us take our revenge by abusing it.
– Michel de MontaigneRate it:
Since when did pursuit of quality of life trump actual quaility of life?
– Terry TuftsRate it:
Since when is public safety the root password to the Constitution
– C. D. TavaresRate it:
Since when is public safety the root password to the Constitution?
– C. D. TavaresRate it:
Since when was genius found respectable?
– Elizabeth Barrett BrowningRate it:
Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable.
– Brenda UelandRate it:
Sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or wooden iron.
– Josef StalinRate it:
Sincere wishes come true.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sincerity and competence is a strong combination. In politics, it is everything.
– Peggy NoonanRate it:
Sincerity is the way of Heaven.
– MenciusRate it:
Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread; they may satisfy appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end.
– Tyron EdwardsRate it:
Sing away sorrow, cast away care.
– Miguel de CervantesRate it:
Sing Ho! For the life of a Bear!
– Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. MilneRate it:
Sing your way to Ecstasy!”
– Ramana PemmarajuRate it:
Singing is a little bit like the Halloween of emotions. It allows us to put on any costume we want; to become any character we need to express at any given moment; to instantly feel better and to do so in a way that is generally more publicly acceptable.
– LimpsyncRate it:
Singing is exercise for the soul.
– LimpsyncRate it:
Single is every living creature born, Single he passes to another world, Single he eats the fruit of evil deeds, Single, the fruit of good; and when he leaves His body, like a log or heap of clay, Upon the ground, his kinsmen walk away: Virtue alone stays by him at the tomb, And bears him through the dreary, trackless gloom.
– ManuRate it:
Single women have a dreadful propensity for being poor. Which is one very strong argument in favor of matrimony.
– Jane AustenRate it:
Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may be one's aim.
– John D. RockefellerRate it:
Singura certitudine: poemul. Singura cuminecătură: poemul. Luaţi, mâncaţi, acesta este trupul şi sângele nostru: poemul.
– Ilarie VoroncaRate it:
Sir, he throws away his money without thought and without merit. I do not call a tree generous that sheds its fruit at every breeze.
– Samuel JohnsonRate it:
Sir, I say that justice is truth in action.
– Benjamin DisraeliRate it:
Sir, it is not God who will assemble us on the battlefield, nor position our troops, nor place the cannon, and it is not God who will aim the musket.
– Winfield Hancock, Gods and Generals, pg 128, paragraph 3Rate it:
Sisters are always drying their hair. Locked into rooms, alone, they pose at the mirror, shoulders bare, trying this way and that their hair, or fly importunate down the stair to answer the telephone.
– Phyllis McGinleyRate it:
Sisyphus would hardly stop if even he is on the top.
– Volodymyr KnyrRate it:
Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion. Follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.
– Thomas HuxleyRate it:
Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.
– Henry Wadsworth LongfellowRate it:
Sit in these auditions for three weeks and hear "I Believe I Can Fly" out of tune for the millionth time, YOU try and be nice
– Simon CowellRate it:
Sit not down to the table before thy stomach is empty, and rise before thou hast filled it.
– Arabic ProverbRate it:
Sit quiety, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.
– Zen ProverbRate it:
Sitting at the table doesn't make you a diner, unless you eat some of what's on that plate. Being here in America doesn't make you an American. Being born here in America doesn't make you an American.
– Malcolm XRate it:
Situations reveal who we are, they don't create who we are.
– Dr. Laura SchlessingerRate it:
Six essential qualities that are the key to success Sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity.
– Dr. William Claire MenningerRate it:
Size doesn't matter whether small or big thats why a bird can be far and see a worm with its small eyes which u can't see from that height with your bigger eyes
självrespekt är det bästa och st
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep insights can be winnowed from deep nonsense.
– Carl SaganRate it:
Skepticism is the chastity of the intellect, and it is shameful to surrender it too soon or to the first comer there is nobility in preserving it coolly and proudly through long youth, until at last, in the ripeness of instinct and discretion, it can be safely exchanged for fidelity and happiness.
– George SantayanaRate it:
Skepticism is the chastity of the intellect, and it is shameful to surrender it too soon or to the first comer: there is nobility in preserving it coolly and proudly through long youth, until at last, in the ripeness of instinct and discretion, it can be safely exchanged for fidelity and happiness.
– George SantayanaRate it:
Skepticism means, not intellectual doubt alone, but moral doubt.
– Thomas CarlyleRate it:
Skepticism, is that anything more than we used to mean when we said, Well, what have we here?
– Robert FrostRate it:
Skepticism, like chastity, should not be relinquished too readily.
– George SantayanaRate it:
Skepticism: the mark and even the pose of the educated mind.
– John DeweyRate it:
Skeptics squat by the road like guardians of truth, letting no one pass who doesn't come up to scratch. They never realize that they can see only what their paradigm tells them to look for. If you judge a person only by how well he plays pool, Mozart won't pass scrutiny, but the fault is in your lens.
– Deepak ChopraRate it:
Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.
– Dave BarryRate it:
Skiing consists of wearing $3,000 worth of clothes and equipment and driving 200 miles in the snow in order to stand around at a bar and drink.
– P. J. O'RourkeRate it:
Skiing consists of wearing 3,000 worth of clothes and equipment and driving 200 miles in the snow in order to stand around at a bar and drink.
– P. J. O'RourkeRate it:
Skill + hard work = Success Skill + hard work + prayer = Great success
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Skill and confidence are an unconquered army.
– George HerbertRate it:
Skill in advising others is easily attained by men; but to practise righteousness themselves is what only a few can succeed in doing.
– The HitopadesaRate it:
Skill Pill - Any practice or substance that shortens the time required to master a skill or subject.
– Chase LeBlancRate it:
Skill to do comes of doing.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art.
– Tom StoppardRate it:
Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempest.
– EpicurusRate it:
Skills are cheap; chemistry is expensive.
– Mal PancoastRate it:
skills are learned, TALENTS ARE INBORN only fools refuses to look at the difference THEY ARE NOT THAT TELENTED !!
– STOOLarts KONCEPTRate it:
skskskkskskksks heres the mother fucking tea im hot mother fucker
– Auston MatthewsRate it:
Sky is not the limit if your heart is in it, for when you do something with all your heart, it just happens.
– RVMRate it:
Sky is not the limit if your heart is in it, for when you do something with all your heart, it just happens.
– RVMRate it:
Slander is a vice that strikes a double blow; wounding both him that commits, and him against whom it is committed.
– Bernard Joseph SaurinRate it:
Slander is the biggest occupation of a man who produces nothing but lies!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Slandered for no misdeed, is certification of substance, integrity, and righteousness.
– Brian DeschanelRate it:
Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and goes to work.
– Carl SandburgRate it:
Slap Me, But Don`t Hate Me
– Tittu M JohnRate it:
Slater Behind every good man there is a woman, and that woman was Martha Washington man, and everyday George would come home, she would have a big fat bowl waiting for him, man when he come in the door, man she was a hip, hip, hip lady, man.
– Dazed and ConfusedRate it:
Slater Didja ever look at a dollar bill man There's some spooky shit goin' on there. And it's green too.
– Dazed and ConfusedRate it:
Slavery is no more sinful, by the Christian code, than it is sinful to wear a whole coat, while another is in tatters, to eat a better meal than a neighbor, or otherwise to enjoy ease and plenty, while our fellow creatures are suffering and in want.
– James Fenimore CooperRate it:
Slavery may, perhaps, be best compared to the infantile disease of measles; a complaint which so commonly attacks the young of humanity in their infancy, and when gone through at that period leaves behind it so few fatal marks; but which when it normally attacks the fully developed adult becomes one of the most virulent and toxic of diseases, often permanently poisoning the constitution where it does not end in death.
– Olive SchreinerRate it:
Sleep after toil, port after stormy seas, ease after war, death after life does greatly please.
– Edmund SpenserRate it:
Sleep is a curse. A curse I must live with.
– Steven UniverseRate it:
Sleep is an eight-hour peep show of infantile erotica.
– J.G. BallardRate it:
Sleep is lovely, death is better still, not to have been born is of course the miracle.
– Heinrich HeineRate it:
Sleep is often the only occasion in which man cannot silence his conscience; we forget what we knew in our dream.
– Erich FrommRate it:
Sleep is the best meditation.
– The Dalai LamaRate it:
Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.
– Thomas DekkerRate it:
Sleep well. Wake inspired.
– Nick B.Rate it:
Sleep, those little slices of death, how I loathe them.
– Edgar Allan PoeRate it:
Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them.
– Edgar Allan PoeRate it:
Sleep... Oh! how I loathe those little slices of death....
– LongfellowRate it:
Sleeping, we image what awake we wish; Dogs dream of bones, and fishermen of fish.*
– TheocritusRate it:
Slight not what's near, while aiming at what's far.
– EuripidesRate it:
Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry, all things easy. He that rises late must trot all day, and shall scarce overtake his business at night, while laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes him.
– Benjamin FranklinRate it:
Slow and steady wins the race.
– AesopRate it:
Slow but sure moves the might of the gods.
– EuripidesRate it:
Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.
– Eddie CantorRate it:
Slumber not in the tents of your fathers. The world is advancing.
– Giuseppe MazziniRate it:
Slump I ain't in no slump... I just ain't hitting.
– Yogi BerraRate it:
Slump, and the world slumps with you. Push, and you push alone.
– Laurence J. PeterRate it:
Small actions can cause great harm, especially when those actions become habits. So just a little tiny change in the right place at the right time, everything will be much better.
– Woody HaldrugoldRate it:
Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Small children disturb your sleep, big children your life.
– Yiddish ProverbRate it:
Small communities grow great through harmony, great ones fall to pieces through discord.
– SallustRate it:
Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.
– Peter MarshallRate it:
Small hands move big mountains through faith.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Small is beautiful only if it soulful and heart-touching to the noble minds.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and THINK with their minds.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Small mind competes, big mind collaborates and great mind encompasses.
– Amit RayRate it:
Small minded people rarely have any ideas, just a litany of complaints.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
Small minds are much distressed by little things. Great minds see them all but are not upset by them.
– Francois de La RochefoucauldRate it:
Small minds just like light winds can never create giant waves.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.
– DemosthenesRate it:
Small stars still light up big skies.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Small steps add up to complete big journeys.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Small steps of faith add up to great leaps of success.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Small to greater matters must give way.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Smartness runs in my family. When I went to school I was so smart my teacher was in my class for five years.
– George BurnsRate it:
Smartphone est un exemple classique de l'innovation de rupture qui est rapidement perturbé non seulement les marchés existants et les réseaux de valeur, mais aussi de notre société et de ses valeurs - en créant des millions d'individus narcissiques selfie obsédé dans le monde entier. Que ce soit bon ou mauvais, selfie-obsession a certainement devenir épidémique, et personne est à l'abri. Les médias sociaux, tels que fb, twitter, instagram etc sont totalement inondés avec selfies de gens de égocentriques de tous les horizons de la vie, toutes les couches de la société, de belles ainsi que beauté contesté, des célébrités autant que obscurités, et les gens de tous couleurs, races, religions et ethnies, etc. Tandis que les «selfies 'ont peut-être devenu une grande tendance dans les médias sociaux, de nombreux psychiatres ont déjà associé l'selfie-obsession de problème de santé mentale grave appelée« corps dysmorphophobie désordre »qui implique l'obsession de narcissisme dysfonctionnel et par personne avec son / ses regards. Merci smartphone! Vous êtes vraiment l'innovation la plus perturbatrice du 21ème siècle!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Smartphone is a classic example of disruptive innovation that has quickly disrupted not only the existing markets and value networks, but also our society and her values - by creating millions of Selfie-obsessed narcissistic individuals worldwide. Whether it's good or bad, Selfie-obsession has certainly become epidemic, and no one is immune. Social media, such as FB, Twitter, Instagram etc are totally flooded with selfies of self-obsessed folks from all walks of life, all strata of society, rich and poor, beautiful as well as beauty-challenged, celebrities as much as obscurities, and people of all colors, genders, races, religions and ethnicities etc. While 'Selfies’ may have become a huge trend in social media, many psychiatrists associate the Selfie-obsession to serious mental health issue called "Body Dysmorphic Disorder" that involves dysfunctional narcissism and person’s obsession with her/his looks. Thank you Smartphone! You're truly the most disruptive innovation of 21st Century!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Smash forehead on keyboard to continue.
– AnonymousRate it:
Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousand of miles and all the years you have lived.
– Helen KellerRate it:
Smile , nobody cares how you feel
Smile all the while because life is just a mile. Enjoy the journey before it’s over.
– RVMRate it:
Smile all the while because life is just a mile; enjoy the journey before it’s over.
– RVMRate it:
Smile all the While. Don't let miseries Pile! For life is just a Mile.
– RVMRate it:
Smile alot Not only will you turn heads, you'll turn hearts
– Andrea OldhamRate it:
Smile creates love and peace; love and peace create smile.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
– UnknownRate it:
Smile is a good reply to the dark world.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Smile is best the weapon to accomplish happiness
– Eddy M ReyesRate it:
Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart.
– Anthony D'AngeloRate it:
Smile, it raises your face value.
– Steven J.FeldmanRate it:
Smile, It’s a great day. -Aaron Jhinkoo
– Aaron JhinkooRate it:
smile. happy looks good on you
– Daniel ChaseRate it:
Smile: Happiness Is Right Under Your Nose!
– Mary Anne PuleioRate it:
Smiles are the language of love.
– David HareRate it:
Smiles is the longest word, with a mile between two S's.
– AnonymousRate it:
Smiles reveal the beauty of heart, which is timeless and ageless.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Smiling face is always beautiful even if it is hundred years old!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful.
– Rashida JonesRate it:
Smiling is free healing power, for oneself and others.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Smokers, male and female, inject and excuse idleness in their lives every time they light a cigarette.
– ColetteRate it:
Smoking cigarettes seems to alarm peace activists much more than voting for Reagan does.
– P. J. O'RourkeRate it:
Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.
– Fletcher KnebelRate it:
Smooth roads are boring; hard roads are hurting! Through boredom, you learn nothing and you get nothing; through hurt, you learn many things and you get wisdom! Never afraid of hard roads and always prefer them!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.
– African ProverbRate it:
Snowflake means purity
– Christine DanielsRate it:
Snowing is an attempt of God to make the dirty world look clean.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
So act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world.
– Immanuel KantRate it:
So as a prince is forced to know how to act like a beast, he must learn from the fox and the lion; becouse the lion is defenceless against traps and the fox is defenceless against wolves. Therefore one must be a fox in order to recognise traps and lion to frighten off wolves.
– Niccollo Machavelli, The Prince.Rate it:
So as my creator protects me, I shall protect Him, forever.
– CometanRate it:
So as this only point among the rest remaineth sure and certain, namely, that nothing is certain.
– PlatoRate it:
So cheat your landlord if you can and must, but do not try to shortchange the Muse. It cannot be done. You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.
– William Seward BurroughsRate it:
So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do.
– Benjamin FranklinRate it:
so convincing were those dreams of being awake that he woke from them in a state of complete exhaustion, and had to go straight back to sleep again.
– Joseph Heller, Catch 22Rate it:
So different are the colours of life, as we look forward to the future, or backward to the past and so different the opinions and sentiments which this contrariety of appearance naturally produces, that the conversation of the old and young ends generally with contempt or pity on either side.
– Victor HugoRate it:
So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.
– Johann Wolfgang von GoetheRate it:
So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.
– Mark TwainRate it:
So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.
– Bertrand RussellRate it:
So far as modern science is concerned, we have to abandon completely the idea that by going into the realm of the small we shall reach the ultimate foundations of the universe. I believe we can abandon this idea without any regret. The universe is infinite in all directions, not only above us in the large but also below us in the small.
– Emil WiechertRate it:
So far as we are human, what we do must be either evil or good so far as we do evil or good, we are human and it is better, in a paradoxical way, to do evil than to do nothing at least we exist.
– T. S. EliotRate it:
So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.
– Ernest HemingwayRate it:
So few people think. When we find one who really does, we call him a genius
– Author UnknownRate it:
So free we seem, so fettered we are!
– Robert BrowningRate it:
So full of artless jealousy is guilt, It spills itself in fearing to be spilt.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
So full of artless jealousy is guilt,It spills itself in fearing to be spilt.
– William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 4 scene 5Rate it:
So I can't live either without you or with you.
– OvidRate it:
So I figured something out today... You know how people give energy and positive and negative people put energy out and you absorb it... as in if you spend time with positive people you absorb it and become positive and negative works in the opposite way too? You with me? Well I find it real hard to sleep in hotels as they are full of energy... leftover energy (The excitement of holidays, the stresses of work) it is all restless energy... Why are theatres always haunted? You think there are like ghosts everywhere? How many people have actually died in theatre's? I believe it again is energy... actors have loads of energy they fuel it into becoming their character (again leftover energy) enough energy to move stuff around even... Imagine if we actually knew how to channel our energy? I haven't quite figured out all the in's and out's when I do I will get back to you but for now just keep being positive! X
So I think it’s important we get some technical advice from the experts at (the U.S. Trade Representative) on how exactly we’re going to do that… A lot of plastics are petroleum-based. So what’s the methodology there — are we tracing back to bitumen, are we tracing back to sweet crude? “When you say you’re going back to the base raw materials that’s what you’re talking about. So when did the dinosaurs die? And where did they die? And can we claim ownership of that?
– Flavio VolpeRate it:
So I'm ugly. I never saw anyone hit with his face.
– Lawrence Peter BerraRate it:
So if it seems that some of what I'll have to say in the pages to come doesn't reflect the mellowing of age, that's only because I've never found that life and memories respond to time the way that tobacco does.
– Caleb CarrRate it:
So if it takes 2 days to destroy Syria then it would take 1 hour for Tunisia and 28 minutes for Norway. Only China would stall us for 6 days. (On the quote of EU minister Egemen Bagis: "If we were so keen on war we could destroy Syria. Our military provess is capable of destroying Syria in a few hours")
– Selahattin DemirtasRate it:
So in my uncertainty, I went to graduate school and there it all happened.
– Ted NelsonRate it:
So it is that the gods do not give all men gifts of grace - neither good looks nor intelligence nor eloquence.
– HomerRate it:
So it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world
– George BushRate it:
So it is with minds. Unless you keep them busy with some definite subject that will bridle and control them, they throw themselves in disorder hither and yon in the vague field of imagination. ..And there is no mad or idle fancy that they do no bring forth in the agitation.
– Michel de MontaigneRate it:
So little done, so much to do.
– Cecil John RhodesRate it:
So little done--so much to do.
– Cecil John Rhodes (Founder of the Rhodes Scholarships), last words, 1902.Rate it:
So little time and so little to do.
– Oscar LevantRate it:
So live that your memories will be part of your happiness.
– Author UnknownRate it:
So long as a man rides his hobbyhorse peaceably and quietly along the King's highway, and neither compels you or me to get up behind him - pray, Sir, what have either you or I to do with it?
– Laurence SterneRate it:
So long as faith with freedom reigns And loyal hope survives, And gracious charity remains To leaven lowly lives; While there is one untrodden tract For intellect or will, And men are free to think and act, Life is worth living still.
– Alfred AustinRate it:
So long as governments set the example of killing their enemies, private citizens will occasionally kill theirs.
– Elbert HubbardRate it:
So long as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in this world.
– Isodore DuncanRate it:
So long as man remains free he strives for nothing so incessantly and so painfully as to find something to worship...What is essential is that all may be together in it. The craving for community worship is the chief misery of...all humanity. For the sake of common worship they've slain each other with the sword.
– Feodor Mikhailovich DostoyevskyRate it:
So long as new ideas are created, sales will continue to reach new highs.
– Dorothea BrandeRate it:
So long as the law considers all these human beings, with beating hearts and living affections, only as so many things belonging to the master -- so long as the failure, or misfortune, or imprudence, or death of the kindest owner, may cause them any day to exchange a life of kind protection and indulgence for one of hopeless misery and toil -- so long it is impossible to make anything beautiful or desirable in the best-regulated administration of slavery.
– Harriet Beecher StoweRate it:
So long as there are men there will be wars.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
So long as there shall exist, by reason of law and custom, a social condemnation which, in the midst of civilization, artificially creates a hell on earth, and complicates with human fatality a destiny that is divine; so long as the three problems of the century - the degradation of man by the exploitation of his labour, the ruin of women by starvation and the atrophy of childhood by physical and spiritual night are not solved; so long as, in certain regions, social asphyxia shall be possible; in other words and from a still broader point of view, so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, there should be a need for books such as this.”
– Victor HugoRate it:
So long as thou are ignorant be not ashamed to learn. Ignorance is the greatest of all infirmities, and when justified, the chiefest of all follies.
– Izaak WaltonRate it:
So long as we have enough people in this country willing to fight for their rights, we'll be called a democracy.
– Roger BaldwinRate it:
So long as we live among men, let us cherish humanity.
– Andre GideRate it:
So long as we love we serve so long as we are loved by others, I would almost say that we are indespensable and no man is useless while he has a friend.
– Robert Louis StephensonRate it:
So long as you're facing in the right direction, every step you take is the right step.
– Michael ElliotRate it:
So long as [men] hold the tribal notion that the individual is sacrificial fodder for the collective, that some men have the right to rule others by force, and that some (any) alleged 'good' can justify it -- there can be no peace within a nation and no peace among nations.
– Ayn RandRate it:
So many Gods, so many creeds So many ways that wind and wind, While just the art of being kind is all this sad world needs.
– Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Old postcardRate it:
So many gods, so many creeds, So many paths that wind and wind, While just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs.
– Ella Wheeler WilcoxRate it:
So many men so many questions.
– TerenceRate it:
So many men so many questions. (Quot Homines Tot Sententiae)
– TerenceRate it:
So many new ideas are at first strange and horrible, though ultimately valuable that a very heavy responsibility rests upon those who would prevent their dissemination.
– John HaldaneRate it:
So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.
– Christopher Reeve, From speech at Democratic National Convention, August 1996Rate it:
So many people supported me through my public life and I will never forget them.
– Diana, Princess of WalesRate it:
So many people who desire poverty get it quickly, but those who desire wealth never have it.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.
– Gordon William AllportRate it:
So many ways to hell and only one leading to heaven. It truly takes a Divine force to keep an imbalanced universe such as this one from collapsing in on itself
– Ahmed KorayemRate it:
So may he rest, his faults lie gently on him
– William ShakespeareRate it:
So may he rest, his faults lie gently on him!
– William ShakespeareRate it:
So may I live no junctive law fulfilling, And my heart’s table bear no woman’s name.
– Thomas HardyRate it:
So much coverage on smog seems to be just to clog the viewers mind to not let them find anything good to talk.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
So much is a man worth as he esteems himself.
– Francois RabelaisRate it:
So much lies have been spread that if a person can't apply own heart over his head, then he may end up taking foe as friend, positive as negative and good as bad.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
So much of our time is preparation, so much is routine, and so much retrospect, that the path of each man's genius contracts itself to a very few hours.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family, that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty. All other pacts of love or fear derive from it and are modeled upon it.
– Haniel LongRate it:
So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.
– Peter DruckerRate it:
So of cheerfulness, or a good temper, the more it is spent, the more it remains.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
So often, it seems, that willful ignorance is, now, the default position for absolute certainty. Dudley Sharp, 2019
– Dudley SharpRate it:
So our Lord God commonly gave riches to those gross asses to whom he vouchsafed nothing else.
– Martin LutherRate it:
So paradox es klingen mag, hält sich an bestimmte Dinge kann man schwächer, während das Loslassen der Dinge k
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
So that ends my first experience of matrimony, which I always thought a highly over-rated performance.
– Isadora DuncanRate it:
So the question is, do corporate executives, provided they stay within the law, have responsibilities in their business activities other than to make as much money for their stockholders as possible? And my answer to that is, no they do not.
– Milton FriedmanRate it:
So they the Government go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.
– Winston ChurchillRate it:
So they [the Government] go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.
– Sir Winston Churchill, Hansard, November 12, 1936Rate it:
So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.
– George Lucas, Senator Amidala in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)Rate it:
So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
– Francis Scott Fitzgerald, The Great GatsbyRate it:
So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
– F. Scott FitzgeraldRate it:
So what do we do? Anything. Something. So long as we just don't sit there. If we screw it up, start over. Try something else. If we wait until we've satisfied all the uncertainties, it may be too late.
– Lee IacoccaRate it:
So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it.
– Jiddu KrishnamurtiRate it:
So you are lean and mean and resourceful and you continue to walk on the edge of the precipice because over the years you have become fascinated by how close you can walk without losing your balance.
– Richard Milhous NixonRate it:
So you see, imagination needs moodling - long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.
– Brenda UelandRate it:
So you think that money is the root of all evil. Have you ever asked what is the root of all money
– Ayn RandRate it:
So you want to be a man? You will become a man on the day that you profoundly respect every woman you meet.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
So you wish to conquer in the Olympic games, my friend? And I too, by the Gods, and a fine thing it would be! But first mark the conditions and the consequences, and then set to work. You will have to put yourself under discipline; to eat by rule, to avoid cakes and sweetmeats; to take exercise at the appointed hour whether you like it or no, in cold and heat; to abstain from cold drinks and from wine at your will; in a word, to give yourself over to the trainer as to a physician. Then in the conflict itself you are likely enough to dislocate your wrist or twist your ankle, to swallow a great deal of dust, or to be severely thrashed, and, after all these things, to be defeated.
– EpictetusRate it:
So, let me be very clear —right here, right now: If Theresa May brings back a deal that fails our tests - and that looks increasingly likely — Labour will vote against it. No ifs, no buts.
– Keir StarmerRate it:
So, rather than appear foolish afterward, I renounce seeming clever now.
– William of BaskervilleRate it:
So, there is more to you than meets the eye?” “You don’t even know.” was my reply. “In a good way or bad way?” was her next question. “Both” I answered, in either direction. “Ok” is how she ended the text. “Don’t we all have and good and bad sides?” is what I asked next. “We all have more to us than what meets the eyes. Some bad things don’t appear until that opportunity does arise and good qualities go unnoticed or may not be perceived as good but all of us have good and bad sides or at least most sane people should.”
– Jay AbionaRate it:
So, throughout life, our worst weaknesses and meannesses are usually committed for the sake of the people whom we most despise.
– Charles Dickens, Great ExpectationsRate it:
So-called experts or panelists in the prime time TV show verbally fight tooth and nail over a subject to not to bring any solution, but to create often commotion to divert the attention of the ordinary population from the main problem of the nation.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
So. The time has come for me to get my kite flying, stretch out in the sun, kick off my shoes, and speak my piece. 'The days of struggle are over,' I should be able to say. 'I can look back now and tell myself I don't have a single regret.' But I do. Many years ago a very wise man named Bernard Baruch took me aside and put his arm around my shoulder. 'Harpo, my boy,' he said, 'I'm going to give you three pieces of advice, three things you should always remember.' My heart jumped and I glowed with expectation. I was going to hear the magic password to a rich, full life from the master himself. 'Yes, sir' I said. And he told me the three things. I regret that I've forgotten what they were.
– Arthur MarxRate it:
Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre but they are more deadly in the long run.
– Mark TwainRate it:
SOAPY You know, feisty women never get boring. JOEL Let me tell you something. Boring women get a bad rap. There's a lot to be said for boring women.
– Jerry StahlRate it:
Soar, eat ether, see what has never been seen depart, be lost, but climb.
– Edna St. Vincent MillayRate it:
Sober character, honest conduct, and sweet talk entitle a real dignity, nothing else.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Sobriety, severity, and self-respect are the foundations of all true sociality.
– Henry David ThoreauRate it:
Social climbers are a bit like rats. You know you should avoid them, but, somehow one or two manage to sneak into your life anyhow.
– T.R. ThrestonRate it:
Social climbers are like ghosts. Scarey and transparent at the same time.
– T.R. ThrestonRate it:
Social confusion has now reached a point at which the pursuit of immorality turns out to be more exhausting than compliance with the old moral codes.
– Denis de RougemontRate it:
Social criticism begins with grammar and the re-establishing of meanings.
– Octavio PazRate it:
Social engaged intellectuals must accept reality as they found it and shape it toward positive social goals, not stand aside in self-righteous isolation.
– John DeweyRate it:
Social equality is not a subject to be legislated upon, nor shall I ask that anything be done to advance the social status of the colored man, except to give him a fair chance to develop what there is good in him, give him access to the schools, and when he travels let him feel assured that his conduct will regulate the treatment and fare he will receive.
– Ulysses S. GrantRate it:
Social history might be defined negatively as the history of a people with the politics left out.
– G. M. TrevelyanRate it:
Social improvement is attained more readily by a concern with the quality of results than with the purity of motives.
– Eric HofferRate it:
Social media ought to have made the world open, not naked
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Social order at the expense of liberty is hardly a bargain.
– Marquis de SadeRate it:
Social status is a useful shortcut for women to judge the value of a man.
– Roosh ValizadehRate it:
Socialism and Communism have failed, but now Capitalism is failing us.”
– Jo M. SekimonyoRate it:
Socialism has been discredited. Plutocracy is in the process of being discredited. Democratic capitalism has yet to be tried.
– Louis O. KelsoRate it:
Socialism is the ultimate ponzi scheme.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Socialism is Bolshevism with a shave.
– Detroit JournalRate it:
Socialism is nothing but the capitalism of the lower classes.
– Oswald SpenglerRate it:
Socialism is the triumph of people's prejudices over their reason.
– James R. CookRate it:
Socialism of any type leads to a total destruction of the human spirit.
– Alexander SolzhenitsynRate it:
Socialism proposes no adequate substitute for the motive of enlightened selfishness that to-day is at the basis of all human labor and effort, enterprise and new activity.
– William Howard TaftRate it:
Socialism was made to order for tyrants.
– James R. CookRate it:
Society attacks early when the individual is helpless.
– B. F. SkinnerRate it:
Society cares for the individual only so far as he is profitable.
– Simone de BeauvoirRate it:
Society creates societal values and mores for all to follow, at least in public; most however, deviate from these values and do so privately.
– RJ Intindola – (Gandolfo)Rate it:
Society drives people crazy with lust and calls it advertising.
– John LahrRate it:
Society expects man to be a passive social animal who believes like the People of the Field in "Jurgen" that "to do what you always have done" and "what is expected of you" are the twin rules of life. This, is course, is not true. The wanton crucifixion of impulses, the unnecessary blocking and frustration of the drives and urges, are an evil that reflects itself in sophistication, ennui and boredom, dissatisfaction, melancholy, fatigue, anxiety and neurosis.
– Abraham MyersonRate it:
Society has always seemed to demand a little more from human beings than it will get in practice.
– George OrwellRate it:
Society has traditionally always tried to find scapegoats for its problems. Well, here I am.
– Marilyn MansonRate it:
Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.
– Thomas PaineRate it:
Society is a complex and mysterious creation and . it's extremely imprudent to believe in the fact it presents you with at a given moment, let alone to consider it the one and only true face.
– Vaclav HavelRate it:
Society is a more level surface than we imagine. Wise men or absolute fools are hard to be met with, as there are few giants or dwarfs. The heaviest charge we can bring against the general texture of society is that it is commonplace. Our fancied superiority to others is in some one thing which we think most of because we excel in it, or have paid most attention to it; whilst we overlook their superiority to us in something else which they set equal and exclusive store by.
– HazlittRate it:
Society is like the air; necessary to breathe, but insufficient to live on.
– George SantayanaRate it:
Society is made up of two classes those who get more than they earn and those earn more than they get.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Society is now one polished horde, --- Formed of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored.
– Lord Byron, Don JuanRate it:
Society is one vast conspiracy for carving one into the kind of statue likes, and then placing it in the most convenient niche it has.
– Randolph BourneRate it:
Society is, always has been and always will be a structure for the exploitation and oppression of the majority through systems of political force dictated by an élite, enforced by thugs, uniformed or not, and upheld by a willful ignorance and stupidity on the part of the very majority whom the system oppresses.
– Richard K. MorganRate it:
Society mends its wounds. And that's invariably true in all the tragedies, in the comedies as well. And certainly in the histories.
– Charlton HestonRate it:
Society of thinking men! This kind of society has only one destiny: To Rise!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Society produces rogues, and education makes one rogue cleverer than another.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Society produces rogues, and education makes one rogue more clever than another.
– Oscar Fingall O'Flahertie Wills WildeRate it:
Society, my dear, is like salt water, good to swim in but hard to swallow.
– Arthur StringerRate it:
Socrates called beauty a short-lived tyranny; Plato, a privilege of nature; Theophrastus, a silent cheat; Theocritus, a delightful prejudice; Carneades, a solitary kingdom; Aristotle, that it was better than all the letters of recommendation in the world; Homer, that it was a glorious gift of nature; and Ovid, that it was favor bestowed by the gods.
– Francis QuarlesRate it:
Socrates seems to be the philosophical napkin with which the ensuing cultural thinkers of history wipe their mouths of pedantic ooze.
– UnknownRate it:
soft Corinthian leather
– Ricardo MontalbánRate it:
Soft data, hard conflicts.
– Gerhard KocherRate it:
Soil makes calcium plant-ready. Plants make calcium human-ready.
– Jurassic Mudman. Aogan O HareRate it:
Sok esemény az életben lehet hasonlítani az egyre távolodó délibáb, hogy mindig megtéveszteni az utazó a sivatagban. Néha futni után csábító vonzó álmok a reményben, őket, de mindhiába. egy bizonyos szakaszában, ráj.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Soldiers who are not afraid of guns, bombs, capture, torture or death say they are afraid of homosexuals. Clearly we should not be used as soldiers; we should be used as weapons.
– anonymous, Letter to the Editor, The AdvocateRate it:
Soldiers' bellies are not satisfied with empty promises and hopes.
– Peter The GreatRate it:
Solemos decir "perdón y olvido". Esa es mi humilde opinión la secuencia correcta. Si quieres olvidar a alguien o algún evento desagradable, primero debe perdonar. El perdón es el precursor de olvidar. Si vosotros no perdonáis, que nunca olvidará, y que alguien o ese evento desagradable se quedará con usted, tallada en el interior de su corazón y el fondo de tu mente. Como una cámara de magma de un volcán, a continuación, encarnar la lava ardiente de odio y cenizas volcánicas de malos recuerdos. Por lo que seguir adelante con la vida, usted debe aprender a perdonar, en primer lugar, incluso en las peores personas que redondear. La corriente de la vida sería entonces fluir suavemente y sin problemas - adelante y hacia arriba.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.
– Winston ChurchillRate it:
Solitude begets whimsies.
– Lady Mary Wortley MontaguRate it:
Solitude gives birth to the original in us, to beauty unfamiliar and perilous- to poetry. But also, it gives birth to the opposite: to the perverse, the illicit, the absurd.
– Thomas MannRate it:
Solitude is as needed to the imagination as society is wholesome to the character.
– James Russell LowellRate it:
Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character.
– James Russell LowellRate it:
Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell you that solitude is fine.
– Honore' de BalzacRate it:
Solitude is the beginning of all freedom.
– William Orville DouglasRate it:
Solitude is the best nurse of wisdom.
– Laurence SterneRate it:
Solitude is the nest of thoughts.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Solitude is the only thing that will never help you make your character.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Solitude is the playfield of Satan.
– Vladimir NabokovRate it:
Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.
– Octavio PazRate it:
Solitude is the rebel of the freedom.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Solitude shows us what should be; society shows us what we are.
– Robert CecilRate it:
Solitude vivifies isolation kills.
– Joseph RouxRate it:
Solitude would be ideal if you could pick the people to avoid.
– Karl KrausRate it:
Solitude, in the sense of being often alone, is essential to any depth of meditation or of character and solitude in the presence of natural beauty and grandeur, is the cradle of thought and aspirations which are not only good for the individual, but which society could ill do without.
– John Stuart MillRate it:
Solitude, the safeguard of mediocrity.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Solitude, though it may be silent as light, is like light, the mightiest of agencies for solitude is essential to man. All men come into this world alone all leave it alone.
– Thomas De QuinceyRate it:
Sólo a partir del caos nacen brillantes estrellas de baile y las invenciones que iluminan ingenius.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Solo homers usually come with no one on base.
– Ralph KinerRate it:
Solon used to say that speech was the image of actions... that laws were like cobwebs, --for that if any trifling or powerless thing fell into them, they held it fast while if it were something weightier, it broke through them and was off.
– Laertius DiogenesRate it:
Solution is always simple once you have the technique.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Solutions are not the answer.
– Richard NixonRate it:
Solutions come from focusing on where you want to be, not whats right in front of you.
– Brandon A. TreanRate it:
Solutions- The first step toward a cure is to know what the disease is.
– LatinRate it:
Solve it. Solve it quickly, solve it right or wrong. If you solve it wrong, it will come back and slap you in the face, and then you can solve it right. Lying dead in the water and doing nothing is a comfortable alternative because it is without risk, but it is an absolutely fatal way to manage a business.
– Thomas J. WatsonRate it:
Solvency is entirely a matter of temperament and not of income.
– Logan Pearsall SmithRate it:
Solvent dans la vie, vous avez à travailler sur les deux fronts, traiter objectivement des locaux diamétralement opposés, puis arriver à la meilleure solution. l'ouverture d'esprit vous permet d'être un réaliste qui est également optimiste à cœur. Aussi étrange que cela puisse paraître, vous espérez pour le mieux, et attendent aussi le pire dans le même temps. Vous opérez dans le monde réel avec la meilleure attitude positive, tout en comprenant parfaitement bien ce qui est pratiquement possible dans une situation donnée. Cette combinaison synergique d'optimisme réaliste (ou réalisme optimiste) peut vous aider à faire face à des problèmes d'une manière efficace et positive, à mon avis, surtout pendant les phases difficiles dans la vie.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Solving the problems of this world may be something I have to let go. I suppose there’s a lot I will have to let go.
– CometanRate it:
Some abandon everything for the outward shell, in the interest of “glitter and looks”, let freeze themselves in artificial postures and renounce realness and sense of self, for the sake of fake appearances, which do not belong to their personality. They live through the eyes of others and cannot enjoy an individual life. Their pathetic fate is an impressive lack of authenticity, spontaneity, candidness, which is a unique key to an open-minded existence. ("Like a frozen image")
– Erik PevernagieRate it:
Some actions transcend across all borders.
– CometanRate it:
Some Americans need hyphens in their names because only part of them has come over.
– Woodrow WilsonRate it:
Some are able and humane men and some are low-grade individuals with the morals of a goat, the artistic integrity of a slot machine, and the manners of a floorwalker with delusions of grandeur.
– Raymond ChandlerRate it:
Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.
– Daniel J. BoorstinRate it:
Some are constantly critical of the world around them, while others discern grandeur in the identical shoes.
– RJ Intindola – (Gandolfo)Rate it:
Some are forever shackled by worship and cannot be easily rescued.
– RJ Intindola – (Gandolfo)Rate it:
Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same.
– Pearl BuckRate it:
Some are so very studious of learning what was done by the ancients that they know not how to live with the moderns.
– William PennRate it:
Some authors should be paid by the quantity NOT written.
– AnonymousRate it:
Some believe all that parents, tutors, and kindred believe. They take their principles by inheritance, and defend them as they would their estates, because they are born heirs to them.
– Alan WattsRate it:
Some birds learn how to fly only after falling off of a cliff.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Some boats are rotten in the ports; some boats shine in the hard journeys!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some bogus news do not see any conclusion because they are used from time to time for diverting people's attention and diffusing confusion.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some books are to be tasted, others swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.
– Francis BaconRate it:
Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.
– Francis BaconRate it:
Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.
– Sir Francis BaconRate it:
Some books are undeservedly forgotten none are undeservedly remembered.
– W. H. AudenRate it:
Some books are undeservedly forgotten; none are undeservedly remembered.
– W. H. AudenRate it:
Some bridges are so beautiful that we wish them to be our own home!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some cause happiness wherever they go others whenever they go.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Some challenges of life are predestined and some obstacles of your past are meant to become the gateways and turning points that will take you to the next level of your life. Moreover, you are the deciding factor of your life. In other words, your destiny is in your hands. So come on, choose to be positive each day. Because, positivity attracts opportunity and opportunity per se stimulates creativity eventually. -Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.
– Henry David ThoreauRate it:
Some countries and some people are so primitively religious and so underdeveloped that they don’t need a time machine to go back to the past; they are already in there, in the very distant and dark past!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some couples go over their budgets very carefully every month, other just go over them.
– Sally PoplinRate it:
Some day I will show all the [people] who say I was a success just because of my pretty face. Sometimes I wish I had a really bad car accident so my face would get smashed up and I'd look like Eddie Constantine.
– Tyrone PowerRate it:
Some day I'll find out what I want to do when I grow up.
– Alan BeckwithRate it:
Some day we feel the overall picture has slipped away. Only the details of life may help to find the whole ensemble. Our worldview does not comprehend the daily events anymore. Our conception of life is no longer a key for understanding, but is, on the contrary, blocking off our insight. We can, however, create space and time for an uplifting reflection and acquire an "Identity". ("Man without Qualities" )
– Erik PevernagieRate it:
Some day you might soar like an eagle, but for now, let me help you to flap your wings.
– Cynthia J. CordellRate it:
Some day, you might soar like an eagle, but for now, let me try to teach you how to flap your wings.
– Cynthia Jurilla CordellRate it:
Some days you're a bug, some days you're a windshield.
– Price CobbRate it:
Some days you're the dog, and some days you're the hydrant.
– UnknownRate it:
Some departures bring more light to your life!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some disguised deceits counterfeit truth so perfectly that not to be taken in by them would be an error of judgment.
– La RochefoucauldRate it:
Some doors slammed in your face need to be glued and nailed shut so they can never be reopened.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
Some dreams never come true. It becomes nightmare that will leave you with regrets.
– Salman AzizRate it:
Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers.
– George EliotRate it:
Some escape to LIVE. Some LIVE to escape.
– RVMRate it:
Some escape to LIVE. Some LIVE to escape.-RVM
– RVMRate it:
Some excel in rhyme who reason foolishly.
– Nicolas Boileau-DespréauxRate it:
Some folk want their luck buttered.
– Thomas HardyRate it:
Some folks as they grow older grow wise, but most folks simply grow stubborner.
– Josh BillingsRate it:
Some folks rail against other folks, because other folks have what some folks would be glad of.
– Henry FieldingRate it:
Some fool aims to go to heaven; some clever knows that there isn’t any; and some intelligent tries to create one with his own effort! Be intelligent!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some for renown, on scraps of learning dote, And think they grow immortal as they quote.
– Edward YoungRate it:
Some for renown, on scraps of learning dote, And think they grow immortal as they quote.
– Edward Young, Love of Fame (satire I, l. 89)Rate it:
Some forms of reality are so horrible we refuse to face them, unless we are trapped into it by comedy. To label any subject unsuitable for comedy is to admit defeat.
– Peter SellersRate it:
Some friends are more significant and important than other friends. A special friend can often change your life for the better. You will know when this special person enters your life because of the respect you have for them. They will never lie or set you aside for someone or something else. You will have undying trust in this person that any words spoken will never find another ear. They always returned calls at the earliest possible time. They will check in often to see what’s going on in your life and just talk. Your accomplishments will be applauded with praise and losses will never be repeated. This friend has you melted within their heart as you do theirs. When you find such a person be sure to return the love and understand they have gifted you and your life.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
Some gaps remain unfilled, take good care of the people that love you.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Some have been thought brave because they were afraid to run away.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Some have half-baked ideas because their ideals are not heated up enough.
– Author UnknownRate it:
Some hopefuls believe that the world can be saved, but the cruel and twisted say never.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Some ideas take you to the stars; some sinks you to the mud!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some in the West suggest that Isam needs a separation of mosque and state. However, in the case of Iran at least what is needed is a separation lof religion and business.
– Amir TaheriRate it:
Some internal affairs ministers are 1915s model and some are 1938s model. .. All have common "small" problems, none of them have driving wheels or brakes. You can't know where they'll go or when they'll stop. (Referring to events of 1915 [Armenians] and 1938 [Tunceli Alevis], on the quote of IA minister Idris Naim Sahin saying that PKK terror organization is same as BDP)
– Selahattin DemirtasRate it:
Some just targets a big number of busy meetings in their large sales offices; others in a large number of big offices are busy in meeting just their sales targets.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some kids wanted to be Firemen when they were growing up . . . I wanted to be a Fire Truck!
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Some little pieces of sand are so full of ego that they see themselves as a giant rock! But then the wind blows, the big ego flies in the air!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some live Life strictly, following each and every rule rigidly. They go by the Book and get stuck by the Hook. Break free today, let conscience guide your way.
– RVMRate it:
Some live Life strictly, following each and every rule rigidly. They go by the Book and get stuck by the Hook. Break free today, let conscience guide your way.-RVM
– RVMRate it:
Some love one, some love two. I love one, and that is you.”
– Yassine AumerallyRate it:
Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known.
– Garrison KeillorRate it:
Some man’s dreams can bring only nightmares to the world!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again.
– Willa CatherRate it:
Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them.
– Joseph HellerRate it:
Some men are born posthumously.
– Friedrich Nietzsche, The AntichristRate it:
Some men are like nails, very easily drawn; others however are more like rivets never drawn at all.
– John BurroughsRate it:
Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
– Alfred PennyworthRate it:
Some men Change their party for the sake of their principles and others changetheir principles for the sake of their party.
– IrfanAhmadMallaRate it:
Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal While others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than ever before.
– HerodotusRate it:
Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; While others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than ever before.
– HerodotusRate it:
Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.
– Willis WhitneyRate it:
Some men just aren't cut out for paternity. Better they should realize it before and not after they become responsible for a son.
– Lois McMaster BujoldRate it:
Some men just like to watch the world burn.
– Flavio VolpeRate it:
Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence ... too sacred to be touched. They ascribe to the men of the preceding age a wisdom more than human, and suppose what they did to be beyond amendment.
– Thomas JeffersonRate it:
Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence, and deem them like the ark of the covenant, too sacred to be touched.
– Thomas JeffersonRate it:
Some men never seem to grow old. Always active in thought, always ready to adopt new ideas, they are never chargeable with foggyism. Satisfied, yet ever dissatisfied, settled, yet ever unsettled, they always enjoy the best of what is, are the first to find the best of what will be.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Some men see things as they are and ask, 'why' I dream things that never were and ask, 'why not'NB This quote is a paraphrase from a similar quote by G. B. Shaw.
– Robert Francis KennedyRate it:
Some men see things as they are and say why I dream things that never were and say Why not
– Robert Francis KennedyRate it:
Some men storm imaginary Alps all their lives and die in the foothills cursing difficulties which do not exist.
– Edgar Watson HoweRate it:
Some men worship rank, some worship heroes, some worship power, some worship God, and over these ideals they dispute, but they all worship money.
– Mark TwainRate it:
Some minds remain open long enough for the truth not only to enter but to pass on thorugh by way of a ready exit without pausing anywhere along the route''.
– Elizabeth KennyRate it:
Some minds seem almost to create themselves, springing up under every disadvantage and working their solitary but irresistible way through a thousand obstacles.
– Washington IrvingRate it:
Some minds seem almost to create themselves, springing up under every disadvantage and working their solitary but irresistible way throughout a thousand obstacles.
– Washington IrvingRate it:
Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.
– Emo PhillipsRate it:
Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong.
– George CarlinRate it:
Some natural skepticism as to the purity of all human motives came and sat upon my chest...
– Roger ZelaznyRate it:
Some newspapers are fit only to line the bottom of bird cages.
– Spiro AgnewRate it:
Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.
– Elizabeth TaylorRate it:
Some of my friends support the measure, and some of my friends oppose it. I support my friends.
– Everett Dirksen, Answering a question about a controversial senate bill. Quoted on a political talk show on WBEZ FM in Chicago.Rate it:
Some of the best advice I ever received was "Man, that was terrible".
– Tom HanksRate it:
Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.
– Dr. Dale E. TurnerRate it:
Some of the best truths for which to live were realized in the throes of death.
– El-Mahdi Holly-HaileRate it:
Some of the most rewarding and beautiful moments of a friendship happen in the unforeseen open spaces between planned activities. It is important that you allow these spaces to exist.
– Christine LeefeldtRate it:
Some of the politicians in this country, in their feverish search for group acceptance, are ready to endorse tumultuous confrontation as a substitute for debate, and the most illogical and unfitting extensions of the Bill of Rights as protections for psychotic and criminal elements in our society. We have seen all too clearly that there are mennow in power in this countrywho do not represent authority, who cannot cope with tradition, and who believe that the people of America are ready to support revolution as long as it is done with a cultured voice and a handsome profile.
– Spiro AgnewRate it:
Some of the Presidents were great and some of them weren't. I can say that, because I wasn't one of the great Presidents, but I had a good time trying to be one, I can tell you that.
– Harry S. TrumanRate it:
Some of the rest of the world does cheat on those obligations. But the solution isn't for the global trading leader to drop its standards in response. It's a tough spot to be in. But you're there for a reason. It's like Superman getting into a bar fight. Why?
– Flavio VolpeRate it:
Some of the waiters discuss the menu with you as if they were sharing wisdom picked up in the Himalayas.
– Seymour BritchkyRate it:
Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enought to know they were impossible.
– Doug LarsonRate it:
Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry.
– Gloria SteinemRate it:
Some of us just go along . . . until that marvelous day people stop intimidating us -- or should I say we refuse to let them intimidate us
– Peggy LeeRate it:
Some of us might find happiness if we quit struggling so desperately for it.
– William FeatherRate it:
Some of your countrymen were unable to distinguish between their native dislike for war and the stainless patriotism of those who suffered its scars. But there has been a rethinking and now we can say to you, and say as a nation, thank you for your courage.
– Ronald ReaganRate it:
Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.
– George R.R. MartinRate it:
Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.
– Pablo PicassoRate it:
Some people 'talk the talk', while others 'walk the walk'. In my view, the people who 'walk the talk' often reach their desired destination successfully. Always back up your words with action, and 'walk the talk' with determination and perseverance.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful that thorns have roses.
– Alphonse KarrRate it:
Some people are born mediocre, some people achieve mediocrity, and some people have mediocrity thrust upon them.
– Joseph HellerRate it:
Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.
– Barry SwitzerRate it:
Some people are friends, others are people you are forced to hang out with.
– Annie HallRate it:
Some people are in the habit of complaining about everything; even about the noise made by opportunity that knocks on the door.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Some people are like blisters----they show up after the work is done.
– Alfred E. NewmanRate it:
Some people are not worth it, but your fear of loosing them sometimes is bigger than your realization.
– Mily KanerRate it:
Some people are pragmatists, taking things as they come and making the best of the choices available. Some people are idealists, standing for principle and refusing to compromise. And some people just act on any whim that enters their heads. I pragmatically turn my whims into principles - Calvin
– Bill WattersonRate it:
Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live.
– Henry Van DykeRate it:
Some people are so busy with life that they just forget to live.
– RVMRate it:
Some people are so dry that you might soak them in a joke for a month and it would not get through their skins.
– Henry Ward BeecherRate it:
Some people are so fond of ill-luck that they run half- way to meet it.
– Douglas GeraldRate it:
Some people are so fond of ill-luck that they run half-way to meet it.
– Douglas JerroldRate it:
Some people are so lonely that the only way they know to feel not being alone is to see oneself solely in one or other ways always.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some people are so lonely that the only way they know to feel not being alone is to see own face solely in one or other ways always.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.
– Walt WhitmanRate it:
Some people are so weak that whenever they see a hammer, they immediately turn into a nail!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some people are there for all our life and others are there for just a moment.
– CometanRate it:
Some people are too good at trying too hard to be too happy.
– Leslie MiklosyRate it:
Some people are under the impression that all that is required to make a good fisherman is the ability to tell lies easily and without blushing; but this is a mistake. Mere bald fabrication is useless; the veriest tyro can manage that. It is in the circumstantial detail, the embellishing touches of probability, the general air of scrupulous -- almost of pedantic -- veracity, that the experienced angler is seen.
– Jerome K. JeromeRate it:
Some people are walking around with full use of their bodies and they’re more paralyzed than I am.
– Christopher ReeveRate it:
Some people around a person have a mysterious way of showing their dislike towards him, as they like regularly almost everything that he says or shares on his social media account.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some people aspire to achieve, others are content with just existing. Question is - are you a sheep or a herder?
– Terpsichore LindemanRate it:
Some people bear startling resemblance with lovely Lotus flowers that grow in the mud, and yet rise above the murkier waters as astoundingly beautiful flowers. The mud of adversities, challenges and obstacles doesn't stop their growth, but offers the nourishment and strength to rise above the dirt. I often think that it must be the strong desire, tenacity and perseverance of Lotus flower that makes her so unique in rising above and beyond the normal limitations. Lest we forget, not everything that grows in the mud turns into an elegant Lotus flower. In my view we must strive to develop the same mental strength, perseverance and passion within - so as to grow above the mud of compelling circumstances, hate, hardships, social rejections, and discriminations that we often encounter in the real world. Only then we'll be able to transform into eloquent Lotus flowers, gently opening our soft and supple petals one by one, to make our world most beautiful.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Some people believe that Silence is golden, and that Silence speaks a million words. In my view, it's not true. Silence often represents the remnants of your fears, flaws and insecurities. Silence signifies your inability and impotency to respond to reality. The saddest sounds of silence were heard loud and clear in the deepest darkness that followed Nazi Genocides, 9/11, Tsunami and Katrina. Silence isn't golden at all, and it surely comes back to haunt you. Stay away from Silence, and always dare to speak up your mind, so that life becomes smooth and seamlessly free-flowing. La Vie Continue!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Some people believe that war brings about peace, I believe that peace brings about peace.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Some people can conduct a whole session with a mere intention to promote someone's book or eulogize some big businessman's outlook and unabashedly say it to be a free motivational program.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe. -Super man
– ParzivalRate it:
Some people carry their heart in their head and some carry their head in their heart. The trick is to keep them apart yet working together.
– David HareRate it:
Some people change. Most people don't. Accepting this makes it much harder for them to disappoint you.
– Ingrid WeirRate it:
Some people claim that marriage interferes with romance. There's no doubt about it. Anytime you have a romance, your wife is bound to interfere.
– Julius Henry MarxRate it:
Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile.
– UnknownRate it:
Some people did what their neighbors did so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them.
– George Eliot, MiddlemarchRate it:
Some people don't Think; they blink and sink! TAKE CHARGE and LIVE!- RVM
– RVMRate it:
Some people don't get it when I'm being sarcastic.
– Leonardo DiCaprioRate it:
Some people don’t know the difference between thinking for yourself and thinking of yourself.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.
– Robert AnthonyRate it:
Some people emit negative fumes, while others vibrate POSITIVE ENERGY. Stay close to the Positive ones; otherwise you will be smoked to death.
– RVMRate it:
Some people emit negative fumes, while others vibrate POSITIVE ENERGY. Stay close to the Positive ones; otherwise you will be smoked to death.
– RVMRate it:
Some people feel guilty about their anxieties and regard them as a defect of faith but they are afflictions, not sins. Like all afflictions, they are, if we can so take them, our share in the passion of Christ.
– Clive Staples LewisRate it:
Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.
– Bob DylanRate it:
Some people find life boring, there’s too much time. Few find Life so exciting that there’s no time at all and Life just zooms by.
– RVMRate it:
Some people get an eduction without going to college the rest get it after they get out.
– Mark TwainRate it:
Some people get angry because God put thorns on roses, while others praise him for putting roses among thorns.
– AnonymousRate it:
Some people get up and go others just get up and goof.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Some people go about doing good other people just go about.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Some people go to priests others to poetry I to my friends.
– Oscar Fingall O'Flahertie Wills WildeRate it:
Some people have a way with words, and other people...oh, uh, not have way.
– Steve MartinRate it:
Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves.
– Peter McArthurRate it:
Some people have the last laugh because they always get the joke last, and they still don't realize that the joke is on them. They just laugh last and the longest.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Some people have told me they don't think a fat penguin really embodies the grace of Linux, which just tells me they have never seen a angry penguin charging at them in excess of 100mph. They'd be a lot more careful about what they say if they had.
– Linus TorvaldsRate it:
Some people imagine that nuclear war will mean instant and painless death. But for millions this will not be the case. The accounts of the injured at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and of the doctors who tried to tend them, witness to the horrors and torments which would be magnified thousands of times over in the kinds of attack we analyse here. . .
– Stan Openshaw - DoomsdayRate it:
Some people just don't seem to realize, when they're moaning about not getting prayers answered, that no is the answer.
– Nelia Gardner WhiteRate it:
Some people just talk through Life. They talk, talk, talk and Life is over. Some people walk through Life. They walk, walk, walk and arrive at their Destination.
– RVMRate it:
Some people keep wandering aimlessly from womb to tomb. They seek nothing and achieve nothing.
– RVMRate it:
Some people keep wandering aimlessly from womb to tomb. They seek nothing and achieve nothing. -RVM
– RVMRate it:
Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon the wall instead of using it.
– Gordon R. DicksonRate it:
Some people live such boring lives; it’s Black & White, so dead! I choose to color my life with Fun, some Blue, some Green, some Red.
– RVMRate it:
Some people live such boring lives; it’s Black & White, so dead! I choose to color my life with Fun, some Blue, some Green, some Red. -RVM
– RVMRate it:
Some people lose all respect for the lion unless he devours them instantly. There is no pleasing some people.
– Will CuppyRate it:
Some people lose their health getting wealth and then lose their wealth gaining health.
– Author UnknownRate it:
Some people make headlines while others make history.
– Philip Elmer-DeWittRate it:
Some people make themselves miserable and everybody else miserable when they can rather make themselves happy and everybody else happy.
– RVMRate it:
Some people make themselves miserable and everybody else miserable when they can rather make themselves happy and everybody else happy.-RVM
– RVMRate it:
Some people make themselves miserable and everybody else miserable when they can rather make themselves happy and everybody else happy.
– RVMRate it:
Some people may like you because of your social status, others may love you because of your money and many may respect you because of your knowledge but only a few may like, love and respect you for who you are.
– Amenorhu kwakuRate it:
Some people mention the mistakes of others not to learn from them, but to claim they are perfect.
– Foodi S. M.Rate it:
Some people my age are seduced by this libertarian idea of having very little of anything by way of a role for government. I found that in my personal experience, freedom is secured by good government just as it’s threatened by bad government.
– Pete ButtigiegRate it:
Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.
– Charles Bukowski, From "Betting on the Muse"Rate it:
Some people never say the words 'I love you' It's not their style to be so bold. Some people never say those words 'I love you' But, like a child, they're longing to be told.
– Paul SimonRate it:
Some people not only like or share some news or someone’s views on own social media account but also prove to a wise person through this act that they are nothing but self-made fools.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some people obtain fame, others deserve it.
– Doris LessingRate it:
Some people pay a compliment as if they expected a receipt.
– Kim HubbardRate it:
Some people put walls up, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down.
– Anmol AndoreRate it:
Some people put walls up, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down.
– Anmol AndoreRate it:
Some people radiate happiness and make everyone happy around them.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Some people really can't afford to give me a piece of their mind.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Some people say it is better to appear foolish than open your mouth and remove all doubt. I say if it is already thought then you have nothing to lose.
– Dane HelmersRate it:
Some people say it is okay to be fat but you must think of being healthy,I personally think loving yourself ,your body is the healthiest thing one can do.
– Nandini SatijaRate it:
Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well.
– Missy DizickRate it:
Some people say that Money Talks and BS Walks but I say that BS Talks and Money Walks!
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Some people say that you should fight fire with fire but I say you should fight fire with water.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Some people say, “WE CAN!” Others ask “CAN WE?” The same two words, but how we say them makes all the difference.
– RVMRate it:
Some people see things that are and ask, Why Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that ...
– GeorgeRate it:
Some people seem as if they can never have been children, and others seem as if they could never be anything else.
– George Dennison PrenticeRate it:
Some people settle for what they’re given instead of working hard for what they want.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to.
– UnknownRate it:
Some people surrender their freedom willingly but others are forced to surrender it. Imprisonment begins with birth. Society, parents they refuse to allow you to keep the freedom you were born with. There are subtle ways to punish a person for daring to feel. You see that everyone around you has destroyed his true feeling nature. You imitate what you see.
– Jim MorrisonRate it:
Some people take more care to hide their wisdom than their folly.
– Jonathan SwiftRate it:
Some people talk because they think sound is more manageable than silence.
– Margaret HalseyRate it:
Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep.
– Albert CamusRate it:
Some people talk the talk, while some walk the walk. Very few people walk the talk. You should strive to be among those very few walk-the-talkers, who change our world for better.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Some people teach you to love, others teach you to live but the good ones teach you both.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.
– Bill ShanklyRate it:
Some people think only intellect counts knowing how to solve problems, knowing how to get by, knowing how to identify an advantage and seize it. But the functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion and empathy.
– Dean KoontzRate it:
Some people think only intellect counts: knowing how to solve problems, knowing how to get by, knowing how to identify an advantage and seize it. But the functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion and empathy.
– Dean KoontzRate it:
Some people think they are worth a lot of money just because they have it.
– Fannie HurstRate it:
Some people treat Life as a high speed chase. In reality, Life is a wonderful journey that needs to be enjoyed one step at a time. Enjoy every moment of the journey of Life!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Some people use language to express thought, some to conceal thought, and others instead of thoughts.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Some people walk in the rain… others just get wet…
– Roger MillerRate it:
Some people wanted champagne and caviar when they should have had beer and hot dogs.
– Dwight D. EisenhowerRate it:
Some people wear dark glasses not for the fashion or the protection from the sun, but because they don't want to see directly the untrustworthy or stupids around.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some people weave burlap into the fabric of our lives, and some weave gold thread. Both contribute to make the whole picture beautiful and unique.
– AnonymousRate it:
Some people will never learn anything, for this reason, because they understand everything too soon.
– Alexander PopeRate it:
Some people will not respond to reason. Others refuse to consider alternatives to their normal pattern of behavior. In such cases, an unexpected breaking of one’s own patterns can be an effective tool.
– Timothy ZahnRate it:
Some people will slap you on the back behind your face and then slap you in the face behind your back.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Some people, you would think, are made up of nothing but title and genealogy; the stamp of dignity defaces in them the very character of humanity, and transports them to such a degree of haughtiness that they reckon it below them to exercise good nature or good manners.
– L?EstrangeRate it:
Some persons are likeable in spite of their unswerving integrity.
– Donald Robert Perry MarquisRate it:
Some pray to marry the man they love, my prayer will somewhat vary I humbly pray to heaven above that I love the man I marry.
– Anouk AimeeRate it:
Some preach when opportunity knocks open the door, others teach when opportunity does not knock build the door, but why can’t we reach out to our heart with our open mind door to build faith in our soul that there are beautiful things in store if we keep doing truly excellent things on the same floor.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some prices are just too high, no matter how much you may want the prize. The one thing you can't trade for your heart's desire is your heart.
– Lois McMaster BujoldRate it:
Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them.
– Laurence J. PeterRate it:
Some promises are better left unsaid
– Ashlee Simpson, In her album Autobiography.Rate it:
Some publicly-known figure may even feign to be have fallen ill or ill-treated by someone to let the media churn out rumour mill to do indirectly and secretly the promotion of the acting-skill/show of that person or product or an institution through the communication.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some resent being called sinners, but when pastoral oversight and charitable concern for others falters, lives are sooner or later, in this life or the next, brought to destruction.
– Francis Cardinal George, OMIRate it:
Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Some ruins of ancient times are much more beautiful than the best buildings of modern eras!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some say it will bring war to the heavens, but its purpose is to deter war, in the heavens and on earth.
– Ronald ReaganRate it:
Some says that genetic engineering is within the scope of the God! Well, it was so, that area would have been encircled with the impassable high walls! Mankind cannot lose its time with this kind of religious craps! Genetic engineering is our garden!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say that there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.
– Frank ZappaRate it:
Some sit and watch the life; some sail to the sea and the life watches them!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Some special people enter into your world, leave their footprints on your hearts, and then exit without a warning. And your world is never the same again.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Some statesmen have been tagged as having great 'foresight' in their deliberations and activities. Are there any historical records of outstanding statesmen as possessing 'sight' in the ninth, tenth or double digit degree in their particular category of achievement?
– Francis M. Faber Jr.Rate it:
Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.
– Henry Van DykeRate it:
Some take a few seconds to understand the values of life and some take the entire values to understand the seconds of life. But, a large group people stranded in between these two poles just keep groping to understand or appreciate the human values and precious seconds of beautiful life.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Some tension is necessary for the soul to grow, and we can put that tension to good use. We can look for every opportunity to give and receive love, to appreciate nature, to heal our wounds and the wounds of others, to forgive, and to serve.
– Joan BorysenkoRate it:
Some things are so completely ludicrous that a man must laugh or die. To die laughing must be the most glorious of all glorious deaths!
– Edgar Allen PoeRate it:
Some things arrive on their own mysterious hour, on their own terms and not yours, to be seized or relinquished forever.
– GailRate it:
Some things have to be believed to be seen.
– Ralph HodgsonRate it:
Some things you do because you want to. Some things you do because of the needs of others in your family.
– Real Live Preacher, Real Live Preacher weblog, 10-06-05Rate it:
Some think it's holding on that makes one strong sometimes it's letting go.
– Sylvia RobinsonRate it:
Some times the best place to hide... is in other peoples prejudices
– LoachildRate it:
Some weasel took the cork out of my lunch.
– W. C. FieldsRate it:
Some who have read the book, or at any rate have reviewed it, have found it boring, absurd, or contemptible, and I have no cause to complain, since I have similar opinions of their works...
– J. R. R. TolkienRate it:
Some will buy things, which they don’t really need, with money they don’t have, for people they don’t actually care for. In the end however, they find their financial assets and, even more so, their corporeal capacity, completely undermined. ( “Keeping up with the Joneses” )
– Erik PevernagieRate it:
Some women never talk about other women; they are too busy talking about themselves.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Some words can make or break a person, but they'll never forget the words that were spoken.
– Anonymous DRate it:
Some years ago I became president of Columbia University and learned within 24 hours to be ready to speak at the drop of a hat, and I learned something more, the trustees were expected to be ready to speak at the passing of the hat.
– Dwight D EisenhowerRate it:
Some young Hollywood starlets remind me of my grandmother's old farmhouse -- all painted up nice on the front side, a big swing on the backside, and nothing whatsoever in the attic.
– Bette DavisRate it:
Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.
– Jerry GarciaRate it:
Somebody left the cork out of my lunch.
– W. C. FieldsRate it:
Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.
– Steve PrefontaineRate it:
Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.
– Michael LandonRate it:
Somebody who thinks logically is a nice contrast to the real world
– The Law of ThumbRate it:
Someday I want to be rich. Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I want to be.
– Rita RudnerRate it:
Someday I will learn to stop procrastinating, but today is not that day.
– AnonymousRate it:
Someday is not a day of the week.
– AnonymousRate it:
Someday we'll look back on this moment and plow into a parked car.
– Evan DavisRate it:
Someday we’ll run into each other again, I know it. Maybe I’ll be older and smarter and just plain better. If that happens, that’s when I’ll deserve you. But now, at this moment, you can’t hook your boat to mine, because I’m liable to sink us both.
– Gabrielle ZevinRate it:
Someday, after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energy of love; and for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.
– Pierre Teilhard de ChardinRate it:
Somehow a bachelor never quite gets over the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy forever.
– Helen RowlandRate it:
Somehow he Tim gets thoughtful sitting by himself so much, and thinks the strangest things you ever heard. He told me, coming home, that he hoped the people saw him in the church, because he was a cripple, and it might be pleasant for them to remember upon Christmas Day, who made lame beggars walk, and blind men see.
– Charles DickensRate it:
Somehow I can't believe that there are any heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C s. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.
– Walt DisneyRate it:
Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from birth what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government to do good.
– Daniel Patrick MoynihanRate it:
Somehow Luke understood - in a way that Lando never had, that Hand and Leia and Chewbacca had simply never grasped - just how dark a place the universe really was. Lando guessed that was where Luke got his humility. His kindness. His gentle faith that people could change for the better. That must have been why he rarely smiled, and almost never made jokes. Because the goodness was all he really had. It was his lifeline. The rope to which he clung, dangling over the abyss.
– Matthew StoverRate it:
Somehow not only for ChristmasBut all the long year through,The joy that you give to othersIs the joy that comes back to you.
– E. B. WhiteRate it:
Someone asked Sophocles, How do you feel now about sex Are you able to have a woman He replied, Hush man most gladly indeed am I rid off it all, as though I had escaped from a mad and savage master.
– SophoclesRate it:
Someone bent on suicide won't have much sense of humour left.
– Chuck PalahniukRate it:
Someone called actors sculptors in snow. Very apt. In the end, it's all nothing.
– Vincent PriceRate it:
Someone else's material needs are my spiritual responsibility.
– Israel SalanterRate it:
Someone has described science as an orderly arrangement of what, at the moment, seems to be facts.
– Author UnknownRate it:
Someone has to stand up for wimps.
– Barbara EhrenreichRate it:
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
– Athena AthenaRate it:
Someone must stand up to those who say, Here's the key, there's the Treasury, just take as many of those hard-earned tax dollars as you want.
– Ronald ReaganRate it:
Someone who always has to lie discovers that every one of his lies is true.
– Elias CanettiRate it:
Someone who lives meaningfully for 30 years has lived a much longer Life than one who drifted through Life for 60 years.
– RVMRate it:
Someone who lives meaningfully for 30 years has lived a much longer Life than one who drifted through Life for 60 years.-RVM
– RVMRate it:
Someone's boring me. I think it's me.
– Dylan ThomasRate it:
Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.
– Les BrownRate it:
Someone's therapist knows all about you.
– Dominic RiccitelloRate it:
Someone, somewhere right now is thinking about You!
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Something deeper had to be hidden behind things.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Something deeply hidden had to be behind things.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Something ignoble, loathsome, undignified attends all associations between people and has been transferred to all objects, dwelling, tools, even the landscape itself.
– Bertolt BrechtRate it:
something in the world it's not expressed in words ----- just feel it ......
– being humanRate it:
Something is everything for nothing and now everyone is ready to do anything to achieve nothing.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Something is wrong if they don't bring out the best in you.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Something made greater by ourselves and in turn that makes us greater.
– Maya AngelouRate it:
Something must be done when you find an opposing set of desires of this kind well to the fore in your category of strong desires. You must set in operation a process of competition, from which one must emerge a victor and the other set be defeated.
– Robert CollierRate it:
Something of vengeance I had tasted for the first time; as aromatic wine it seemed, on swallowing, warm and racy: its after-flavor, metallic and corroding, gave me a sensation as if I had been poisoned.
– Charlotte BrontëRate it:
Something reduces the speed of the world and that something is stupidity! Stupidity is a boring friction!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Something she said about Mr Farage, but I can't repeat it on a family show
– Anna SoubryRate it:
something somehow it's happen for a reason -------- solution .....
– being humanRate it:
Something that has always puzzled me all my life is why, when I am in special need of help, the good deed is usually done by somebody on whom I have no claim.
– William FeatherRate it:
Something that is said with the word “YOU” is truly heard by a very few and, that too, listened only of someone who leads a very simple life and regularly says the things refreshingly new because “YOU” has a tone and texture of an ADVICE, which everyone tries to give than take from others as almost all consider themselves to be WISE.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Something unknown is doing we don't know what.
– Sir Arthur EddingtonRate it:
Something unpredictable but in the end it's right, I hope you have the time of your life.
– GreendayRate it:
Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found out it was ourselves.
– Robert FrostRate it:
Something will catch your attention and give you a reason to smile.
– Kevin ChongRate it:
something will only be perfect when no-one else is doing the same thing as you
– Hannah DaviesRate it:
Something you are doing everyday is what your children will remember the rest of their lives.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Something you need most might be something you turn away from, something you turn away from might be something you regret, and something you regret, in the end, might cost you the one chance you ever had.
– Brian JudgeRate it:
Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come.
– Carl SandburgRate it:
Sometime theyll give a war and nobody will come.
– Carl SandburgRate it:
Sometime we fail to differ the diamond from glass piece. We mistakenly miss the diamond which is on the road or under our feet. But we also mistakenly run for the glass piece in the jewelry shop. When we mistakenly buy a glass piece as a diamond with high price then we regret for the life time. What have we done for buying the fake one?
– Salman AzizRate it:
Sometimes ... when you stand face to face with someone, you cannot see his face. (Following summit meeting with Ronald Reagan)
– Mikhail Sergeyevich GorbachevRate it:
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
– Sigmund FreudRate it:
Sometimes a fool makes a good suggestion.
– Nicolas BoileauRate it:
Sometimes a good exit is all you can ask for.
– Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle, 2004Rate it:
Sometimes a noble failure serves the world as faithfully as a distinguished success.
– Edward DowdenRate it:
Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Sometimes a steering wheel is better than a guitar
– John PrineRate it:
Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.
– Zig ZiglarRate it:
Sometimes all that’s left is faith
– Renae A. SauterRate it:
Sometimes all what we need is a big leap of determination.
– Prof.Salam Al ShereidaRate it:
Sometimes all what we need is a big leap of determination.
– Prof.Salam Al ShereidaRate it:
Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go... And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over.
– Gloria NaylorRate it:
Sometimes being pushed to the wall gives you the momentum necessary to get over it!
– Peter de JagerRate it:
Sometimes correct decisions are not good decisions
– Hassan ChoughariRate it:
Sometimes dangerous paths are the only paths leading to the safest paths. In these cases, do not hesitate to take the dangerous roads!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes defining friendship can be simple. If your heart still aches after someone has passed, then you were a true friend. They may have physically left this world, but they still walk among us in our hearts.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
Sometimes doing something is worse than doing nothing.
– Dr. Meredith Grey.Rate it:
Sometimes even a richly deserving person can be also made to win just to prove the people in audience that everything is perfect in judgement in the programme controlled by monetarily rich.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Sometimes even expressing is a curse!
Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.
– Carl SandburgRate it:
sometimes few thoughts gives pain but that doesnt mean it is a curse
– taranjit bhullarRate it:
Sometimes girls overlook simple guys and forget that they can groom those guys to be what they want.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove.
– Terry PratchettRate it:
Sometimes I ask myself how autumn smells? My answer: it's the smell of the autumn leaves firework and red wine.
– Bryanna ReidRate it:
Sometimes I cannot state what race they are speaking my fingers”
– Mayank kumarRate it:
Sometimes I dread the truth of the lines I say. But the dread must never show.
– Vivien LeighRate it:
Sometimes I feel so full of love that there is no room for a breath.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
Sometimes I get bored riding down the beautiful streets of L.A. I know it sounds crazy, but I just want to go to New York and see people suffer.
– Donna SummerRate it:
Sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is against me, but deep down I know that's not true. Some smaller countries are neutral.
– Robert OrbenRate it:
Sometimes I have a notion that what might improve the situation is to have women take over the occupations of government and trade and to give men their freedom. Let them do what they are best at. While we scrawl interoffice memos and direct national or extranational affairs, men could spend all their time inventing wheels, peering at stars, composing poems, carving statues, exploring continents -- discovering, reforming, or crying out in a sacramental wilderness. Efficiency would probably increase, and no one would have to worry so much about the Gaza Strip or an election.
– Phyllis McGinleyRate it:
Sometimes I have a terrible feeling that I am dying not from the virus, but from being untouchable.
– Amanda HeggsRate it:
Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, "Where have I gone wrong?" Then a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night."
– Charles M. Schulz, Charlie Brown in "Peanuts"Rate it:
Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, Where have I gone wrong Then a voice says to me, This is going to take more than one night.
– Charles M. SchulzRate it:
Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring ,so I go back to being me.
– Athena AthenaRate it:
Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.
– Bill WattersonRate it:
Sometimes I think we'd be better off blind.
– Lily YeamansRate it:
Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, and sometimes I think we're not. In either case the idea is quite staggering
– Abraham MaslowRate it:
Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, and sometimes I think we're not. In either case, the idea is quite staggering.
– Arthur C. ClarkeRate it:
Sometimes I think we're alone. Sometimes I think we're not. In either case, the thought is staggering.
– Richard Buckminster FullerRate it:
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and immediately all my biggest fears start running through my mind. I wonder if my fears will one day be my new reality. The fears seem so real. I struggle to shift my focus. Then slowly I realize that my fears are devoid of any love and only love is real.
– Renae A. SauterRate it:
Sometimes I wish the end would come... whatever it is
– Margot FrankRate it:
Sometimes I wonder if it does exist such a thing called personality.
– Giovanni MorassuttiRate it:
Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should just live next door and just visit now and then.
– Katharine HepburnRate it:
Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.
– Katharine HepburnRate it:
Sometimes I wonder if The Philosophy really was more of a curse placed upon me than a gift.
– CometanRate it:
Sometimes I wonder if we live life by reliving life, rather than by living life.
– Michael LandonRate it:
Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.
– Lily TomlinRate it:
Sometimes I would rather that people take away years from my life Than take away a moment.
– Pearl BaileyRate it:
Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
– Lewis CarrollRate it:
Sometimes in life it is most wise to behave like a bridge: Don’t judge the person who comes to you; let him come and pass! Behave like a bridge!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes in life you know the right path, but you need to leave it as your ego becomes more important than it.
– Rafay BalochRate it:
Sometimes in life, we reach to a right place by departing from a wrong port with a wrong ship!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes in life, you've to let go of things that are not meant for you, no matter how wonderful those may be or how deeply you loved them. It's most important to do it gracefully, respectfully, and with remarkable dignity that you'll be proud of later.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sometimes in politics one must duel with skunks, but no one should be fool enough to allow the skunks to choose the weapons.
– Lester R BittelRate it:
Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation.
– Nelson MandelaRate it:
Sometimes it is a great joy just to listen to someone we love talking.
– Vincent McNabbRate it:
Sometimes it is good to fall down so that we can see whether we honourably get up or disgracefully turn into a miserable reptile!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes it is harder to deprive oneself of a pain than of a pleasure.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the NightRate it:
Sometimes it is more important to discover what one cannot do, than what one can do.
– Lin YutangRate it:
Sometimes it is not wise to make a second plan; it diminishes the power of the first plan! In risky paths, make only one plan; this will increase the possibility of success! On the edge of a precipice, if your second plan is a parachute on your back, your possibility of falling will increase! When you have nothing to trust, you will be safer, because you have no right to make any mistake!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the governing of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.
– Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural AddressRate it:
Sometimes it pays to stay in bed in Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debuging Monday's code.
– Dan SalomonRate it:
Sometimes it really is worth it to look at yourself in the mirror and earnestly ask yourself...#isthatthebestyougot?
– Justice Calo ReignRate it:
Sometimes it takes a Stranger to Understand you
– UnknownRate it:
Sometimes it takes courage to give into temptation.
– Oscar WildeRate it:
Sometimes it's hard to avoid the happiness of others.
– David AssaelRate it:
Sometimes it's the girl who wouldn't give a kiss that the boys call a slut.
– Vanna BontaRate it:
Sometimes its best to walk in darkness...... It helps to focus on the ray of light!!
– Siddharth AstirRate it:
Sometimes its good to contrast what you like with something else. It makes you appreciate it even more.
– Darby ConleyRate it:
Sometimes it’s wise to look at life through your own lenses,
– sindiswa matyobeniRate it:
sometimes keeping the faith can be hard when all odds are against you.
– Meylin D. BojorgeRate it:
Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible.
– Lisa KleypasRate it:
Sometimes life is a terrible thing to happen to someone.
– Author (unknown)Rate it:
Sometimes life is like living in a chamber of Liquid Oxygen. Liquid don't allow you to live and Oxygen don't let you die.
– Abhishek ShuklaRate it:
Sometimes life puts too big weights on little shoulders and the reply of little shoulders to this injustice is remarkable: To carry the burden with courage and dignity!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes life turns its back to people. A misfortune, a physical accident or a mental emergency can take them by surprise. Similar to the unexpected assault on Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers in New York, which took a whole nation by surprise , the lives of individuals can be suddenly disrupted.
– Erik PevernagieRate it:
Sometimes losing hope means you have planned for a new start!!!!
– Siddharth AstirRate it:
Sometimes love will pick you up by the short hairs...and jerk the heck out of you.
– Denise DobbsRate it:
Sometimes man needs great failures today to accomplish great successes tomorrow!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes man seeks for wealth for eighty years, but cannot find, and then realises that life itself is the wealth itself!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes negating negativity works far better than envisioning positivity, especially in the cold, dark and miserable moments of life, when everything appears bleak with no ray of Sunshine.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sometimes old things need to go away. That way, we have room for the new things that come into our lives.
– Randy K. Milholland, Something Positive webcomic, 09-17-05Rate it:
Sometimes on the way to our dreams, We get lost and find an even better one
– UnknownRate it:
Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.
– Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai LamaRate it:
Sometimes one has to go against what is proper in order to do what is right
– Ahmed KorayemRate it:
Sometimes one likes foolish people for their folly, better than wise people for their wisdom.
– Elizabeth GaskellRate it:
Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.
– Albert EinsteinRate it:
Sometimes our heart goes rogue and makes decisions without even telling us or letting us know in advance.
– RJ IntindolaRate it:
Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.
– Albert SchweitzerRate it:
Sometimes people are intimidated not because you're intelligent, but they fear your presence may make them conscious of their ignorance!
Sometimes people are intimidated not because you're superior, but they fear your presence may make them conscious of their choice of being inferior! ~Ramana Pemmaraju
Sometimes people carry to such perfection the mask they have assumed that in due course they actually become the person they seem.
– W. Somerset MaughamRate it:
Sometimes principles must be quitted without blinking en eye to discover the new paths!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes silence can be the strongest and most compassionate answer."
– Steve MaraboliRate it:
Sometimes silence is the best revenge. Mystery and guesswork kills!
– AshimaRate it:
Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.
– Philip K. Dick, ValisRate it:
Sometimes the best discoveries are the result of simple observations
– DanhilRate it:
Sometimes the best discoveries are the result of simple observations
– Dr. Seyed Reza Agha Seyed HosseiniRate it:
Sometimes the best gain is to lose.
– George HerbertRate it:
Sometimes the biggest risk you can take is not taking a risk.
– UnknownRate it:
Sometimes the child in one behaves a certain way and the rest of oneself follows behind, slowly shaking its head.
– Niels Henrik David BohrRate it:
Sometimes the fool who rushes in gets the job done.
– Al BernsteinRate it:
Sometimes the greatest messages come out of the greatest messes."
– Steve MaraboliRate it:
Sometimes the hardest battle only exists within yourself, our mind fighting amongst the demons of thought within our own head.
– Brandon Garic NotchRate it:
Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
– H. Jackson Brown Jr.Rate it:
Sometimes the laughter in mothering is the recognition of the ironies and absurdities. Sometime, though, it's just pure, unthinking delight.
– Barbara SchapiroRate it:
Sometimes the love you'll feel after you've been hurt is stronger than ever."
– Steve MaraboliRate it:
Sometimes the mind, for reasons we don't necessarily understand, just decides to go to the store for a quart of milk.
– Andrew SchneiderRate it:
Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can do is take a complete rest.
– UnknownRate it:
Sometimes the only sense we can make out of life is a sense of humor.
– American Greetings CardRate it:
Sometimes the only thing we can do for people is pray.”
– Renae A. SauterRate it:
Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason.
– Jerry SeinfeldRate it:
Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain way. Looked at in another way, the right course of action may be so obvious that the problem no longer exists.
– Edward De BonoRate it:
Sometimes the transition from being in control of your life to having absolutely no control is swift, but other times it is so gradual that you wonder exactly when it truly began.
– Mickey RooneyRate it:
Sometimes the world seemed to come with subtitles, like a foreign film. So help her, sometimes people's hidden motives, their lies, their rationalizations, were so pitifully apparent that Sophia felt she could just sit and read them.
– Andrew KlavenRate it:
Sometimes the world sits at a corner and waits for you to fail! Surprise the world!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes there are no answers.
– Christopher Paolini, Author of Eragon and Eldest. Quote from EragonRate it:
Sometimes things happen for a reason...
– Ethan AtwoodRate it:
sometimes through my sadness, i dance without the radio on for the music you left in my heart will always be on play
– Senikiwe Chanda KgatlhegangRate it:
Sometimes to be the bigger person, you gotta be the little guy.
– Daniel Alejandro ValdesRate it:
Sometimes we do a thing in order to find out the reason for it. Sometimes our actions are questions not answers.
– John Le Carre, Magnus Pym in "A Perfect Spy"Rate it:
sometimes we focus too much on the dead... that we forget about the living...! love your peers, love your friends, love your family, and most importantly... love yourself !
– Kevork AltounianRate it:
sometimes we focus too much on the dead... that we forget about the living...! love your peers, love your friends, love your family, and most importantly... love yourself !
– Kevork Rafic AltounianRate it:
Sometimes we hope for what we left behind.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Sometimes we lose what we were not supposed to, by not willing to change.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Sometimes we may learn more from a man's errors, than from his virtues.
– Henry Wadsworth LongfellowRate it:
Sometimes we need to seek the unknown, without really knowing where we are heading.
– Aurora BerillRate it:
Sometimes we pretend we don't care, because it hurts to admit we still do.
– mariRate it:
Sometimes we walk away from our big dreams; but then, this time our big dreams don't let us to go away!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes we walk away from our big dreams; but this time, our big dreams don't let us to go away!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes we want to get away from the busy and hectic city life to find solace in the raging waves of the ocean pounding on the rocks or the turbulent splashing of a bubbling waterfall. At other times we are amazed by the immovable silence of a mountain or the gentle caress of a river overjoyed tat its union with the sea. The topography of a region speaks to each one of us--a secret language that people from all facets of life understand and relate to.
– Stuti GargRate it:
Sometimes what appears to be a setback is God's mode of elevation.
– Roderick L. EvansRate it:
Sometimes what matters more in a job is not how much you earn, rather what you can save and do with the little you earn." Ashu Shamy
– Ashu ShamyRate it:
Sometimes what's right isn't as important as what's profitable.
– Trey and Matt Stone ParkerRate it:
Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things - I am tempted to think there are no little things.
– Bruce BartonRate it:
Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things. I am tempted to think there are no little things.
– Bruce BartonRate it:
Sometimes when I look at all my children, I say to myself, Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin.
– LillianRate it:
Sometimes when I look at my children I say to myself, "Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin."
– Lillian Carter, mother of Jimmy and BillyRate it:
Sometimes when learning comes before experience It doesn't make sense right away.
– Richard BachRate it:
sometimes when moving forward in life leads you to no where, one best option is to start moving backward" Ashu Shamy
– Ashu ShamyRate it:
Sometimes when reading Goethe I have a paralyzing suspicion that he is trying to be funny.
– Guy DavenportRate it:
Sometimes when reading Goethe I have the paralyzing suspicion that he is trying to be funny.
– GuyRate it:
Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else's life forever.
– Margaret ChoRate it:
Sometimes when you look back on a situation, you realize it wasn't all you thought it was. A beautiful girl walked into your life. You fell in love. Or did you Maybe it was only a childish infatuation, or maybe just a brief moment of vanity.
– Henry BromelRate it:
Sometimes when you look in his eyes you get the feeling that someone else is driving.
– David LettermanRate it:
Sometimes when you lose your way in the fog, you end up in a beautiful place! Don’t be afraid of getting lost!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them, too--even when you're in the dark. Even when you're falling.
– Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch AlbomRate it:
Sometimes you don't get what you wanted so desperately, perhaps because something far better is waiting for you in the future.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sometimes You got to face it to avoid it!!!!
– Siddharth AstirRate it:
Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of.
– Geri WeitzmanRate it:
Sometimes you have compulsions that you can't control coming from the subconscious... They are the dictator inside ourselves.
– Denis VilleneuveRate it:
Sometimes you have to distort reality, to warp it back into normalcy. - Jason Culverhouse
– Jason CulverhouseRate it:
Sometimes you have to drown to keep someone else above water.
– Justin Chase CampbellRate it:
Sometimes you have to play for a long time to be able to play like yourself.
– Miles DavisRate it:
Sometimes you have to take those first steps, take that leap of faith, and inspire God to catch you."
– Steve MaraboliRate it:
Sometimes you just have to start being the main character
– Mitchell TrimbleRate it:
Sometimes you just have to start being the main character.
– Mitchell TrimbleRate it:
Sometimes you lose your way; you walk in the twilight of a forest; and suddenly you see an old but a beautiful house. And that old mossy house is a good quotation! It is old because it has wisdom; it is beautiful because it gives you a hope!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
sometimes you make choices in life weither there good or bad just make the best of it
– juan gomezRate it:
Sometimes you must go through the ugly to get to the pretty
– Diana S FinneganRate it:
Sometimes you must leave everything and refresh yourself in the silence of a misty lake! Every such refreshment will give you an opportunity to make a long jump on the way to your target!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes you need to step back and think about whats really important.. the big picture is alot more important then temporary indulgences
– Ashton MorrisRate it:
Sometimes you're the windshield . . . sometimes you're the bug!
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.
– Thich Nhat HanhRate it:
Sometimes you’re the windshield; sometimes you’re the bug.
– Mark KnopflerRate it:
Sometimes, adversity/difficulty marks a turning point in one's lifetime i.e. sometimes it ends up turning one's life around. I mean, it finally makes one's life better and never worse.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Sometimes, anticipation feels better than fulfillment.
– Jonar NaderRate it:
sometimes, as a leader, it's not so much as you do, but sometimes, what you don't do
– Coach Mac - Xaverian, Westwood, MARate it:
Sometimes, big trees grow out of acorns. I think I heard that from a squirrel.
– Jerry ColemanRate it:
Sometimes, death is a blessing.
– Kindred, League of LegendsRate it:
Sometimes, indeed, there is such a discrepancy between the genius and his human qualities that one has to ask oneself whether a little less talent might not have been better.
– Carl JungRate it:
Sometimes, man must refuse to win, especially against the nature!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Sometimes, silence has a power that can never defeated.
– Prof.Salam Al ShereidaRate it:
Sometimes, silence is loud.
– Jhin, League of LegendsRate it:
Sometimes, something of someone is liked too much not because it holds too much value or has a true value, but because there are too many bidders and buyers to have the same thing at the resale value.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Sometimes, that’s all life is: one desperate act after another.
– Terry Goodkind,Rate it:
Sometimes, the silence between the two persons is better than their conversation especially when they are not of compatible ABC (Attitude, Behavior, Character).
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Sometimes, we have to find out : do we engage ourselves or are we embarked upon. Do we act willingly or are we naively manipulated. If it is our free choice, anyhow, we have to put “skin in the game.” ( “A glimpse of the future" )
– Erik PevernagieRate it:
Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.
– Alphonse de LamartineRate it:
Sometimes,many precious moments in life are lost in making-up our mind to work with an idea or a solution that is easy to find
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Somewhere along the line of development we discover what we really are, and then we make our real decision for which we are responsible. Make that decision primarily for yourself because you can never really live anyone else's life, not even your own child's.
– Roosevelt, EleanorRate it:
Somewhere between the Angels and the French lies the rest of humanity.
– Mark TwainRate it:
Somewhere on the way up I got attached to the guitar.
– Freddy WellerRate it:
Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped.
– Sam LevensonRate it:
Somewhere out in this audience may even be someone who will one day follow my footsteps, and preside over the White House as the president' s spouse. I wish him well
– Barbara BushRate it:
Somewhere something is good for somebody as well as bad for someone else.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Somewhere the road will be smooth.
– Sipho P NkosiRate it:
Somewhere there is a map of how it can be done.
– Ben SteinRate it:
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
– Carl SaganRate it:
Son, always tell the truth. Then you'll never have to remember what you said the last time.
– Sam RayburnRate it:
Son, in war times it is not safe to think unless one travels with the mob.
– Charles Lindberg Sr. to Charles Lindberg Jr. in 1917Rate it:
Son, remember when you fight to be free, to see things how they are, and not how you like em to be. Cause even when the world is falling on top of me, pessimism is an emotion, not a philosophy.
– Felipe Andres CoronelRate it:
Songwriters are the architects of the music industry. Without a songwriter there could not, and would not, be a music industry. We create the blueprint.
– Cat EllingtonRate it:
Songwriting cannot be taught; it is a God-given gift from the womb.
– Cat EllingtonRate it:
Sonny Hey, whataya gonna do, nice college boy, eh Didn't want to get mixed up in the Family business, huh Now you wanna gun down a police captain. Why Because he slapped ya in the face a little bit Hah What do you think this is the Army, where you shoot 'em a mile away You've gotta get up close like this and bada-bing. you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit.
– Godfather, TheRate it:
Sons have always a rebellious wish to be disillusioned by that which charmed their fathers.
– Aldous HuxleyRate it:
Sons, any man who is considered a success in life owes a lot to society. We have been very blessed, my dear sons. We have to show our appreciation to our society for making that possible. A time will come when you will meet other Kamerunians who share the same vision for this land. I am advising you to make them partners in our common goals when that time comes. We shouldn’t shy away from playing a formidable role in financing that political force that would emerge. We shall use our influence to ensure that it succeeds.”
– Janvier Chouteu-ChandoRate it:
Soon all of us will go to moon on trade union holidays
– Sergei KorolevRate it:
Soon all of us will go to moon on trade union holidays
– Sergei KorolevRate it:
Sooner a person awakens, longer he has to suffer the bitter part of his life.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Sooner of later that which is now life shall be poetry, and every fair and manly trait shall add a richer strain to the song.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.
– Robert Louis StephensonRate it:
Sooner or later I'm going to die, but I'm not going to retire.
– Margaret MeadRate it:
Sooner or later we all quote our mothers.
– Bern WilliamsRate it:
Sooner or later your life is going to flash before your eyes; make sure it’s worth watching.
– Gerard WayRate it:
Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.
– Richard BachRate it:
Sorrow has the fortunate peculiarity that it preys upon itself. It dies of starvation. Since it is essentially an interruption of habits, it can be replaced by new habits. Constituting, as it does, a void, it is soon filled up by a real horror vacuum.
– August StrindbergRate it:
Sorrow is tranquility remembered in emotion.
– Dorothy ParkerRate it:
Sorrow looks back... Worry looks around... But, faith looks up.
– God's Little Instruction BookRate it:
Sorrow was like the wind. It came in gusts.
– Marjorie Kinnan RawlingsRate it:
Sorrows are like thunder-clouds: in the distance they look black, over our heads, hardly gray.
– RichterRate it:
Sorry . . . I can't help stupid.
– Tom ZeganRate it:
Sorry don't get it done, Dude.
– John WayneRate it:
Sorry for the disaster. And thanks for your patience!
– Chris ThybergRate it:
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– Anonymous and UnknownRate it:
Sorry, I am not submitting a quotation, but asking for one. In the film adaptation streamed for one season, a few years ago, Kelsey Grammar played the lead. Toward the end of the last installment, his daughter, when responding to her father's question about business she might want to go into, she said something like show business is the only business. I'd like to get it right. Can you send me the conversation with that response? Don't know if it was taken directly from the book or if it was in the screenplay only. Thank you so much in advance, for any help you might have on this.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Love of the Last TycoonRate it:
Sorry, I am not submitting a quotation, but asking for one. In the film adaptation streamed for one season, a few years ago, Kelsey Grammar played the lead. Toward the end of the last installment, his daughter, when responding to her father's question about business she might want to go into, she said something like show business is the only business. I'd like to get it right. Can you send me the conversation with that response? Don't know if it was taken directly from the book or if it was in the screenplay only. Thank you so much in advance, for any help you might have on this.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Love of the Last TycoonRate it:
Sorry. There is not any place anymore for anyone. I am already in love with someone since I first come to know each other.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Sort STRESSED en arrière, et vous obtenez DESSERTS. Vous pouvez inverser le stress en mangeant desserts. La vie est douce!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Souhaitant et essayer d'être comme quelqu'un d'autre, ce est comme essayer de vivre la vie de quelqu'un d'autre. Oh! Oui, à chaque fois que vous copiez ou imiter personne ici ou là-bas, vous êtes indirectement et sans le savoir vous dévaluant et en limitant votre potentiel donné par Dieu ou talents. Au cas où vous ne savez pas. Chaque être humain a été créé ou fait différemment et jamais collectivement. Et ce déduit, chacun de nous est unique et merveilleusement faite par Dieu tout-puissant. Oui! vous me avez bien entendu et ce que dit l'Écriture dans (Psaumes 139: 14). Maintenant, que signifie vraiment que vous êtes particulière. Et pour cette raison, vous ne devriez pas souhaiter et essayer d'être comme quelqu'un d'autre. En outre, si vous osez être et rester votre propre soi dans tout ce que vous faites. Croyez-moi, vous aurez sûrement et finalement obtenir ce qui n'a jamais été réalisé par quiconque auparavant. Surtout, vous finirez par faire une différence remarquable dans ce monde. Vous pouvez prendre mes mots pour cela.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Soul power supersedes mind power.
– Matshona DhliwayoRate it:
Souls woven together by the gods can never be unraveled.
– Jose Raul Bernardo, Silent Wing (Simon & Schuster, 1998)Rate it:
Sound character provides the power with which a person may ride the emergencies of life instead of being overwhelmed by them. Failure is... the highway to success.
– Og MandinoRate it:
Sound unbound by nature becomes bounded by art.
– Dejan StojanovicRate it:
SOUND vibrations of your words affect the space around them. You literary TOUCH others with what you say.
– Gordana BiernatRate it:
Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife, Throughout the sensual world proclaim, One crowded hour of glorious life, Is worth an age without name.
– Thomas Osbert MordauntRate it:
Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all must be tasted.
– Chinese ProverbRate it:
South Korea's various liberal forces are less open to stationing America's THAAD on ROK territory, which China abhors.
– Sean King Park StrategiesRate it:
South Sudan and its people are at a precarious crossroads between being and not being.
– Riek MacharRate it:
Souvent dans la vie, vous avez à travailler sur les deux fronts, traiter objectivement des locaux diamétralement opposés, puis arriver à la meilleure solution. l'ouverture d'esprit vous permet d'être un réaliste qui est également optimiste à cœur. Aussi étrange que cela puisse paraître, vous espérez pour le mieux, et attendent aussi le pire dans le même temps. Vous opérez dans le monde réel avec la meilleure attitude positive, tout en comprenant parfaitement bien ce qui est pratiquement possible dans une situation donnée. Cette combinaison synergique d'optimisme réaliste (ou réalisme optimiste) peut vous aider à faire face à des problèmes d'une manière efficace et positive, à mon avis, surtout pendant les phases difficiles dans la vie.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Souvent, lorsque nous sommes moins attendions, la vie met en place un défi vraiment difficile de tester notre courage et notre capacité à combattre. Nous ne devons pas prétendre que rien n'a été fait, mais devons nous lever et faire face à la réalité avec le plus grand courage. Nous devons accepter les faits que le défi ne va jamais à attendre, et que le flux de la vie ne renverse pas. à ces moments de test dans la vie, le courage est ce qui nous permet de tenir debout, relever le défi et de surmonter tous les obstacles. Le courage est ce qui nous rend vraiment qui nous sommes, comme nous nous débattons avec nos démons de triompher. Bonne chance!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Sovereignty is not given, it is taken.
– M.K. AtaturkRate it:
Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.
– Charles ReadeRate it:
Sow an act...reap a habit Sow a habit...reap a character Sow a character...reap a destiny.
– George Dana BoardmanRate it:
Sow and act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap destiny.
– Frances E. WillardRate it:
Sow good services sweet remembrances will grow them.
– Madame de StaelRate it:
Sow good services: sweet remembrances will grow from them.
– Anne Louise Germaine de StaëlRate it:
Sow good services; sweet remembrances will grow them.
– Madame de StaelRate it:
Sow not the hatred; otherwise, the coming generation has to reap that.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Sow the seeds of your intentions and desires, on the banks of time and then wait for the right season & rest. See them then, effortlessly sprout into beautiful gardens, majestic trees and enchanting forests . The labor of love always fructifies, life will always MickeyMize.
– Mickey MehtaRate it:
Sowing bullets and waiting for peace, fail to match that.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Soza. I like you Tony,I think you and me can do business a long time.But I only tell you this one time-Don't you ever try to fuck me Tony.
– ScarfaceRate it:
Space is almost infinite. As a matter of fact, we think it is infinite.
– Dan QuayleRate it:
Space is as infinite as we can imagine, and expanding this perspective is what adjusts humankind’s focus on conquering our true enemies, the formidable foes: ignorance and limitation.
– Vanna BontaRate it:
Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space.
– Douglas Noel AdamsRate it:
Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the drug store, but that's just peanuts to space.
– Douglas AdamsRate it:
Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is…
– Douglas AdamsRate it:
Space is like one's mind.... infinite
– Boss-manRate it:
Space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight upwards.
– Fred HoyleRate it:
Spalding Smails This is good stuff. I got it from a Negro. You're probably high already and you don't even know it.
– CaddyShackRate it:
Spare minutes are the Gold-dust of time; the portions of life most fruitful in good and evil; the gaps through which temptations enter.
– Author UnknownRate it:
Spare no expense to make everything as economical as possible.
– Samuel GoldwynRate it:
Spare no expense to save money on this one.
– Samuel GoldwynRate it:
Spare not, nor spend too much, be this thy care, Spare but to spend, and only spend to spare. Who spends too much may want, and so complain; But he spends best that spares to spend again.
– RandolphRate it:
Spare your breath to cool your porridge.
– Miguel de CervantesRate it:
Speak anything as bullshit on social media and most often start debating about it; Say something actually of wisdom & wit and all usually remain quiet over it, but some even quit from that network.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Speak but little, and that little only when thy own purposes require it. Heaven has given thee two ears but only one tongue, which means: listen to two things, but be not the first to propose one.
– HafizRate it:
Speak clearly, if you speak at all carve every word before you let it fall.
– Oliver Wendell HolmesRate it:
Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.
– Oliver Wendell HolmesRate it:
Speak of the devil and he appears.
– Italian ProverbRate it:
Speak of things public to the public, but of things lofty and secret only to the loftiest and most private of your friends. Hay to the ox and sugar to the parrot.
– Johannes Trithemius, 1488Rate it:
Speak only when you feel that your words are better than your Silence. Hovsep kazezian
– Hovsep kazezianRate it:
Speak out in acts; the time for words has passed, and only deeds will suffice.
– John Greenleaf WhittierRate it:
Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood.
– William PennRate it:
Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly; for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood.
– William PennRate it:
Speak softly and carry a big stick you will go far.
– Theodore RooseveltRate it:
Speak the language of high intelligence, and thus you speak the language of God.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Speak the truth, but leave immediately after.
– Slovenian ProverbRate it:
Speak the truth, do not yield to anger give, if thou art asked for little by these three steps thou wilt go near the gods.
– The DhammapadaRate it:
Speak to me as to thy thinkings, As thou dost ruminate, and give thy worst of thoughts The worst of words.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee.
– Biblical ProverbRate it:
Speak well of your enemies; after all you made them.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Speak what you think to-day in words as hard as cannon-balls and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Speak what you think today in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Self-Reliance", 1841Rate it:
Speak when you are angry--and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret.
– Laurence J. PeterRate it:
Speak with the heart and it helps to meet a person on the same nature part; Speak with the mind and it helps to bind with a lot of people whose real intent behind every kind word needs to always find.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Speak your TRUTH through LOVE or say nothing at all. Words of hate, separate.
– Gordana BiernatRate it:
Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners.
– Dale CarnegieRate it:
Speaking about the ultimate reality of life to a very large majority of people is like narrating an epic story in full detail to them and then in the end only getting a basic question from them as who the lead protagonist was there in this whole tale.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Speaking and doing are two different actions springing up the two completely different results. But, the best result arrives when a man’s speaking of good words matches with his corresponding and timely action to benefit everyone.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Speaking generally, punishment hardens and numbs, it produces obstinacy, it sharpens the sense of alienation and strengthens the power of resistance.
– Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheRate it:
Speaking like this doesn't mean that we're anti-white, but it does mean we're anti-exploitation, we're anti-degradation, we're anti-oppression.
– Malcolm XRate it:
Speaking out own inner feelings is being positive only,but the same thought may be taken in as negative by those whose soul is not reflective, heart is not corrective and mind is manipulative by nature.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Speaking truth in a away that it seems a lie benefits you more than telling a lie which seems true.
– AshimaRate it:
Speaking' and 'Saying' are two different languages. Speaking discharges resonance. Saying emanates ideas. ( "Words flew away like birds" )
– Erik PevernagieRate it:
Special-interest publications should realize that if they are attracting enough advertising and readers to make a profit, the interest is not so special.
– Fran LebowitzRate it:
Specialization is for insects.
– Robert Heinlein, The voice of Lazarus LongRate it:
Speculations and loans in foreign fields are likely to bring us into war... The war-for-profit group has counterfeited patriotism.
– Charles Lindberg Sr., 1915Rate it:
Sped up my XT ran it on 220v Works greO
– AnonymousRate it:
Speech is a mirror of the soul as a man speaks, so is he.
– Publilius SyrusRate it:
Speech is a mirror of the soul: as a man speaks, so is he.
– Publilius SyrusRate it:
Speech is but broken light upon the depth Of the unspoken.
– George EliotRate it:
Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both.
– John Andrew HolmesRate it:
Speech is external thought, and thought internal speech.
– Antoine de RivarolRate it:
Speech is human, silence is divine, yet also brutish and dead therefore we must learn both arts.
– Thomas CarlyleRate it:
Speech is human, silence is divine, yet also brutish and dead: therefore we must learn both arts.
– Thomas CarlyleRate it:
Speech is the mirror of the mind.
– SenecaRate it:
Speech is the mirror of the mind. (Imago Animi Sermo Est)
– SenecaRate it:
Speech was given to the ordinary sort of men, whereby to communicate their mind but to wise men, whereby to conceal it.
– Robert SouthRate it:
Speeches are not magic and there is no great speech without great policy.
– Peggy NoonanRate it:
Spell STRESSED backwards, and you get DESSERTS. You can reverse stress by eating desserts. Life is sweet!
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Spend and be spent.
– Theodore Roosevelt, sign posted at his grave siteRate it:
Spend everyday casual, but industrious Every moment alert, but relaxed.
– Guy FinleyRate it:
Spend not on hopes.
– George HerbertRate it:
Spend time for yourself, walk in solitude, refresh your mind and body so that you can spend time for others and walk with them! Spend time for yourself!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Spending a decade or more years with a single organization is not often experience but only enjoying own time by doing nothing valuable for that same company.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Spending a few minutes with the children is often better than chatting an hour over tea or coffee with an adult person
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
Spending money is like pouring water into sand and earning it is like taking water back from sand.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Spending money more than you can earn is spinning a rope around your own neck.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Spesso si sente che le persone cambiano quando si passa attraverso le fasi difficili più difficili della tua vita. In realtà, le persone non cambiano, ma le loro maschere cadono a rivelare il loro vero volto. La parte migliore dei tempi peggiori nella vita è che si ottiene l'occasione di vedere le persone nelle loro veri colori. Una volta che vedete i loro veri colori nella luce nuda, non si dovrebbe mai dimenticare coloro, e, soprattutto, non si deve mai cercare di ridisegnare loro quando i tempi cambiano.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Spider-Man Go web. Fly. Up, up, and away web. Shazam. Web it. Tally ho.
– Spider-ManRate it:
Spike Lee was the voice depicting the ills of social issues. Joseph Strickland will depict the spiritual issues (or ills) from within.
– Joseph StricklandRate it:
Spirit is living, and Life is Spirit, and Life and Spirit produce all things, but they are essentially one and not two.
– H Hahn BlavatskyRate it:
Spirit is the real and eternal matter is the unreal and temporal.
– Mary Baker EddyRate it:
Spiritual awakening happens when we stop resisting
– H.W. MannRate it:
Spiritual awareness. You don’t know what you don’t know. Until you do. And then you will never be the same again. We realize we are not a human being trying to have a spiritual experience. We are a spiritual being temporarily in the human condition. We are a human being. The human part is the mind-body. The being part is our spiritual essence. We are a spiritual being – being human. The being human is the temporary part. The mind-body will eventually expire, but the spirit is immortal.
– H.W. MannRate it:
Spiritual consciousness is difficult to understand because it is beyond thought. We cannot really understand it through the intellectual process. It is something we must experience to truly understand. We must step out of the dream and into our true essence. This is why we call it the awakening. We awaken from basic human consciousness. The ego is a necessary viewpoint to operate from in the physical world. But it is a dream like state. A state identified with the mind-body. It is not who we truly are. We awaken to actual consciousness. We awaken to spiritual consciousness.
– H.W. MannRate it:
Spiritual force is stronger than material force thoughts rule the world.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
Spiritual growth depends on two things: first a willingness to live according to the Word of God; second, a willingness to take whatever consequences emerge as a result.”
– Sinclair B. Ferguson (1948- )Rate it:
Spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.
– Clive LewisRate it:
Spiritual teachers appear when we are in need, appear when we are ready, reminding us of who we are, reminding us of what we know, pointing to our essence, pointing us towards each other, redirecting us to God, leading us to oneness, Spiritual Teachers remind us there is only one reality, Presence
– H.W. MannRate it:
Spiritual teachers attempt to teach that which is beyond all thoughts and words. But being in the human condition we use thoughts and words to communicate. Do not get caught up on the teacher, their thoughts or words. Focus on the lesson, the concept. To focus on the sign post, is to miss the message. The message is not the sign post, but where the sign post is pointing.
– H.W. MannRate it:
Spiritualism exits only for individuals. Reason is born when two men interact; addition of more and more members necessitates the spreading of the reason culminating as culture. Hence a culture is as dynamic as the reason. The nature of the reason is the nature of the spirit within for some and instinct for some others.
– Thiruman ArchunanRate it:
Spirituality is for people who know hell and want to know heaven
– H.W. MannRate it:
Spirituality is life through awareness of our true essence
– H.W. MannRate it:
Spirituality is life through awareness of our true essence. In essence we are of the energetic realm. We are conscious energy. We illuminate from source. Like rays of sunshine illuminating from the sun, each of us are part of the whole. Collectively we make up supreme consciousness. The purpose of human life is for each of us to express our higher self. To awaken. Together we complete the whole. As we awaken, the greater good is done.
– H.W. MannRate it:
Split the atom's heart, and low Within it thou wilt find a sun.
– Persian Mystic PoemRate it:
Splitting the atom is like trying to shoot a gnat in the Albert Hall at night and using ten million rounds of ammunition on the off chance of getting it. That should convince you that the atom will always be a sink of energy and never a reservoir of energy.
– Ernest RuthefordRate it:
Spontaneous kindness is to hipsters as high beams are to deer.
– J. Jacques, Something Positive Comic, 08-22-05Rate it:
Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.
– E. M. ForsterRate it:
Sport feels the heart. Life feels the love. (Le sport éprouve le cœur. La vie éprouve l'amour)
– Charles de LEUSSERate it:
Sport in the sense of a mass-spectacle, with death to add to the underlying excitement, comes into existence when a population has been drilled and regimented and depressed to such an extent that it needs at least a vicarious participation in difficult feats of strength or skill or heroism in order to sustain its waning life-sense.
– Lewis MumfordRate it:
Sport is imposing order on what was chaos.
– Anthony StarrRate it:
Sports (and the often barely withheld violence around them) have become one of the few modern ways to connect with strangers. They give an amazing number of geeks things to talk about. In the old days we settled for, “Hello, how are you?”
– Perry BrassRate it:
Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
– HeywoodRate it:
Sports is like rock 'n' roll, both are dominant cultural forces, both speak an international language, and both are all about emotions.
– Phil KnightRate it:
Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.
– George WillRate it:
Spouses often point out each other's deficiencies. Instead, we should be each other's motivator. My husband touches my spirit, and I try my best to motivate him, too.
– Kenneth Hartley BlanchardRate it:
Spread love everywhere you go First of all in your own house...let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.
– Mother TeresaRate it:
Spread the table and contention will cease.
– English ProverbRate it:
Spreading, the hate and such subjects, in whatever form and length, encourages and boosts the individual haters and masters; consequently, it builds not only the way for their evil feelings to enjoy; thereupon that, flames and burns others' life as well. Whereas, those figures that, share and spread such hatred subjects widely, whether in sober faith or not, are more accountable than an original one. As an example that if one, sprays not the water on plants, become that dry, and its leaves, blown up naturally.
– Ehsan SehgalRate it:
Spring blossoms are fairy tales, autumn leaves are tragic dramas.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Spring has sprung. We're free at last, people. Free at last. Thank you mother nature, we're free. Time to toss open that metaphysical window and check out that psychic landscape. See lots of possibilities budding out there. Time to hoe those rows, feed that seed. Pretty soon you get a garden.
– Robin GreenRate it:
Spring is a true reconstructionist.
– Henry TimrodRate it:
Spring is about to spring. Persephone is coming back and the ice is groaning, about to break with the exquisite and deafening roar. It's a time for madness a time for our fangs to come down and our eyes to glaze over so that the beast in us can sing with unmitigated joy. Oh yes, ecstasy, I welcome thee
– David AssaelRate it:
Spring is God's way of saying 'One more Time
– Robert OrbenRate it:
Spring is on the way; summer is on the way; storms are on the way; wars are on the way; sorrow and happiness are on the way; they are all on the way, they are coming! Everything is on the way! Life is a highway; while we are moving on the way, all else is coming towards us! Devil is on the way; angel is on the way! Stay firm on the way!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Spring is the time of the year, when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.
– Charles Dickens, Great expectationsRate it:
Spring is the ultimate genius of the existence and the utter ladder of the lovers ascending to the infinity.
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Spring is when life's alive in everything.
– Christina G. RossettiRate it:
Spring makes everything look filthy.
– Katherine WhitehornRate it:
Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.
– Lewis GrizzardRate it:
Spune nu doar acela care îl ştie pe da. Însă el, care ştie totul, la nu şi da are foile rupte.
– Nichita StănescuRate it:
Squeeze every drop from the toothpaste tube of life.
– Tony BreezeRate it:
St. Andrews, Scotland, is one pf the most beautiful and scenic places that I have lived in. It's an amazing experience of my life. The University of St. Andrews is the oldest and most prestigeous University in Scotland, now more than 600 years old. I am proud of my past association with St. Andrews, and The University of St. Andrews....the best memories of my education in the United Kingdom.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate i